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Bounciest girls in retro vidya?

Any PC98 games have a nice spring to them?

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Pachinko Sexy Reaction hands down

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This still anywhere in japan?

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Children of the Atom Psylocke.

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Weird thought. Any gameboy games with bouncing breasts? How low-res does it get?

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Felicia always has been a very bouncy character, in fact her breasts always jiggle no matter in which game or system she is.

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Pic not related

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Kind of understandable since she wears nothing.

I think Freya in Valkyrie Profile has a very subtle bounce.

Shit's usually distracting, I hate it.

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That's a pretty cool game too.

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That girl from skies of Arcadia

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She only actually has like 3 animations sequences with breast bounce, and they're all fairly reserved. Psylocke is way bouncier.

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most of the pussy is showing, too

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This is all we can muster /vr/? 4 or 5 pics?

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my completely SFW pc98 posts get removed so I hardly even bother anymore, sorry

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Bouncy girls?

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Is that... Witch from Madou Monogatari/Puyo Puyo?

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No that's female link.

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Fuck yes Taki.

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This is the correct answer.

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Magical Pop'n.
Nice SNES platformer.

The voice actor for the lead was Ai Iijima (RIP).
She had a pretty tragic life.
Raped then homeless and forced into prostitution at early age.
This game was from the first years she left that past behind her and was making her way as a mainstream actress.
She didn't catch a break though with life later on :(

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Man, I came here to see tits, not cry.

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The most impressive with Taki’s tits was that they are perfectly separated under the fabric,
Like there’s two floppy sacks of tissu in the front of the shirt.

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Love Magical Gambler and all the sofna stuff. Wish this game had more than a single fucking stage though.

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I used to see this all the time, but what is it from?

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>under the fabric,
It felt more like bodypaint.

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Magical Drop iii. It's actually even sexier in the ps1/saturn version.

also I know nobody's going to believe me and I don't even care, but I, no joke, think I fapped myself into another parallel universe. As soon as I came everything around me changed just a slight bit and it's really unnerving.

That aside, I remember Puch Carat and Money Idol Exchanger being fairly springy too. Those versus puzzle games are so good.

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That spoiler.

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whoever worked on this could be working nowadays on those low budget 3d porn animations

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Why did Magical Gambler get deleted? It was definitely blue-board friendly.

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It wasn't because of lewdness. Janitor deleted all posts by some guy's IP.

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You have been on /x/ too long

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I guess it's worth noting The Yakyuuen Special on Saturn, if 3dpd counts.

Actually never been to /x/. I've had this massive headache all day, though.

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>Ai Iijima was suffering from hay fever, pyelitis (ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the pyelum (pelvis) of the kidney), cystitis, and acute backache
Confirmed fungirl maladies, first time I've read about them being fatal in and of themselves. Sad that her trust was so busted her body could go undiscovered for a week and god only knows how long before that without simple antibiotics and antihistamines.

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The vast majority of the newer SRW games have quite a few cut-ins with bounce, but as far as the non-retro entries go, this is the closest they came. Pilots didn't start getting a lot of cut-ins until Alpha and Alpha Gaiden, the last /vr/ SRW games, and only a handful of those were actually animated.

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The vast majority of the newer SRW games have quite a few cut-ins with bounce, but as far as the retro entries go, this is the closest they came. Pilots didn't start getting a lot of cut-ins until Alpha and Alpha Gaiden, the last /vr/ SRW games, and only a handful of those were actually animated.

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red spray paint, dude

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Isn't retro

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How the fuck is SoulCalibur not retro?

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Dreamcast is already old enough to smoke, anon

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It's Soul Calibur 2, your morons

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>In a sprite that low res, with a limited color palette that already included several shades of blue, they specifically included a green just for the three or so pixels in her eyes
>Yet people still draw her with blue eyes

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You do realize Taki was in Soul Edge and SoulCalibur 1, right?

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Yes, but the webm in question isn't from these games

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>Being this much of a pedantic retard because everybody is laughing at your ass for being wrong

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I'm still right, pal... next

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That seems needlessly petty and vindictive.

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Taki is a classic video game character dumbshit. This thread is asking for bouncy girls in retro video games. He used a webm of a character from retro games that happened to be from a more recent entry. Do you see fanart being deleted by the mods every time it's drawn after 1999 to discuss games the fanart is about?

JFC I swear a toddler has higher cranial capacity than you.

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thanks for proving what a retarded phoneposter you are

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This nigga probably watches Pewdiepie play Silent Hill on Youtube Mobile.

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And Brazilian.

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That retard is the reason I don't tell people where I'm from.

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How's your Master System bootleg treating you, Macaquito? Or are you still getting assfucked with a shiv at your local arcade in front of the bootleg King of Fighters 2002 Neo Geo cabinets?

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>your morons

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the argument is over and only ad hominem left, all to defend a retard who posted something from 2002 in /vr/

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But this webm isn't a fanart, shithead. It's so difficult to search a fucking gif from Dreamcast?

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why was your post necessary then?

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it looks like 2 bags of water, or maybe milk are strapped to her chest what the fuck

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>He doesn't even know what a comparison is either

Fuck, you really did munch those lead paint chips as a kid.

Maybe I should point out the plethora of threads where people do shit like post pictures of Leon from RE4 when talking about RE2 without getting their pics deleted. You know, because it's the same. Fucking. Character.

Hell every time a series-specific topic opens, people end up discussing later games in the series anyway. Because it's relevant within the subject of a series that started on retro consoles.

Jesus christ, this is why the board is so shit now. Too many underage /v/ refugees with autism who can't figure out how something so simple works and take everything they read 100% literally at face value without considering any nuance in their four functioning brain cells (this number is being generous and overestimating them, of course)

Also, stop samefagging to make it look like somebody is actually on your side.

He wants to look high and mighty, like he's above it all, yet he's catty to the point where he keeps trying to get the last word despite deep down knowing he's a textbook example of a smug retard which is why the entire thread was mocking him.

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It makes sense he can't figure out these basics when you realize English isn't Macaquito's first language though. I blame race mixing for his low IQ.

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Anon, thank you. I had no idea that bouncing chick was from anything other than random web adverts in the late 90's.

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SoulCalibur 5 was the best SC game because of the detail on Ivy's tits tbqh

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If i remember correctly, Felicia's eyes have been switching from green to blue depending of the game and the company behind of it. Now her eyes simply match the color of her hair and that's it.

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I think Pocket Figther was the last time Felicia had green eyes.

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In the low res sprites, her eyebrows were bushy which would make eyes that match her hair look 'odd'. Eyes need to have enough contrast to stand out.

The games with higher res based sprites make her eyes blue since they are easier to see. It's not dissimilar to why Link's hair was pink in ALTTP.

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Someone post the webm of Rouge the Bat's ears jiggling.

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They were green in her first concept design drawing.

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They're pretty blue in all external media as well.