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your opinion on goemon

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Best Konami franchise

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Had a big Impact

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My favorite vidya series.

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Isn't that Kid Ying? What the hell's a goemon?

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I feel like Gradius is their most flawless franchise. Goemon had a few stinkers (mostly on Sony systems, but still).

Also Goemon 3 and MNsG are his best games tbdesu.

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Well, you can play Gradius on the first SNES Goemon game.

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Normally I don't bow to weeaboo naming conventions but these games are based on legends of an actual historical person.

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But Gradius 3 and 4 were shit.

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He's making a joke because the localization of the SNES Goemon game (Legend of the Mystical Ninja) had Goemon called after a chinese name, despite stating on the game title that he was a ninja.

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Ebisumaru is the best, he saved the world by farting.

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He's also a descendant of James Dean

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needs more translations

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No, it's more likely he's one of those assholes who's being pedantic about localizations.
Trolling and legitimate stupidity are impossible to differentiate on /vr/ and I tend to err on the side of idiocy.

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so hot blooded

nigga couldn't be from anywhere but Edo

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Uchuu needs more love.

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I think he's cute.

What an ironic post.

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They might as well have renamed him Ching Chong Ping Pong since they were at it

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Don't they have pizza instead of riceballs for health as well? It's been a while since i've played the snes version.I grew up with the GOAT mystical ninja n64 game.The opening gets me so hyped.
Ebisumaru is kawaii as fuck.

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more funny than fun to play. good parody. have never played any game in the series longer than maybe an hour apiece. still great.

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>He hasn't played Why I Became a Dancer

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Beloved classic series but sadly has no relevance in this day and age. It's just too dated now.

Loved Ganbare 2, 64 and the first NES RPG that was recently translated.

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>It's just too dated now.
Goemon was always set in the Edo period.

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Really sad that it fell by the wayside like it did. Goemon's Great Adventure and GG2 on the super famicom are two of my favorite platformers ever

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I guess that's why they made this guy.

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If you use another person's identity you'll go to jail

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64 has some amazing music.


The way this track builds up as you proceed in the level is too good.

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Goemon 64 was amazing, the whole thing was nuts.

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yae a CUTE

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That's Fernandez

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The 64 game was one of the earliest games I remember playing (I'm 21, don't shoot me oldfags). It's actually really good, almost like a hybrid/compromise between SM64 and LoZ:OOT. Maybe a little easy though.

The 2nd N64 game is actually hard as fuck (for me at least) but also very good. The whole series has amazing music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rcpLWo-GeU

Still looking out for the fan translation of the 3rd Super Famicom installment to be finished, one day...

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This boss terrified me so much when I was a kid that I dropped the game half way through the fight

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The games were always super weird and I never finished any of them BUT I LOVED THEM.

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No you're spot on. Mystical Ninja only has a couple tricky spots, the robot fights can be very confusing, and the platforming wasn't always so smooth, but it wasn't that much of a challenge. Goemon's Great Adventure was hard as fuck though.

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There's a recent cameo in the Bomberman Switch game.
There might be still a chance after the cancelled PS3 game they reskinned as shiny graphics for a Pachinko slot machine.

Second N64 game is a nice followup to the four main SNES games, but few games come as good as those, when the series was at its prime.
I would recommend "Space Pirate Chin King" (Uchuu Kaizoku Agokingu) on the PS1 since it's 2D and was originally developed as a follow up to the SNES games, "Ganbare Goemon 5". It's in the same style as the third game but that will mean of course it has a significant language barrier.
Other games in the series feel like pale imitations or different visions from the SNES games.

>No, it's more likely he's one of those assholes who's being pedantic about localizations.
You had to bring your anti-weaboo militantism here in a thread about a series which owes a lot of its messy Western release situation to bad localisation.
3 different games (4 counting the cancelled US ver. of the PS2 game) with the same name, and the only other one with a barely different name.

Konami's idea of localising the first SNES game was scrubbing almost all writing from backgrounds the 4Kids way and changing their names to ying yong dong names and vomiting a story script that makes no sense with how hard it was censored.

Tbh the GBA version of Shin!Goemon is so bad it's almost criminal.
I hear the PS1 version is better but not by much.

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The DS game was really fun and had a lovely artstyle. Lord knows why it wasn't localised


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Same here. I always got that samurai pizza cats vibe from his games, which I liked.

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I never got why they kept the Japanese songs but removed the voice acting from the opening scene in the NTSC/PAL versions, and then in the sequel kept the voice acting but removed the songs....


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also, its interesting how Oedo castle gets transformed from a Japanese pagoda into a more European-styled castle. I wonder if they were getting at something with that...

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I love you anon, absolute peachy answer there

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Just my guess, but I think they're making fun of Takarazuka Revue (all-female theatre musicals, often incorporating heavy european aesthetics, inspired by Rose of Versailles and such), and/or Visual kei bands like Malice Mizer, which were at the peak of popularity in 1997 when the game came out in Japan

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Dancin' pls go.

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Pretty sharp, Antonio.

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Wow I can't imagine why this series never really caught on in the US.

I'm still waiting for playable Goemon in SSB

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Fun goofy games. Love the music


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Silent Hill would like a word with you.

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Everything after 4 brings that series down to shit tier, I'm afraid.

Also Siren is better.

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This is why we pretend like the bad never existed.

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Jesus christ m8

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I'm hungry, want to eat some polygons

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