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Need help defeating this guy.

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Shoot him until he dies.

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Why was the second boss so much tougher than the last?

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Strafe like a motherfucker

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I'm assuming you're talking about Tower of Babel in Doom 1.

Kill all the lost souls first avoiding him if possible (it's a big arena), and then you can simply perpetually circlestrafe around him while peppering him with rockets.
Remember that you can get health and rocket ammo in the arena - save soulspheres for when you can make the most of them. Don't save them up too much though, Cyberdemon can easily deal upwards of 100 damage (up to about 300 in a worst case scenario) so you probably want to be 100+ at all times. However, he can't really 1 hit kill you - because blue armor gives you 50% damage reduction until you pick up green armor (which grants 1/3 reduction)- though you don't have any armor other than blue in this level, so you don't have to worry about that in this specific level. Still, remember that protection will run out when your armor % drops to 0 - if so, avoid getting hit at all costs.

Other than that, I recommend using savegames liberally, it's not cheating - it's how id software wanted game to work.

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He isn't. There's tons of cover and he's only got slow projectiles.

Spider Mastermind fights in a giant mostly-open field with enemy backup and is a hitscanner to boot.

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Theres already a doom general thread

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>use save games, its not cheating
no, but it means you suck at the game

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So? Already having a thread up didn't stop Sonic fags from having 8 threads up simultaneously.

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BFG is what make him/her easy, and monster infighting

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Punch him in the ass.

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I mean, he has problems beating Cyberdemon, so ... It's better that he savescums his way to victory, and eventually get better at the game by playing D2, TNT and Plutonia.

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>Cyberdemon getting literally assblasted

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This thread is a bait thread just so someone posts that fake PROTIP picture and op and get his weird kicks

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Yeah, we know. The joke is that noone does it.

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What the fuck did you do? He's supposed to be an ally.

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BFG makes everything easy. Using it during SM fight is likely to stop any infighting, though. At higher difficulties you're more likely to die from having a Baron tear your ass open or zapped by a cacodemon trying to get to cover than getting tagged by a CD missile.

Doom sourceports at the very least increase the damage you take if it hits you in the sides or back, so getting surrounded during the SM fight is a death sentence whereas CD just has crappy lost souls that frankly end up just increasing the chances that you won't get hit by his missiles.

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I don't mean so much the fight itself as the monster. Brainspider is a piece a piss but Cyberdemon fucks up everybody.

I think I had more trouble with the 2nd boss fight than the third actually, but that's neither here or there

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>fixed it for you qwertyfag

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>Other than that, I recommend using savegames liberally, it's not cheating - it's how id software wanted game to work.

It is cheating. You're supposed to save at the start of a level so that you can come back.

You're not support to save mid-level or anything.

That's why you lose your guns if you die. It's punishment for bad playing.

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missile pattern is 1-2-3 pause 1-2-3 pause. You can just strafe in circle in one direction if you don't master the pattern yet and you'll be 100% safe. or you can face him and go left right left right to dodgethe missiles. Also
>>4379670 is a great guide, this boss is easy desu easier than an archvile desu

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That is some intense fisting.

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>IDDAD fixed?

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I'm on it.

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Alien Vendetta was such an amazing mapset.

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Don't use rockets since hes nearly immune to their damage.

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Dont know if this is really just some shitty vr meme like >>4380104 says but this is still a way shitty thread. Cyber d is never hard. If you have played the game up to this point he should be nothing. He is like the most basic standard for an fps boss

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Go inside the building and stand behind the button wall. He can't hit you. Proceed to kill.

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That's scythe 2 m8

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Quake was such a good game

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Play the Snes version, he can't see you from far away and he die with 10 rockets

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One of the most coolest looking iconic enemies in all of vidya. Anyone else agree? Cacodemon is still the best Doom monster though.

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If you haven't picked up the chainsaw at that point, you can't beat him. Sorry.

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There's at least four reasons why you'd be wrong.

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y u do this

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Cyberdemon is the best and more iconic

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Fire rockets and dodge his rockets by strafing. When you run out of rockets, go into the building in the middle of the arena and get some more rockets. I'm pretty sure there's a soul sphere in there as well. Its pretty damn simple.

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How?? Cacodemons just float around and bite you every now and then. Plus they take way too many hits and look like Tomatoes with faces.

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But the fight of rocket against rocket is more fun

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Butthurt detected.

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>Manual even recommends saving often
Keep screeching about it though.

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This fight is a letdown in this port