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>optional dungeon where your only reward is to have one of your characters killed off


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Haha, is that for real? that's fucked up.

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Games were cool once.

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What dungeon?

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Wolfteam games especially. Star Ocean is a typical example of the flawed gems they could produce. That's how you can tell it's some good shit; even with the flaws it's worth your time.

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It was just unfinished

The PSP remake fixes it by having that scene give you the best character in the game if you do the right steps (and at least has it make sense why you lose her if you don't), but at the cost of fucking up all the backgrounds and making the final boss somehow even more dumb-looking than he was before

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It's so make room for Perisie and Tinek, because you wouldn't be able to fit them both in your roster otherwise if you wanted to recruit them.

And you weren't actually USING Marvel, were you?

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How the fuck did they expect to implement a complete second planet anyway when the game in its massively unfinished release state was already 48Mbit?
Slap even more chips onto the board?

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Pretty much this.
To be honest, I prefer Mavelle/Marvel over her, magical characters aren't that good late-game.
But hey, have to give ma boy Ioshua/Joshua some closure, right?

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Star Trek reference.

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The sequel was fucking awesome

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>After Tales of Phantasia was completed, some of the game's designers felt that the core skill and item systems were too "generic", and for their next game they would make a much deeper gameplay experience.


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Marvel is forced in your party if you have Joshua, and you can only recruit 4 of the 7 optional characters.
If you don't want Marvel you must do this side quest to get rid of her.

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Is it worth it to go through this series from SNES to Integrity? The series seems interesting

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I really goddamn wish there were voice settings. It's not so much the typical quality of PS1 english VAs as there's so much of it everywhere in battle. There's more commotion than an arcade beat-em-up.

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I like it

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There's an undub at least which improves it somewhat.

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Doesn't that have a bug where Haste freezes the game?

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I don't remember having any issue.

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You can play the redubbed PSP port.

Only problem then would be the souless character portraits. Or maybe this is just my autism speaking.

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Looking at image search, it appears to be mediocre 2000s animu art. Boring.

However, the original art is amateur quality. It looks just plain weird in the context of a professionally released product. Its hard to explain what I mean. Guardian Heroes gives me the same vibe.

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>fucked the sprites for Star Ocean
>fucked the sprites for ToP

why do they keep doing it

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I wouldn't care if the portraits appeared only in the stats screen, but you'll be seeing it in every single dialog through the game.

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>Its hard to explain what I mean

It really isn't. You just don't like the style, there is nothing wrong with the art.

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That art looks very much like the one of a mangaka just starting his career.
Especially because of that shading.

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Except it looks like he started in 94.

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The great debate, /vr/

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And the game came out in 1996.

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>this hack looks like he only started drawing this year

You, uh, sure showed him.

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Ok for the next part of the game you must choose one and only one of those characters to join your party.

However, Fear can also join your party later, and if choose her now she will never learn the God of War skill, so choose Cyus or CHOOSE ASHLAY.
Also if you choose Ashlay, Ratix will learn Dragon Summon, however if you choose Cyus you won't earn anything, so CHOOSE ASHLAY.
Also in the PSP port you can save Eris by having Ashlay in your party so CHOOSE ASHLAY.
Also in the PSP for some reason you can't recruit Fear later if you already have 7 characters in your party, so Cyus, Joshua, Marvel and Fear is a no-no, but Ashlay, Joshua, Marvel and Fear is possible because for whatever reason if you have Ashlay, Milly won't be in your party by the time you can recruit Fear, so CHOOSE ASHLAY.

Game devs were such a dick in this part.

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What's wrong with the shading?

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maybe i'm bad at the game but i cannot beat the last boss, keeps spamming magic and the animations take forever. My party is Claude,Rena. Ashton and Bowman aprox lvl 70-80. I've read Celine magic is good at higher levels but just not in the mood to grind.

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lol maybe you limiter released the boss on accident I did it once. have fun grinding....

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then aerith died and casuals were triggered

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B--b-but getting Fear first is the hardest so it should have a reward?

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How is this bad? It's pretty good.

>Its hard to explain what I mean
Because there is no meaning to your statement. It's just a baseless opinion. You're entitled to it, but that doesn't mean it isn't stupid.

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What's up with the Star Trek references though?

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Why did they ruin the sprites?

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