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It's time to finally answer the age old question: What was the best super nintendo game?
Pic related is my vote

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Dunno if my number 1 favorite Super Nintendo game, but Castlevania IV sure does have my favorite soundtrack.

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Step aside

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thought we were choosing the best game

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Mario World/Yoshi's Island
DKC 1/2/3

I'm not an interesting person.

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Not even the best SNES Castlevania game, anon.

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Mario World was my favorite.

Mega man X and Cold Shadow were close follow-ups for me

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I always loved dkc 2, even though I never beat it

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Right here

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Pic related isn't even in the top 50.

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According to who?

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According to people who know what's up.

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This game made me feel so bad at so many moments.

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Dracula's rival is supposed to be Van Helsing. I don't understand this Belmont business

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I know what's up, and I don't agree.
I think you don't know what's up.

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Mega Man X is my favourite but I'd vote Chrono Trigger

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I just beat that today, binged it over last night and this morning.

Really, really incredible game, but damn if some of those stages didn't have me A N G E R Y.

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best mariocart definitely some tight handling and the finishes are always super close

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