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Post your favourite channels here!

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they make me feel better about my appearance

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I did but mods deleted my thread.

>Basement Brothers
3 adult people talk about old video games.
Each of them has his own show.
One of them lives in Japan most of his adult live and brings great insights on PC scene in japan and Japanese only titles.
>PC-88 Paradise
>Neo-Alec's Neo Geo Reviews
>Other video game events and shows
>Tons on footage captured from real hardware

>Master-Cast TV
Theater worker with /vr/ tendencies for FMV titles especially on Sega hardware.

Audiophile tier placebos and autism.
Its the channel you want for everything technical news and /vr/ relevant happenings.

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Last Gamer
Modern Classic
Modern Vintage Gamer
Retro Game Mechanics Explained
Gametech US

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Gaming Historian is a good channel that doesn't seem too autistic.

My Life In Gaming is good, but super autistic.

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Irate gamer

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I can't stand the bald fags accent on MLiG. He says every O as an A.

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I watch a bunch of them actually.

Good dude, fun videos, mostly about DOS software on the game front.

>Game Sack
Kinda cringey sometimes but I think they are doing it on purpose and both of them seem to take the meta on YT channels for a walk

>Metal Jesus Rocks
I fucking hate this piece of shit. He wrecks the retro market with is fucking HIDDEN GEM WOAH. If he mentions a game you want, buy it right away cause the price is going up.

Once upon a time I liked it. Mike kinda started ruining it for me around the movie time though and I don't fuck with it at all anymore.

>My Life In Gaming
Courey seems cool but Try is an autism who would talk about buying a cheeseburger for 4 hours and acts like the kinda dude who does furry shit.

>Gaming Historian
One time I sat down and looked at the amount of video hours he produced per month and looked at the actual production time needed to create it and it boiled down to him working 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week and he would be able to put out what he does. He needs to go fuck himself cause his stuff is good but he spends so much time doing ... what exactly?


Fun stuff check it out.

Also good. He does Bad Influence reviews and they're nice cause I'm a burger.

How is is possible to sound the way he does? He sounds so fuckin drunk all the time.

Good shit I like his stuff, 6-10 minute reviews with very little shitposting.

I love his shit but I think he's running out of 64 stuff to review?

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Yeah, he's got a kind of weird northern midwest accent. Their content and production values are great, though. And typically super informative.

He's not nearly as annoying as Bob from RetroRGB, though. Listening to that dude drone on about "muh fully shielded multi-core coax SCART cables" makes me want to kill myself.

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>e-celeb garbage
who cares

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most of these channels are fairly unknown in the grand scheme of things. Just because someone makes videos on the internet does not make them an "e-celeb".

Go fuck yourself.

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YouTube isn't retro, and literally none of the channels mentions are 'fairly unknown'. These threads are a cancer.

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Classic Game Room, Glenn Plant, and this channel that uploads local Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournaments from Japan.

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>"X" isn't retro
>e-celeb trash
>these threads are cancer

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4chan isn't retro.

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What's the channel that uploads SSFT tournaments? This is relevant to my interests.

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It's literally just called "Super Street Fighter !! Turbo."
They upload pretty much daily.

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Thanks, friend. This should provide many hours of entertainment.

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I don't understand watching videos of people playing games. I just watch Bealtaine Cottage, My Littlle Homestead snd stuff like that.

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Don’t know why these threads even exist, youtubers are fags. Gook Moot should make an eceleb board already.

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Yeah, it's cool. I really like when they show off the arcades and the people actually playing. Very cozy.

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No one cares if you don't like it.

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Hey, just saying that 4chan isn't here for you. Throwing a tantrum because someone posted a thread you don't like is weak shit.

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Sorry, no clue what that even is. I don't watch youtube gaming channels >>439571. I'm just not upset that other people do and like to talk about it.

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Yeah chill out dude, check some of these guys out. This isn't a normal e-celeb thread, it's just a place to try new shit. If it focused on one dude and had a question, that's the typical e-celeb thread.

Oh I'm sorry are you one of those edgy people who don't go to youtube? Hm.

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All these guys do is drive up costs of old hardware because they say "WOW GUYS LOOK AT THIS QUIRKY SOUND CARD"
>ebay prices go from $20 to $100

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>One time I sat down and looked at the amount of video hours he produced per month and looked at the actual production time needed to create it and it boiled down to him working 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week and he would be able to put out what he does. He needs to go fuck himself cause his stuff is good but he spends so much time doing ... what exactly?
Having a life, maybe?

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Please, go back to /v/.

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It doesn't get much better then when Jeff Gerstmann sits down at home for a couple hours playing some old games.

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>If [Metal Jesus] mentions a game you want, buy it right away cause the price is going up.
What are some examples of this that's occurred?

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Look I don't watch him and don't know what that image means. Just list two or three games please

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N64 Glenn Patt (are there any other channels focused only on n64)
I guess the a-cho channel counts for this since is mostly old fighting games
I also like channels focused on glitches/skips of specific games, sorta like pannenkoek.

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This made me chuckle. As if everyone who has a YouTube channel makes it their full time job. The guy is married and probably also has a job (I doubt he's making a living off his channel, it's rather small).

>Tells OP to go back to /v/
>Posts meme from /v/

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You sure save a lot of pictures of youtube videos for somone so triggered by them.

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wow a femanon?
where can i donate to her channel?

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I searched 'Retro Games' and took screenshots of only top the results, worth the 4 seconds it took it for responses like yours.
You sure can friend, don't forget to like and subscribe! Leave a comment below if you donated to the Patreon™ :3 xD

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Youtube gaming channels aren't retro. They're cancer.

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That still seems like a lot of effort just because someone posted a thread on 4chan you weren't interested in. Do you always work this hard at trolling?

Also what's your goal here? You're bumping every time. Are you hoping to make the thread go away? Are you hoping 4chan will see you as some sort of authority figure and stop making threads that upset you? It's curious.

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>implying threads like this aren't an hourly occurrence
>being this new

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No I've seen them. I just don't think 4chan should be forced to only post threads that interest me. It's super easy to ignore a thread so again what Is your real goal here bumping and shitposting so much?

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Chrontendo and its sister series, Chronsega and Chronturbo. Hands down the definitive retro gaming video feature. I'm surprised and a bit concerned that nobody mentioned it here.

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>Shilling for monetized youtube channels

Pay for ads, assholes. Hiro needs to pay bills.

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Trip on, Hiro.

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>Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc.


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Lol you could make that same claim about all the retail and crt threads. There's nothing at all wrong with these threads, you're literally just being an entitled baby because not every thread was made just for you.

Grow the fuck up.

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yeah Chrontendo is amazing. I need to shill it more because it doesn't get enough views.

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Go ahead and report me then, you big baby. No one here has posted referral links, offers, solicitations, begging, or stream threads. Simply mentioning something isn't advertising.

Do you think that any post that mentions the name of a game, a website, or a specific product is advertising?

What a fucking troglodyte.

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He knows they're not ads, he just can't stand anything that doesn't intetest him personally. It's manbaby authoritarianism.

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Are you fucking serious dude? I'm on your side you asshat, I was using those pictures to demonstrate the literal cancer and irritate the actual shills ITT. Jesus christ, context man.

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World of Longplays. Nothing but complete, non-speedrun playthroughs of video games with no fucking commentary. For those times when I don't wanna play vidya, but wanna hear some vidya in the background.


Only guy I will actually listen to talk about video games is HCBailly. This motherfucker is the real deal. He loves JRPGs and when he records videos, he doesn't fuck about. He researches games, does multiple test runs, and basically builds a video strategy guide that shows EVERYTHING you can fucking do in the game. He's taught me new things about games I've played dozens of times. He reminds me of some people I used to be friends with, comes across as just a legit, old-school nerd who is sharing his interests in the most genuine way possible, instead of all these lazy whores who want to try and make money by playing games and getting likes.

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>they make me feel better about my appearance

fucking this
any time I watch any of them, they have a section where they show the guy narrating the video; and most of the time it is some hilariously stupid looking fat asshole in front of a shelf full of games, making excessive gestures like he was Italian.

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My favorite reviewer of any kind is SFDebris. He only works off a microphone, showing just footage of what he reviews. He's done hundreds of reviews now and never once have we seen his face.

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I usually can't stand hearing these people talk because they're trying super hard to sound like professional voice over artists, when they actually just sound like beta manchildren, over-enunciating everything.

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>Lord Karnage
still like him

>Game Sack
I really enjoy their video and their meta-cringey humor

Not many people out there have a spot for Sierra adventure games

>Nostalgia Nerd
He's good but his accent might be tricky for people whom english isnt the first language, like me

>Kim Justice
Same as above, really interesting videos especially if you have a soft spot for football games. Might be an euro thing

>Top Hat Gaming Man
He's a tool but his videos are fine, he should just stop try to be edgy, he's not 16 anymore

Sometimes Ashens and LGR

Then a couple of others who are not in english.

Aside from the major ones I don't really enjoy the american channels that much, 99% of them are talking about NES, SNES, Genesis and so on.

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