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Choose your Sailor

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Jupiter, always.

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Love this game!
Minako for me, I love using her whip, I feel like a Belmont.

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The one who was legal.

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Sega Genesis version had easier infinites.

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The one with the most talent

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There were Genesis SM fighting games?

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Aw shit, thought this was the beat'em up, my bad.

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Jupiter or Uranus

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Meant to quote >>4417108

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Assuming you don't live in some backwards US state, all of the characters end up at an age where they are legal in most civilized countries by the end of the series.

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Technically Chibi-Usa is legal iirc. Actually come to think of it by the end of the manga all of them are legal.

Anyhow I pick Mercury.

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Whoever's the tightest and not a loli.

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Chibi usa has an aerial butt attack on this game.
I choose her.

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Ur anus is the last boss, no wonder she is ridiculously overpowered.

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Isn't the last boss Saturn?
Or there's some sort of secret hidden boss?
IIRC uranus fights comes after Neptune.

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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who like Mars best and people who are wrong.

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Well the boss order might be different for other characters. I've only played as Usagi.

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Now post her getting impregnated by orcs.

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too bad she became a slut

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Jupiter was always my fav since shes got that tall older sister tomboy vibe. Plus her thighs are thiccer than the other girls and shes more stacked. unfortunately she was probably a dyke.

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uncharted waters new horizons
well played

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Mars and Venus

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Fairly sure that she was actually one of the more straight characters. If I remember her entire thing was that she felt bad because she was bigger than half the guys and thought nobody would think her attractive because of it. And she had the hots for some guy in the show whose name I forget.

Now Sailor Uranus, that was dyke and one of my favorites. Shame, that. But yeah, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury were my faves.

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She's not a dyke, she has bad luck with men and she also thought they get scared of her being so tall and her tomboyish look.

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Idunno i guess you're right. But I remember her having the hots for Mercury a few times. Maybe she was just a virgin and pure amazon that didnt need no man.

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Poor Valis.

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The correct answer is always Chibi Moon.

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Venus since blonds are best

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>posting the Sailor Moon Super S Famicom fighting game instead of the superior Sailor Moon S game
You had one job.

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This is the correct answer indeed

That is. When you're wondering which character to choose for fapping

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Never played S, it's better than SuperS?

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it's a slower magical drop

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Of course there's another puzzle game that is also called Sailor Moon S

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I thought you meant the S fighting game.

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can i choose jupiter AND mars?

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Usagi. My waifu for over 20 years.

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Of course I was playing the wrong game all along. The one in the OP is Zenin Sanka, I only knew about Jougai Rantou. This naming scheme is complicated.

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Shouldn't you be directing me to /a/ for being a lolicon?
Why wouldn't you play as the character you also want to fap to, and vice versa?

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I like how in the first beat'em up for snes you could lock enemies by never using the combo finisher.

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Delete this

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>5'6" at 14

I like where this is going.

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>Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury were my faves.
Fuck yeah.

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Anyone played the 3do fighter

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slut versions of non-sluts is my fetish

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A toss-up between Mars and Jupiter for me. I'm glad to see so much love for our tall pony-tailed sailor, but saddened Mars hasn't more fans.
Have a (You) for your great taste

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Holy shit Auto mode SUCKS in this game, I can't do any special moves at all. I know I'm supposed to be pressing L and R but nothing comes out.

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why would you want to play on Auto?

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I thought you could activate your specials on L and R. It doesn't seem to do anything.

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>they end up legal eventually
Pedo logic in full effect.

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I think he meant by the end of the manga they're all adults. The girls are like 16 anyway so it's no truly pedo unless you live in a backwater state.

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Neither game have no endings btw

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Throw Trap: the character

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Woulda been really cool if every character had cancellable dashes like Uranus. Woulda lead to some crazy Marvel vs Capcom style combos.

Oh well.

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Says the one who came up with this connection in the first place, not realizing what that tells about him- not OP, not the guy who responded, HIM!


Not even then, because that's simply not what the word means.

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Ami-chan is my waifu

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Get in the line faggot.

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There was one episode where Ami suggests that they should date, in the same episode she roasts everyone for pretending that Uranus and Neptune aren't gay with a one liner

I think it's my favorite ep actually

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Yeah. SuperS plays worse because everyone feel nerfed compared to their S counterparts and Saturn is just straight up broken.

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honestly, watching the original series, not knowing anything about the show, my fav girls was as follows:

Dumb ugly girl. Hate her.
>Rei appears
Oh mama. 10 year old me experiences an erection.
>Ami appears
Cute, 10/would marry, Rei is still hot though
>Mako appears
My new fav, she's like a goddess!
>Mina appears
Hot as hell, but dumber than Usa
By the end of the series (first season, best one), my fav was Usagi, and still is.
Mina is close 2nd though.
The other 3 girls are lovely but Moon and Venus are just pure overwhelming love.

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So, you hated Moon and Venus but now love them? I'm confused.

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What the fuck? They're genuinely 16 at the end which is legal in my country, how is that pedo logic? It would be pedo logic if I said it was fine to fuck Chibiusa because of how old she technically is but I sure as shit never said that.

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Are you implying you wouldn't want to fuck Chibiusa?

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Actually come to think of it, yes I would fuck Chibiusa in her grown up form

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Also, you quoted two posts thinking they were by the same person but

only this post was mine

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I'm completely ok with this.

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Usagi a best

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Having never really watched the show or read the manga, Ami was always my favorite.

Then I started watching the anime and I like Jupiter best, she's got the best transformation with the spinning pan up ass shot tease.

But reading the manga Saturn is pretty badass once she awakens.

And then Uranus has the best hentai doujins because of that one guy who's obsessed with her.

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Don't watch the show, which two are lesbians again? For research.

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Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

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Everyone except maybe Usagi.

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Vailis 3 had a Goat ost. Wasn't really a fan of 4's tho.

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The PC Engine version has a pretty weird soundtrack (different from the SNES game which more people are familiar with), but it has its good moments.

I kinda hate the game (Valis 4) still. What a cheap bullshit-laden game.

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>try playing this game
>below average beat 'em up with bizzarely inappropriate relaxing music


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>below average
Nah, it's at least average.
>bizzarely (sic) inappropriate relaxing music
Well, it's a Sailor Moon game after all. I personally enjoy the comfy OST, but it still has some bangers though

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I think for the SNES it plays pretty smooth, I've definitely played a lot worse.

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i pick the love soldier who's stolen my heart since i was a wee bab
wait which sailor moon game is this? i don't recognize the select screen

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It's Super S Zenin Sanka.

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always and forever

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Moon, because I deserve #1.

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Japan makes the most bizarre licensed products. There's Precure bread.

All the Sailor Moon games had some great tracks.




RIP Arisawa Takanori ;_;

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Shame that game is in horrible 3D

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Nice music. I swear that Venus track sounds like Bananarama Venus... ohh I get it.

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Bottom right picture man, hnnngggggg.

my choice is pic related.

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also I choose Saturn since nobody else did.

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>I will never kiss Sailor Saturn in the back of my Saturn sedan while playing Game & Car Navi HiSaturn.

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Sailor Mars is literally me.

When I was 12, I used to pretend I was Sailor Mars when playing with friends, because I had a crush on one of my friends and I knew he had a thing for Sailor Mars... Aaaaand that's how I got my first kiss <3

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nice fic fag.

But that reminds me in 3rd grade I'd play with this girl during recess. She'd play the role of Usagi and I'd be Tuxedo Mask.

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>Has to seek attention
could've just said you pick sailor Mars, you're nothing like Sailor Mars

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2 sailor moon traps kissing is my fetish

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Childhood is having a crush on Sailor Jupiter, adulthood is wanting to bone Chibiusa..

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You were already acting like a trannie at 12? Jesus fucking christ I hate you, you are so shit. Most of this mentally ill degeneracy can be blamed on brainwashing from the media and Tumbloggers seeking attention, but you're a special kind of sick fuck.

You accidentally turned off your tripcode, Faggot Sevenleaf

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Ah, now there's a boner

>> No.4430696

Lucky you. My first kiss was a fucking regret and in no way /vr/ related

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share it anyways this thread is a dumpster fire regardless with all of the lolicons in it

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She is my favorite of the outer senshi for sure.
Her theme on the SuperS game is also pretty nice, albeit a bit sad and gloomy, but it fits her.

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Dunno if this is real or not, but holy shit i used to do the same thing when i was like 8, i'd pretend i was Usagi (i was pretty much a girl as a kid and now i look like fucking king kong) though as she was (and still) my favorite senshi.
I used to watch the same tapes of Sailor Moon over and over just to learn her lines by heart, so yeah
Pic related

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I prefer Popeye.

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>Japan makes the most bizarre licensed products. There's Precure bread.
if by bizarre you mean awesome

if not then you're a fucking normie and you need to get out

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Why is she so perfect?

>> No.4432202

Awww, that's cute. Do you still talk to her?
Yeah I'm probably more of a Mercury desu
Trans people are born trans so naturally I was showing signs at an early age.
I'm sorry to hear it :(

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I knew a huge Sailor Moon weeb in high school named Tabby who actually grew her hair out and wore it like Usagi every day.

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Some asshole on the playground told me that Sailor Moon gets nude when she transforms in the Japanese version. Lying little fucker I hated that kid.

>> No.4432881 [DELETED] 

>Trans """""people""""" are born being attention whores
Fixed that for you

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The last episode essentially had her nude (well Barbie doll nude) for most of the finale. They showed it like that in the German dub at least.

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>those proportions
Anime was a mistake.

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I'm a Venusfag but Pluto has to get some more love.

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A beautiful mistake

>> No.4434475

>not even a planet

Even the asteroid senshi are better than that. I mean, I know the main character is just a moon but that's fine since in the end she's revealed to actually be the whole cosmos.

>> No.4434483

Who the fuck cares, she's still a fucking senshi. This shit wasn't funny the first time.

>> No.4434487

they brought pluto back to planet status or some shit

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All of them in one big lesbian orgy.

>> No.4434494

This except it's a futanari on shota orgy

>> No.4434498

Fund it.

>> No.4434552

I thought Sailor Cosmos was her mother? It's been over ten years since I watched Stars.

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Dwarf planet, same as Ceres. (Who is the sexiest Senshi)

>> No.4434568

Sailor Cosmos is her true identity at the end of the Manga, I don't believe Sailor Cosmos exists at all in the anime version. I assume she'll be revealed as such in the new anime if they ever finish it.

>> No.4434578

>the trans girl pretended to be Sailor Mars
>the symbol for Mars is the symbol for male


>> No.4435164

Nah, futa on futa is best. Reminds me that I discovered futanari thanks to a Sailor Moon dojin involving Mercury and Venus. By Kaiten Sommelier or something

>> No.4435171

I hate that I know exactly what dojin you're talking about.

>> No.4436180

futa is shit

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Jupiter, Saturn and Moon are the only real choices

>> No.4438317

The manga very heavily implies that every heavenly body had a Senshi attached, they just don't awaken unless they have reason to. Mars has her own guardians in the form of Sailor Deimos and Phobos.

>> No.4438320

manga has shit yaoi art, fuck that

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I like the outer senshi and all, but I think the first season was the peak of SM.
That ending was perfect.

>> No.4438340

I never said it didn't. It also reads too much like a Mary Sue story. I much prefer the anime, but the manga has some very interesting plot points that I wish they didn't take out or water down in the anime, especially in SuperS and later seasons.

>> No.4438357

1st season also had Usagi at her finest, she was funny and quirky.
After S she became way too depressed and annoying.
I feel that the manga had the better story (like sailors actually defeating or killing the bad guys and the plot not being so childish to an extent) but the anime had a way better art-design and the characters were more charming and likeable.

>> No.4438516

IMO the manga only had the better story from S onwards, so I can't wait for Crystal to reach that point. And I liked that all the villains didn't die in the anime. Look at Nephrite and Esmeralde, keeping them around made for great characters.

Live-action PGSM has the strongest writing out of all the adaptations.

>> No.4438537

That season 1 finale blew my mind as a kid.

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aw shiiiiiiii

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I respectfully disagree.