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Anyone else hate when people say they've outgrown vidya?
You bet your ass that person still does some sort of useless leisurely activity
>mfw too grown for vidya
Yeah go fuck yourself

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>Fuck this person for growing up from children's toys

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Hypocrisy comes in all forms.
>video games are a waste of time! You aren't doing anything productive! Now excuse me while I'll spend the rest of my day watching TV and looking at pictures on Facebook.

Anyway, JFG is great.

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"Outgrowing" a specific thing doesn't mean that you don't do anything for fun at all. That is such a stupid comparison as to seem disingenuous, so most people are going to react to this as if you are trolling.

The other day I tried to watch an animated movie I liked when I was a kid. The whole thing was full of annoying kiddy songs and fart jokes; I turned it off after ten minutes. Remarkably, that does not mean I hate all other forms of entertainment, not even all other movies.

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There's nothing immature about playing video games.

There is something very immature about getting this upset about other people's interests changing with time.

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I don't feel anything if they say they've outgrown vidya.
I do get majorly pissed when someone insinuates I've wasted money on vidya, or that I'm rich because I can afford consoles.... my answer is usually on the lines of "I paid a tenth of your cellphone's price on mine and it does all the shit you use yours for", or "maybe I can afford games because I don't spend 200 bucks on booze every other weekend".

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"My daddy or wife told me to stop and I did"

The real answer.

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Why do you have to be so hostile about it? People have ever-changing interests and tastes. Some people just don't enjoy their old hobbies the way they used to.

Both my parents have been playing video games since the 70s. My dad still plays games and is very much into the hobby. My mom, on the other hand, only boots up some old Sonic or Mario maybe once a year if she's bored.

It's okay to outgrow a hobby. It's okay if you don't, as well. It's not a personal attack on your maturity.

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Adult normies always do things like this. There needs to be a term made for this shit because it is so common among people its scary.

Basically they try to assure themselves about their life decisions. Often this will appear in a snobbish like manner. However because so many people do things like this nobody ever thinks to question this stupid type of thinking. I guess in general anytime someone says oh I do this or I live like this because you know adult things, its basically a way for people to feel better about themselves and to also not be challenged if you know what I mean.

I could probably explain a bit better but one other stupid normie self assurance meme out there is the whole "oh I'm proud to be wagecucking 70 hours a week with two jobs and 3 kids to take care of. Fuck this lazy asshole who keeps whining about jobs and whatnot or student loans. Just do it fagit I did. What's your excuse?"

So yeah OP this is more a less the reason why they say that. Normies have this obsessive desire to be normal to the point where they become hyper normal and extremely shit people because of that. Not defending myself here but this is truth. I barely play games these days but I'd never say stupid shit like that even if I technically could. Just ignore these fags seriously. Its better for your mind to ignore all shitters.

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I've run into a bit of an interesting dilemma for myself. I want to say the past 3-4 years I've been buying games on Steam sales and trying to rekindle my inner video gamer. But every time I started a new game I would lose interest about a few hours in. Eventually I caught on that video games have changed. Open world stuff. DLC stuff. Trends that everyone else seems to be enjoying tremendously just bores me. So The past year I have been slowly coming to terms with maybe I've just grown out of video games.

And then something profound happened.

On a whim I bought me a USB SNES style controller. Really well built. I would say very close to the original's quality. I bought it after having had enough of the X360 Dpad and decided to look at what reproductions there were out there. The Dpad on the one I got is very very nice. So I started playing old NES games again. SNES. I began to feel that kindling I was looking for with the modern games. I started moving on to Playstation and Playstation 2 games. Expanded my gaming to old DOS games. It's been about 3 months now and I'm gaming like I'm a kid again. No exaggeration.

So now when I hear "I'm growing out of video games" what comes to my mind is "maybe you're just not playing the right video games." I don't know if modern gaming will ever recapture me again, but that is fine, because there is a backlog of 30+ years of games out there I will be absolutely happy with playing until my end.

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>Adult normies
>stupid normie self assurance meme
>Normies have this obsessive desire to be normal to the point where they become hyper normal
when's the last time you saw the sun, let alone another human being?

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I started a new playthrough a few days ago and even though the controls haven't aged super-well, the combat is still so much fucking fun. I remember why it was one of my favorite games growing up.

Part of me wishes we could get a sequel with modern controls, but I'm sure it would get fucked over somehow.

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Try looking at more indie titles or things not published by big companies like EA and so on. The big boys focus test and ride the latest gimmick until their games boil down into the most bland excuse for a game possible. For example, if you liked old first person dungeon crawlers try Legend of Grimrock (LoG 2 is better but 1 is still pretty good). If you liked RE4 then RE7 was a good return to form, not perfect, but still a fun little game. The list goes on, but you get my point.

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Making social connections on Facebook is more productive than playing video games. Your argument completely fucking failed

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Practicality everyone has experienced second spark in video game enjoyment especially when you had enough of modern AAA shovelware.
For me it was Binary Domain a game from SEGA that I enjoyed so much I went back to their catalog,played their games and from then of enjoying all games again.
I am glad that it happened since there are many good games that never really come to light because of the market.

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I don't think you can really outgrow a hobby, but you can get burned out of it. In that case you need a break, like a few months even.

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TY, anon. My story isn't the same, not opposite either, but it was nice to hear yours.

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No, you're too old to play dressup as a video game character and to go conventions where other pathetic basement-dwelling manchildren with peter pan syndrome congregate.

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>My mother faked an interest my father had and no longer has to do so because he's too old to get better

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>actually still playing games as a grown man/woman
Top meme my friend. I only come here to pretend.

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"social connections" on FB aren't real anon. If they actually cared about you they'd be calling you.

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You have to go back.

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get out of my internet board, mom.

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Most people just use Facebook as a sort of chan, but with real names instead of anonymous.
They just browse the FB main page and look at the newest GoT memes or whatever.
"Social connections", heh.

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Gaming requires more time and effort than other mediums, then you have to factor in all the other normie shit i.e work and family and it gets harder to enjoy games as you get older.

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Nope. Don't give a flying fuck what anyone does with their free time unless it involves me.

>tfw crying about normies is the new normal

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kinda like this?
I think many type 2s see themselves as type 1s, and see type 3s as type 4s. Personally I think 1 is the most adult, followed by 3, type 4 is a manchild and type 3 is someone pretending to be adult.

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playing vidya with the CEO is even better

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i meant type 2 is someone pretending to be adult

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To be honest Anon,

I've focused on retro my entire life, I'm 24 right now and I can safely say that my funnest times growing up weren't hanging out with friends or anything extracurricular, but discovering games in my childhood like Seiken densetsu 3 and bahamuts lagoon and countless others. There's a certain mysticism in retro games at an early age when the brain is still developing and your primary focus is centered around minute matters at home and school.

Using these games to escape really anything, you become attached to their world's and they become and infect you and your personality, your greatest memories become those of achievements and what not, discovering secret areas, finding out what games you like that nobody else really does helps paint a picture for the attachment.

I wouldn't say that I've outgrown vidya, so much as vidya has outgrown me. Games have gone from adventurous, to Hollywood the last decade or so. The closest thing I could thing of that relates to the feeling of being intuned into a game and really feeling in it's world was uncharted series, and I didn't even play that much. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy modern games, fuck I love call of dutys zombies mode because it's focused on the gameplay and nothing else.

It is up to you to keep the dream alive in the second to second process known as life. If you can continue to outweigh daily troubles stresses and worries, and reach a conscious nirvana, I am confident that you can find the once golden enjoyment in games that I still can here and there.

In real life, I'm doing my best to break out of what seems to be a glass wall of bullet proof glass in front of me, to be more social because I realize I have alot to offer. I still find time to enjoy my favorites, but I do look back wishing I could reexperience it all again, even in today's mind set.

Don't let life worry you or get you down, and don't sit around posting on 4chan either. Go out and be productive, you have literally one life

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I guess that's a pretty good pic actually. The vast majority of what many on here would call normies definitely fall into type 2. Type 1 are normal to but they at least aren't dicks about their normal lifestyles. They would be the kind of people to look up to. Type 3 is probably what many of us anons fall under and as you said, type 2's think guys like many of us are actually type 4's.

I'm impressed desu. Might have to use this pic sometime myself.

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>Might have to use this pic sometime myself.
Don't, it's totally impenetrable. You and the other guy probably know what it's talking about because you've been discussing it this whole thread, but out of context I have no idea what those four categories are supposed to mean.

I have no idea what "when it influences other people" means. What are they talking about when they say "I don't let my personal life interfere with others" and "whatever it's not my problem"? Does the personal life column mean "this is what people think about themselves?" But in that case I have no idea what "my tastes aren't your problem" means. Most importantly, where are all the people who get mad about others liking something they don't like or vice versa? Surely those are the real manchildren.

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I wouldn't say I outgrew them, they just became a lot less fun when

1) I became a game developer, it's hard for me to experience games emotionally now that I see the design for its constituent parts and for what the team went through to get it made

2) People starting streaming shit a lot and posting lets plays of everything, now if I'm ever interested in a game I don't really need to play it, I can just watch someone else and I get the gist of it

3) I've seen my kids play games and so I see the emotional cycle they go through, how games are set up to reward/punish certain behaviours, it makes me realize how much my priorities have changed in life

So I don't think I outgrew them, at least not like how I outgrew stuff like drugs, partying, drama, etc

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I agree. You outgrow clothes, not options. I never take anybody who says that seriously. If anything it makes them sound like a child who wants to seem more mature than other children, ironically.

Your opinions of something can change, of course.

>> No.4380451

not *opinions

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"it makes them sound like a child who wants to seem more mature than other children"


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Everyone I've seen say this generally played lowest common denominator video games. Like a guy who told me he "outgrew FPS" because he stopped playing Overwatch and TF2.

There's games like Quake where you only have to invest 10 minutes a match online. It's great for getting a quick fix.

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>Still not appreciating mature themes in video games
My life is pretty exceptionally fulfilling. I can't imagine how awesome someone's life would need to be that they can no longer enjoy a little escape. I suspect that people who say they've outgrown video games actually mean they've taken on so much "adult" responsibility they don't have the time to invest that it takes to get the return they want. Hopefully they have more exhilarating and expensive hobbies. If not, sucks to be them.

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I don't have a problem with people "outgrowing" things, tastes change. There's just always this sense of smugness or superiority that comes with that statement, which puts some people off.
I thought I was done with games a few years ago. Turns out I just didn't like most modern triple A games, it's why I play mostly retro games, even the ones that came out before my time

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Jesus fuck, nobody cares, can you stop posting already/

>> No.4380617

Its also pretty immature telling people you are "too grown" for something.

>> No.4380630

I can stop any time I want

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The first step is admitting you have a problem

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>getting this assmad over gramps

You need to rethink your life.

>> No.4380863

I still look up Video Game related stuff but I kinda got tired of playing them.

>> No.4380882

>Part of me wishes we could get a sequel with modern controls,
My man
>but I'm sure it would get fucked over somehow.
Yes, yes it would. My guess? Red blood

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Nobody likes gramps.

>> No.4380948

nobody had a problem with gramps until he compared people who like the N64 to a creepy cult in one thread
they do not forgive, they do not forget

>> No.4380954

He also spreads semi accurate information like its the ultimate truth.
Be warned he is stirring a lot of bs

>> No.4380991

>He also spreads semi accurate information like its the ultimate truth.
I like correcting him when he says something wrong, but generally his posts are a lot better than the average post. If he weren't tripping people would just think he was a normal, topical anon 99% of the time.

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>My life is pretty exceptionally fulfilling.
I love your fics, gramps

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man at this point I found more enjoyable to discuss about games that actually play it.

I found myself in a point of complete boredom to start a new adventure or even just start a random match in any game.

Is that bad to feel that nowdays I just enter in websites to read and write about nostalgic and shit about whatever comes in any game (retro or new) like I don't know /vr/???

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I literally compared them to European Commodore fans lol.

>> No.4381392

I literally compared them to European Commodore fans lol

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To stay on topic, allow me to reminisce or ruminate if you will

There was a time I thought I had outgrown gaming and it was the early 90s because the state of it was shit compared to how great gaming had been the entire rest of my life with the exception of the mid 80s, when I was too young to really realize it.

Sega CD and 32x were expensive disappointments then Jaguar, CDi and 3DO were all overpriced and underfun.

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No, man, don't reply to my vague defense with another off-topic blogpost. I look like a fucking idiot now. Funny that you can confirm 1992-1994 were the worst years to be a console gaming fan though.

>> No.4381429

I'm just suggesting that people who say they've outgrown retro gaming may have merely gone through a period like that. Around 2010 was pretty bleak too.

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>"I paid a tenth of your cellphone's price on mine and it does all the shit you use yours for"
How does any console you buy for that amount allow you to make calls and go online while away from home/on the move?
>"maybe I can afford games because I don't spend 200 bucks on booze every other weekend".
The correct response. A $60 game or console will last you a lot longer than eating out at a semi-decent restaurant a couple of times, so there's no "wasting money" going on there especially if you factor in reselling should you get tired of a game or are suddenly strapped for cash.

For that matter, why is it that the same people who stress over a 10 cent difference in gas prices are A-OK with buying milk from a convenience store for easily $1.50+ more? People just can't prioritize their spending well which is how I sold a digital card in a f2p mobile game for $300 to a real estate agent.

>> No.4381486

>getting this assmad over people making fun of a retarded tripfag
You need to get a life to rethink

All he does is google shit and regurgitate what he reads, usually without having even a basic understanding of what he read. Fucktards to lazy to google misinformation and bad advice for themselves love him.

>> No.4381529

I fucking wish I could find something else...

Games are expensive and I just want to stop. I'll never be happy with any collection I build. But I just can't stop myself.

And it's not like I don't play games. I do, and I enjoy myself and all. I just feel consumed by the whole scene. I think about this shit all the time, I know a lot more than I should, I spend all my extra cash on games...

I.want to be a normal boring old person with a bank account and maybe just watch movies.or something, by its just not fun.

Oh well.

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guy who made the pic here, let's see what i got.
the columns are related to how people like to act in each situation.
How you act in your personal life would be whatever you do that shouldn't be anyone's business... your taste in music, food, general mdia and entertainment. You can act in the way society expects adults to act here, consuming "adult" things and developing an "adult" taste (critically acclaimed books/movies, good cuisine, etc...), or you can like/watch/eat things that are considered childish (cartoons videogames, junk food, etc...).
The second column is how one acts in situations directly involving other people, as in, what you do here may directly influence someone's life in a positive or negative way. Here you can act like an adult, which mostly sums upt o not letting your bulshit harm anyone in an unfair way, being responsible... this can range from being a good professional or parent, to not overstepping boundaries just because you won't be punished. People who act like a child here are the ones who get other people screwed because they weren't responsible, or that act like assholes just because there's no law stopping them from doing it... think the kind of people who participate in things like a erry springer show and think themselves just and correct even though they're being entitled and obnoxious.
Type 1s risk being boring, even though many of them aren't, and just genuinely like adult stuff... they're mostly pleasant.
Type 4s are the opposite, they are more often than not unnajusted, cringy and a pain to be around.
Type 3s are usually pleasant, if a bit dull to people who don't share their tastes.
Type 2s usually have this annoying unwarranted self-importance. That comes from acting like an adult when it comes to things that won't matter to anyone, meking them feel entitled to be an asshole when it counts.
BTW, the people who get mad about others liking something they don't like are type 2 and 4, 1 and 3 would be chill about it.

>> No.4381552

>How does any console you buy for that amount allow you to make calls and go online while away from home/on the move?
I'm not well versed in phones, but mine cost like brl 350 while an iphone 8 costs about brl 3500.

>> No.4381576

I've outgrown vidya for many years now.

I still read gaming news and sometimes buy games for cheap on steam. I have a retropi box full of games, I spend time on /vr/ a few times a week.

But I never play games, I just don't find them enough fun to have my attention for so long, I prefer to do other things with my time. I wish I could still like them like I used to but they don't do it for me anymore.

I like reading about them a lot more as that doesn't take much time nor effort and nostlagia about a game I loved but that's about it.

>> No.4381618

I dunno, Man. You seem upset to me.

I compared them to European Commodore fans

>> No.4381681


I both liked the N64 and have no problem with gramps. I fully admit it got trashed by the PSX and nearly lost against the Saturn too.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I made it known that I felt no ill-will toward the guy when I told him it was probably me giving it a pass because it was my childhood holy grail rather than him not giving it a fair shake, though I may indeed have initially called him a "grumpy old faggot".


You sound paranoid, to be honest.


How is his blog post off-topic, though? I feel it stays sufficiently on-topic.


>I compared them to European Commodore fans

Sooo..... Good? Bad? What am I supposed to be inferring from this, gramps?

Inquiring minds need to know!

>> No.4381797 [DELETED] 

I wouldn't say I've "outgrown" video games.

But since starting HRT (I'm a tranny), I feel like I really don't enjoy them much anymore. It's just biology; estrogen suppresses the brain's sensitivity to dopamine, which leads to a reduction in impulsive thrill-seeking behavior. Incidentally this is also why less women than men become gambling addicts.

>> No.4381820


Are you going to get your cock chopped off?

>> No.4381823

I haven't decided yet. It'll be a while before I can afford SRS so I'm really in no hurry to make up my mind. Being a girl with a penis is fun.

>> No.4381825


If you do, will you pickle it with the balls and keep it in a candy jar full of embalming fluid?

>> No.4381850

They don't literally remove the penis, you do know that right? Most of the tissue ends up becoming the new vulva (since, medically speaking, the penis/scrotum and vulva are made out of mostly the same tissues, just in different shapes).

I was thinking about having my balls made into earrings though.

>> No.4381860


Nah you should pickle 'em in a clear candy jar. You could even take the wadding they use to staunch the gaping axe wound they create for your new "vagina", rinse it off, dry it, and wrap it loosely around the jar. Keep it on the coffee table as a nice conversation piece.

>> No.4382412

Those were two different threads. The thread they're referring to was an Amiga thread. Basically in the Amiga thread I was trying to give Amiga recommendations but I was getting shouted down by the haters coming out of the woodwork saying that Amiga is 100% trash etc etc. I observed that the Amiga is a system that does have a very high proportion of bad games with a few really good gems and it's staunchly defended by a certain narrow demographic which is basically like the N64. Well apparently the anti-Amiga trolls were heavily representative of the N64 fanboys and/or trolls plus there obviously being some Amiga fanboys in that thread so for whatever reason that sparked a very explosive reaction.

The thread you called me a grumpy old faggot in was an N64 thread where I was actually trying to be as positive toward the console as possible but unlike Amiga threads where I don't really get much shit for my one Amiga being nonfunctional and emulating entirely and despite the thread being specifically about N64 flash carts I still got shit for mentioning some N64 titles that I don't own and are the reason I'm considering picking up an Everdrive to play so there's one difference between the fan bases right there.

>> No.4382621

Oh I see, so only the first column is about pop culture. The second column is about responsibilities to other people, nothing to do with what kinds of entertainment you like. I thought both columns were supposed to be about entertainment, but I think I can see what you are getting at now.

Basically, you are saying that having "childish" tastes like enjoying video games or cartoons doesn't make you a shitty person (if you act like a responsible adult when it counts), and having "adult" tastes doesn't mean you aren't a shitty person, since some people just behave irresponsibly anyway.

>> No.4382727

People with hateboners for systems (like gramps for the N64, or australia-kun for SNES) are worse than the actual fanboys of these systems, since they can't shut up about the systems, and they don't even like them.

>> No.4382750

N64 is the worst thing to come out of mankind. The Amiga was amazing and is proof that us Europeans are smarter than Americucks who are too low brow to appreciate such high brow entertainment.

Go back to sucking Azn needle dick if you unironically like shitty Nintendo consoles, faggot.

>> No.4382759

Truly, the N64 is really an evil thing, it raped my whole family with its 3-hand mutant controllers, I'll never forgive Nintendo for that!

>> No.4382765

The N64 burned down my house, poisoned my water supply, stole my wallet, and had sex with my dog! It truly was the console from hell.

If it wasn't for the Amiga I would have committed suicide.

>> No.4382770


>The thread you called me a grumpy old faggot in was an N64 thread where I was actually trying to be as positive toward the console as possible but unlike Amiga threads where I don't really get much shit for my one Amiga being nonfunctional and emulating entirely and despite the thread being specifically about N64 flash carts I still got shit for mentioning some N64 titles that I don't own and are the reason I'm considering picking up an Everdrive to play so there's one difference between the fan bases right there.

Woah, there, old boy! Calm down- that was one hell of a run-on.

I ain't mad.

>> No.4382774

I'll run-on your face with my shoes

>> No.4382784

>anti-Amiga trolls
>Amiga fanboys
>N64 fanboys
That's quite a lot of imagination gramps. Thanks for another fic where the plot thickens.

>> No.4382793
File: 448 KB, 596x428, GastonIsKawaii.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4382805

Did you know Gaston's theme was in a Klonoa game?


>> No.4383271

Exactly this. Most are just mindlessly watching brainmelting TV or nowadays streaming shit on Netflix or Amazon which is actually just the same shit. The level of retardness of those people is unbelievable.

>> No.4383426

With the way you explain this yeah I guess I was right then when I said the majority of normal people out there at least these days would actually be type 2.

People are absolutely fucking insufferable at least in the US. If you don't listen to their shit taste in music, have a job they deem acceptable, do "adult things" like having sex all the time or always chasing the pussy, in females case making sure you always are in a relationship, look down on anyone deemed too "childish" such as nerds that just want to play their games and don't want to necessarily have a family or whatnot, and so on and so on. Oh yeah and also having a smartphone and being an attention whore on social media or having a tinder and shit is pretty much mandatory in normie land now or else you are a weird freak. I don't really have to explain this more on /vr/ I hope.

I know the meme goes that /pol/ is always right but /r9k/ is usually right too. At least especially earlier /r9k/ before this site blew up in popularity again and attracted all the worst type of people to this site. Normies are the worst most shittiest people and they are most people out there.

Type 1's as I said before are the model type citizen I would assume. These are people that I guarantee most would look up to. Especially the type 2's. Type 4's sounds like the most degenerate type of people to me from what you explain. A violent black gang member would probably fit into the type 4 bracket for most people. You definitely want to steer clear from a person like that in your life. Also reminds me of one of those blue haired tumblr SJW landwhale types as well. Although they usually will have their own social cliques so not sure if they would be type 2 or 4. Then finally type 3 would likely be many of us irl. Type 2's love talking massive shit about 3's and 4's even if they don't always do it publicy.

So basically what I told OP here in these two posts

>> No.4383464

>People are absolutely fucking insufferable at least in the US
You must live in a really shitty place then. I live in Virginia and people are not like that. Everybody is a nerd about something, and other than religious bible thumpers who freak out about homosexuals, nobody gives a shit what you do in your personal life.
People still "attention whored" on social media up to a few years ago, but nobody I went to college with posts anything on facebook anymore.

>> No.4383497

Meh I really don't want to keep discussing this topic honestly. I'll leave you with this, it isn't just about these people giving a crap what others say, do or think. Its their thinking as a whole as well that is the problem.

So as I said in the previous post. I would bet some of these people don't even want to outgrow games. They just feel pressured to for whatever reason and will try to think up any stupid reason to reassure their selves why their decision is the right decision even if it makes them look like little fuckwits in the process. You ever hear people say things like oh I have a life or at least I have a life? Even when clearly a life can be lived any way a person wants so saying something stupid like that shouldn't really carry any real weight? Its the same concept here is my point. Its another meme that came during a time before this site where the masses out there use it to reassure to their selves that they are justified. You also have those types that defended NSA spying by saying things like, oh durr well I have nothing to hide so I don't care.

Just think about it dude. Think about the tons of shit people do and say to reassure their selves of their lives and ask yourselves why is it people do this. The only real explanation for these types of people is what I said. The vast majority of people out there are sheep that want to be led by leaders and these sheep have created tons of reassuring memes for themselves to feel better about themselves. We all want to live nice lives of course but the people I've posted about a few times now very much fall into an archetype that is so noticeable unless you are this type of person yourself. Really the only reason many of us on here may notice this is because for some of us on this site we are very detached from any sort of normalcy that normal people have deemed normal.

>> No.4383554

That Mizar Battle was bullshit.

>> No.4383835

Dude, you're the one who lives in a remarkably nice place. I lived in a few different places, people are mostly type 2 assholes wherever I go.
Granted I think I could call myself a type 4 up to some time ago, and probably mislabeled some type 1s as type 2s, but even today I can see most people acting high and mighty about trivial things and not measuring up to their advertised emotional age when it counts. I mean, don't you even have 1 guy you know who is a shitty absent father but always brags about how awesome he is for getting "prime pussy" every night?

>> No.4383937

>he compared people who like the N64 to a creepy cult
Hes not wrong.

>> No.4383959

>I mean, don't you even have 1 guy you know who is a shitty absent father but always brags about how awesome he is for getting "prime pussy" every night?
WTF, no. That sounds like a Jerry Springer Show character. I have a mentally ill cousin who lives on long island, had a kid at 15, and is a shitty dad, but the mother and the kid live with my uncle now and he takes care of them financially. I haven't spoken to him in at least ten years though.

I guess things are really bad outside of the rich liberal bubbles in this country. Maybe video games are at least cheaper outside of the bubble? I haven't found anything good at a good price in a very long time here. I saw a PS2 for $20 at a thrift store last week, and somebody snatched it up before I had even made a second round through the store.
At the expense of being able to find cheap retro games though, the rest of you guys really need to hurry up and join the 21st century. It sounds like it's much better here, other than the scalpers.

>> No.4383967


...When did I join a cult?

>> No.4384102

Hey, better joining a creepy cult than an anime convention.

>> No.4384471

Gramps is just a sad loser who didn't have any friends to play 4 players Mario kart or Bomberman 64 with.
I bet he'll now write about how he had a lot of parties with weed and Saturn. I don't buy his bullshit. Fag was probably poor and only had a PS1 with a few pirated single player CDs

>> No.4384475

Oh good lord I was dragged to one of those once. Aside from a Cammy cosplayer that had ass for weeks it was a soul crushing experience.

I hate the N64 but I would play any game on that rather than have unwashed nerds wearing socks with sandals ask me about Evangelion.

>> No.4384476


>> No.4384521

I think it is possible to lose attraction to vidya as you grow older, but you shouldn't ever stop because you've gotten 'too old'. I don't care for CS Lewis' writing but this is a good quote
>“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

>> No.4384543

I enjoyed the "Chronicles Of Narnia" as a kid, but Lewis was a religious nut, hence the christian overtones in his books.

>> No.4384549

Wasn't he an atheist until Tolkien converted him? Now there's one religious nut, he even wanted his mass in latin ffs.

>> No.4384729

Not just parties, if my girlfriend plus at least one dude crashing on my couches wasn't at my apartment at all times it was out of the ordinary. Mario Kart was just a kiddy game and we were edgy young adults. You need to realize that there was a huge gulf in the 90s.

>> No.4385091

Did the guy on the couch cuck you with your gf?
No need to answer.

>> No.4385131

wasn't it the other way around? I thought clark converted tolkien

>> No.4385296

pretty much this, wanting to look adult is childish. Call me a weeaboo lolrandumb faggot, but what made me realise this was FLCL.

>> No.4385298

Rich liberal bubbles have their own sets of childish adult wannabes. My brother is part of this universe, and most of his friends are thirty-some "refined tastes" connoiseurs that are still under their dad's financial care.

>> No.4385302

FLCL's humor is great. Anyone that doesn't have a hearty laugh during the Amarao/Haruko scenes are wizards that were never in contact with a real bitch.

>> No.4385340

>have their own sets of childish adult wannabes
That's definitely true, but to me it feels a lot more pleasant than what some people describe about their local environments.

>> No.4385343

>people on 4chan say the have outgrown vidya

>on 4chan

they didnt outgrow shit

>> No.4385352

would Reddit be better? or FB?

>> No.4385441

Man, FLC is awesome, woulda been a shame if Netflix funded a new season without involvement from the original director for an easy cash in.

>> No.4385447

My mistake, it's actually been funded by Toonami.

>> No.4385456

Don't be so negative. I'm not an expert at modern anime, but I've hear the directors of the new episodes are all talented. I think some of the animators of the original will work on it too, but not sure.
At the very least, we have The Pillows, who will presumably do new songs for the series.
I don't think it'll be bad, but I don't expect it to surpass the original either.

>> No.4385696

Nah most people in my group of friends were too respectful/scared of me, especially if they relied on me for things. She had to go to Chicago to cheat on me.

>> No.4385749

I'm skeptic about the series being good in comparison to the original, but I'm glad the pillows are returning to early 2000s style for the ost, the song from the trailer got me excited.

>> No.4385757

Quality post

>> No.4385887

the environment itself is pleasant, not the people, plus it shuns some agressions

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