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Which was the better console?
I know the N64 was the actual better one of this gen, but between this 2

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saturn because of ecelebs

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Technically? Both have their own pros and cons but I think ultimately Saturn is more impressive.
PS is like in the middle, you know? It does have a better video codec than the Saturn though, so for FMVs Playstation is better

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If you thought N64 was the better one of this gen, then you probably don't value fighters and shmups, which means Saturn won't offer you anything special, whereas PSX has better shooters, platformers, racing, sports, and puzzle games than Sega's machine.

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He's probably talking about technical stuff, not libraries/genres.

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I was about to make a thread for the new webms I made but this thread is more than adequate for what I had in mind. Objectively the Playstation is miles ahead of the Saturn (which I hate admitting since I really don't like it all that much); superior hardware, infinitely more third party support, and a company behind it that wasn't insane. The Saturn, which I believe could have hit around GameCube level sales had it been managed competently, was pretty bad at 3D despite what SOME people claim (http://www.shinforce.com/saturn/information/3D-Capabilities.htm)

It also couldn't do transparencies easily leading to the much maligned meshes that were shoved down everyone's throat. Personally, I think they're a charming little quirk but apparently people have a real problem with them. If you ask me, the REAL obtrusive hardware "quirk" is the quad distortion. While the Playstation had tons of affine warping (which is nauseating in its own right), Saturn's warping isn't much better and due to the nature of its polygon rendering is impossible to remedy even in emulators. What's especially confusing is that people claim that the Saturn warps LESS than the Playstation which in my experience is total BS.

I guess what it comes down to is the games, and both have a lot. My problem with the Playstation's library is that 90% of its critically acclaimed games are better played on other platforms, like the entire Tomb Raider series (which ironically began development on the Saturn), Resident Evil(s), Soul Reaver, etc. That said, I think the Playstation DOES have Silent Hill to itself, and it has the definitive version of SOTN (the Saturn version is a long story). If you're a fan of RPGs then I'm sure you'll enjoy the console although I personally don't have that much experience with it.

The Saturn is a very mixed bag. If you like 90s arcade games, then this is without a doubt the console to chose, both 2D and 3D. It has tons of exclusives that remained chained to it...

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Hardware or Software?

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>I know the N64 was the actual better one of this gen, but between this 2
Nice bait.

Anyway, it depends. Saturn was more expansive, so it wins in that regard (Netlink adapter, RAM expansion, VCD player add-on), but out of the box, PSX was both more powerful and easier to code for. However, Saturn could do 2D better than the PSX thanks to its second video chip which was like mode 7 on steroids, which is why it could handle so many 2D arcade game conversions almost perfectly, whereas they suffered on the PSX. Controller-wise, both the model 2 pad and NiGHTS controller were superior to PSX's. Yes, Dualshock gets some merit for having two sticks, but rarely any game actually used both of them. Library is tied, Saturn wins in terms of first-party while PSX wins in terms of everyone else supporting it. In the end, it really comes down to what you want from a console. As for me, I prefer 2D games and the Saturn pad, so I enjoy the Saturn more.

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...like NiGHTS, the Panzer Dragoon series (I hear Saga is one of the best RPGs ever made but that sounds to me like sad Saturn owners trying to compensate), and speaking of which, a TON of Japanese exclusive RPGs. Pretty much every first party Saturn game is excellent and worth owning, minus a few early launch titles like Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA, but they're cheap enough that it doesn't really matter in the end. At any rate, the Saturn's library is good in its own right, although you may have to do a bit of searching to find something that you can really fall in love with (in my case, NiGHTS). But that's just me.

tl;dr if you're a normalfag then choose the Playstation, if you're a weirdo, bandwaggoner, or collector who has already tried everything else, then choose the Saturn. If you're not poor, choose both.

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>Nice bait
Why do you get surprised about N64 (released years after the other 2) is more advanced?
It's not fair to compare the N64 to SS/PS because the later came before, and thus have less capabilities, other than CD storage.
I know, people could argue "but PS has a gorillion games!" and that's okay, but probably OP asks about the systems in terms of tech, not libraries.

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oh, hey saturn.

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I thought we were judging them both on hardware and software. Yeah, N64 is more advanced, but its library is crap compared to PSX/SAT.

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sup sony, you done sabotaging the industry with your stale moviegames yet?

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Shovelware: the list

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>I haven't heard of it so that means it's shovelware
ignorant plebstation fan

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PlayStation simply by the share of software available. Though one has to take in context that the Saturn's lineup for 1999-2000 was gimped by SEGA and the third party developers due to Dreamcast.
Would have been interesting to see how they would have made Biohazard 2 work on the Saturn probably made use of the 4mb ram cart.

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I literally just wrote a wall explaining why both consoles are good, and why I prefer the Saturn

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>shovelware the list
>plenty of the games are also on the psx
what did playstation fans mean by this?

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>PlayStation simply by the share of software available.
Quality > Quantity

Saturn > Playstation

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PlayStation has both the Quantity and the Quality that's the thing about it all the third party flocked to it due to it's massive market hold.

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I find myself toggling back and forth between Saturn and N64, barely play PS nowadays, but I think all 3 systems are worth playing.

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Keep telling yourself that, Sony shill.

Fact of the matter is, Saturn has both better games and less shovelware than your garbage system, thus making it the patrician choice.

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god the daytona port is impossibly bad. like god awful... even then it looked like shit, now it just looks like a joke. and that draw distance...

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Well for its time it wasn't THAT bad, but Ridge Racer (also a Playstation launch title) blows it out of the water in every conceivable way. Just look at Daytona USA: CC Edition and it shows that even Sega realized it

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>muh arcade ports
>muh garbage jap exclusives

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yea ridge racer really did own daytona. the sequel RRR is like my fav psx racing game

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>Fact of the matter is, Saturn has both better games
Nah I disagree the PlayStation has better Software overall the thing is most people here didn't even own a Saturn hence the PlayStation library has been played to death and they are bored of it by now. I lived in Hong Kong at the time and owned both systems the Saturn library is great but it got culled so the final true year for Saturn was 1998 meanwhile the PlayStation kept delivering.

That's simply inherent with being the biggest on the market, the hacks want a quick buck and it's easiest to get it on the system with the largest user base.

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Do a Biohazard comparison. I remember the Saturn version has a slowdown during the 1st Yawn fight and at that place where you drain the water to get to the guardhouse with snakes dropping down the trees.. Though you can actually see some facial features on the character models in the Saturn version.

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>it's another 5th gen consolewar thread

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Report consolewar posts. This has been a comparatively good thread

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A bunch of cookie cutters learned about the SEGA Saturn from some e-celeb fags and are bow farting all over the place.

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>phoneposter trying to derail thread
>phoneposter bringing up ecelebs

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Get on my level pleb

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Who the fuck are you quoting?

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not an argument

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Learn to use the quotation function.

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That's disrespectful for the console itself. Why doesn't everybody just agree the Saturn was the TG16 of its gen, PS1 was the SNES, and N64 was a total anomaly?

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drop the meme and leave, you clearly don't belong here

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Coolest idea for a console ever, and I really wish a steambox like this would be made some day. Shame they bet it all on shitty FMV games instead of polygons...

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Yeah that sums up the Saturn pretty good anyway speaking of N64 I never understood why they didn't launch the DD in North America since it was basically merica the console. It was about as dumb as launching the Super32x in Japan where the Mega Drive was weak.

Don't misuse the quotation function chump.

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>N64 was a total anomaly?
It kind of reminds me of the Master System, although a lot more successful.
And even if Saturn sold more units in Japan, N64 sold more software.

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Stopped reading the list as soon as I saw Bug! listed there.

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Are you new to /vr/?
This is all this board can do, speak the same thing over and over again.
We don't get to talk about retro-like games. We don't get to speak about more generations as time goes on.

Just 1980 to 1999, forever and ever.

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THIS. This is only one of the countless threads we have daily

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Shut up sixth-gen babby, only MY childhood can be retro.

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>It kind of reminds me of the Master System

Good call. Although I still like the MS more than the N64 for stupid reasons.

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but polygons are shit bro
also if microsoft stopping being bitches, they could just as easily release a dedicated version of windows10 for xbox one x

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>implying /vr/ doesn't discuss pre-80s stuff
Lurk more, gen Z.

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3D isn't bad, especially for games that play like they're 2D

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Not new, just constantly tired of consolewar shitposting that bumps genuinely good threads off of /vr/.

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nothing of value is EVER lost

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ST-V 3D has a certain specific charm to it

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Now post that game running in a Saturn.

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the warping is significantly less noticeable, as are the meshes. I would make another webm but it would take a lot of work. Maybe later

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Unfortunately that's not true, otherwise I'd be able to give up on this place and never visit it again.

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They're a whole lot less shit than FMV-based games.
You literally have a single SEGA fanboy trying to turn things into a console war and you, now fuck off from this fine thread.

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what's stopping you? you should develop your self discipline and leave now; don't come back

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At least 2 of those games are available on Saturn.

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but the n64 has two games and the worst controller ever devised

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>I know the N64 was the actual better
So you actually don't know shit. I don't even particularly like the PS1, but jesus christ how hard do you have to be riding Nintendos dick to think the N64 is better hardware, or has a better library than the PS1. The only reason I can think you'd believe this is stockholm syndrome or you like to do weird things with the controller...

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The N64 controller is the best design ever
Just a shame the joystick goes to shit so fast
Your insult would be nice if I was still a fan of the current nu-nintendo, but I am not

>> No.4375665

But the N64 does have better hardware than the PS1.
You may not "particularly like" the PS1, but you sure hold a hateboner for the N64.

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>I know the N64 was the actual better one

right and the Wii U totally had an awesome library too

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it did you stupid pony

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PS1 > Saturn > N64

>> No.4375697

It had a good library, not an awesome one.

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what does that have to do with processing power

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>I know the N64 was the actual better one of this gen

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no fuck off, it has a some good games but overall a small and limited library, good for a nintendrone I guess

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This thread isn't about subjective tastes and libraries though, it's about console specs. n64 came out later than PS1 and Saturn it's not even fair to compare them, N64 is more powerful.

>> No.4375873

>it's about console specs.
OP never said really, but anyway the N64 is somewhat more powerful on 3D but its 2D showcase leaves a lot to be desired.

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PS1 simply blows saturn out of the water in 3D for three main reasons: faster T&L, more fill rate and actual texture coordinates.
To explain the last one, on the saturn, every quad you draw ALWAYS have the whole texture in it, as it is an "sprite".
So you need to do all sorts of kludges to stretch the texture over the 3D models.

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Saturn -> more VRAM, theoretically faster code, VDP2 is a 2D powerhouse, can support even more RAM, features online multiplayer.

PlayStation -> more Sound RAM, ADPCM compression, MUCH more flexible 3D, native 2D support but limited by DMA draw calls, native support for VCD-tier FMVs, supports far greater array of dot clocks for different screen resolutions, features serial multiplayer.

There, are we done with this thread now?

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The Saturn still had some good looking 3D titles, what PS1 racer compared to Sega Rally when it came out for example?

>> No.4375912

>but its 2D showcase leaves a lot to be desired.
Some games proved that N64 can do really good 2D, stuff like Wonder Project J2 for example.

>> No.4375918

I think PS1 had Ridge Racer Revolution at that year.

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I was a huge PSX fan as a kid. Now I wish I had a Saturn to go along with.
No real interest in the N64. I have SM64 and Sin and Pun on Virtual Console, OoT and MM on 3DS.
There's a fucking disgraceful respect for Saturn games on modern systems. Very little in the way to play those bastards.
Hopefully emulation can get better. Mednafen ain't bad, at least to me, but getting something I can pull off on my oldschool TV would be great.

>buy original HW
Not sinking that much time and money into games. Sorry. When it comes to gaming I'm /pol/'s enemy #1.
I've played several of the better titles so far and I've been highly impressed. Graphical and sound limits aside, it's a nice system.
Funny how much I've grown to love Sega's systems as I age and RPGs become too boring to me.

>> No.4375930

It has good art but doesn't excel at anything technically

>> No.4375934

N64 wasn't the better one. It was lacking things that the Saturn & Playstation were capable of doing. Anyways out of both Saturn & Playstation, it's obvious that Saturn is the better one.

>> No.4375954

It has quite good sprite animations with lots of frames.
There's also games like Yoshi's Story and Bangai-O, both at 60fps.
I don't think the N64 has any problem with 2D, it's just most devs went for 3D.

>> No.4375986

I was a genesis kid, got a ps1 and was satisfied with that. I heard tons of n64 hype back in the day, so I was curious to check out the n64 once I was finally able to and man it was really fucking disappointing. Literally Majora's Mask, Mario 64, Mischief Makers and Sin and Punishment were the only good games on the machine.

But I also much prefer 2d to 3d I like rpgs, 2d platformers, shoot em ups, arcade games, etc.

So then I got around to finally getting into the Saturn and its like where the fuck has this thing been my entire life. The saturn still has an inferior library to the ps1, but I'll gladly take the saturn over the n64.

PS1 >>> Saturn >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>N64

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>Literally Majora's Mask, Mario 64, Mischief Makers and Sin and Punishment were the only good games on the machine.
You literally need to explore the N64 catalogue better, champ.

>> No.4375998

Rec stuff then.

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lol "plebstation", I like it.

>> No.4376054

>It was lacking things that the Saturn & Playstation were capable of doing.
Such as?

>> No.4376078

Having more than a handful of good games, for one.

>> No.4376081

This entire generation was literally Nintendo and Sega both having a pissing contest between who can fuck themselves over the hardest while Sony just casually did their own thing while btfo'ing both companies.

>> No.4376105

Yep, and letting Sony win spelled the demise of the videogames industry.

>> No.4376115

Come on now don't be a fag, gaming died when murricans became important to the industry in the xbox era

>> No.4376116

5th gen only has 7 good games.
N64 has 3, Saturn has 3, PS has 1.

>> No.4376120

Better FMV's, better library of games(although for the Sega Saturn, it's mostly imports), better sound. I feel like I get the full experience with either console, whereas the N64 I can't get it because it lacks the ability to produce a quality FMV & sound. This was mainly the case with WWF games. If you compare WWF Smackdown 2 to WWF No Mercy, the entrance videos and music is better on Smackdown 2. I enjoyed both games, but the N64 does have it's short comings, hence why Resident Evil 1, Parasite Eve, Metal Gear Solid & Final Fantasy 7 never came to the N64. It was too much for the N64 to handle.

>> No.4376127

Xbox never would've gotten hueg (pun intended) if Sony hadn't killed Sega, though.

>> No.4376129

Sega killed itself though, good developers shit at corporate decisions

>> No.4376130

That was Sega's own doing.

I love the Saturn but it might not have died if Sega had:

- not had the worst launch of all time
- fucked over american 3rd party devs
- decided to throw on a 3d graphics processor onto the motherboard at the very last second
- opted to not publish and localize all the cool games on the console

Sega kind of did it to themselves.

>> No.4376131

>5th Gen only has 7 good games
You must be a filthy casual. I can name plenty of good games from all three systems.

Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, Tomb Raider 1, 2, 3, Tenchu Stealth Assassins, Virtual On, Virtua Cop, House Of The Dead, Nights, Fighting Vipers, WWF No Mercy, Silent Hill, Dead Or Alive, Tekken, Virtua Fighter 2, Fighters Megamix...

>> No.4376132

Who cares, you play games to play them, not watch them. Go pop in a movie for that.

>better library

>better sound
N64 could output Pro Logic Surround, same cannot be said for the PSX.

Sorry lad, but N64 won that generation in terms of hardware capability.

>> No.4376135

>Sorry lad, but N64 won that generation in terms of hardware capability.

Pipeline/architecture/good documentation is more important than having the best specs.

>> No.4376143

>Who cares
FMV's are important for intros and cut scenes in video games. It's important to people who enjoy the story to the game they're playing to get the full experience.

>N64 could output pro logic sound
Doesn't matter. I had compared the sound quality with both PS1 & N64 with the WWF games. Guess what? PS1 won every single time. I noticed how distorted the D-Generation X theme music was in WWF No Mercy, but it sounded fine in WWF Smackdown 2. They used midi music in WWF Warzone on the N64 version, they used real music on the PS1 version of WWF Warzone.

>> No.4376149

who the fuck cares just play your goddamn video games console wars died out a long time ago

>> No.4376171

>N64 could output Pro Logic Surround

Can think of a reason why PS1 couldn't, assuming it was precalculated (else it would eat CPU cycles).

>> No.4376191

>N64 could output Pro Logic Surround, same cannot be said for the PSX.
>Sorry lad, but N64 won that generation in terms of hardware capability.

I'm a programmer and I can tell you that specs are pointless if your machine is too complicated for most programmers to do anything with. So
>muh specs
doesn't really mean anything practical.

>> No.4376208

if the saturn didn't get 2/3 of it's games restricted to japan than i would pick it but the playstation has so many more games.

>> No.4376216

lol. delusion, the post

>> No.4376287 [DELETED] 

the only good thing to come out of gen 5 was nintendo's hegemony getting toppled

fuck shitendo

>> No.4376290

did you know Hiroshi Yamauchi wasn't actually a human being? He was a vessel that enclosed 7 yakuza oni spirits from 7 different regions in Japan. These oni monopolized the gambling in Japan with the hanafuda Nintendo cards and put a spell so that no other company could produce cards, truly evil.

Yamauchi, often referred to as "大魔王 ティラノ天堂" (Great Evil King Tyranotendo), tyranized the video games market with his monopolic practises, it is said that the Master System or the PC Engine didn't actually ever exist, and that they were invented time after so hide the fact that the Famicom was actually the one and only console existing in Japan.

>> No.4376294

For launch games, obscure Jap shit, arcade ports and 2d capability: Saturn

For everything else: psx.


>> No.4376317

>Everything else
Does that mean FMVs?

>> No.4376336

No, it means your little sisters face.

Whatever THAT means.

>> No.4376347

I don't have a little sister.... anymore.
Thanks for ruining my night, anon.

>> No.4376356

God damnit son...

>> No.4376359

Off topic banter here, but is anyone else fucking tired of selecting the goddamned tiles with vehicles? I know I am!

>> No.4376369

Yes, it's really bad.

>> No.4376380

click settings, use legacy captcha

>> No.4376384

THANK YOU! Sweet validation!!!

>> No.4376387

>tfw jewroshi is planning on removing v1 captcha
anyone else gonna drop 4chan when that happens?

what's another good place to discuss retro games?

>> No.4376395

Wait, what!?

You a wizard son? I may have to either burn you, or make you an advisor.

Can't decide...

>> No.4376396

No he's not, stop inventing shit.

>> No.4376398

The site could use a bit less users, all boards are a cancer haven as it is now. Fuck newfags

>> No.4376402

Hory shet, it works!!!

>> No.4376405

>what's another good place to discuss retro games?
None really. full,chan's /vr/ is dead (and allows 6th gen), forums are on their way out, and at this point too toxic, facebook groups are basically reseller scum groups, leddit's retro boards still have downvote faggotry.

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Thank you anon

>> No.4376414

>too toxic,
Fuck you, everything has to be a safespace with you millennial kids.

>> No.4376420

Oh my god. Acting like an asshole in multiple threads is SO much more user friendly now!


>> No.4376424

Both are amazing console so IDC

>> No.4376426

Yeah, and going into a forum where any mention of anything that's not a popular topic immediatly gets you shit on or starts a flame war totally isn't toxic at all...
No really, we all enjoy being treated like shit by a bunch of snowflakes who are so afraid of various boogiemen that they just stagnantly hate on each other endlessly while the world.forgets them amd their stupid hobby.

Oh, but of course a 4chan user would know all about that

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>130 posts
>nobody actually discussed which version of MMX4 is better

>> No.4376434

Nobody likes videogames here.

>> No.4376436

Why you triggered breh?

>> No.4376443

Because you easily offended retards have no place on the internet.

>> No.4376448

It's shit on both platforms so who cares.

>> No.4376460


See for yourself.

>> No.4376468

I'm joking with you about how easily triggered you are, and you're telling at me like a loon. So...

>> No.4376493

Stupid kids ruining my internet. Get out.

>> No.4376495


How's the dead sister and ruined night going?

>> No.4376498

Yeah, that's what I thought too, but I'm an old fuck myself, and rather sarcastic to boot, so idk...

Is it that he's such a snowflake that he can't handle people not liking things, or is he just some wannabe jaded "oldfag" who's legit been posting here since 2015, so he thinks ks he's hardcore? I can't tell...

>> No.4376506

There's no much difference.
MMX4 looks worse on saturn if you're not using a CRT screen, but if you are it's pretty much the same shit.

>> No.4376512

i was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.4376517


PS is the best console to have ever existed. I used to think SNES, but PS1 brought about the maturity of so many genres. It married the best of the 16 bit, and innovated with 3D graphics. Fucking perfect system.

>> No.4376520

Oh no, I'm not pretending. But you still seem unable to accept the reality of what a fucking adorable little snowflake you are. So easily rustles and triggered. Such weakass comebacks. I'm loving it.

Good luck with that, anyway. Hope the night goes well.for you. I mean, I could get bored and go jerk off, allowing you to get the last word and look like a big man or something, lol...

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>brought about the maturity of so many genres
You mean what Sega was already doing? Using the whole "mature gamer" shenanigans to market their system?

>> No.4376538

>must play
>a bunch of multiplats
>earthworm jim 2
>Megaman 8, X3 and X4
>Resident Evil
>Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Night Warriors

>Japan Exclusives
>Lunar 1/2
>Fucking Metal Slug

Almost half this list is ports or multiplats. I probably missed a bunch too just because my scan was super barebones.

Multiplats should never be on these lists.

The lists should be exclusives.

>> No.4376543

No, when I use the term "maturity" I'm speaking of, making a game that's genre wasn't totally developed. For instance, PS had the better version of RE, which revolutionized the Survival Horror genre born with Alone in the Dark. Also think 3D platformers like Jumping Flash, rhythm games like Parappa and DDR, . Couple that with being the first system to have two analog sticks, a lot of people believe it was Halo that codified FPS controls for console, but that was actually the PS version of Quake 2 that did it first.

Then there were the 16 bit styled game that bloomed in the PS 32 bit era, like SOTN, and Suikoden. Saturn, as much as I actually love it, was more of an arcade port system than anything.

>> No.4376547 [DELETED] 

>discounting Japan Exclusives
>being an EOPcuck

>> No.4376552

>and a company behind it that wasn't insane

Not until the 00s, anyway.

>> No.4376556

>talks about maturity
>mentions multiplats like RE
>mentions kiddy friendly games like JF and Parappa
You lost me there champ.

>> No.4376559

you was only pretending to be retarded.

>> No.4376568

...Eh, what?
>kid friendly
Did you miss the context of my comment? I can't tell if you're just pretending to be retarded, or seriously didn't get the context.

>> No.4376569

>supports far greater array of dot clocks for different screen resolutions,

The Saturn had technically more different resolutions, and it didn't take away from the VRAM no matter which one used. But they were all silly permutations and it couldn't do shading in any of the hi-res modes.

PSX had the 368px and 256/512px modes which were very useful, though. I don't get why they didn't do a 256/512px mode on the Saturn, especially considering that they needed it to ape all the SNES titles away more easily, and that it would have perfectly lined up in the 256k framebuffers. Also with 512px width, they could've used 15bit textures too, unlike the other higher resolution modes that forced 8bit.

The 640/704 x 240p mode was nifty though, a shame that they only used it in a few games. Winter Heat used it and it has incredibly clear graphics without flickering.

But yeah some games specifically switched to using low-res modes in sequels so they can do shading instead. If they could do shading properly in hi-res mode, there wouldn't have been a single damn reason to use low-res at all, and it would've made 3d games look way better.

>> No.4376571

>Sorry lad, but N64 won that generation in terms of hardware capability.
Sorry bro. I'm a Nintendo fanboy and I still can call bullshit on that.
The PSX clearly came out from nowhere and kicked Nintendo in the nuts before brutally assraping Sega for good. If we followed your logic we could say as well that the GameGear won over the GameBoy because it had better specs while we all know that the GG only had a dozen good games and the rest were concentrated ass.

>> No.4376573

It's a shit game, so kind of every version sucks?

>> No.4376578

In that case, I think PS games were generally the opposite of maturity in terms of genres, since most of these new genres were still developing, and most only attained maturity during 6th or 7th gen (and some continue developing, for the better or the worse).
5th gen in general was an experimental phase, some games nailed it, some games were good but were ultimately forgotten (Jumping Flash), and some games just weren't that good (The Crow or Superman 64)

>> No.4376583

>The PSX clearly came out from nowhere
Not exactly, Sony owned the factories that manufactured and pressed CDs, they weren't exactly a little company like Sega or Nintendo.
Also were already working with Nintendo on the SNES CD, which led directly to the playstation, I bet you know this already.

>> No.4376591

He meant that nobody expected Sony to jump in the console market, especially not with such a powerful entry (in both hardware power, support, low prices, strong software library, etc).

It's not him removing it, it's Google themselves removing it. There was a /qa/ thread about it this week; Hiro has no coders at all so he won't be able to do any alternatives.

If 4chan would die, the other chans would all get a huge userbase boost. However like you said, chans are becoming less popular because they made it a fad to NOT be anonymous anymore by working on peoples vanity.

I'd like leddit if it had full anonymous posting and if it would eventually delete old posts, as well as full.chan if it only had image file names as unix timestamps (small detail, I know, but can be significant when it comes to ordering images).

>> No.4376592

What are you even trying to say here?

>> No.4376596

This all trash games.

>> No.4376671

>My problem with the Playstation's library is that 90% of its critically acclaimed games are better played on other platforms

This is the main problem with the Playstation. Hardly any exclusives. Many "Playstation classics" are on the Saturn. Those that aren't are on the N64. Those that are on the PC.

And I'm not talking about modern ports. FF7? Metal Gear Solid? Not Playstation exclusive even in the 90s.

>> No.4376678

>I know the N64 was the actual better one of this gen
strictly in the 4 player department though. when we're talking about games, I enjoyed more games on the PS1 than both of these consoles combined.

>> No.4376706

>FF7? Metal Gear Solid? Not Playstation exclusive even in the 90s.

They were exclusive for a time. PC gaming was not nearly as prominent as console gaming due to being extremely clunky.

People forget that drivers were an absolute pain in the ass. Thankfully, this is significantly easier now and most drivers are one time installs and continuous updates.

Now, sure, the PC versions are superior. But games like Metal Gear Solid may as well have been console exclusive.

>> No.4376708


Needed modding to compare to the PS1.

>Metal Gear Solid

The definition of a hackjob, and directly ported from the PS1 (the main version) to the point it's actually emulating the hardware on certain layers, and it still has glaring inaccuracies.

Hardly better played anywhere else.

>> No.4376801

I counted four but there might be more.
>Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
>Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
>Resident Evil 1
>Tomb Raider

>> No.4376807

The saturn has more vram but it is less flexible as it is split between both vdps and what do you mean with faster code? Psx is actually faster at processing. Saturn CPUs are slower and while there are two they cannot access ram at the same time so I suppose it can only be faster in less cases and depending a lot on the design of the game and the skill of the coder.

>> No.4376817

Saturn had its fair share of games on PC under the SegaPC brand, Virtual Fighter 2,Sega Rally, Manx TT, Sonic R, Sonic 3D, Panzer Dragoon, are the ones I can remember now.

>> No.4376828

ridge racer is one of the worst 3d racing games on this planet:
- only 1 racing track
- cars artificial physics are abysmal
- the car controls are very bad, stale and no fun
- no crashing at all

>> No.4377318

>Many "Playstation classics" are on the Saturn.

Yeah, and practically all of them look like shit and have half the framerate on the Saturn. The only exceptions are the maybe three or four games which got ported FROM the Saturn, like Silhouette Mirage or Thunderforce V.

>> No.4377331

The only valid complain is just 1 track, everything else was fine for 1993, the power-slide was a pretty good mechanic that got perfected over time.

>> No.4377338

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the dual cpu architecture that makes the Saturn that slow, it's the VDP1 handicapping the rest of the system.

>> No.4377531

The PC versions of FF7 and MGS were actually worse due to driver and control issues. But they were perfectly playable. FF7 was a tradeoff. Due to higher resolution, the 3d graphics all looked way better, but the 2d graphics all looked worse.

>> No.4378085

Which one has more good exclusives?

>> No.4378423

>My problem with the Playstation's library is that 90% of its critically acclaimed games are better played on other platforms, like the entire Tomb Raider series (which ironically began development on the Saturn), Resident Evil(s), Soul Reaver, etc.
THIS. most of the time the versions on ps1 were the worst available

>> No.4378441

90% is quite a bit of an exaggeration, darling.

>> No.4378445

Grandia plays worse on the playstation than the saturn

that's more on Game Arts being retarded than the playstation's hardware though

>> No.4378448

There's literally efforts going on right now to translate the Sega Saturn Lunar games. So, that's something?

>> No.4378464

Grandia was Saturn first and ported to Playstation one or two years later, and the only part that plays worse is the ground looking worse due to it being a hardware mode 7 playfield on Saturn, which the Playstation had to do with polygons.

>> No.4378468

framerate is worse

>> No.4378487

TFV actually runs better on PSX, though it's missing a lot of graphical effects.

>> No.4378493

>TFV actually runs better on PSX
Yeah, it has a more stable framerate. The Saturn version was really bad at that.

>though it's missing a lot of graphical effects.
Mostly just the infinite background planes that got less detailed. But things like the parallax tunnel on the last stage were intact. And it actually added some extra effects, like proper transparencies.

On the upside, the Saturn version has better audio (CDDA vs ADPCM), but the PSX version had more content (FMVs, gallery, some trial gameplay modes).

>> No.4378581
File: 171 KB, 688x1385, SS_03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sega Saturn

You plebs have no idea how crap this console really is.

>only four sided polygons
To do triangles you had to overlap two vertices.

>a single light source
This gave the Saturn that crappy look, compare Tomb Raider and Resident Evil on the PSX.

And probably there's more, read the respective SDK documentations to find more about those consoles.

>> No.4378618

is that why saturn quads distort when vertices are off screen like in>>4375361 and >>4375385 ?

>> No.4378648

n64 was the actual worst of that generation you fucking 7 year old

>> No.4378652

Source: your biased single-system owner opinion.
N64 was more advanced than both PSX and SS
>b-but muh CD!
The format of the software has nothing to do with the hardware of the system.

>> No.4378653

>a single light source

The PSX didn't have any more either. All it could do was make a triangle and either do flat shading of 1 specified colour, or gouraud shading with 1 colour per vertex.

If you wanted to do more than one light source, you had to manually compute the sum of the colours before sending it to the hardware. On both consoles.

The picture you posted was from ONE single SDK. And an early one at that. One of the STI coders mentioned it on Sega Retro that they did a code that could compute 3 light sources entirely on the DSP (so without taxing the main cpu at all).

No, that happens because there is no depth information, textures are essentially 2d transformed. See affine mapping. The PSX would actually make it look much, much worse, since it would use two triangles instead of one quad.

>> No.4378656

>This gave the Saturn that crappy look, compare Tomb Raider and Resident Evil on the PSX.

What gave the Saturn a crappy look in 3d games is that it had less texture memory, it had a third of the polygon fillrate, it had half the colour depth, and it had very difficult to use shading (you either use RGB textures which eat 2x memory, or you precompute every single shaded pixel). Also it could only shade in the lowest resolutions.

>> No.4378657

Is it strange that I prefer the colours on the Saturn?

>> No.4378661

Arguing over whether the Playstation or Saturn has better textures is arguing over who is winning the special Olympics. Textures look atrocious on both.

>> No.4378663

The Saturn DOES have a little bit of extra ram, though. But the Playstation could do technical tricks to go over its ram limit which I'm too dumb to fully understand.

>> No.4378665

man. i miss snesorama

>> No.4378694

n64s controller has 3 hand grips. do you have 3 hands?

>> No.4378705

amount of anything on the game. i.e. rendering them to have less data than on cd

>> No.4378708

Actually the PSX could compute 3 lights.

Also, the PSX could draw quads mixed with triangles, if you use quads, you can draw more polygons on screen.

It was a more versatile machine.

>> No.4378714









>> No.4378725







>> No.4378728


>> No.4378731

I don't understand the reddit spacing meme. Its literally how paragraphs work

>> No.4378736

You don't create a new paragraph with one sentence. Congrats on failing your elementary english class.

>> No.4378737

CD-ROMs are a liability. The data transfer rate is slow.

>> No.4378743

thats how 4chan used to be. its waaaayy tame now

>> No.4378747

It's objectively better now, get with the times, gramps. This is no country for old men.

>> No.4378749

Did you go to school?
I have 4, with the free one I fap

>> No.4378751

The Saturn has pretty games with huge sprites and Playstation games can look nice when they aren't using textures. But low res unfiltered textures are mindblowingly bad on both, and were pretty nauseating even in the 90s.

>> No.4378792

The GPU could only do 1 light per vertex, same as the Saturn, just more efficiently. Unless you mean the 3 lights as each individual colour components (R, G, B), which I suppose works out as such - but the Saturn could do that too. Albeit only in RGB mode that nobody actually used, they used palette mode most of the time, and in that you had to do shading through a hardware quirk (which allowed for bump mapping, not that any game ever took advantage of that).

>Also, the PSX could draw quads mixed with triangles, if you use quads, you can draw more polygons on screen.

The draw quads command broke the quads down to two triangles internally. It was only there for convenience.
I think what you mean is the draw sprite command, which was indeed twice as fast because it was a straight memory copy with no processing; this also meant that you couldn't put shading on them.

>> No.4378802

>I know the N64 was the actual better one of this gen

Not falling for that one.

>> No.4378803

What makes you believe that a console that came out in mid1996 was less powerful than consoles that came out in 1994 and 1995 respectively?

>> No.4378812

For a short period after its release, until PC hardware overtook it, the N64 was the most advanced gaming machine available. It kills both the Saturn and Playstation. Though unfortunately we never really got to see it try real 2d graphics and effects (shit like MK Trilogy doesn't count, you could make a passable version of that on the SNES).

>> No.4378920

They're still relatively less insane than companies like nu-tendo or M$ though, and I'm saying this as someone who's often neutral on this sort of shit.

>> No.4378940

Did Nintendo let others steal your credit card info, and then offer an apology that consisted of bowing for a minute?

>> No.4378941

No, they did not.

>> No.4379036

Nah, but they did put out various strikes on Youtube over gameplay videos of their games in an attempt to redirect all that money to them, and they did DMCA a couple of non-profit fan projects, then decided to make their own version of one of them at the last minute.

>> No.4379052

They have done worse things actually

>> No.4379070

Fuck let's plays and fangames, those fucking cucks deserved it. Go make your own IP you fools.

>> No.4379084

Taking down youtube lets plays and Mario Makers is now as bad as shipping exploding laptops, self-destroying PS2 drives, CDs copy protected by rootkit viruses, and letting your bank account get stolen?

>> No.4379093

>Taking down youtube lets plays and Mario Makers
Literally never happened, they just demonetizated them, which is entirely withing their rights, btw.

>> No.4379096

If you think Samus Return was just "shit out at the last minute" you have another thing coming.

Fan projects are a waste of time because you will get C&D'd.

The guy who did AM2R could've very well made his own game. His own space bounty hunter hunting a species of energy sucking predators and made it all his own. He could've even used the shield of parody.

He chose not to. He did it because of hubris. He wanted the recognition that would come with making a metroid game. If he just made space bounty hunter hunts not metroids in space then no one would've given a shit.

That's why I have no sympathy for fan projects. Also, no fan project has ever been good. Fandoms are a cancer.

>> No.4379102
File: 47 KB, 677x583, 55f2ded06198f65f8c170df68cc7473a2b80ae9c1f5c2c7644e3e056006717a9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I know the N64 was the actual better one of this gen

>> No.4379107

>Deep Fear
>jap exclusive
Trash list

>> No.4379126

What does Nintendos cum taste like?

>> No.4379137

Well if you wanna go that way, then I think literally forcing third-parties into developing software for only your system alone (once), along with making them follow near-draconian guidelines, attempting to eradicate game rentals and cheat devices for the most ridiculous of reasons, is just as shitty and scummy as Sony's malfunctioning devices and crappy measures concerning one of the hacks.

>If you think Samus Return was just "shit out at the last minute" you have another thing coming.
It's possible I may be wrong yes, but considering the timing between what happened to AM2R and the announcement of SR, it just strikes me as a bit odd don't you think?

Also serious question guys, did you think Squeenix was also correct in C&A'ing Chrono Resurrection then?

>> No.4379139

>For a short period after its release, until PC hardware overtook it, the N64 was the most advanced gaming machine available.

Nearly every single console was the most advanced gaming machine available, until the next most advanced gaming machine came out. This was as true for the Megadrive as it was for the N64.

>> No.4379146



>> No.4379158

Yeah but Nintendo did all that to get complete monopoly on the market, which is honestly a normal strategy, if very aggressive. Scummy, sure, but in the corporate world. It never hit the consumers any worse than their consoles having less/more games, while Sony's idiocy could cost you all your savings, all the data on your computer, potentially having your house burned down, etc.. And the worst part was that every single time they replied with something along the lines of how it didn't matter.

>> No.4379208

>which is honestly a normal strategy
It really isn't, not in the way they did it back then at least

Also, you missed the question I asked.

>> No.4379213

>Squeenix was also correct in C&A'ing Chrono Resurrection then?

>> No.4379216

How does communist dick taste like you fucking marxist. Go make your own game.

>> No.4379227

>Also, you missed the question I asked.

Not sure what question you asked about sony/Nintendo, but my answer to that is fuck Sony.

>> No.4379229

It's their assets and intellectual property, there isn't anything really technically wrong with asking for rights to not be violated.

>> No.4379230

You idiots don't realize if they don't enforce their copyright it might open up a precedent and they might even lose their rights to their IP in court.

>> No.4379235

>making a fan game of a franchise that was barely alive makes you a commie kike
Sure Nintencuck, sure.

>> No.4379239

I couldn't care less about Nintendo but that's how Capitalism works, my child. If you have a problem with that move to some communist country like North Korea.

>> No.4379375

Who says it wasn't? Only difference is you have fewer tards claiming the Megadrive wasn't a very powerful system.

>> No.4379983
File: 995 KB, 500x180, Quitting 4chan for good this time.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's never heard of "You're here forever"

>> No.4380007

>that bumps genuinely good threads off of /vr/.
Those threads were going to 404 any moment if that happened. It takes days if not weeks of no one bumping a thread to reach page 10 here. That being said it's tiresome seeing the same blatant flame war topics getting hundreds of posts and absolutely no attempt by moderation to curb down on them even though they're up for days.

>> No.4380701

OP here
I made this thread after my other thread being deleted. In the other one I asked which console I should buy first PS or Saturn
Is really sad to see that my bait thread didn't get deleted

>> No.4380869

please return to reddit bandwagoning child

>> No.4380938

Kill yourself faggot

>> No.4380939

Nice try, shlomo, but the copyright system is just as jewish as communism.

>> No.4381327

I'm not a nintendrone, but I'm on their side when it comes to youtuber scum.

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