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ITT: Guilty Pleasures

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Mortal Kombat 4

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Dark castle.

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B.o.b. snes

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Any Genesis game besides Sonic makes me feel guilt, because an SNES fan or younger gamer always tells me theres no good games on Genesis. Liking Sega CD games that weren't too good is really guilty.

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Can't see how that can be a guilty pleasure at all, OP.

It's unplayable.

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You most definitely should feel guilty.

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Blast chamber. Such a forgotten gem!!

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Even with its flaws, I will never not love LoM:SE. Comfy af

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Geee anon thats a problem you got there... maybe try choking yourself while masterbating to bowser pounding peachs pussy and mario raping luigi with a sonic dildo. Gotta go fast!!

Or you could get over it and enjoy the fucking games fambalamb.

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It actually isn't a bad game in itself. Just shit because everyone compared to the first Alundra.

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Never played it. Sell me on it

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I fucking love this, glad the bad game meme keeps the peices low.

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Not being ironic, so fite me

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Half of the mechanics are actually broken

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>Everything is actually broken.
Fixed that for you, but so what? It has this weird charm to it, just like a lot of shitty bootlegs or shitty legit games.

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>someone has played this enough to make a tier list

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I don't get it, why would you feel guilty for playing something?

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I remember that. I had it for the PC. It was fine.

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I'd love to post a picture of you OP but that seems like a massive invasion of your privacy.

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I can understand why, as a kid who loved The Simpsons and wrestling I played the fuck out of it, unlocking all the characters and everything. When you only got a couple of games a year you had to make them last, even if they were shit.

The list is pretty accurate, though I might move Moe to A Tier as his Flaming Moe projectiles were borderline game breaking.

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That and Chamber of Secrets were by Argonaut (Starfox, Croc) and were actually really good, surprisingly immersive. Just about fucking everybody had a copy in 2000 though, I'm sure it didn't feel like a guilty pleasure at the time.

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You get it, you attention craving faggot.

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I forgot about that game.

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Yeah the gameplay was decent, the controls worked well, the spells were fun to cast, there were lots of secrets, it followed the plot accurately, and IIRC the music was very good.

Even the Gameboy version was pretty sweet.

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Battleships for Commodore 64. In fact, Commodore 64 in general.

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People play competitive Shrek Super Slam, that doesn't surprise me.

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This, also where is smithers.

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banned along with Kang

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>played this game all the time on friends PS1 when it came out
>we probably played this game the most until he got a PS2
>learned today that it's considered one of the worst games of all time

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Taste is subjective, just because a bunch of people dont like it doesnt mean its not good to you. Reviews, critics etc, etc thats a guide to buying, Whether you will actually enjoy the game or not you dont know until you play it yourself.

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It's not that bad

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The only reason why people think this is a bad game is because they played it when they were 10 and found it too difficult. If you play it as an adult you realise you were just a dopey kid

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Every Sonic game past 3&K.

I know they're objectively bad games but I get a kick out of them.

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also the first two games on GBC are nice and short jrpgs.

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This. If a game legitimately entertains you, it has done its purpose and can't really be called a "bad" game.

The only bad game is a boring game.

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>Special is thunderbolts that deals lots of damage, strike on your current position, can grab you so you eat a whole thunder and is easily spammable, even if you hit him during the prayer
>Bible is a direct projectile
>if you pin him, he resurrects at full health and stamina
Can any fighting game character defeat Ned Flanders?

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MFW he resurected

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There's nothing to feel guilty about OP, I loved it too.


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When fun (and OST) overcame mechanics

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>tfw all they needed to do was copy and paste Lords of the Realm 2 into a fantasy setting

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fuck, i thought i had forgotten that feel. Now i have to play again.

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