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FF Adventure thread. I'm going to (re)play this game. I almost forgot every detail, so it will feel like the first time.
Who wants to join me? Any suggestion before starting?

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Keep us posted, I unironically love these kinda threads.

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Palm trees and 8.

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Try to focus your level-ups evenly. I can't remember how that's done. I think there's two stats you alternate, because other stats are increased evenly by natural level up bonuses.

Hang on to the blood sword when you find it. If your stats are high enough, the Blood Sword will make you nigh invulnerable. You won't deal as much damage as you would with more powerful weapons, but who cares?

I believe the Zeus axe is missable. It's in one of those dungeons I don't think you can backtrack to after you leave. It's the most powerful axe in the game, but it's not likely you'll get much use out of it before it's rendered obsolete.

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Fine but i won't spam pics.
The palms trees at the dead end?

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Btw, would be possible to play this on PC?

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There are a bunch of mobile phone emulators, so maybe. I haven't found a ROM anywhere, unfortunately.

Here's the official page:

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How's the GBA remake of this?

The screenshots look pretty.

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Looks nice but it's extremely easy.

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It's fine, but as mentioned, it's easy-peasy. It also modifies several plot points and changes the general direction in order to fit the Mana series.

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Stock up on mattocks until you get the morning star. I got trapped between two breakable walls once and ran out.

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Seeing that map makes me want to play the game again now.

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Later in the game you will also need an item which only gets dropped by a certain monster.

Seriously, this game could be 10/10 but shit like 8 palm trees, getting stuck because of mattocks and other faggy shit ruins it.

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>tfw you look up walking the eight and find tons of weird Indian shit

>Later in the game you will also need an item which only gets dropped by a certain monster.

What item?

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I remember figuring this out all by myself as a kid, took me weeks but I was so damn proud. I don't think I've ever been that satisfied at solving a video game puzzle since I'm too impatient these days and just google the answer

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>Any suggestion before starting?
Play a good game instead, coz FFA is mediocre as fuck.

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What's the gba remake called?

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>mobile phone emulators

What is this sorcery of which you speak?!

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I always thought the morbidly obese bipedal feline looked like it was having a dance-off battle with you.

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Sword of mana

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ty anon

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I-i did not ask for these feels.

Btw i like how in these games, it takes so little to build a big world. That desert dome made me wonder when i will find it.

Which game do you like better, this or Zelda LA?

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At the time, I liked this and LA about the same.
But my tastes changed over the years and I these days I like FFA more.

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FFA has a very unique atmosphere of constant misery, each victory or moment of peace just a brief respite before the next tragedy struck. Even the ending offers no comfort. Chocobo leaves you, Bogard's back is broken, Marcie is buried, your friends are dead. The girl is a tree - the last tree - and will eventually perish with nobody to replace her. You are the last Mana knight, temporally staving off the inevitable. The ending screen is a kick in the gut, and when you soft reset, you are greeted by the game's melancholic title music.

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