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Planning on playing all the Final Fantasy games, from the very first one all the way through.

For the first game, should I play the original NES/Famicom version or one of the remakes? Any recommendations on remakes vs. originals for the rest?

I'd rather emulate them if possible.

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>Planning on playing all the Final Fantasy games, from the very first one all the way through.
don't do this, you're going to burn out by FF3. just play the ones that look good.

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I want to give them at least a try, to be honest. Mostly because I know next to nothing about the earlier ones.

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Those are horrible games.
Every single one of the early ones.
You will sink +40 hours on each and still feel like a waste of time.
The story is made up as they went,nothing is relevant or has impact on the game itself.
Its worse than a small child telling you his hero fantasy.

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What game would you suggest I start at? How many will I skip? Start at 4? 5?

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play the NES version of FF1

if you're not going to marathon just play 6/7/9, Tactics, and forget the rest because they're all Hollywoodized bullshit

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GBA FF1 has quality of life updates (easy gold, infinite magic item use), but it kind of upsets the balance of the game.

I'd skip FF2, 8, and 13, but play the rest on original specs.

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Start with the SNES version of FFIV (called FFII) and play FFVI and FFV next in that order.
Now if you liked FFIV the most play FFIX next. (Both games mainly focus on their stories, have very linear gameplay and barely any optinons for character customization due to their characters being locked in their job classes)
Now if you liked FFV the most play FFVIII next. (Both games have a focus character customization and if you actually care about their stories it IS there but requires some exploration to fully figure them out)
Now if you liked FFVI the most play FFVII next. (Both games have roughly egual focus on story and character customization)

Still want more? Play through the other two games mentioned and FFX. You have now seen where the series reputation came from and what was so good in it. Now as for the NES games they are decent but unless you grew up with NES you probably aren't going to enjoy them.

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Thanks for the advice anon. Are you saying I should play 6 and then 5? Any particular reason why?

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Dont forget 8 fuck nigga

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You're really going to want to play both the originals and the remakes in release order to fully grasp the evolution of the saga

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Wonderswan FF1 is best FF1

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Early FF's are like d&d lite. You can beat the first one by pressing a.

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You can beat every FF by pressing a (N in my keyboard).

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Pretty much but I like to think 4 had a lot of negation involved in boss fights.

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Diff mechanics. The west didn't get 5 for a reason

This post is great: >>4377519

FF1, FF2 and FF3 are true garbage not worth playing - no matter the package.

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I didn't like 8, the world design was really ugly and the character backstory theme was terrible. seifer was an awful antagonist who only existed because they wanted le epic gunblade duel cinematics (terrible, cliche weapon design that was tryhard)

after 8 I wasn't holding my breath, but then 9 hit and it was good. then they went back to uncanny-valley shit designs and that's where they have stayed

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I always loved FF1, I find it charming. Play with 4 white mages.

5 is my favourite in the series tho

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