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They don't get better than the Crush series right? I mean out of "pinball video games" rather than proper simulators.

Yes I used a pic with a filter to trigger you.

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dragon's revenge on sega is p. okay

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yes, devils crush and sonic spinball are my fav pinball games, aside from mandrin pinball

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reading comprehension

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Epic Pinball
two words

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Hey I used to play this one a lot back in the day. Do these run in dosbox well?

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Sonic Pinball Party and the Pokemon Pinball games have better physics and gameplay.

Devil's Crush has the best music ever and some fucking awesome visuals but the ball handles like shit and the game just does not play well at all.

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yeah should run fine, might need fiddling with the cycle speed to get it just right tho

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>True pinball

If your arbitrary difference between a "pinball video game" and a simulator (?) is that 3D, you can activate a 2D view too...

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Addiction Pinbal is gud

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difference being that one does some pretty fantastical things (little men walking on the board, changing boards on the fly, the ball unfurls and fucking walks) while the other tries to simulate a realistic board that could feasibly be- or already has been done in real life

Unless of course all that weird shit happens in the game you posted, in which case I apologize for my ignorance. I just went by it looking like a simulator game

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I like Last Gladiators better than Dragon's Fury. Don't know if that's considered a "simulation" or what.

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Ah, so the difference is things happening that could not be done mechanically on a table? Sounds reasonable, the split into pinball video games and apparently not- pinball video games seemed a bit weird.

Of course I remeber Alien Crush and Devil's Crush, who could forget that music?

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yeah OP's terminology is a little clumsy

I'm kind of excited for this thread. I love the more fantastical pinball games, but I only ever knew the Crush games and Sonic Spinball.

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>yeah OP's terminology is a little clumsy
well if there's an actual term for this, I wouldn't mind learning it, but I was thinking of any pinball games that are not realistic at all, which I suppose covers pretty much any retro video game anyway, depending on how you look at it.

I think pic related probably counts, I dunno, I guess I didn't really think this through. but I was playing some Thanksgiving Devil's Crush with visiting family (which is a great not-obvious retro game to play with filthy casual non-gamers incidentally) and wanted to make a thread

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I got a turbografx16 last year, and Devil's Crush quickly skyrocketed to one of my favorite pinball videogames. I also have a huge soft spot for Pinball Quest. Sure the physics suck shit but that RPG mode is still fantastic.

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I've been thinking about that lately too. There 2 kind of pinball games, the realistic ones like Necronomicon on Saturn, that try to emulate the real pinball tables and you see it from an angle, like also the modern pinball emulators (virtual pinball or whatever), which actually recreate real tables virtually.
The more "fantasy" ones, like NES Pinball or Devil Crush, don't have that angled look, they don't try to be like actual tables, but more like their own thing.
It's still pretty much pinball since it has flippers, bumpers and all that, but it's completely vertical, thus the physics differ from a realistic game, they're more like pachinko-style pinball, if that makes any sense.
I assume they made them this way because of limitations, I think one of the first pinball games is on Atari 2600 and it's like a mix of pinball and arkanoid.

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I always really liked Battle Pinball on SNES/SFC.

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What is the WORST pinball video game you've played? For me it's Ruiner Pinball on the Jaguar.

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Of the ones I've played, Sonic Spinball.
I played the PC version back in the day though, I never tried the Genesis original.

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Does this count?

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Someone should rip those textures and make a Doom mod out of them.

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Is Spinball that bad? I thought it was a moderate success even after returns?

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what atrocity is this?

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holy jesus what the fuck is this

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The Vikings table from True Pinball. Exists only virtually. Great soundtrack and sound effects. By far the best of the four available ones and one of the best virtual pinball tables I ever played.

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is that a game? or just some minigame/part of another game?

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Video Pinball on Atari 2600

It bears only the slightest resemblance to pinball, and the physics make absolutely no sense.

That being said, it's interesting in its own right as long as its not being judged as a pinball game. I'd like to see how long I could get the ball to bounce on its own without any flipper interaction. Minutes at a time usually.

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Time Cruise II
Epic Pinball

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It’s a ps1 horror pinball game made by someone named “screaming mad George”

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> pinball thread
> no Pinball Fantasies

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>ywn play this thanks to prototype hoarders.

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This game is under rated as fuck. It had the same music composer as Black Knight 2000 ffs.

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Devil Crash is definitely my favorite. I'm also partial to DICE's Pinball games on the Amiga and Pin*Bot on the NES.

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pinbot looks like he's about glass a cunt

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I found Time Cruise/2 last night when going through PCE roms. There's no difference other than title screen? Fun though, unsure if it 'works' like the Crush series does but it has interesting table navigation and bonus games. And dat music.

Props to Battle Pinball anon, probably my favourite that isn't Super Robot Pinball on the GBC. Mecha and pinball are a great mix.

Really love it when pinball games have enemies to smash up, it's so satisfying, and I grew up on Kirby's Pinball. Favourite traditional pinball game is probably Pinball Dreams on the Amiga though, fuck the SNES version and its 'off' ball physics.

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While not really a Pinball game, you should (if you haven't already) Devilish

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Pinbot is a fucking evil game.
>make this shot and blow up this missile or else it'll blow up your flipper
>whoops don't hit this monster or it eats your ball

Comfy sounds for the most part though.
Except for the siren noise.

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> I mean out of "pinball video games" rather than proper simulators.
But why? Once you try out a proper pinball simulation (i.e. the Pro Pinball series), you never want to touch any other.

Oh well, guess that's precisely why. Starting from Timeshock, the physics engine of the PP series puts just about everything that came before and after them to shame.

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You don't go into a Mario Kart thread talking about how Grandma Turismo makes you never want to play a kart racer again.

We want pinball full of fantastic elements you can't have on a real table ITT, like enemies wandering around, portals, weapons, ball powerups, anti-gravity, etc. It's just fun.

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He's just plugging his favorite game, nevermind the bantz

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Did give Time Cruise some more playtime and can say it's almost up there with the Crushes. Its weird sideways as well as up and down tables are cool, there's a few ridiculous angles you've gotta hit the ball to reach the next tier of flippers but when you hit the top and plug in the time machines shit gets fun. Some great minigames as well as some Crush-esque mashing enemies. Extra balls are kind of easy to get via the easiest minigame though. Hidden gem.

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Get Midnight Magic. Much better game.

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It's pretty good for a game made from literal scratch in like a month.

If they had actual time it could have been goat

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>"Flank and destroy"
>Flank and destroy!"
>"Rally. I said REALLY"
>"Fucking flank and fucking destroy"

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Played this to death as a kid.

>Pinball Quest
Pretty unique for its time, I also played this one quite a bit.

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I remember thinking of posting this exact comment but I can't remember if this is mine or not

ooh, what game please?

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not retro but this game is nuts.
One of the most experimental and weird pinball games ever.

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I remember the controls not working last time I tried to emulate it, was I just being a retard?

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What makes you think its the controls?
And not merely the microphone having completely different pick up levels, so its very different from the Gamecube microphone?

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i have alien crush on pc engine, someone came over to my house and saw me playing it and asked to try.... she played for like 2 hours and even said "i hate video games but the simplicity here has me hooked" so i dunno, maybe its just pinball games in general ?

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Pinball games, like pinball itself, while defiicult to master, are easy to learn. Push one button the one little thing moves, push the other one the other little thing moves. Hit ball with moving things and it will fly over the field depending on how and where it was hit. Hit targets and ramps to get points. Pure rocket science!
Therefore they can easily hook even people who normally have no interest in video games, they need like 30 seconds to orientate themselves and then are ready to play, and often then their ambition takes over.

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RL pinball is kinda strange in that tilts and registered tilts are part of the game? thoughts?

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Odama on GameCube.

A real time strategy war pinball game with required microphone voice commands. Weird as fuck.

Did you have a mic?

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I liked those pinball games back than.
And DICE were the kings of the genre. To bad they are wasting their potential with those rubbish Battlefield and Battlefront games now. Their games were much more charming when they had just the size of a single texture from that Battlefield/Battlefront garbage.

Pinball Dreams
Pinball Fantasies
Pinball Illusions
All were fantastic.

Too bad, when Spidersoft took over after DICE the games suffered big time. Pinball Mania was garbage.

But I had lot's of fun with Slam Tilt and Pinball Brain Damage as well as Obsession and maybe even the mediocre Pinball Prelude on my Amiga 1200 too. I just loved all those awesome pinball games of the Amiga.


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Party Land > Billion Dollar Gameshow > Stones 'N Bones > Speed Devils

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Easy to learn, hard to master: truly pinball is the pinnacle of game design, and video games were a mistake

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Billy Mitchel (guy with the perfect Pac-Man record and ex-Donkey Kong world champion) was originally a pinball guy and hated video games first.
He got into DK because everyone was playing it, and he wanted attention and nobody cared about his hi-scores on pinball tables.

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Stones 'N Bones was my fav

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I should have it a bit clearer. It's not that I have anything against pinball games having fantastical elements in them that could never be put in RL tables, but it's just that the PP series really nailed the physics engine so well that most others just seem off in comparison.

Hell, even Pinball Arcade feels weird and unrealistic compared to even Timeshock, and the physics engine in that is 20 years old.

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We WANT unrealistic physics. They're more fun when they only resemble pinball in mechanics, not in play.

Look at Sonic Spinball. The 'ball' travels vertically, not inclined up a ramp, and can be controlled in midair with the dpad to alter trajectory. I don't WANT to play the tables from that game with a shiny metal ball and realistic physics, that would take all the fun out of it for me.

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I would be happy to have both realistic physics and ridiculous fantasy tables at the same time actually

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This teebeehaych