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What are your favorites?

Bonus points for tweests that happen through the game -instead of as an ending-; bonuser points for stuff that actually affects gameplay and/or brings in new elements to the game

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unironic spoiler

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Everything involving Magus in Chrono Trigger. Who he actually is, where he's from, what his motivations are, when he offers to help you after the cataclysm and the other big twist.

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>offers to help
He does the opposite of that.

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I was blown away by the reveal of the Black Monster's identity, and a 2nd playthrough of the game was quite rewarding for me, being able to understand everything that was going on that time around.

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I hear baldurs gate and torment have good plot twist. Never played through them though. If someone could explain them I would be excited to hear.

Best plot twist for me is Vampire Bloodlines. Because its the whole game and its smooth like butter and doesnt take away from anything from anything that happened before. And then many years later you figure out there is a second plottwist on top of that which changes everything from the actuals players perspective himself/herself! But this is also noticable through the game before you figure it out, that the game teaches you the player real life problems and tips. That's why I think its the best game on the planet aside from the fun gameplay and beautiful world.

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improved the quality

Starcraft broodwars plot twist is nice too. Where in the end the humans are the monsters ;O Too bad blizzard failed to pick that up with sc2

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>If someone could explain them I would be excited to hear.

Baldur's Gate - you were a Bhaalspawn all along.
Planescape Torment - you did something ridiculously evil in the past.

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My favorite game ever. I almost lost my mind grappling with the theory that Rinoa is Ultimecia. As the story goes, Rinoa inherits Edeas powers and Adels and it is believed that a sorcerous can live forever unless mortally wounded. The events of the game pass and Rinoa considers this to be the greatest experience of her life. SeeD being trained soldiers think about it as just another job and go their own way. Rinoa grows depressed and misses her friends whom eventually die while she lives on. She reminisces about the past for centuries and in her despair decides to attempt to compress time so that she can live the best moments of her life over and over again.
Rinoa's white wings turn black over time symbolizing her descent into depression. Ultimecia's castle is located at Edea's house where she and Squall promised to meet each other if they were ever separated. Ultimecia also summons Griever, Squalls lion.
God level story.
Squall isn't dead because the ice lance hit him on the right side and missed his heart.

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Unfortunately all Blizzard cared about was selling 3 versions of the same game and esports when sc2 came out.

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If you decline the fight, he definitely offers to help.

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>I almost lost my mind grappling with the theory that Rinoa is Ultimecia
Well get it back, that theory has been completely shot down by the devs themselves.
>you guys are idiots
>your boss was a fool
>hey frog guy how's your boyfriend, still dead?
>wanna settle up?
N-no I don't wanna we're gonna try again
>hahaha yo I gotta see how this turns out

None of that sounds like a genuine offer to help so much as it sounds like someone taking advantage of an opportunity.

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>Seeing what the Babel tower actually is
It was cool.

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I think he's lying, Anon. I think he has time for some *extremely* gay revelry. Like, purple lube and rainbow dildos and everything.

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ALttP, when you finally find out Zelda is your... translation goof

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The final act in Wonder Boy in Monster World; it turns out IT WAS ALIENS

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Seems genuine to me.

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>Well get it back, that theory has been completely shot down by the devs themselves.
Like I give a fuck.

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This Is false, throw out a bigger net.

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I don't know whether this had been previously hyped and there could not be any actual surprise factor to it, but I probably would have pooped my pants the first time I saw it happen

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Considering the amount of secrets I saw in Mortal Kombat 1-2 prior to SSF2T, that scene wouldn't have been such a big deal.

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Shh; "back then" for him is 2004. Let him have this

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It's a typical JRPG twist, but the way they handle it is atypical

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millenials get out, samus was featured in nintendo power multiple times in the nes era

she even had a place in the captain n comics

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They're talking about at the time of launch, when it was absolutely still a secret. The manual even refers to Samus as "he" repeatedly.

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Shut up, dumbass.

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>Shh; "back then" for him is 2004. Let him have this

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>No I LIKE being wrong!
Ok, champ.

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>millenials get out

You're a millennial, dude. Everyone this board applies to is a millennial. And you didn't even fucking spell it right.

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The capt N game comics came out much later. And I Nintendo power wasn't out at metriods release. Most publications that had the Justin Bailey code had it listed as "turn samus into a girl" code.

Please don't make me go and find my books from then just to scan and show you faggot.

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Threw 8 year old me for a loop when it came out.

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Final Fantasy's predestination paradox time loop thing blew my mind on the first play-though. Especially because the reveal of it wasn't just in the ending sequence. Did my actions in the game have meaning? Was I predetermined to play how I had already? It was kinda heavy thinking for my prepubescent self.

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>Everyone this board applies to is a millennial.
What about the posters born before 1980?

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Dragon was robot.
He may come from star.

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This is a rather crappy dungeon crawler but the ending was rather unique compared to the endings of other JRPGs. It's literally a bad ending. The last boss was actually the guardian who was keeping evil in check. After defeating it, hell was unleashed on Earth.

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I always loved the sophisticated schlockiness of the storytelling in MGS. You can't walk two steps without a double-double cros or a shocking identity reveal

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>Did my actions in the game have meaning?
Seeing as you killed the fiends in the past, yes. No fiends means Garland never goes back in time and the crystals never dim.

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Final Fantasy, the series that launched a thousand embarrassing MySpace profile quotes

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how about least favourite plot twists?
this one "ruined" the game for me by turning it into a character fetchquest

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Cloud being a total loser and had to lie to himself that was a member of SOLDIER.

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Very common narrative framework in a character-based story, which FF6 is; you first get to know the characters, then you get them separated and then you build up towards a reunion after an ellipsis (what have they been up to? can things be the same? do they know about this shit I've just found out about?). Always works for me better than other angles more focused on overarching events, but I'm a basic bitch like that.

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How is that a plot twist? Is it so shocking that by the year 20X5 decades of ingesting female hormones and LGBT+++ propaganda will have turned even the greatest of all the space hunters into traps?

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> The last cis shitlord is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace...

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Dude, spoiler tag that shit

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that part is when I fell in love bof 3. I just wish they did more with teepo.

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interesting. I wanted to make a diablo like game with a story like that. How odd. My idea was, that hell spammed so many demons out onto earth, that some were "faulty" and fought demons instead of everything else and thought they were angels depending on how faulty (with the player beeing one of the faultiest). So in the end the reveal for my game was supposed to be the devil beeing defeated without divine interference and the reveal makes the player go mad and die... maybe

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yeah, modern blizzard is garbage. Dont like them anymore since they killed original broodwar to sell more sc2

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I loved it. Because I thought the game was over, but it was only the first half :)

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Breath of Fire IV had some pretty intense shit in general.

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Less a plot twist and more a twist to me as a kid was the idea of a cave with ancient technology that is much more advanced as the stuff we have nowadays. I love the designs in panzer dragoon

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explain. wahts going on there

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Not him and haven't played in a while, so: she was basically a human with wings, but got transformed in that thing so she could be the fuel for the bad guys huge cannon that feeds of bad thoughts or something. She's literally tortured day and night so they can use a cannon to destroy a huge area per shot. The guy on the right is her husband who was looking for her through 3/4 of the game, don't remember if he kills her, the sword on the bed indicates something like that

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Game sauce?

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Worse yet, that's only a small part of her body.

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neon genesis evangelion for the sega saturn

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Now the final bossfight in a parodius game is what I call a PLOT TWIST!

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That doesnt seem true.

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different kind of plot twist, but Axelay and SuperPRobotector aka Contra3 did it. In the last level you fight multiple bosses and you don't know the first time which one is the final boss!

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Heavy spoilers here.
In the game there is a weapon that requires a human sacrefice to fire. The closer the person is to the target the more devastating the blast. The princess of this one continent is beloved by her people so this one villain kidnaps her and uses hexes and mutation to make her act as an immortal sacrefice for the weapon. The man with the blond hair is her lover who has been searching for her the entire game only to discover her like this. Ultimately she begs him to just kill her as you find the only weapon that is actually capable of penetrating her body. In the end her lover who has been searching for her and traveled across the world to find her has to kill the reason he went out in the first place and the person he loves most.

Breath of Fire IV has some really intense moments and themes, one of the very few jrpgs I would genuinely say is deep to an extent.

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Just watch this. It's from Leisure Suit Larry 6.


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And then it has useless characters like Scias that add absolutely nothing to the narrative.

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But Scias is cool, so why should you care?