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What do we think of the greatest retro developer of all time?

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They certainly led the way in cinematic action-adventure games with Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

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I think they're pretty good.

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Post some of their best games, if they're so great.

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Treasure is better. More creative game designs and more solid track record.

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>treasure vs konami
Stop forcing this shit

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>Not Namco

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>muh gimmicks
>muh style over substance

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Every time someone says that, I ask them what gimmick did Sin and Punishment have, but I never receive any reply
>style over substance
Meme that has lost its meaning long ago.

Anyway, best company is Irem.

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I think I miss them. Too bad they eventually went to shit. They made my favorite game Rocket Knight Adventure and they have so many excellent games beyond that as well. I agree with you saying they are the best.

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Please get out.
I hate how most ov /vr/ is adopting this meme word already.

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>le meme meme

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So when exactly was the point that Konami peaked and everything was just downhill from there?

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When IGA left the company.