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This is the best graphics of any retro game.

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There's better looking games on the same engine.

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needs more lens flare

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It's pretty good technically, but what's up with that castle design? it looks fairly generic, almost toy-ish.

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yea looks like a lego set

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>tfw you run this for the first time on your SLI rig and can finally use 1024x768

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Nah. Texture resolution support is definitely nice but shaders are shit compared to Q3 and also animations for things like water were fucking terrible and framerate dependent. Some effects like lights were terrible. Also, UI hud scaled improperly which was amateur as fuck. Also, doesn't related doesn't support color correction.

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Sorry, this is retro too and looks better.

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Great game but D2 looks better.

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one of my favorite survival horror games. so bleak and weird.

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I think Daikatana looks better personally

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hi john

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look if you don't think Daikatana's level aesthetics were cool you're gay sorry to break the news to you

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Why's the HUD so fucking small?

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Because he's running it on modern hardware with the resolution turned way up. The pic is set at 1920x1440, which keeps it in it's native aspect ratio, but it never played in that res.

Also, I'd say that Unreal Tournament looked a bit better, but that's just me. Of course, it also got released a year later in the same engine. Unreal Engine 1 looked pretty good, though.

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episode 2 and 3 had good aesthetics

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All are impressive for their time, but 3D capabilities were still far too limited in the retro era to coming anywhere near what beautiful 2D graphics could do.

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listen bud i'm happy for you but sidescrollers get old after so long

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Episode 3 especially, the part where you'd go through castles and shit and then eventually end up in hell was so cool. It felt like a gigantic Quake 1 level.

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it's in the filename. Neverwinter Nights 2.

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That's Neverwinter Nights. It was released in 2001 (not in game range), and generally looks terrible for the time.

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Correction, 2002.

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I don't disagree, and I liked many 3D games of the era as well. But if as the topic goes, you're talking about graphic quality and aesthetics they couldn't d come close back then.

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1st neverwinter nights were in 90x and had similar to pool of radiance, krynn series graphics and required some american network for online play

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nwn doesn't count as retro here.