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Announcement from 3D Realms facebook page:

>We're looking for play-testers for the next 3D Realms title. An unannounced game using the classic "Build Engine", used to develop legendary MS-DOS games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior etc. A brand new game built by an amazing crew.


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So, it's not that Bombshell game then

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Are SW addons worth playing? Been wondering.

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Only Wanton Destruction.

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I didn't know 3D realms still existed. I thought they got absorbed into something else. What's the point of them now that they've sold their best IPs? They don't have Duke, Shadow Warrior, or even Rise of the Triad

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Making new ones

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it is

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Yes. Prepare to rage at the landmines in level 2 of Twin Dragon though.

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Twin Dragon isn't really worth it, in my opinion. Really amateurish in addition to being unfinished.

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what was that chink build engine game made on like a stolen unfinished version of build?

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I find it quite adequate. The only map that I don't care much for is the last one. A similar problem that Wanton Destruction has is the last level being far too easy.

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Legend of the Seven Paladins

There's another unfinished Build engine game called Fate, from the people who made William Shatner's Tekwar.

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Yep same here. I actually like the idea that they somehow, someway, after all this time, remain in existence despite what the industry has become today where all these developers are getting absorbed by these massive publishers. Few of these developers even remain left so it is nice to see.

The problem is how will people even react to this unannounced game of theirs? Will it sell? What is even their expectations for this game? I think it doesn't even matter. I'm interested simply because I am also shocked they still exist.

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They are asking for playtesters to sign up on their facebook. Obviously this isn't truly an "official" announcement/reveal yet.

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How the hell did they survive this long without fucking releasing anything of note? They worked on Duke Nukem Forever for too long before they sold the IP. Yet here they are. They still exist. I'm just baffled here.

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How in the fuck is this even going to happen? This is going to be for modern computers?

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Does anybody else have problems with running Shadow Warrior Redux? I get awful screen tearing, which makes no sense since my screen is 120hz. I tried capping the framerate but it still looks bad... it just looks stuttery and weird. If I put v-sync on then I get really fucking awful game breaking input lag. Help would be appreciated.

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Yeah, vsync fucks mouse look in both SW: Redux and DN3D: Megaton Edition. Learn to live with either, I guess. Increase your mouse sensitivity.

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They "published" Bombshell and that Rad Rodgers game only like 5 people played despite having a kickstarter for it.

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Some kind of modders making an official game like the ones that did Sonic.

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It's the same quality as the Gate and Secret of Acropolis TCs for Duke, except those weren't planned as official addons.

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Who playing Build stuff on Linux? Steam has been OK for Duke/SW, Blood has been using dosbox without too much issues but mods and addons can be a pain

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There are a few screenshots of the game on Voidpoint's twitter.

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Big tits and testosterone aren't allowed in today's snowflake video game world. Whatever it is it'll surely be an abomination.

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Did you cringe like a madman reading the press coverage of Shadow Warrior 2013? I know I sure as fuck did.

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I'm really not sure what kind of game this wants to be. I just don't see the basic premise, the characteristics, the storyline, the aesthetics. Just some random usermap style leveldesign we saw in many Duke Nukem Total Conversions. They are far less impressive than the map screens of World Tour honestly.

I'm also worried about the lack of outdoor locations. Games like Blood or even Shadow Warrior don't need big outdoors as the highlight is on the basic theme and the indoor actions. But a modern style game like Duke Nukem needs impressive outdoors as well to show the character.

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Explain. Did they merciless hate on the old game?

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I haven't read a "professional" video game review since critics panned Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and I realized that they were literal faggots who don't actually enjoy video games (they are failed journalists who can't get a better job).

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This looks awesome. All I've wanted for the longest time was a new build-like game with high-res art but the same sort of art style.

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I've played the 2 level beta demo. I don't think I'm allowed to say much, but I can say it's very promising if you ask me.

I used to be scared this would be the case but what I've seen is very solid. It looks like there is someone holding the ropes making sure everything is coherent. The first level of the demo has a somewhat huge and awe looking city area. The 2nd one is everything I like in Build games: a strong coherent theme for the level, and the right amount of unlinerality/second path, with some awesome fight set pieces.

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Demo? Is there a demo of this game?

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> I get awful screen tearing, which makes no sense since my screen is 120hz
One thing has nothing to do with the other. Capping the framerate won't fix it either. Try other vsync options from your gfx drivers, like fastsync or dynamic vsync

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>I'm really not sure what kind of game this wants to be.
Duke Warrior.

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Nice doom skybox picture back there.

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It's just the betatest thing OP is talking about

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Can (You) give me the files if I send (You) an e-mail address?

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C'mon son.

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>I have awaited you. Kneel before me!

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not that guy, but its a private beta, with a nondisclosure agreement nontheless.

even if he wanted, he is not allowed to show or share anything, or else he may get in trouble with 3drealms and the game devs.

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Was the gunplay satisfying? Like did it feel good just to blast at enemies? How would the satisfaction of just shooting enemies compare to Blood for example? Also do the enemies flnch or do they just kinda tank through bullets like Duke enemies do most of the time?

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It's good

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>caleb doesn't give a fuck while dynamite in his pocket is about to blow up

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>female main character

Fucking seriously? We get this shit enough now. That is very disappointing to see. I don't care if it makes me look like a neckbeard this is just shit and it can only make me suspicious of their reasoning for why the character had to be a woman.

The worst part is feminists or modern day SJW faggots aren't even going to care for this game. So they might as well have not pandered. They better have a good reason for this and I'll forgive them. Otherwise what a waste.

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It was essentially a never-ending parade of "dats RAY-cis!!!" in the near-obligatory retrospective section on the original game, and that even though 2013 could have definitely done some things better, the mere fact it had gone SUPER-DUPER SRS BSNS and stripped out all the fun and "deeply problematic" elements of the old game (thus redeeming it in their little SocJus brainpans) automatically made it better it in their eyes. So, even if the game had been literal dogshite on a plate (with the bestest MIP-mapping in the world and everything, golly gee whizz), the fact that the dogshite at no point would say "WHO WANTS SOME WANG?!" in a bubbly, gurgling, feces-choked voice would give it a pass anyway.


You're prolly ahead of the curve on this one, to be honest. Most people still think there is such a thing as a professional US publication that has not been bought.

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Female Douk is a cool concept, only flawed by bad execution, don't go diss it around for no reason.

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Obviously. I mean, there ARE Build games made to run on modern systems, like Duke Megaton, or SW Redux.

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Are you braindead? Times change. Jokes that were acceptable in the 90's aren't necessarily acceptable anymore. Just like school shooting jokes became passe after Columbine, jokes about terrorism after 9/11, and jokes about Hitler after Holocaust.
Similarly, now that videogames are mainstream and player by, amon others, Asians, doing Asian jokes sounds like a stupid fucking idea.

You're the snowflake here, offended at the fact that you can't make at the same stupid tired jokes over and over again, jesus fucking christ.

Also, he does actually say a similar joke, so you're not even correct in your dumbass manufactured outrage.
at 6:24

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>Big tits and testosterone
That's more accurate of games now than it was in the 90's tho.

>> No.4409943

Oh, and he even actually says "Who wants some Wang?" in SW2. You're a complete and utter bloddy chucklefuck, pal.
I wonder how it is to have absolutely no brain?

At 2:07.

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Everyone is a snowflake.

We all want everyone to care about the issues we think are important

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Why does he look like Xerxes from 300?

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What kind of personality does Ion Maiden have? These old games were famous for the characters and enemies saying silly/parody things obviously.

>> No.4410025

Silly one liners wouldn't really work in a modern post Half-Life game.

>> No.4410029


Spotted the ess jay double-ewe. I've never even played the game and heard it was quite decent from those who have.

>> No.4410035


I don't give a fuck what you care about. You'll care about what you wanna and shrug at what you don't (usually this will be heavily mediated by what affects you personally, or perhaps your loved ones) and that'll be regardless of what I say.

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Twin Dragon > Wanton Destruction.

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Bombshell as a character has existed since at least 1997 as Duke's sidekick in DNF. Her being the main character has nothing to do with SJW bullshit and you know it. Besides, there's nothing inherently wrong with a female protagonist, pic related.

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Nah. Wanton is better all around.

>> No.4410119

Nah. They're pretty even but ultimately Twin Dragon was better.

>> No.4410154


I think not.

>> No.4410157

>being this anal pansied about Lady Duke

she wouldn't get a game anyway if randy didn't steal the douk license away from 3drealms

>> No.4410184

Fuck off autist loser

>> No.4410260

Why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties?

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well, the old design was a lot more duke-ish

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this. even if its not meant as pandering female MCs are still cancer

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You're a fucking retard.

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Go back to tamblr you piece of shit.

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...That can't be real. Bullshit. You're bullshitting me, Anon.

You've gotta be.

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File: 94 KB, 1280x720, 2998082-my+great+game+-+my+great+capture+-+2016-01-23+17-59-5819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut up you misogynist.

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wow, I would do it, too bad I dont use facebook and I am not from murrica but europe

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I'd prefer if we could speculate on what kind of music will be in this thing. Is it going to be rock/metal tunes like in Doom/Duke, or is it going to be more lingering and atmospheric like in Shadow Warrior and Blood? Do they intend to make era authentic audio at all?

>> No.4410381

>all female characters are pandering

fuck off back to /pol/ you stupid cunt. Actually, go to pornhub and get the gay out of your system instead because only a closeted homo would care about female MCs.

>> No.4410383

It's closed, don't bother sending more, apparently they recieved a shit ton of e mails

>> No.4410384

who gives a shit about the sex of the mc lmao

>> No.4410385


Jesus fucking Christ.

This is why I don't do modern gaming. This shit right here. This bionic Kristen Stewart thing.


There's no contest....Someone should just put them up side-by-side in an image, no more commentary would ever be necessary.

>> No.4410387

Don't forget that Rise of the Triad (also by 3D realms) had 2 female playable characters. Maybe in the first in FPS history (that I know of).

>> No.4410406

lmao civil war over what will just be the arm holding the gun.

>> No.4410418

> jokes about Hitler after Holocaust.
That's the only time jokes about Hitler have existed and Ricky Gervais has made a career out of it

>> No.4410425

>now that video games are finally being played by Asian people for the first time
The fuck?
And no Asian gets offended at things like that. Asians love that shit. It's exclusively white people who have so little to be offended about that they have to pretend to be offended on someone else's behalf.

>> No.4410426


Quit trying to talk to him like he has a brain, Anon.

>> No.4410437

Presumably the metal one.

>> No.4410438

How the fuck is that revolver supposed to work?

>> No.4410446

This is a hundred times better than this >>4410348 though, >>4410385 can go suck a dick.

>> No.4410449

The only way to insult an Asian is to insult his family, or his pride.

>> No.4410453


Nah, I'd actually play a game with >>4410263 and you can throat a hacksaw.

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You tasteless bastard. We all know short haired Duke is best Duke.

>> No.4410507


Even that, I'd play.

>> No.4410512 [DELETED] 

Looks like generic moeshit vomit.

>> No.4410516

Ovaries of steeeel

>> No.4410519


I agree the other design is better, but either are better than Bionic Kristen Stewart or Vagina Monologues.

>> No.4410524 [DELETED] 

I disagree, clearly those are oversexualized male power fantasies. Even Bionic Kristen Stewart shows way too much skin for my tastes.

>> No.4410532


A full-length dress would be oversexualized to you.

>> No.4410574

LOL, tasteless betamale detected

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Just finished Blood: Death Wish.


>> No.4410738

>random TC you forget 2 days after playing it

>> No.4410748

what? what is random now?

>> No.4410757

*holds up spork*

>> No.4410837

Why do state your opinions to others if you don't care about how they will receive them?

>> No.4410927

Why do people get so angry in BUILD engine threads? Like every single time. Wtf lol

>> No.4410939

Because many autists setup their own rules on how to play the games and get upset when somebody doesn't share their views. As if it was a secret club of sorts.

>playing other episodes than the majestic shareware episode
>actually enjoying fan made map packs
>not playing in DOSBox
>not playing on a real 486
>not deluding yourself into thinking that 640x400 is a 16:10 resolution
>not playing with keyboard only
>not sperging about minute difference between some old versions
>not downgrading from Atomic Edition because you hate the new main menu font
>not being contrarian about all mods and updates past the 1.0 release

etc etc

>> No.4410943


Because I was asked, and there is a small chance they will be helpful. Nothing more.

>> No.4411013 [DELETED] 

My theory is etilist doombabbies.

>> No.4411025 [DELETED] 

doom babbies have this macho fantasy where they stand in front of an entire army of stormtroopers who fire their guns at them, but miss. imagining bullets passing by them left and right makes them feel invincible, like a cool action movie protagonist.

as soon as they're faced with a game where they actually have to shoot faster than the enemy or take cover to avoid getting hit, they'll start crying about "muh hitscan" or "muh artificial difficulty".

>> No.4411027

Go home, NAM, you're drunk.

>> No.4411037 [DELETED] 

Think about it. The guy hating on Shrapnel City has literally zero arguments going for him, it's obvious he was one of the "douk sux cuz it's hitscan hell and drones are bullshit" shitposters and thought he could actually make an appeal to artistic integrity so that people wouldn't call him out. Flaming in these threads is part of carefully coordinated attacks.
Not to mention mods are apparently very careful about badmouthing Doom here for some mystical reason, like it somehow deserves more unasked praise than any other retro game.

>> No.4411042

>Flaming in these threads is part of carefully coordinated attacks.
lmao, sure

>> No.4411054

>not admitting Lunar Apocalypse is the best Duke Nukem 3D Episode

>> No.4411143

But that episode doesn't have Derelict

>> No.4411186


Which is funny because the actual Duke community at Duke4 is actually really open to source ports and custom mods. That shit is just here, where being contrarian is king.

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File: 68 KB, 1785x603, the current state of Duke4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell that to the creator of BloodGDX and the one who was working on a more modern port of SW. One of the admins there who is working on different, unannounced, Blood and SW source ports while also busy with another dozen of different projects at the same time is constantly assblasted at any attempt made at those and keeps shitting the BloodGDX subforum hosted there.

>> No.4411703

isn't this image from some japanese man website who used to draw doom monsters with hilarious descriptions li'e the archvile: An uncanny fellow, I fear him.

>> No.4411725


It is. Good website.

>> No.4411746


Hi Zaxx. Mad that people are ganging up on you on Duke4 for being a retard?

>> No.4411908

Duke4 is full of retarded virgins.

>> No.4411923

I've replayed Derelict yesterday, and has to change my opinion. That level is really really good, probably the best in the episode, and one of the bests in the game. I used to hate it for being confusing and long, but as my skills improved, i can do it a lot easier by now. The only thing I still complain is the start of the level wasn't made up too well. You just fall in the water from nowhere instead of approaching the ship from a boat or whatever. It's a bitch for a pistol start and recommended to play it with Critical Mass as a setup.

>> No.4412269

>tfw can only run Blood at full speed in 320x200
J-just like the devs intended, right?

>> No.4412317

Pretty much everybody on Duke4 likes BloodGDX. The only complaints people have about it is that it's closed source. It's only Hendricks that's completely assblasted about it and uses any opportunity to claim "his port will be better", when we've actually seen absolutely nothing about it. It's pretty fucking pitiful.

>> No.4412352

This just in World Tour is on sale for less than 7 bucks on humble dumble. Worth it for those who haven't played the new episode yet.

>> No.4412357

Not even worth pirating.

>> No.4412392

Worthless opinion from a neckbeard beta who probably pitated it.

>> No.4412404


BloodGDX is still pretty far off the mark from the actual game. It's passable if you want to play Blood and can't stand Dosbox, but that's really it. Hendricks is much more of a stickler for detail, so I can see why he would say his will be better.

Also hello Zaxx or Tekedon.

>> No.4412405

>BloodGDX is still pretty far off the mark from the actual game.
Give me some examples then, I'd love to see them. The only thing I saw was off in terms of gameplay is that the Life Leech is the same as 1.0, where it gives you health when used on enemies. This was changed in the later versions.

>> No.4412479

>Hendricks pretending he is not this anon guy

>> No.4412481

>The only thing I saw was off in terms of gameplay is that the Life Leech is the same as 1.0, where it gives you health when used on enemies. This was changed in the later versions.
*And btw that is still Blood, just an earlier retail version, so it technically isn't even "off". That is also something that can easily be changed for an upcoming GDX release regardless.

Hendricks has not once specifically called out GDX for inaccuracy either and he recognises it as a legitimate reverse engineer (unlike BloodEX -- the same thing that one kid, probably you >>4412404, was also shilling for earlier while simultaneously shitting on BloodGDX, demonstrating himself to be an exceptionally clueless idiot and hypocrite on top of it. You're not that one tool, are you anon?). The most I've heard Hendricks say about why his port will be 'better' is because apparently he is planning to support each iteration of Blood out of the box (version 1.0, 1.21, etc instead of being an amalgamation of them the way GDX is). Frankly, talk is cheap. It will be great if he ever makes it, and of course I'd switch over to it if it's better than GDX, but he's been talking about it for over two years now and we've seen absolutely nothing of it. Meanwhile GDX keeps releasing update after update.

>> No.4412502

Hendricks stop shitposting and remove the fucking horrid mobile-tier sliding transition from Eduke32's ingame menu which was forced when the failed Android port was still in development.
>inb4 it can be removed by setting up some userdefs via CON
That shit shouldn't be enabled by default.

>> No.4412572

The renderer messes with the shading of the original software mode. Deathwish looks worse in BloodGDX than in the original, but obviously if widescreen and 60fps is more important than that's not gonna bug you much.

>> No.4412614
File: 225 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gloodgdx messes up the verticals. all build games have perfect verticals at all times, just like the other fps games at the time. this makes the games more screenshot friendly.

>> No.4412651

I meant in terms of gameplay mechanics. What you've said is absolutely fair enough though. Whether one prefers BloodGDX or DOSBox Blood boils down to this:

>Higher native resolution support at no cost of framerate
>True widescreen support
>Super solid performance (mind you, well past 60, I run at 120hz) + control
>Minor bugs

Blood DOSBox
>Much lower res (personally I have to still run at 320x480 native to have 'acceptable' performance, even at 640x400 I can feel too much input lag)
>Software render has richer colours + better shading
>Piss poor performance in comparison to GDX
>Awful variable input-lag + inferior mouse (bmouse doesn't compare to GDX either)

>Deathwish looks worse in BloodGDX than in the original
Honestly... this is still debateable. While I agree that the software render is much prettier, and of course I wish we could run it at high res without problems, BloodGDX does have the advantage of being playable at much higher resolutions. Native 1080p/4K resolutions have a big advantage over lesser ones, even if you're managing to run Blood DOSBox at 800x600 at a performance you consider acceptable. Also since BloodGDX is using polymost its world is full 3D so you don't get the distortion effect when looking around.

Personally I could only run Death Wish on DOSBox with performance I could accept (which was far from 'great') at 320x480 max. Obviously 1080p has a significant advantage over that res. But yes, it's preference. If you don't want to play without the software render that's fine, but I still wouldn't claim DOSBox Blood outright looks better than the video below.


>> No.4412657

Yo. How do I play Death Wish on my pirated GoG One Whole Unit Blood?

>> No.4412663
File: 253 KB, 1400x932, Blood clay models1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've already been over this though. Even if you played Blood at the 320x200 proportions resolutions back in the day your CRT would still display Blood in a 4:3 format. The same thing would have happened if you played Doom. The in-game proportions at 4:3 are correct, as confirmed by the clay models the devs made to design the bestiary.

>> No.4412665
File: 240 KB, 1200x800, Blood clay models2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4412668
File: 1.18 MB, 1280x720, Blood clay models3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4412682

*Not to mention that of course Blood has straight options of 4:3 resolutions anyway.

>> No.4412724

It's not what he's talking about.

>> No.4412751

That's probably because those games weren't true 3D whereas polymost is. The 'verticals' in old Blood would therefore be technically distorted if you're looking at them at an angle as is being done in that screenshot. I wouldn't say therefore that BloodGDX 'messes up' the verticals when looking around -- it actually fixes them.

>> No.4413447

I prefer this over the current design but this probably wouldn't go well over modern audiences but then again most peeps who are gonna play a new build game in 2018 love duke and don't throw hissy fits over shit like this.

>> No.4413458

How did that not come out yet?

Also, who's even left at """3D Realms", seems like some of the interceptor guys (or whatever they're called now) made a new company

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This thread is now about Powerslave/Exhumed and Redneck Rampage Rides Again, the two most criminally underrated Build games.

I don't have any of the issues you mentionned with Dosbox.
I can play the game with steady 60fps at 800*600. I have a quadcore 3,2ghz (although number of cores shouldn't matter for DOSbox), which is already behind the loop compared to "today's standards"

As for "higher resolution", in Build games the is really not noticeable difference between 800*600 and above.
Sure widescreen could be nice, but I can live without it considering the game wasn't made for it.

Anyway people who have trouble running the game in DOSbox could give this a try. For now it didn't make any difference, when I tried on my previous computer, but some people claim it does wonders
http://www.gog.com/forum/blood_series/m ... know/page1

>> No.4414140
File: 34 KB, 320x200, RUIN0005_zpsdvvdzysk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aaaaaaand I got the link wrong, so have a Powerslave beta screenshot


>> No.4414914

Shake it, baby.

>> No.4414940


The first level of RR was so fucking awful that I didn't want to give the rest of the game a go, is Rides Again really that much better?

>> No.4415772
File: 115 KB, 800x600, ridesagain3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first RR is very hit or miss. There is some good stuff, and some bad stuff too, like stupid hidden switches, problems with keys (they're hard to see, and it's never clear which door require which key), etc

Route 66, the add-on, does a great job at HIDING the flaws of the original game.

Rides Again fixes most of those flaws and has some excellent level design if you ask me, and also adds some cool stuff to the mix like new enemies, vehicules, etc The first level of RA is probably the worst, too.

I think it's totally worth it to suffer through the bad stuff of the first game just to enjoy the good stuff, and then to enjoy the add-on and sequel more, but if you really hated the first level that much, you might want to switch directly to R66 and RA

>> No.4415776
File: 140 KB, 800x600, route661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a screenshot from Route66. It was made by Sunstorm who also did add-ons for Blood, DN3D and SW.
It's everything one would expect from a Build engine game, with ultra-thematic levels with semi-unlinear layouts and lot's of humor.

>> No.4415816

Rides Again was made by a completely different team of level-designers. Its level-design seems to be getting a lot of praise, but I didn't like that all that much, too simplified for my taste, I like cramped labyrinthine stuff (as was in the first game, dat Downtown Hickston is probably my favorite Build level, although Derelict from Douk comes very close) much more. Also, thematic consistency took a majestic nosedive in RA, this addon is basically about everything and their mother now.

>> No.4415818

The top 20 Build engine levels belong to Douk. It's so much better than the other Build games, it's impossible to unsee it.

>> No.4415821

>video games are finally being played by Asian people for the first time

Now that's racist.

>> No.4415836
File: 152 KB, 800x600, ridesagain5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Its level-design seems to be getting a lot of praise, but I didn't like that all that much, too simplified for my taste, I like cramped labyrinthine stuff (as was in the first game, dat Downtown Hickston is probably my favorite Build level, although Derelict from Douk comes very close) much more.

What about the factory map then? If you ask me, technically speaking it's one of the best, most amazing map in any professionnal Build game (at least until that "Bombshell prequel" comes out?) but it's also everything you'd expect from a Build map.

>Also, thematic consistency took a majestic nosedive in RA, this addon is basically about everything and their mother now.

Well yeah, the entirety of RA is more like "We don't really give a fuck, just have 14 more fun maps". I mean the ending consists of a black screen coupled with a joke... one could say they were riding the Build hype and made that sequel asap, but at the same time it's really good.

>> No.4416264
File: 2.98 MB, 640x480, itburns.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't have any of the issues you mentionned with Dosbox.
Well, I was like you before I tried BloodGDX. I ran Blood on DOSBox for years and played the shit out of it that way. A lot of those old Blood webms that float around on /vr/ like this one are my OC, so you can see I was decent with Blood's mouse (and I didn't even use BMouse). I used to even argue with people that claimed Blood's default mouse was bad. I'd tell them that you just needed 'to get used to it', and that even if it wasn't fully accurate it didn't really matter because of the auto-aim. However going to BloodGDX at 120hz is a transformative experience with how smooth and hiccup/input lag-free it plays, and how much better the control is, even if you were running DOSBox Blood with BMouse at a full 70FPS (DOSBox cap I believe) before. Personally though I never had near that good performance in DOSBox, even with my now newer system. It's fair enough if you don't want to play without software render if that's your preference, but you should at least try GDX out if you haven't already.

>> No.4416271

Blum fanboy detected.

>> No.4416279
File: 2.92 MB, 640x360, Ep1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4416283
File: 2.93 MB, 640x360, E5.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4416359

>tfw you will never be a mod shop working on mid 90s PC game addons out of an office in Texas or California or some other state from the movies where you head out to buy fast food lunches inbetween making maps and death matches on the company LAN

>> No.4416372


That's because the entire industry was subsumed by a "studio" system. The people who made the games (like the actors and directors who made the movies) lost all power and say over the final product, which was given over to parasitic publishers (studios, in the movie example).

This, combined with extremely aggressive horizontal and vertical mergers has given rise to the soulless machine you see today.

>> No.4416378


It's actually irrelevant how good BloodGDX is, in my opinion, as long as the source remains unreleased.

I don't think he has any real intention of ever doing that.

>> No.4416415
File: 88 KB, 1723x515, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Btw for people that hate polymost, M210 does have somebody else working one, but apparently that's unfortunately hit a roadblock atm. It might happen one day, we'll see.

/vr/ anonymous once said that M210's problem with the old render was he couldn't get it running at higher resolutions without problems and it needed to be rewritten. Of course I have no idea how true this statement was. Considering however how high original Blood's resolution options went I don't think it would be completely out of the question that BloodGDX eventually gets a software render.

>> No.4416560

What's the best way to play rides again and powerslave on win 10? Also is it true that powerslave doesn't have mouse control or something? I remember hearing about some weird limitation in its controls, maybe it wasn't the mouse.

>> No.4417095

It has REALLY WEIRD strafing. REALLY WEIRD. Although it doesn't really matter, it's basically HeXen1-lite in that the enemies are not really the point, the levels themselves, secrets included, are. The combat, sort of, just IS there and, sort of, just functions more or less okay. Combat-wise it's definitely playable, it's just... somewhat clunky and not really interesting. Bosses in particular are utter fucking shit.
The levels though are fucking majestic.

>> No.4417112

Well, come to think of it, strafing isn't all that weird. It's just that dedicated "strafe left" and "strafe right" keys were patched in at the last possible moment, so that, say, "strafe right" is just a shortcut for combination "strafe key" + "turn right". Meaning that STRAFING BLOCKS THE ABILITY TO TURN.

It's also really fucking slow, although that just leads to the necessity to keep your distance in order to have enough time to strafe out of projectile's path.

Oh, right, projectiles. It's pretty much the only Build game, built around enemies with actual projectiles, almost no ranged hitscan bullshit (barring one boss). One would think, that without ranged hitscan, the combat would turn out better than it actually did, huh. It just feels like quite a bit of wasted potential in that regard, is all.

>> No.4417116

Yeah it sure sucks programmers get steady paychecks instead of working for free for months to years with no guarantee they'll make any money.
It sure sucks that they get distribution channels that ensure their work is enjoyed by millions instead of dozens.
It's really crap times when you can work for a company that offers benefits instead of your mom's basement.
What a horrid age we live in that video games are the most popular form of entertainment over movies, music and TV combined, truly the dark ages of gaming.

>> No.4417259

someone didn't take his prozac today

>> No.4417265

this thread just reminded me bombshell was supposed to have a classic build engine fps game included with the deluxe edition sometime after release. where the fuck is it?

>> No.4417427
File: 788 KB, 1920x1080, Shadow_Warrior_Classic_Redux_Artwork_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found the soyboy

>> No.4417439

anyone got a DL for redneck rampage?

>> No.4417545
File: 66 KB, 640x400, ex_562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dosbox, it's the only way. For RR:RA you can just get the RR collection on GoG. For Powerslave you'll have to find a good source to download it and configure dosbox and the game yourself.

Things to know for Powerslave:
- A beta glitched pirate rip has been plaguing the game since release, and you'll find it more easily online than the retail versions.
The date on the exe should be March 19 1997 for Exhumed and Dec 04 1996 for Powerslave.
And you should have music.
PS has a glitch with some musics (the next music playing for a couple of seconds after the current one ends and before it loops), so try to find Exhumed if you can.

For controls and strafing, copy pasta:

- By default, the game doesn't allow auto-running, or toggle mouseview. However, you can do it if you set the "Run" and "Mouseview" keys to Capslock, Numlock or Screenlock.

- By default, the strafing speed of the "strafe_left" and "strafe_right" actions is very slow. However, if you use the auto-running mentionned above, and use the "strafe" key and "turn_left" "turn_right" keys together, you'll get a faster strafing.

- Even with the tip mentionned above, the game doesn't allow strafe circling. For instance you can't do "strafing" + "forward" + "turning" at the same time.
There is a patch called EXPSDEHK which allows you to do that.
However, keep in mind that the game was not designed with these control possibilities in mind. Straferunning in such a way will give you a speed boost of about 40% (like in Doom or DN3D).
As a result, you can leap accross longer distances, and therefore perform sequence breaking jumps in about every single map of the original game.
If you use this patch, I recommend that you avoid straferunning during jumps, this will make sure that you do not sequence break unvoluntarily.
Patch download:

>> No.4417649

>use the "strafe" key and "turn_left" "turn_right" keys together, you'll get a faster strafing.
Does assigning the "strafe" and "turn" actions to the same keys work?

>> No.4417756

I haven't tried that, actually

>> No.4417770


He's advocating for *game publishers*, Anon. Pretty sure even with the Prozac his problem is still incurable stupidity.

>> No.4417779

>Yeah it sure sucks programmers get steady paychecks instead of working for free for months to years with no guarantee they'll make any money.

>milking your time on a project on a deadline because "fuck it I'm going to get paid regardless, who cares if I cut corners here and there"
>actually putting in some actual hard work and effort on something to entice consumers to actually by your game

>> No.4417781
File: 1.91 MB, 320x240, 1480170069723.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>milking your time on a project on a deadline because "fuck it I'm going to get paid regardless, who cares if I cut corners here and there"

Such talk is forbidden in a thread that deals with Duke Nukem.

>> No.4417808

>actually advocating crunches

>> No.4417821


Crunch time has produced some of the finest games on planet earth.

>> No.4417832 [DELETED] 

There are two type of mappers, coders, game designers:

1. People who have talent and want to show that for a pro company, and if they get the job, they will design/code for a game within the directives from the execs and get paid for it.

2. Autistic basement dwellers who don't have the talent, but have the time to make hackwork for the actual game. They don't get paid for a reason, but they are badly pissed others do. In the movie world they are fanfic writers.

>> No.4417841


>corporate dicksucking

EA would like to contract your ball-gargling services, Anon. It pays well, but they are so very old a hairy.

>> No.4417921 [DELETED] 

>butthurt usermapper ranting

>> No.4417923


Shitposting is frowned upon, Anon. Off to /v/ with you.

Shoo shoo!

>> No.4417929

>le talent meme
invest time in learning a skill and see how you miraculously start getting good in what u were shit in the past, it just works.

>> No.4417931


He can't contemplate lifting a finger without getting a fuckload of money for it first.

>> No.4419848

Actually, no. People really do think differently. Not in terms of jargon used, the grammar subset used itself differs slightly from person to person. And no amount of aping is capable of bridging that gap. If you still don't see it right now, you will, eventually. And you will have no choice, but to accept, that you are flat out incapable of reproducing something, some other person does with ease, regardless of the amount of training you put into it. That's why people have individual styles of doing the same tasks. Those styles are workarounds.

>> No.4420135

Are there any mappers here?
Post your maps

>> No.4420234

Do you know any good maps that are better than the originals?

>> No.4420246

I made Nuclear Showdown and AMC TC, also did a bunch of parts in CBPs

I also did a few standalone maps, like this haloween one:

>> No.4420296

It seems like every former dev from the glory days is trying to board the FPS revival wagon, but I get the feeling they don't know what the fuck they're doing. I sincerely hope Romero makes a great FPS with his masterful handling of abstract level design, but it could easily become another respawning monster arena shooter in the vein of Painkiller. Maybe we first need to define what the hell we even mean by oldschool shooter, because it's definitely not obvious.

>> No.4420303


It's all gonna turn to shit the second it has to go through a publisher. Never fails.

>> No.4420368

In retrospect, I find it funny how everyone was hung up on the next "Quake 2 killer". Quake 2 is one of the most bland shooters I've ever played, it's an incredible 3D engine paired with shitty boring design. The shift from Quake 1 to 2 was, in my opinion, the shift from id making well-made and innovative games to tech demos to be used by other devs. I don't think they made a solid FPS campaign until Doom 3, arguably.

>> No.4420408

quake 2 was killed by its contemporary, which was half-life imo

>> No.4420532

The entire Quake series was just bland, boring shit. Every level looks the same, no charismatic monster, weak leveldesign. A miss.

>> No.4420798

Agreed. I'm really not a big fan of Quake 2 at all. It kind of sucks. Even Quake 3 was worse than the far superior UT.

>> No.4420981

Question about bombshell that bothers me: Do enemy sprite look good, or do they look like straight modelrips?

>> No.4420993

You know how I know you're full of shit?

>> No.4421076

Blood had a lot of excellent levels, IMO.

>> No.4421087
File: 59 KB, 460x215, bombshell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It did and got completely forgotten because it sucked.

>> No.4421097

Quake 2 really showed that once Romero and Petersen left id, the company became creatively bankrupt.

>> No.4421098

True dat.

>> No.4421114

Reading comprehension. We're talking about the Build Engine fps prequel of Bombshell

>> No.4421124

Oh yeah, forgot that existed.

>> No.4421371

For what? DN3D? Most DN3D usermaps are their own things and aren't like the original game so it's hard to make such a direct comparaison.
"classic" style maps are my favourite though and I played a few on my yt channel a while back. My all time favourite is Insurance Overload, if you're looking for something like the original game this one is close to perfection except from the fact that the entirety of it takes place indoor. Still, it'd fit right into the Duke it out in DC episode


Most of what I did are collab projects, either episodes in which each mapper would make a map or several (Duke Hard and Metropolitan Mayhem), or maps that we built collectively like Galbadia.
With some friends we also did Returns to Ruins for Powerslave/Exhumed, making a 3 maps episode, and dissecting the game to document it and try to bring mapping support for it.

It's good

>> No.4421385

How did Frederik Schreiber get his own games company? Was it really off the back of making a few areas Hollywood Holocaust in Unreal engine? And he later buys 3D Realms? Is it just a matter of balls and confidence and I am the big man now?

>> No.4421406

Apparently he's got a friend with tons of money like a pro poker player backing him up, as an investment.

>> No.4421725

I saw a bunch of maps released on duke4 in the past months, have you played any of them? Are they any good? Haven't had a chance to check em out.

>> No.4421749

Haven't played much lately, but Shaky Grounds part2: Tragedy is really good, check it out.

>> No.4421789

I played Shaky Grounds 1 and it was godawful horrible. Like most custom levels it just threw in random shit to make the level look more detailed, while it's just a mess in reality. I also hate these maps just use random keys and buttons instead of using them smartly. These things are not there to add more fake gameplay to the map, but for strategic reasons to trigger a special effect, leading to a new area with more dangerous element etc.

>> No.4422309

That's actually a good point about the keys, it's better if they and the area they unlock really mean something, I know I'm guilty of forgetting about that too. But to be fair, it's also often like that in the original Build games, like ep4 of Duke.

>> No.4422428
File: 96 KB, 625x774, 1508091566117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I wanted to just *buy* Blood's source code to post online for everybody.

How much money do I need and who do I ask?

Asking for a friend.

>> No.4422431

Last we heard, billions of dollars.

>> No.4422436
File: 57 KB, 625x316, Million.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4422438

We don't know the number, we just know it's outrageously unreasonable. It's like the company's way to say "it's not for sale unless you REAAALLY want it".

>> No.4422449

Billions should be the price for CoD or GTA's source code, not fucking Blood

>> No.4422452

In what....fucking Yen?

>> No.4422456

In dollars.

You'd think that, right?

>> No.4422462

DOOM 3 sucks

>> No.4422463
File: 760 KB, 544x840, 1511471055768.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In dollars......right....

Now I just want the name so I can tell them what a fucking idiot they are for expecting that much.

>> No.4422674
File: 91 KB, 645x729, brainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished Death Wish, probably the best player made content I've ever played, especially in comparison to the original game. The only slight disappointment was the final battle with Czernobog, expected more than just two relatively quick stages, but I guess you can only do so much with the Blood engine.

>tfw only found one secret level

>> No.4422783

Is he Polish?

>> No.4423434

I think they were bought out by Interceptor who used to be Apogee? I don't know its all confusing. Regardless, Interceptor owns IP to ROTT and has some special connection to 3DRealms.

Also don't forget 3DRealms did release Bombshell not too long ago. So they're still doing shit

>> No.4424181

Yes. He wears a tracksuit and does plumbing on the side.

>> No.4424263

those types of 3D games are called Build? Is that the name of the "engine" they designed it with?

Is Wolfenstein a Build?

>> No.4424814


Yes, games like Duke3D/Nam/Blood use Ken Silverman's Build Engine.

And no, Wolfenstein 3D does not use the build engine,
Wolf3D uses an engine originally created for Hovertank 3D and later Catacomb 3-D, though the Wolf3D version of the engine was so much improved that it became known as the "Wolf3D engine".

>> No.4425759
File: 6 KB, 118x147, Phantasm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4425831

When's the next BloodGDX update coming out?
I want that software render.

>> No.4426223

So I just reinstalled Blood and Death Wish just to play the new 2 secret levels of v1.4.

I don't understand, the readme says the first new secret map is E1M11, so I type "mario 1 11" and I end up in Shudder Island which I swear I have already played in the past...

So, am I losing it? is it the wrong map? Or did I play that map standalone and he just made it part of DW now?

>> No.4426317
File: 123 KB, 800x600, SS000000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, whatever. I wasn't really fond of E3M11 either, I mean it was alright but I got stuck twice and somehow I was never too sure what I had to do.
I also found out it's possible to fall down the crack on the wall here and survive the fall (takes down 70hp), and then end up stuck down there where the key is.

I liked the two new small transitions maps though.

>> No.4426584

Not soon. Also, it will never have software renderer.

>> No.4426878

Software renderer is a must, fuck you if you intentionally miss it.

>> No.4427674

Why is this game impossible to buy nowadays? I cant even find used discs on ebay. I have a retro rig and this is the only BUILD game I haven't played yet.

>> No.4428278

Well I finally fell for your Rides Again 4 year long marketing campaign and my god the game is still ass. Should have gone with my original opinion I had back when I was 10 years old. Meh, oh well. Wondering if I'm Jewy enough to request a refund from Steam for £3.74 lol.

>> No.4428469
File: 16 KB, 150x200, 1502762359133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I make the cutscenes work in GDX?

>> No.4428731
File: 152 KB, 1616x935, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

worked out of the box for me

>> No.4429554

They don't work for me either. Somebody pls help. Can it be because I edited my gog ini or conf files (whichever one affects the movie playing) not to show them?

>> No.4430393

Do you also have any problems with some music not playing in-game? For example, the track of e1m1 plays just fine, but e1m2 is completely silent.

Looks like I'm just gonna have to stick to dosbox for now.

>> No.4430470

nah no problems with music. I remember you complaining about that problem before, that's weird.

>> No.4430714
File: 18 KB, 180x117, 111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know that font is used for Witchaven menu?

>> No.4430719

it's most likely custom made, however, you should very easily be able to extract it all and even make your own font of it as each letter should be a texture already.

I'm not familiar with Witchaven though but I assume the general tools would work, like GRPViewer to extract the artfiles, and any Build texture<->.art tool.
Again, that is if Witchaven uses the same grp/art format as other Build games but it most likely does.

>> No.4430728

That's the problem. W1 doesn't have complete set of letters for the menu font. Main menu is done with a separate images for new game, load / save, etc.

>> No.4430770
File: 43 KB, 320x200, ep 5 end.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty big Duke fanboy here. Never done the modding scene, but I lurk on Duke4 to try and keep my ear to the ground regarding news relating to the series.

What I've seen of Ion Maiden looks very promising, but TerminX has been pretty tight fisted with what's available to the general public. My only real hope for the game is that polymer and shit can be turned off because the additional lighting and particle effects shoe-horned into the build engine have never looked good to me.

I hope nu3DR manages to get their shit together. Bombshell was pretty disappointing to me. Got about 12 hours in and gave up from pure frustration on the final level and never went back.

>> No.4430786

I hope for a classic software mode as well. I don't buy the game without that.

>> No.4430929
File: 227 KB, 642x507, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4431248

Fucking love whatthefont. People there are really helpful.

>> No.4431261

Do Ion maiden or Duke world tour belong to vr?

>> No.4431268

is this ultra-alpha or gay?

>> No.4431304

Douk does since it's an extension of the original game. Ion Maiden technically doesn't but where else are you going to be able to discuss it?

>> No.4432634

/v/ ?

>> No.4432682

Delete the config files of the previous version, let the game create new one when you launch it.

>> No.4432797

vaporware cockteasing resumes


>> No.4432856


>> No.4433216

I mean where you can have an actual discussion about it.

>> No.4433657

WitchavenGDX, obviously.
Unlike Blood's, Witchaven's source code was released, so it's not that hard to make a port. Nobody gave a shit about this game though.
Probably not soon. m210 is working on it in his spare (from working on BGDX) time.

>> No.4434170

This had better be the code

>> No.4434229

Asked in the fps general with no results: How hard is modding Build engine games compared to doom? I see it quite superior to doom engine but seeing how few mods are compared to Doom makes me think that is quite harder. Am I wrong? How hard is it? I want to make my own mod, I'm even starting to nodelling maquettes just to animate the NPCs like in Blood.

>> No.4434264

not surprising, it's a bit of a niche, niche, niche, niche art. you're not wrong, it's rough.

con is a pretty rough language, not a lot of people work with it. but if you can get the hang of it, you can do a lot.
about one in twenty people can make a doom mod and have it be good. but only one in a million can make the AMC TC.

>> No.4435045 [DELETED] 

Of course, you'd need to specify what do you mean by "modding". Doom couldn't originally be modded as far as game logic went, while Duke3D at least got that sorted out by relegating most of the behaviors to .CON files.

Modding Build games like you "modded" Doom before the advent of ACS is just as simple as Doom, in fact even more so because you don't even need to repackage WADs (or GRPs, as most modern games use), just provide the file replacements inside the game (for vanilla DOS) or inside a directory you would then include when EDuke32 or any modern port that supports this thing is about to start.

For ART files replacement I use bastART, for mapping the obvious Mapster32, and for GRP replacements in case you feel like it

Something like ACS is also reproduced in EDuke32, using LUA code, but that is outside my expertise. Heavy modern TCs like WGRealms require messing with EDuke32's source, while something like NAM was literally a stock Duke3D mod anybody could do.

>> No.4435053

Of course, you'd need to specify what do you mean by "modding". Doom couldn't originally be modded as far as game logic went, while Duke3D at least got that sorted out by relegating most of the behaviors to .CON files.

Modding Build games like you "modded" Doom before the advent of ACS is just as simple as Doom, in fact even more so because you don't even need to repackage WADs (or GRPs, as most modern games use), just provide the file replacements inside the game (for vanilla DOS) or inside a directory you would then include when EDuke32 or any modern port that supports this thing is about to start.

For ART files replacement I use bastART, for mapping the obvious Mapster32, and for GRP replacements GRP Viewer in case you feel like it. There are lots and lots of different utilities here:


While for learning the mapping you go here:


Something like ACS is also reproduced in EDuke32, using LUA code, but that is outside my expertise. Heavy modern TCs like WGRealms require messing with EDuke32's source, while something like NAM was literally a stock Duke3D mod anybody could do out the box.

>> No.4435068

>Of course, you'd need to specify what do you mean by "modding"
Yes, my bad. I want to do a total conversion of Duke Nukem 3D. From the main menu, fonts, maps, monsters, weapons, HUD, player model and sounds, etc.
Thank you for this info, it's gonna be really helpful

>> No.4435114

LUA support in E32 is dead in the water as far as I'm know since the guy who was working on it retired. He added a fuck ton of cool stuff though (like true room over room) but I always felt that the LUA support was a misstep. Anybody who can code that would surely be working on something more modern anyway.

>messing with Eduke32's source
not sure if that's what you meant since it doesn't edit the program files at all. Everything in mods like WGR2 and AMC TC are accomplished with standard Eduke32 (although things like the skyboxes in AMC are basically a hack and not something natively supported by Eduke32 - basically displaying a camera behind the game world that is visible through hall of mirror basically)

>> No.4435118

I'd recommend learning by starting with early vanilla Duke mods, ripping them apart to see what they did and then moving on up to more modern Eduke modes. Delving straight into something like WGR2 or AMC would be pretty confusing.

This mirror contains the vast majority of old classic TCs:

>> No.4435125

Yeah, I seem to have confused WGR2 with other EDuke32 based homebrew that provided their own executable.

>> No.4435162

>even more so because you don't even need to repackage WADs
You don't need to repackage WADs either way. That's their whole point. You load whatever you want on top of them.

>> No.4435170

As in, individual files which are supposed to be inside WADs, out in the game's directory? Didn't that just work for the Doom alphas?

>> No.4435178

you got it backwards

doom and quake were so great because the game was designed around technology and tricks they were just learning or creating, making for fantastic welcome additions

in quake 2 and further, they already learned all that needed to be learned to make a 3d shooter. Q2 tried to have some sort of story, Q3 wanted Unreal audience and RTCW was just your generic nazi shooter game. nobody in iD was like, hold up guys let's make a monster that does X and nobody make such a monster yet, how about we give it a try to see if we can get it working?

>> No.4435185

You don't need to alter any of the main game files to make a Doom mod, at all.
That was the whole point of WAD system.
You replace things by naming them same, then loading a WAD file with your self-made replacements on top of existing one. Things you have made will replace things that existed during that play session. No actual game files will be altered.

The limitation of original Doom was that while you could add completely new textures and levels, you could not add actual new "things" like monsters and items (actors). If you wanted to add a new actor, you had to do so by altering an existing one. Most commonly replaced were Nazi soldiers, Keens and Wolf-style decoratons from secret levels of Doom 2.
Source ports lifted that limit, allowing adding in completely new actors without replacing old ones.

>> No.4435191 [DELETED] 

>then loading a WAD file with your self-made replacements on top of existing one

This is what I'm getting at, you don't really need to load anything with Duke3D, you just literally place the files inside the game's directory or in a subdirectory, with their proper names. By repackaging the WAD I meant the task making your own WAD to load with the game using a third party utility.
You could say "big deal", but for people doing relentless testing and prototyping not having to deal with one extra step that's a life saver.

>> No.4435193

>then loading a WAD file with your self-made replacements on top of existing one

This is what I'm getting at, you don't really need to load anything with Duke3D, you just literally place the files inside the game's directory or in a subdirectory, with their proper names. By repackaging the WAD I meant the task of making your own WAD to load with the game using a third party utility.
You could say "big deal", but for people doing relentless testing and prototyping not having to deal with one extra step is a life saver.

>> No.4435197

the game loads them for you, thats the only difference. That also means that if you have several mods that you play from time to time, you have to manage lots of different files which is much cumbersome than loading just one file.

>> No.4435206

Fair point, that's why there's the subdirectory include thing in EDuke32, to keep mods organized. For the creators though not having to deal with custom GRPs is pretty cool. IIRC you can also just zip the files inside a subdir once you're done, like Quake did.

>> No.4435768

yeah, that is pretty rad

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