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Post 'em here!

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> Jim Henson presents: Yoshi!

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Back when VII was going to just be Barret/Bullet, Cloud and Aeris. Tech demo of the battle system, probably only shown real time in-house at Square.

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Huh, I wonder what's up with that command off to the side.

Attack, Item, Magic, and Steal are on the left side, but then the right side has "Kakutou," which is hand-to-hand combat or grappling.

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Did someone make a romhack with the beta Yoshi head?

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Anyone has webms of the early builds of Banjo-Kazooie when it was a 2D platformer?

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>"Kakutou," which is hand-to-hand combat or grappling.
Might be for Barret. Perhaps he would have had the option to switch between ranged or melee?

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Bumping with the classic Holy Grail.

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Probably just an idea of a materia skill that they got rid of or like an early prototype of one like Deathblow

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I wish nintendo would actually show HD gameplay footage of their old beta prototype archive for posterity. Like how Rare did recently with Banjo/Project Dream.

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I unironically like those fireball sprites better.

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