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Charts thread? Charts thread.

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And yes, I know the previous chart is faulty (no Ridge Racer, really?), but post a better PS1 chart if you have one.

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The sad thing g is that 95% of those are just mediocre...

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here we go

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Lol, sorry anon. I couldn't resist.

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>pic suffers from shitty compression
haha I get it, that's clever

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Did I derail the thread?

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Nope. Dreamcast chart.

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OK cool.

I really do hate the n64 though. Just want that out there.

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I remember having difficulty changing discs on that emulator, did I do something wrong back then or what?

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No one knows anon
That shit never worked right...

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That list of games is underwhelming indeed, but back then I was mad I couldn't play Goldeneye on my PS1.

Game Boy "chart".

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Yeah, I feel that. I only ever owned an n64 for goldeneye. And my inability to find more than 5 other games that I liked for it is what made me hate it so.

Still, goldeneye is the shit.

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epsxe 1.7 had straight up non functioning cd swapping. Older and later versions are fine.

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One day, we'll have to make a decent chart for PS1.

Take the pic in OP, and add: the various Ridge Racers, Final Fantasy VIII, Tobal 2, Destruction Derby, Kula World, Toshinden (yes!), GTA, Cool Boarders, Bushido Blade 2, Persona... what else?

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Has an NES chart been made?

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I don't have any in my collection.

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I found this one though, but not from 4chan.

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I dislike top tens. I get that they're the opinion of whoever made them but some like this one have placements so dumbfounding that I don't understand them.

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>jade cocoon
>rising zan
Played these both on /vr/'s recommendation and they're both average at best.

downright terrible.

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What a plebian list.

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snes chart recommend list

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sega megadrive

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This is a good chart.
If you play Sturmwind make sure you get the OST in pic related,its amazing.

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I was just a sperm swimming around in my dad's testicle when the playstation 1 came out, so I've never played any of the games.

What's the first platformer and rpg I should try to get a feel of the console?

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Not trying to shitpost, just curious
How many of these are still dreamcast exclusive?

If I wanted to play Bangai-O without a dreamcast emulator (other emulators would be ok), could I?

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I'm lazy, did someone make an imgur, so I don't have to save all those images?

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Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy VII.

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Plenty of good titles missing: Alisia Dragoon? Eternal Champions? Quackshot? Landstalker? etc.

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>castlevainia on the gameboy
Not the worst but not top anything

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OP said chart not shart

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>Super Metroid
what the fuck am I reading

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>Trash-talking Alisia Dragoon and Quackshot
Ten years in the mines.

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Number one is Gimmick! by the way.

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you're constantly shooting with various weapons, and with the large vertical zones you move up much of the time

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having shooting doesn't make it a shmup, the metroidvania genre couldn't be further away from the shmup genre
it belongs in the platforming section

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horizontal shooting games where you're >sidescrolling< are called shmides

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it's not a shooting game, it's all about platforming and exploration
kirby is more of a shmup than metroid is

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games that offer shooting with horizontal, vertical as well as in-between movement (omnidirectional) are called shmomnis

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Another DOS chart.

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What is first column, fourth down?

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fire emblem
Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War Re-translation (Project Naga-ddstranslation)

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Okay, weird question. I have a buddy who wants to get into gaming (he's like 26 now), is there a chart or list for games someone should play to get into gaming?

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This is a nice thread, OP. Thank you for making it.

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Gaming on what exactly?
There are tons of good games on everything.

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He has a decent workstation (he edits ads for local companies), and he's semi tech savvy so I guess anything that can be emulated and old PC stuff.

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I would suggest you dont recommended him anything.
Other anons can recommend something if they want.

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My pleasure desu.

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This chart is very debatable but gives you solid suggestions for retro and non-retro alike.

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Another one with the "top 100" format, which includes Final Fantasy VII unlike the previous one.

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That's the problem, you would have a far better experience with XEBRA or pSXfin.

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mednafen is the only correct choice.

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Why do these games look 10x more appealing that the other charts like

PC master race I guess

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shooting games

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Because you prefer Western games instead of Japanese games?

Personally I much prefer the style of Japanese games (and comics), so it's console master race for me.

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You are indeed correct.

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>pilotwings - essential
>super metroid - not essential
absolute madness

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Is there a chart for Saturn exclusives or for all retro consoles

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Here is another Saturn chart to complement >>4376068 and >>4378367.

>all retro consoles
No, that would be a huge work.

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I meant one without multi plat games

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Thank you

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exposing all the great games ;) Sentient, Incredible Crisis, Torneko, N20, Tail of the Sun, Poy Poy,

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Never heard about almost all these games desu. And I was reading the magazines back then.

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Updated version btw

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>Star Ocean: Second Story
I was thinking that had 3D mixed in but was it just pre-rendered backgrounds?

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>no dune
>no civ
>no warzone 2100
>no war craft

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How is Saturn emulation these days?

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SSF actually is not bad I am able to play the games on 2 core Celeron.
Autismos made a push for mediafen but that it seems like it died down.

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No, you're probably right. A lot of things on those charts aren't actually pure 2D; they do all seem to have at least a lot of 2D though. It's just a remake of this older chart.

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This is a great format.

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Yeah, sounds like a satoshi matrix list. Gimmick is cool, and the soundtrack is great, but it's not the BEST game on the platform by a long shot.

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w e w l a d

>> No.4380031

Not sure about USA but in Britainistan Alundra is criminally overlooked

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Not really retro, but any PS2 charts? Got a HDD adapter recently and I need to fill it up.

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Alundra is still vaguely famous. These titles are much more obscure IMO.

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>these days

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Made a few charts based off of my old collection folders. Too lazy to put together the action/adventure(Legacy of the Wizard, Rygar, Star Tropics, Legend of Zelda, etc.) and the miscellaneous(Pirates!, M.U.L.E., Deja Vu, Times of Lore, Princess Tomato, etc.) charts right now but I might do it sometime.

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Looks like that one got cut off, I'll fix it in a second

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>adventures of valecule
how does someone fuck up the translation of ワルキューレ that badly

>> No.4381590

Actually it's a pretty accurate translation of the kana.

>> No.4381617

maybe if they had just started memorizing kana and have no grasp of vocab. I can't imagine they'd never heard the word "valkyrie" before and the cover illustration is a pretty big giveaway too.

>> No.4381637

Yeah but the long "kyuu" and the "re"(which is usually used to emulate an "L" at the end of a word) pretty much give it away as not actually trying to be the word "Valkyrie", which'd be spelt "ヷルキュり". I think the translator made the right decision.

>> No.4381657

>Jade cocoon

What a dummy.

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>Deleting Metal Gear Solid

>> No.4381729

Why would you want to recommend Movie Game Shit, the most overrated retro game of all time?

>> No.4381739

Average does not usually constitute a recommendation dingus.

Also Jade Cocoon is bare bones as fuck mechanically. It's grindy as fuck because you have to have your monsters be strong enough to survive without being able to heal them.

It's extremely average. The only thing going for it is the Ghibli-style art direction, but that's hard to translate to a PS1.

>> No.4381753

Because is one of the best stealth games.

>> No.4382012

You mean リ, right? Because り is hiragana and doesn't fit with the rest of your katakana.

t. former weeb who still remembers his kana

>> No.4382017

By the way, I looked up Valkyrie in Japanese and that's ワルキューレ because it transcripts the German "Valküre", not the English word.

>> No.4382024

MGS is a pseudo-stealth.
Thief is true stealth.

>> No.4382027

Walküre* not Valküre (shame on me desu)

>> No.4382031

That's informative. Thanks.

>> No.4382225

>most overrated retro game of all time
But Half-Life isn't on this list.

>> No.4382698

>"re"(which is usually used to emulate an "L" at the end of a word)
You are thinking of "ru." Valkyrie is the correct translation, especially since there's no such thing as a fucking "valecule" (which looks like it should be pronounced as "vah-lay-kyool"). The original text transliterated would be "warukyuure" which sounds as close as you can get to "valkyrie" in normal Japanese diction to my semi-trained ear. "Warukyuuri" as you suggested is an option, but sounds a little more awkward to me.

I did a quick search on anidb for "valkryie" to see how it is spelled in other titles, and found numerous interpretations (indicating that Japanese people have no idea how to pronounce that word):
>ヴァルキリー (Vuarukirī)
>ワルキューレ (Warukyūre)
>ワるきゅーレ (weird mix of hiragana and katakana but phonetically the same as above)
It looks like when they are going for the more Germanic pronunciation (with a soft v or w sound) they prefer "re" and when they were going for a more American pronunciation they used "ri."

The original poster of that chart should just correct it to Valkryie since that's how that game is known anyway. See this chart upthread for example >>4377893

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File: 2.38 MB, 2048x1102, Dreamcast.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dreamcast chart

>> No.4382720


Someone needs to just start churning these out for /vr/ systems. Very sharp-looking, much more interesting than regular charts too.

>> No.4382746

Dreamcast is /vr/.
read the sticky

>> No.4382779


I know, please re-read my post.

>> No.4382790

Yes,please neck yourself.

>> No.4382791

I have a nice tool-assisted way of making them (it always takes work to make them unique and interesting looking though), but the bulk of the work is in the research. So far I've only made charts for systems with libraries I know well (Saturn and Dreamcast) or as remakes of a chart somebody else made (see >>4379984). After doing that one I got a bit discouraged when I realized (from watching the video clips) that a lot of the games were not actually fully 2D.

Basically, I love making these charts when I have free time, but I need help picking out the games and finding information about them!
Another issue is that webms don't scroll, so the whole chart has to fit in a single normal-sized browser window, which means it can only contain about 30-35 games. That is not really enough to include everyone's suggestions, so I'm thinking that in the future I should lean toward making charts with a specific theme (but I need help figuring those out too).

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>The original poster of that chart should just correct it to Valkryie since that's how that game is known anyway.
It's been translated as Valecule by the original translator, whom I still agree with. No sense in translating a Japanese potential interpretation of a German word into English.

>which sounds as close as you can get to "valkyrie" in normal Japanese diction to my semi-trained ear.
Load of crap, you have a better example in your own post. "Warukyuure" objectively sounds more like "Valecule" than "Valkyrie" if pronounced correctly.

>> No.4382895

>The original poster of that chart should just correct it to Valkryie since that's how that game is known anyway
Perhaps another edition of it is. The NES version has been known as "Adventures of Valecule" for almost two decades because that's how it was translated.

>> No.4382908

Advanced V.G. 2 could easily take Asuka 120%'s spot.

>> No.4382912

What is valecule? It looks like it rhymes with the word "molecule" but by the kana that's clearly not what you're going for. How do you think Valkyrie is pronounced, by the way? Finally, what do you think the Japanese person who made up that title meant? What do you think that guy thought a "valecule" was, considering that it's a made up word nobody has ever heard of.

>Although the game has very little Japanese text and is playable by non-Japanese speakers, in 2001 the translation group SGST released a patch converting the title and selection screens into English (transliterating "Valkyrie" phonetically as "Valecule"). The title translation corrupts the ending, already presented in English. To fix the SGST translation, DvD Translations released a corrected translation in 2009.
So it was a mistake made by an amateur translation group, which was later corrected.

I see there is a historical reason for the mistake at least. I think now that we know better it should be correctly translated as Valkyrie, which is also what most people call it today.

>> No.4382928

My assumption has always been it's some kind of name based off of the word "Valkyrie".

If the translation's been changed since I archived these roms(circa '04) then yeah there's no reason to not change it, though honestly the only reason I didn't use the Japanese name itself was because I'm lazy and it's not what's listed in my rom folder. Likewise I'm too lazy to change the chart but if someone won't sleep unless they change it I'd recommend the Japanese title over "Adventures of Valkyrie" as it at least mostly fits with the format of other Japanese titles in the charts.

>> No.4382965

Yeah, I know the game as "Valkryie no Bouken" so I think the Japanese title (transliterated like that) is how most people would recognize that game. It's not a big deal though, I was just jumping in because I have opinions about kana.

>> No.4382981

This is actually a good list, but I don't agree with the ordering.

>> No.4383197

these are amazing, please post more if you have them

>> No.4383227

real millenial list, no personality just famous games

>> No.4383232

This. Tempts me to make a chart myself but I prefer to make charts that include all games from a certain criteria and to let people form their own opinions.

>> No.4383252 [DELETED] 

I forgot to include a very important title on that chart, so your wish was granted.

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File: 610 KB, 1288x1346, Action-RPGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I forgot to include a very important title on that chart, so your wish was granted.

>> No.4384510

The real issue is why it´s not considered an essential

>> No.4384557

ワルキューレ is literally the word for Valkyrie, it's not about interpretation at that point.

>> No.4384981

He fixed it a couple posts up at least. Apparently the confusion stems from an error in an ancient fan translation.

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File: 647 KB, 1288x1346, Action-RPGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The charts have been fixed a couple of times now. Ys III snuck onto the wrong chart and also apparently like everything has translations now.

>> No.4385074 [DELETED] 
File: 1.29 MB, 1732x2510, Traditional RPGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4385087

And the one untranslated game on there is available in English on multiple other platforms I believe.

>> No.4385095
File: 1.29 MB, 1732x2510, Traditional RPGs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eugh noticed a couple title errors.

>Other platforms
Nothing in this world exists other than NES/Famicom and Dwarf Fortress.

>> No.4385107

If DF, then PC, if PC, then Bard's Tale II in English.

>> No.4385110

But there's only one game that exists on PC? I'm confused.

>> No.4385126


>> No.4385168

Doesn't belong on an NES chart, nor does it exist in the first place because there's only ever been one game made for PC.

>> No.4385185

It says there is a spinoff game available on steam that includes playable versions of the first three games as extras.

>> No.4385195

What's "steam"?

>> No.4385202

Hey man, I feel you. Not saying it belongs on an Famicom chart anyway, I was just remarking on the "apparently like everything has translations now" comment to say that even the one game that doesn't have a translation is available in English in another form.

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