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>Save States are cheating! You never have to learn from your mistakes!
>Proceeds to perform infinite lives trick.
Am I missing something here? Video games have never been honest.

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Desu abusing save states made me impatient and petty. I enjoy the game more when I play it properly, and I actually get better at it instead of just rewinding and dong the same thing again

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Exploiting a glitch is definitely less of a cheat than actually modifying the function of the game.

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You're impatient and petty because you know you suck ass, save states have nothing to do with it.

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It's nice to see our /v/ tier bait threads are still tailored to /vr/ specific issues

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That doesn't make it better.

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Do we really need another thread with 600+ posts about save states?

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Absolutely not but dimwitted cunts will take the bait nonetheless

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Apparently we do since people keep biting the bait.

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no, but it does make it feel more homey. kinda like when there's an old fashioned domestic drunk stabbing in the papers of my small 50hz country, or a school shooting in one of America's, instead of those newfangled foreign trendy muslim attacks

but like people still died so it's bad

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That makes it worse. Infinitely worse.

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Why was Tails fucking brown in that cartoon?

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play games however the fuck you feel like playing them. who the fuck cares what people think of you online.

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No, we have to expose cheaters whenever possible!

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if you finished a game using an infinite lives exploit it's the same as finishing it with save states

it's slightly better like finishing a game with a self imposed restriction on when you can save

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I hope that isn't the tails I think it is

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Battle Angel Tails = Best Tails

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I've learned my lesson. I won't. Long chain which was ended with "well, it's such because I feel like it".

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>"I've learned my lesson"
>Still replied

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As a warning to anyone who will try to start the serious conversation in this thread.
My conversation opponent is surely still here.
This would be my last post here, and good day to you, sir.

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>conversation opponent
That's a funny way to say "trolled" anon.

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It must be hard being you.

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I shamelessly use save states
but only when I actually save ingame, just see it as a backup in case something goes wrong

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I'm not owned you're owned

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this and when I need to quit and there's no save point in sight

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Just don't cry when better players call you out for cheating.

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Why would anyone care how some dude plays his games? Do you expect people to care what you do?

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Nobody is saying you can't use save states, it's just that when you use save states, you're going to be a poorer player than someone who beat the game legitimately since you never had to develop any consistency to beat the game.

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What you said there is debatable, but more to the point nothing at all like what was said that I was replying to. What is this "calling out for cheating?" That's what I was asking about.

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>caring about how others play the games
>caring about what others think about how others play the games
I don't like save states, although some games have built-in ones. For example on SRW series you can save anytime and simply restart if you fuck up. However, you can't have different save slots, and turns can be long and complicated so you might not care about little fuck ups if that means going by quicker.
The actual patrician way to use save states is to resume the game later, not to use it when you fuck up.
I've finished many long games while taking a shit thanks to save states on PSP emulators.

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Good players can tell the difference between a legit player and a cheater so don't say you actually beat a game unless you did it without using save states since you probably just brute force your way through the game rather than develop proper consistency.

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That's an interesting take. I just can't imagine caring.

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While I somewhat agree with you, why would it be cheating if I take an extra safety measure in case my save gets corrupted? I avoid saving outside legit saving areas as much as possible. My purist autism demands it.

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You should care if you want to improve as a gamer. Save states will only make you worse as you use them because you'll become lazy and beat the game by stumbling into a win, rather than learning how to beat the game the right way.

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Because you should play as closely as you can to the original hardware as possible, rather than depending on 3rd party cheats that prevent you from improving as a gamer.

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>For example on SRW series you can save anytime and simply restart if you fuck up.

SRW4F actually assumes you're doing this. It rolls all of your characters' percentage rolls at the start of the turn to discourage save-scumming since if A attacks B and misses, A will always miss B no matter if you reload.

Even still you almost need to save at the start of every turn to see if went well since you can't scum the enemy turn.

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Save states can actually help you get better at a game if used right.

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>Save states can actually help you get better at a game if used right.
Anyone who save scums will always have less consistency than someone who doesn't. It's a crutch used by cheaters so that they don't have to admit to being overdependent on cheats to win.

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With lives, if you die, you're forced to redo a large portion of the stage.

With save states, you can save after every single thing you do

I think there's a middle ground somewhere, possibly limited saves per level or something.

Sometimes save-stating isn't even that bad because you don't wanna re-do 10 minutes of just fucking walking somewhere when you die to a boss.
It's all very subjective and game-depdent

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I'm already very good or enjoy improving at the games I care about. I do agree in that it takes a certain amount of time to get good at a game. But it's not the save states themselves, you could practice at a game with them till you were good if you really wanted to. But usually they're used specifically to avoid that. I played through all the Metal Slugs with them because I wanted to see the graphics but don't like the game a ton so I don't want to waste energy gaining a lot of skill at it. But I wouldn't put a caveat before saying I played it.

It was just the way you worded that seemed odd. To me these are toys, it's like asking someone if they used their baseball "properly".

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>Anyone who save scums will always have less consistency than someone who doesn't.

Not necessarily. Someone use uses save states as a learning tool but puts 1000 hours of practice into a game is still going to be better than someone who doesn't use them but only has 10 or 100 hours of practice.

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Someone who puts even 10 hours into practicing a game is going to be infinitely better than someone who put in 1000 hours into practicing while abusing save states. You're not winning this.
If you used save states to beat a game, you never actually beat the game. Just because you don't have the same passion you once had for the hobby doesn't mean that you can get away with putting yourself on the same levels of those who do.

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I'm 30 years old and I don't have time for that lame no savestate bullshit.

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>Someone who puts even 10 hours into practicing a game is going to be infinitely better than someone who put in 1000 hours into practicing while abusing save states.

That's absolutely not true.

>Just because you don't have the same passion you once had for the hobby

I have far more passion if anything, I'm just more choosy with how I spend my time.

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It's okay to lose your passion for your hobby, just don't claim you actually beat the game.

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>That's absolutely not true.
Yes it is, the player who spent 10 hours practicing is developing consistency to make it through the game while the player who uses save states is avoiding his mistakes and brute forcing his way through every obstacle in his path without actually knowing what he did.
>I have far more passion if anything, I'm just more choosy with how I spend my time.
If you had passion then you'd beat your games legitimately instead of trying to defend your cheating ways.

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You're flat wrong. Someone using save states might learn may slowly, but if they are still trying to learn they will.

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Nope, because they're not actually learning, they're just pressing buttons until they stumble upon the right inputs without any idea of how to replicate it. Nobody ITT is saying you can't cheat, just don't claim you did it legitimately.

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Lemme offer a rebuttal here.

Quicksaving and quick loading isn't necessarily a bad thing, the issue is more savescumming.

Infinite lives isn't as bad as savescumming because in most cases, savescumming has no limits or penalties, however most 'infinite lives' are limited either to a certain amount (unless they loop over) or still mean you end up back at a checkpoint or something, rather than the spot you died at like savescumming.

The big argument for the infinite live shit, at least in Mario for example, is that it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, can sometimes mess up, and above all else, unlike savescumming, you have to work for it. I don't think comparing the two is very fair, considering that they aren't really the same thing.

The argument that savescumming wouldn't let you learn from your mistakes vs infinite lives is a fair one too, because like I said, 9/10 times, you end up back at a checkpoint (unless it's a shoot em up or something) so you still have to learn the mechanics and everything leading up to the moments you died at.

That said, savescumming, when used at the right place, still lets you learn from your mistakes. It's just frequently used for either trial and error, or repetition until you get a desired outcome.

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There are speed runners who use save states to practice and then perform single runs. Sorry but you are just plain wrong.

>> No.4373425

>Someone who puts even 10 hours into practicing a game is going to be infinitely better than someone who put in 1000 hours into practicing while abusing save states.
And if the savestates are used as a level select code? Because if that's the case, then the first person will not be able to reliably practice the later, harder stages.

>> No.4373426

>Bouncing a turtle against a block for an hour while you watch TV is hard.
My eight year old cousin could do that after his third try and he ain't exactly a gaming Amadeus if you know what I mean.

You're just claiming they're different to save face, which is embarrassing and isn't going to work ITT.

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They also make sure to separate TAS runs from legitimate runs too. You go up to someone and claim that a run using speed runs is the same as one without and they'll look at you like the moron you are.

You're not winning this argument anon, I would've hoped that you learned your lesson but it seems you still cannot accept that you're cheating.

>> No.4373432

The first person wouldn't need to practice the earlier stages at all since he had already developed consistency by then. Nice try though.

>> No.4373438

>They also make sure to separate TAS runs from legitimate runs too.

Of course, that only makes sense. But the question at hand is whether they can still learn when the save states are being used, which they obviously do. You've essentially just agreed.

>> No.4373440

Not him, but stop being dense. The meat of his argument is that losing a life still dumps you back to earlier in the level, and that with savestates you get to select where you get dumped.

>> No.4373454

>But the question at hand is whether they can still learn when the save states are being used
They don't.

>> No.4373458

>Proceeds to perform infinite lives trick.
All of those tricks people have nostalgia about were things I never knew about until years later when my family got internet and by that point I didn't need them.

>> No.4373459

The "meat" of his argument was poisonous rot that he's claiming is prime rib and you're the only one dumb enough to actually eat it.

Keep in mind, I'm not saying that you can't use save states, I'm just trying to make you understand that you haven't actually beaten the game unless you did so without save states.

>> No.4373461

>Speedrunners can't practice specific tricks by using Savestates, because suddenly it means that they aren't actually getting good at that specific trick
How does that make sense, anon?

>> No.4373467

Because they're just using random inputs until they stumble into victory, rather than developing proper consistency to make their overall gaming skills sharper.

>> No.4373468

Now you're just being obtuse. You are aware of TAS runs used as part of practice. No one would do that if there was zero learning happening.

>> No.4373469

They would if they lost their passion and just want to reach the end without understanding how to play the game.

>> No.4373472

>Keep in mind, I'm not saying that you can't use save states

Neither am I, faggot. You took his example out of context and tried to invalidate his entirely valid argument based entirely on intentional misinterpretation. The point wasn't "it's easy to get infinite lives" it's "even having infinite lives has drawbacks that save states don't." How does "My cousin is retarded and can get infinite lives" qualify as a rebuttal?

>> No.4373475

Let me repeat myself since it's clear that you're having trouble understanding what I'm saying, if you have infinite lives then there's no longer any consequences, just like if you use save states, making them exactly the same.

>> No.4373530

>after his third try
congrats, you proved my point. It takes way more skill than pressing a button you usually have infinite uses for and no skill requirement to use.

Let's look at Sonic, for example. Use a game genie or whatever the genesis had and give yourself infinite lives. Now, when you die in Sonic, you lose your rings, score, and progress.

You're kicked back to either the start of the stage, or the last checkpoint you hit.

If you die here, you lose your rings, and thus your ring bonus, and have to grab what's remaining towards the end of the level. Your bonus at the end is way, way lower, and thus, your score is too.

So yes, there are still consequences even with infinite lives. Perhaps not as immediate as a total game over, but they are definitely there.

Quicksaving however lets you keep your score, progress, and so on and just repeatedly reload until you can progress through the level just fine.

Stop being so absurdly hostile and ridiculous. When you understand what people are saying, then you can talk shit.

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>that Tails
Fuck NO

>> No.4373571

Right. Those are two different situations though. Of course they can be used to just breeze through a game. But using them as a learning tool is still possible.

A person who puts 1000 hours of real practice in a game and uses save states as part of that practice can easily have built more skill at the game than someone who only spent 10 hours but did not. That is what you were disputing and you are wrong.

>> No.4373572

You missed the part where my cousin was inept at playing games in general but I'm more inclined to believe that you ignored it since it poked a gaping hole in your argument. Don't bother replying until you get an actual argument.

>> No.4373575

I thought /vr/ was a board for people who can read but evidently you've proved it isn't. Whoops.

>> No.4373578

>Those are two different situations though.
No, they're exactly the same. If they didn't lose their passion for gaming then they wouldn't be using save states in the first place.

>> No.4373593

That's a baseless assumption. Someone practicing for speed runs clearly hasn't lost passion in the game. You're simply wrong.

>> No.4373621

Welp, I guess this is the level of intelligence I deal with when arguing with cheaters. I had hoped that you'd have been able to maintain the facade of intellect a bit longer but I guess you can only fake average intelligence for so long.

>> No.4373640

I use save states to practice individual levels, then I try to beat the game without them. I don't consider a game beat unless I can clear it without getting a game over and without using save states.

>> No.4373661

Practicing with save states =! TAS run

The purpose of using save states to practice is to save time by skipping all of the unnecessary fluff that's irrelevant like loading screens, cutscenes, dialogue, earlier parts of a level, etc.

Using save states to practice isn't cheating. Using save states in an actual run isn't cheating either if it's marked as a TAS.

>> No.4373664

>get sent back to beginning of level
>have to work back to where you died all over again
>possibly die a completely different way in a completely different place

>save before death
>pick up seconds before
>lose no progress, redo nothing

These are not the same thing. You boiling this down strictly in terms of whether you're allowed to retry is an oversimplification. I'm not having any difficulty with anything other than getting this distinction through your thick skull.

>> No.4373678

I saw a Quake speedrunner fall off a ledge and was forced to restart the entire level because he literally didn't know where he was and which way the exit was, the way someone who had actually played the game properly would know.

He might have run that route 1000 times but he was helpless when he fucked it up and ended up taking even longer to redo his optimal route from scratch than it would have to simply finish the level from the point of his fuckup.

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Hurling insults doesn't help you make any kind of point. The fact that learning can happen while using save states is self evident, speed runners often use them to practice specific sequences and perfect techniques. So you claiming otherwise is simply wrong. So let's use an example.

Take Comix Zone and two players.

The first player has an emulator with a USB Genesis controller and save state at every panel in the game. It randomly selects one and he then practices it for a full 100 hours. Over and over, just that panel. After the time it randomly selects another until he's done that with each panel. That whole time he never plays through the game normally, he never even progress from one panel to the next in sequence. All he did was practice the save states.

The second player does none of that. Maybe he plays something else for that several thousand hours, maybe not. Whatever it is, it's not practicing playing Comix Zone with save states.

Now take player 1 and player 2, put them a room with a Genesis and the game. The essence of the argument you are making to me is that player 1 would not have learned anything or have an advantage.

You are wrong. I am sorry you hate the word, but it's a fact. After all that practice player 1 would have a massive advantage of both general muscle memory for the game's mechanics but also practice in every situation. He would have a far, far faster time clearing the game than the one who had never played it.

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>When you use save states, you're only better than people who never played the game.
Wow, what a stunning argument.

>> No.4373784

>infinite lives is different than infinite lives
This is basically what you're saying. I don't know if this was the best you could've come up with but please put more thought into your next response.

>> No.4373786

>The purpose of using save states to practice is to save time by skipping all of the unnecessary fluff that's irrelevant like loading screens, cutscenes, dialogue, earlier parts of a level, etc.
Isn't that what the fast forward function is for?

>> No.4373798

You were the one claiming otherwise. I found it sad it needed to be spelled out in such detail for you.

>> No.4373812

Y'know, not many people would admit to having poor reading comprehension, so I guess the least I can do is commend your honesty.

>> No.4373817

Not true. I was practicing Contra to git gud enough to 1cc years ago and I made a save state at the beginning of every level with only 1 life and no powerups. I used this to git gud at each stage individually until I could run the whole game.

>> No.4373828

So you know how to memorize the optimum inputs without actually knowing how to play the game.

I bet you couldn't 1cc the game if you tried now that you've forgotten how to stumble into victory.

>> No.4373829

For the autists: Is there a fundamental difference to you between putting in the password to face Mike Tyson and having a savestate at the start screen for the first round?

>> No.4373832

I'm not sure if this is one guy trolling the rest of the thread or two people trying to troll each other.

>> No.4373835

Faggot, I can 1cc it in my sleep now, the game gives out extra lives like candy. I'm trying to do it in one life (furthest I made it was Energy Zone, made a stupid mistake)

I also don't know "optimum" inputs, I have a safe route that I know I can consistently perform. Also Contra throws enemies at you randomly so there's no possible "optimum" way to play it

>> No.4373836

It's probably the same 2 autists from the last thread.

>> No.4373837

If you load a state the random number generator will be in the same state it was when you loaded state, so enemy behavior and such will be identical each time, whereas with a password the RNG might be set to something different each time.

I'm not sure if this matters in the specific case of Mike Tyson's Punch Out, though.

>> No.4373839

It's about the most blatant baiting I've ever seen, so it's hard to imagine someone is really falling for it. But you never know.

>> No.4373841

I don't even know where you're trying to go with this now, but on the point we were discussing you've been shown to be absolutely wrong and tacitly agreed. >>4373782 That's all I was interested in.

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the absolute irony

>> No.4373847

This guy already lost the last thread and now he wants more (You)s. Should have waited until the thread was less fresh in everybodies memory. Now it's just stale.

>> No.4373848

What if you save at an in-between screen, so you have to press a button after loading the state to start the level.

You won't press the button on the same frame every time, so the RNG calculations should be different when you're put into the game.

>> No.4373854

To be fair, if people knew how to not take the bait this thread wouldn't have close to 100 posts with only 30 unique IP's.

>> No.4373856

Y'know, just saying you won isn't the same as actually winning.

>> No.4373858

If that's how the RNG state is calculated and you don't hold start as you load state or whatever then it should be exactly the same.

>> No.4373862

You're really overestimating the resolve of the average 4chan user. I could fucking make a save states thread and it'd probably end up reaching bump limit shortly after this thread officially died.

>> No.4373874

I know, that's why I wrote a detailed post describing why I was right. >>4373679 I used an extreme example to prove the point, but it's proven all the same.

If you want to continue your claim that players 1 would not have an advantage over player 2 then explain why.

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Made my fucking night

>> No.4373884

Your post was basically a long-winded excuse as to why you cheat in games and now that you're backed into a corner, you try to waste my time repeating arguments that was already proven wrong earlier.

You lost, it happens, shame you can't use save states IRL for the perfect argument but learn from your mistakes and try again later.

>> No.4373887

That's not a counter argument. You're the one who says calling wrong wrong wrong doesn't mean anything. If you disagree with the point that the player using save states learns to play the game then go ahead and do so.

>> No.4373890

Do you really need me to spell out what you did wrong? Because I already explained it here >>4373782. Take a minute and really read what I said, instead of getting defensive because I called you wrong.

>> No.4373908

I said it was an extreme example to prove the point. He would also be much better than most other comix zone players and almost certainly clear it his first try.

But that's beside the point, even if he was only a tiny smidgen better I would still be right.

You need to proove he didn't learn at all to win, that's the whole crux of what this is about. Go for it if you disagree.

>> No.4373925

>He would also be much better than most other comix zone players and almost certainly clear it his first try.
He really wouldn't, which is why you had to have him go up against someone who had never played the same game for the cheater to actually come out ahead.

I mean, it's easy to claim you're the best when you have nobody of equal skill to compare yourself against. If that's what you want then fine but just don't get too salty when those thousands of hours of "practice" ends up doing you nothing in the end while the dude who put in less time ends up being much better than you by default.

It's not that you're inept, you just haven't taken the training wheels off yet.

>> No.4373938

You're stilk not trying to disprove the point. Less deflecting.

>> No.4373953

What point was that again? That a baseball player will be shittier than a basketball player at rugby if neither of them practice?

Try paraphrasing it for me in three sentences or less, it won't make the argument stronger, which is why I suspect you'll start deflecting now that you're getting backed into a corner.

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File: 355 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-11-03-19-04-53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So now your defense is that you're too stupid to follow your own conversation?

Smooth move. You're not this super special retard are you?

>> No.4373992

>subhuman phone poster

>> No.4373997

>phone poster
Wow, no wonder you're so dumb.

>> No.4374268

Its not like you get a different ending if you dont use save states. Who the fuck cares?

>> No.4374285

I honestly can't dumb this down for you any further.

If you can't or are unwilling to see thr distinction I've pointed out, then you're obtuse at best and an idiot at worst.

Either way it's poor form to try and rephrase what people say and attack that instead of actually addressing what they did say. I wish I could say you're not doing this intentionally but considering this is exactly what you were doing back at the start of this argument I can only conclude you are.

>> No.4374314

Stop replying you dumbass, he's baiting

>> No.4374415

>You're dumb
>Can't even spell "the" correctly
Also, you can't repeat yourself because your argument was poor and you're backed into a corner.

Infinite lives is infinite lives no matter where they came from and beating a game with no challenge and claiming that it was legit is just laughable.

>> No.4374447

/vr/ be honest, you're not seriously biting this bait are you? It's all for some elaborate ruse to make people believe that you're retarded right? Right?!?

>> No.4374452

On one hand lives are stupid and archaic. On the other, there are games that build its entire atmosphere around the concet of dying or failure, such as most Survival Horrors or Meme Souls.

>> No.4374497

So still no defense at all. Not surprising. The problem with you is all you ever want to do is argue but you are unable to handle ever being wrong. To the point that you start to pretend you're actually so fucking retarded that you need to have it explained to you. It's really strange.

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File: 25 KB, 1258x111, Try again fuckboy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4374509

Fuck sake, when will people learn that doctoring html screenshots is the easiest shit ever.

>> No.4374515

What is that supposed to mean? Are you ever going to stop deflecting and try and disprove the point? Or is your whole defense now that you're too stupid to follow so it's just random weak attacks?

>> No.4374516

When will people realize that it's possible for more than one person to shit on you for being retarded?

>> No.4374519

>What is that supposed to mean?
That you're a retarded phone poster whose ego is so fragile that there can only ever be one person calling you out as such?

I'm not even involved in your argument, I just popped in to call you a retarded phone poster LMAO.

>> No.4374521

Okay yeah if you were one if those replies and it was just a weak "lol u use phone!" troll then there's no more need to reply, this us aimed at the persin this discussion was being had with.

I'll just disregard you and leave it. If he is ever able to disprove the point we'll see then. Painting out I was on a phone is meaningless.

Thanks for wasting time with pointless trolling I guess.

>> No.4374535

>Painting out I was on a phone is meaningless.
It's pretty funny though when you get shit like this with phone posters who think they're actually smart.

>> No.4374541
File: 221 KB, 913x563, lolntitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because I only have one device, right? Your baby tier trolling is of no interest to me. If the other guy can disprove the point, that's all that interests me.

>> No.4374548

It's also funny seeing phone posters get this easily flustered over being called out on their bullshit. What happened, did I bruise that ego? KEK!

>> No.4374554

No I merely pointed out I don't only use a phone. The purpose is to get past the trolling and back to the point in question. Since you are an outsider with nothing to add other than weak trolling over the device used then you're just a waste of space to me.

Until the other guy gets back and ever tries to address the actual point I am done.

>> No.4374557

>The purpose is to get past the trolling and back to the point in question.
Is this your first day on 4chan? The dude was rusing your ass from the start and you were dumb enough to give him (you)'s, even when other people told you that you were being trolled.

Also, you've been "done" for a while now and yet, you're still here.

>> No.4374561

Lol that's nice. We can just see if he ever tries to address the actual point. You shitposting this much because I own a phone is funny.

>> No.4374573

Not nearly as funny as watching you get more and more defensive over the course an hour LEL.

>> No.4374578

You're the one that jumped into the middle of a conversation to troll about phones. Why are you even still replying? Free bumps for me.

>> No.4374584

Save-states seem ok to you know, save the state in long games that for some reason don't have proper save function.
For short games it's just for practice, if you abuse save-states to beat a short game you are cancer

>> No.4374587

>Why are you even still replying?
To watch you become more and more defensive about being called a phoneposter while pretending you're smart on a basket weaving forum.

>> No.4374598

Okay, so still trolling about the fact I own a phone. Good to know you're still on the same track. Stay mad about being poor I guess?

I'm still only interested in the actual question at hand. Mocking you is just keeping it near the top.

>> No.4374606

>I'm just pretending to be retarded.
Sure friend, whatever you need to say to think you're "winning" this "argument." Also, didn't you say you were "done" an hour ago?

>> No.4374625

You keep giving free bumps, might as well make use of them. But yes, I'm waiting for the actual discussion to resume.

You're the one who's kept replying to a conversation you had no involvement over purely because I happen to have a phone. Now this part is funny to me. What upsets you so much that you have to troll over a device this much?

>> No.4374631

Boobage's Grumps

>> No.4374636

You are very attractive but disconcerting uguu ~

>> No.4374642

Including curing life threatening diseases? That's not a very Vishnu sort of thing to do on this family friendly mason's lodge card trading board...?
>Doesn't feel so hot now does it?

>> No.4374646

>calling phoneposter a fag is now trolling

>> No.4374654

Yup weakling trolling is still weak. Haven't even been on my phone for most of this. It's pretty hilarious how upset you are that I even have one. Are you incredibly poor or something?

>> No.4374657

Save states is cheating

>> No.4374660


>> No.4374673

Wouldn't his ego in fact exceed all other life on earth and the inner solar system if that were the case, Spiral Man ?
Oh look a blood moon eclipse, that's...ominous?

>> No.4374707

Pretty much lol. Turns out it's easy to get backed into a corner when you're too retarded to keep track and then need to ask to have the whole conversation reiterated. This thread has been some good good times.

>> No.4374781

Ego isn't the same as Willpower, just like eating nothing but candy isn't the same as having actual nutrition.

>> No.4374785

The thread is one guy getting trolled for hours without catching on lol

Your right this shit is entertaining af!

>> No.4374813
File: 573 KB, 2816x1864, DSCF3446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really is. I love it when a poor person gets so triggered over some stranger owning a cellphone that they try for hours to derail a thread because of it. Indigent people are a sad lot, but they're sure fun to laugh at.

>> No.4374819

The Sega Nomad is so beautiful.

>> No.4374909

I was not the one who was calling you out for phoneposting. And just call it what it is, shitposting for the sake of shitposting.

>> No.4374927
File: 214 KB, 1001x751, eccoDSCF7589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is. Though being honest, the screen kinda sucks, it's clunky and it's hunger for batteries makes it impractical to actually use as a portable. Back in it's time it was pretty amazing, but these days retro gaming on the go is always a PSP or 3DS. Still, I like to keep it around for the kitsch appeal and occasionally play a bit of something on it.

That's what I was doing, I was just having fun with it. Gotta admit, keeping the troll going this long because I happened to post a phone screenshot is pretty hilarious. I suspect he might actually be Mr Appeals getting butthurt again, but it doesn't really matter funny is funny.

>> No.4375187

Biting the bait and saying it was your plan all along is like sucking a dude's dick and saying " no homo."

>> No.4375208

save states are perfectly fine, it's how they're used that determines whether or not they're bad. if they're used by a faggot who cares how others play games then it's bad because everything that faggot does is bad. but if you're playing games and having fun then it's a-okay.

>> No.4375223

>We had the same thread for two days and the same faggots keep giving the same trolls (you)'s.
>They then have the nerve to say that it was intentional.
Listen here you stupid faggot, yes you >>4374813 >>4374927, trolls are going to say whatever stupid shit they want to say in order to get dumb faggots like you to keep giving them (you)'s and as long as you keep giving them (you)'s, they're never going to fucking GO AWAY!

Please, neck yourself and kys before your retardation attracts more morons to /vr/ for easy (you)'s. I've seen this happen too many times and I REFUSE to let it HAPPEN to /vr/ too!

>> No.4375257

>the guy trolling the troll being trolled by the troll is taking my backed into a corner quote from the last thread

get some original content you hack

>> No.4375520
File: 1.53 MB, 2690x3446, lun26_135150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guy you just quoted here. That was just me having fun in response to a shitposter trolling over me happening to have. Then as now I want to get back to the subject at hand where I am absolutely not trolling. Someone was claiming that playing with save states somehow negates the ability to learn >>4373407 >>4373414 which was completely and totally ridiculous.

After he trolling and pretended not to understand repeatedly I outlined an extreme example which proved him wrong >>4373679 he then trolled more and eventually claimed he no longer even knew what he was talking about.

His idiocy there was so extreme I wondered if he was another legendarily stupid poster around these parts, but since I posted that from my phone it attracted a whole other breed of troll.

All that aside though, I am still open if the guy thinks he can actually prove his theory. I would welcome another good laugh.

>> No.4375629

I dont see why wasting your time running from ingame save points to a boss, makes you a better player than someone who save states right before a boss so they dont have to mess around if they need to try again.

>> No.4375632

calm patient execution is the most difficult part of retro games, it also teaches persistence.

>> No.4375647

Sounds like an excuse for a timesink used to artificially increase the length of games.

>> No.4375648

it's not artificial. you are artificially shortening it because you think you are entitled to an easier experience.

>> No.4375660

Fighters are the most challenging genre though and they're neither.

>> No.4375662

you think you don't need calm persistent execution in a fighting game?

>> No.4375668
File: 50 KB, 406x364, 1351318245136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>entitled to an easier experience
>artificially shortening it
>thinks literally running is engaging gameplay

>> No.4375670

If all you have to do is run then how did you die in the first place?

>> No.4375678

Youre confused.

>> No.4375680

If all you have to do is run then how did you die in the first place?

>> No.4375683

Didnt even make you double take and read what I actually said in original post.
Confusion turned trolling.

>> No.4375687

>thinks literally running is engaging gameplay

If all you have to do is run then how did you die in the first place?

Why are all you ESLs so fucking dumb?

>> No.4375702

>says same thing again
Literally retarded. The time waste is running from a save point to the boss after a game over, If you use a save state you cut out that boring tedious running and can try the boss as soon as you fail, Saving time and time is money so, basically what im saying is people who save state are saving money. What is the difficulty in understanding that?

>> No.4375704

So you think you're entitled to cheat?

>> No.4375708

Oh I see, You think because youre willing to put up with time wasting everybody else should too.
Call it a fan mod, Improves the old outdated shitty save system.

>> No.4375713

So you think you're entitled to cheat. That's literally what you just said.

That's fine I guess but it seems to me and everyone else that you're just an entitled crybaby that wants everything handed to him.

>> No.4375718
File: 22 KB, 275x200, 1509294645729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it seems to me and everyone else
>and everyone else
>you're just an entitled crybaby that wants everything handed to him.
Oh I see, You think because youre willing to put up with time wasting everybody else should too.
>literally running

>> No.4375719

Oh I see, you think because you're a crybaby that imagines your time as being so valuable (yet you play old games and shitpost on 4chan) that you can't be bothered to actually play.
>literally entitled

>> No.4375734

I hate myself for recognizing this.

>> No.4375747


You were done 10 posts ago.

>> No.4375752

If running is that hard then why did you die?

>> No.4375759
File: 80 KB, 850x850, 1508791255937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4375762

So now that you've run out of counter arguments all you have is insults? Typical of an entitled crybaby.

>> No.4375902

How did a troll get fed this much?
Even worse is that I felt compelled to read the whole thing.

>> No.4375921
File: 30 KB, 256x224, Super Star Wars_Aug19 17_08_10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually yes, having considered it you're right. You're at your best when you're calm and precise despite them being so fast paced and seeming chaotic.

It's a genre particularly where you don't have to play through them though the story mode to get good though. I'm very good at them and have always hated the single player "normal" modes.

It doesn't really matter what mode you're playing a game in, what matters is the effort you're putting into it. For sure someone could just mash buttons and save state every 2 seconds to brute force through a game and never learn a thing. But someone could also save state and practice with the intent to learn (which is what speedrunners do). The save states aren't the important part, it's the intent that's important.

So I can see where if someone just wanted to practice a boss they would see playing through the level each time a waste. More time just focused on the boss without the distraction of the level would help learning it's pattern faster. But replaying the level each time will build more consistency. But if they were only playing for an hour for example, it might mean facing the boss 10 times vs 100 times. Which is more useful is debatable I think. Either way they spent an hour practicing and gaining better muscle memory and skill at controlling the game.

>> No.4376012

Do you giggle to yourself and think you "showed that guy" after you post images like that? Do you think that's the sort of image a legit adult posts?

>> No.4376228

No, see, the guy was just pretending to feed the troll to laugh at him, not actually feeding him (you)'s at all.

>> No.4376296

>It doesn't really matter what mode you're playing a game in, what matters is the effort you're putting into it

This guy gets it.

>> No.4376390

That was me and it was only because he was trolling about cellphones of all things. Then as now I've wanted to get back to the actual discussion.

To me it's only logical. And really, unless you really are just totally mashing randomly I find it hard to imagine not learning anything at all.

>> No.4376621

>he was trolling



>> No.4376628

t. autismo

>> No.4376637


>> No.4376638

t. extremely self-injuringly autistic poster

>> No.4376641
File: 139 KB, 640x960, 1509000747159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty wild tu quoque strawman to justify cheating you have there.

>> No.4376821

>yet another textbook long post with a snide condescending undertone
Getting real sick of this shit here...

>> No.4376841

>If you load a state the random number generator will be in the same state it was when you loaded state

That depends on how the game was programmed.

>> No.4376871
File: 233 KB, 316x354, 1508890502677.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying this is an argument
>literally running

Like i said you lost 10 posts ago, Everything that happened after wasnt an argument, Its just you trying to save face after you tried saying running is integral game play.

>> No.4376879

>I personally don't like to run because it's too easy yet simultaneously too hard so I cheat to get past it

that's fine man but you're wrong because those games are meant to be played with the "running"

>> No.4376896

Maybe they are meant to be played that way but just because some nip dev though it would be a good idea to make you run doesnt mean it is
>outdated save system
>prolonging the time the boss takes by having to run a linear path everytime you need to retry
Save states save time, It doesnt make the game easier. There is nothing about holding forward that is difficult unless you consider boredom and tedium difficulty and if thats the case then walking simulators would be right up your alley.

>> No.4376915

>It doesnt make the game easier.
You're a dumb fuck.

>> No.4376919
File: 11 KB, 184x175, 1242765046909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant believe I have to try and explain how unimportant running to get back to the fun part is. What is this? Fucking amish retro consolers?
>the devs put it in, its integral game play, its not a timesink reeeeee
>theres only one way
>the original way
>save states are cheating
>even though it still requires you to play the actual game to be able to use said save states

>> No.4377109

I explained it pretty simply. Plus as I said have been wanting to get backnto the actual discussion now. >>4375921

You want less trolling, great. Let's drop it.

>> No.4377114

I had to make it extreme to prove the point because he was insisting otherwise. If you disagree with the content of what I said then go for it. Just calling it snide doesn't mean much.

>> No.4377147
File: 298 KB, 1280x1024, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is this a thing?

Words like "better" player, "worse" player or "cheater" are completely and utterly meaningless in a non-competitive single player environment.

Everybody should enjoy and/or fuck up their single player gaming experience however they please. It is a one man show. One player. Personal preferences always prevail.

You would force competitiveness and arbitrary rules on one person's solitary enjoyment of entertainment media? Gonna judge someone a "better" reader of books, "better" watcher of movies, "better" listener of music? What a load of crap.

I sure hope everybody understands how meaningless this "discussion" was from the beginning and how much of a braindead piece of shit trollbait this kind of forced "competitive" thinking is.

>> No.4377238

>Why is this a thing?
Autism. I don't mean meme autism either, genuine, honest to fucking god autism.

There are nerds out there who are so autistic, so self-conscious, so sad as human beings, that they will try and look for any reason to claim superiority, even if it's something as stupid as save states, lives, video games in general.

Then to make shit worse, they end up attracting trolls, who love poking and prodding the autist in order to gain (you)'s, whihc of course inspires the autist to sperg out and double down on their bullshit, which causes the trolls to poke them more, which creates more (you)'s which inspires more trolls.

This faggot >>4377109 pretty much killed this board, because now trolls know for a fact that if they talk about save states and cheating, they'll get (you)'s hand over first but hey, at least he won an argument over the internet against a dude who wasn't even being genuine in the first place.

>> No.4377372

Sincerely fuck you. I laid out detailed thought out reasons why using save states can be a valid learning tool, specifically to stop the trolling. It's the other one's who engage is useless shit flinging like this >>437575 that ruins things.

The only real "trolling" I was doing was yesterday and that was towards someone shitposting over cellphones.

>> No.4377407
File: 1.52 MB, 1182x880, 1490185342337.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you're playing singleplayer, literally nobody cares. I know people who finished some Warcraft 3 campaign maps with whoisyourdaddy, and who used cheats in GTA because it's more fun for them this way. Nobody cares, doubly so about a feature that PCs have had since I don't care when. You're not playing make believe with pixels to impress someone else in singleplayer, you do it for yourself.

>> No.4377414

I don't use cheats either.

>> No.4377416

>I laid out detailed thought out reasons why using save states can be a valid learning tool, specifically to stop the trolling.
No, you're a sub seventy IQ retard who feeds trolls and wonders why none of them ever go away. Well here's the reason, you're a faggot who wants to have an internet argument because you're probably so inept IRL that arguing with trolls is the only way you can feel superior to anyone, even if you're been beating nothing except your ego.

If you want to stop trolling, stop replying. Either they get bored or they get so unruly that you can report them and the mods will ban them for a few days. Engaging a troll only makes it harder to get rid of them because now, people can't tell if they're just trolling for (you)'s or if they're just that fucking stupid IRL.

But hey, thanks to you, we'll probably end up with daily save states threads until you can't even talk about save states or lives anymore without instant shitposting.

>> No.4377419

>Gonna judge someone a "better" reader of books, "better" watcher of movies, "better" listener of music?

Happens all the time when people shit on braindead double digit IQ tards who can't into basic subtext while reading/watching movies yet still love opening their uneducated mouths and spewing rubbish

>> No.4377426

You will always have these threads as long as he believes he is right. Proving him wrong with logic over and over is the only way to ulimately accomplish that.

If you hate the thread so much, why do you read and reply to it so much? You know where you'll never see me post? Doom threads, because I don't give a shit about Doom. You know what you'll also never see me complain about? Doom threads at the top of the page everyday, because I am happy that other people are here having other discussions.

If you don't like the topic then ignore it, but don't come here and then have a hissyfit and expect not to get a reaction.

>> No.4377441


These threads in a nutshell

>> No.4377454

>You will always have these threads as long as he gets (you)'s.
>Proving him wrong with logic over and over is the only way to ulimately accomplish that.
You don't even understand what trolling is. You can't prove him wrong because being right was never his intentions in the first place, it's all to get (you)'s, that's all he wants. It's arguing with a pile of dogshit, nobody's going to stop you but it's not going to make you look all that intelligent either.
>Blah blah blah let me feed trolls in piece
No! People like you are why /v/, /a/, /co/, etc. are such shitty boards in the first place. If retards stopped feeding trolls, be wouldn't have so many of them in the first place. How about instead, you stop arguing with dogshit and people will stop calling you a fucking retard.

>> No.4377456

Sometimes, the curtains are fucking blue.

>> No.4377485

>People like you are why /v/, /a/, /co/, etc. are such shitty boards in the first place.

Why did you come to 4chan in the first place and why do you still? I've been here a long, long time because to me all of this is fun. The discussion, the banter, the voice of anonymous true opinion...

If you want tight moderation and only certain discussions there are plenty if places you can go.

>> No.4377489

also not looking up guides makes them more enjoyable too. it gives a greater sense of discovery.

>> No.4377492

I somewhat disagree on save states but I totally agree on guides. To me exploring and figuring out the game is the fun part.

>> No.4377496

>The discussion, the banter, the voice of anonymous true opinion...
And tell me, how much of that have you seen ITT? Even someone as moronic as you can see that the guy was just shitposting, and yet, you continued feeding him anyways?
>If you want tight moderation
I don't want tight moderation, I want people to stop being retarded when it comes to giving retards (you)'s while wondering "HURR DURR WHY'S THERE NO GOOD DISCUSSION NO-MO'?

Because retard, loud shitposters drown out and derail every fucking discussion they come across because disrupting a conversation gives them more (you)'s.

>> No.4377515

I open the door for it. Most of the most thought out posts here on the topic were by me.

You accuse me of shitposting, but you're the one here who keeps screaming retard. And again I ask, why are you in this thread in the first place? If you think the whole subject is trolling or pointless, why are you reading it? On the other hand you think it's valid then why aren't you making decent posts on the matter?

And don't try to tell me it's impossible to avoid threads that don't interest you. So what is really your goal here?

>> No.4377518
File: 580 KB, 1879x1879, 1st place.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Most of the most thought out posts here on the topic were by me.
You can't even hide the dick in your mouth anymore can you? Welp, congrats man, you're the smartest retard on the short bus, I award you this trophy, in the hopes that you GTFO before you cause anymore damage than you've already caused.

>> No.4377532

You are actively trying to shut down real discussion with all manner of name calling while at the same time trying trying to paint me as the one ruining things.

Sincerly and truly fuck you.

>> No.4377540

You're feeding trolls while mistaking trolling for genuine discussion. It's not my fault your mother doesn't hug you enough.

>> No.4377563

My mom came over to walk her dog with mine this morning, I gave het a big hug before she left. Again all you are doing is hurling insults while trying to paint me as some kind of villain. So I ask again, if you think this whole discussion is trolling then why are you in the thread replying and so invested in it?

If you care about it then make a decent post, but screaming that I'm bumping a thread you don't like is pretty clear shitposting.

>> No.4377565

Shit man, I just wanted to add my thoughts about the subject and I noticed the last posts have been a huge childish argument.

I mean, I know it's 4chan and all that but /vr/ is supposed to be better than most boards, shame.
You're grown up people ffs, anonymous even.

>> No.4377576

Yeah friend, I'm sure your mom came over just in time for you to save face on the internet. Maybe I was wrong though, maybe you got hugged too MUCH as a child which is why you're so soft.

>> No.4377582

Ohh now I'm to soft? Okay, so again where are you going with this? More shitposting about my upbringing? And why? All you've done is throw insults and then say I am the one who's trolling. Have you said anything of value in the entire thread?

>> No.4377587

So instead of trying to make discussion you add to the complaining? Good plan you have there. Why not give your thoughts on the subject instead and maybe that will become the discussion.

>> No.4377594

Autism Speaks, it's just too bad they never know when to shut the fuck up.

>> No.4377606

Maybe he got his dick hugged by a hooker's mouth too if you know what I mean

>> No.4377607

>Have you said anything of value in the entire thread?
Have you? I understand that you think you're god's gift to modern discussions on a Boston Bukakke Boardroom but all I saw was one dude being trolled for a few hours.

>> No.4377614

I don't need hookers, I'm happily married :)

>> No.4377617

>Boston Bukakke Boardroom

Fucking spit my drink out

>> No.4377618

As if this sperg has enough money to suck his own dick.

>> No.4377623
File: 51 KB, 600x604, pNc0MgY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Happily married
I detect an oxymoron

>> No.4377628

Not to woman.

>> No.4377635
File: 20 KB, 480x480, 14729252_10109051076531894_7733665060596399848_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you think his redneck gutter trash uncle secretly hired a hooker to do it as a present for his 8th birthday party?

Nigga probably took his dick out at random in class and started whacking it to fantasies of Rouge the Bat licking his boycum off her bat titties.

Pic semi-related

>> No.4377641

It's too bad you can't use rotten teeth as currency, otherwise he'd probably be able to afford the hookers that still have their hair.

>> No.4377646

Posts on the actual subject.


Again all you're doing is hurling insults and complaining that the discussion is happening at all. You are the shitposting troll here. And you know it.

>> No.4377653

Ahh so you're one of them. The amount you're shitposting at least makes sense.

Rednecks disgust me.

>> No.4377659

Wow, six "legitimate" posts out of 230+, that sure makes up for everything.

>> No.4377662

You seriously implying this nigga still has any teeth? It's clear from his posts he always has to keep his mouth shut for fear of exposing his granny gums, otherwise he wouldn't be spouting such stupid shit online; he'd realize how autistic he is when others called him out on his ineptitude and keep his mouth shut on the internet too.

>> No.4377669

Nothing worse than someone who hates their own kind.

>> No.4377681

What makes you think I'm a redneck? Usually I'm being called libscum, SJP or shit like that. This is at least a little fresh.

Also nice work trying even harder to move the convserastion off topic again. We're both here, why not discuss it?

>> No.4377683
File: 88 KB, 5000x5000, Cain and Able FE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awww is little baby gonna cwy because his fee-fees are hurt nobody bothered to fully read his shitty posts? =(

>Being too retarded to understand MGTOW

Have fun when your whore of a wife who only married you for a green card dumps your sorry ass and takes your kids and belongings then expects you to keep paying her bills even after she's not letting you sleep on another bed in the same room as her, redneck-kun.

>> No.4377694

There's a reason why the entire thread is turned against you and giving you a speech on all the reasons you suck, you self-hating hick.

No grown ass normal man gives his mother a "big hug" every time she comes to walk the dog. Sure was a long hug too, you sure she didn't eat your ass and fondle your balls while you were gone to help you save face on the internet?

>> No.4377706

I did that merely to show I was sincere in trying to foster actual discussion on the subject at hand. Are you now tacitly admitting that literally all you are doing here is trolling and shitposting with the purpose of shutting down discussion?

I don't live in a country with green cards. We're both native citizens. Here's a tip, insults work less well when they don't relate to the person you're hurling them at.

>> No.4377713

"Mama these meanies on the internet keep making fun of me for having the right opinion, and I need to come up with a good rebuttal!"

"Oh dear, is there anything I can do to help my precious big boy win this argument against the nasty people online?"

"I need to have a good excuse for takin' so long, can you lick my butthole and do my balls, mama? I'll just say I hugged you for a long time which is why it took so long!"

"That's my intelligent anon at work using his brain instead of his muscles! Now pull down your pants, I'll be sure to clean it extra good this time."

>> No.4377721
File: 368 KB, 623x527, Captain America panel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I did that merely to show I was sincere in trying to foster actual discussion on the subject at hand.

All I'm hearing is that you're asshurt people see through your retarded posts to the point nobody really bothers to offer a rebuttal in kind. You sir are a faggot, if you really cared about the topic at hand you wouldn't be bringing your mom, your marriage, and so on into it. On fucking 4chan. It's not trolling or shitposting if it's the truth nigga, and it's funny you think I'm the only one laughing at your sorry ass.

>I don't live in a country with green cards. We're both native citizens.

>Claims to be called a libscum
>Doesn't live in America

Uh-huh. Nice falseflagging, I'm dead certain you're American because no other country could spring somebody this retarded into the gene pool.

>> No.4377743
File: 955 KB, 500x273, mileena-mortal-kombat-animated-gif-13.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not ass hurt about any of this, I am enjoying pointing out that despite all your slurs and insults that you are the troll here. Your sole purpose in this thread and I suspect mostly on this board is purely to shitpost. I pointed out the points of real discussion because I know you can't handle them.

The only thing that actually insults me at all is that you mistake me for being a Yankee. Other than that, watching you stamp your feet, yell faggot and then try to call me a troll is super funny.

>> No.4377749

>Mortal Kombat fan
>Not a yank (yes your kind is typically referred to as yanks, not Yankees, dipshit)

Keep shooting yourself in the foot, friend.

>> No.4377751

>Jim Sterling

>> No.4377757

It's funny how people still pay attention to that faggot after he just gave Mario Odyssey a 7/10.

>> No.4377770
File: 1.51 MB, 300x200, kob50_6058092.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm much more of a King of Fighters fan, but that's a great gif :)

Interesting that you're sticking to your guns with this tactic of refusing to say anything of any value, or even on the subject while calling everyone around you a troll. It's almost like you're being disingenuous!

>> No.4377771

>Man-faced MK girls
>Good gif

King of Fighters is my shit tho

>> No.4377786

I'd never deny the women are ugly as fuck. I think I saved that for the dudes whining about modern games being too PC, anyways it's always fun to watch. Kof is where it's at >>4373391

>> No.4377917

Who said they lost their passion?

>> No.4377987

>Save States are cheating!
So are "strategy" guides.

>> No.4378003

Go play Cuphead, it's boss rush styled casualization is more suited to retards like you.

>> No.4378013

One of these things plays the game for you, the other tells you how to play.

See how those are different?

>> No.4378039
File: 33 KB, 598x448, 1243540349318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>plays the game for you

>> No.4378045

>Undoes all of your mistakes as if you had actually game overed and restored your game by playing it the exact same way up until that point

Are you retarded?

>> No.4378113

It's still not playing it for you, you retarded child.

> this troll thread is in auto-sage now
>feels so perfect

>> No.4378154

No, it's definitely playing it for you. I'm glad I don't feel entitled to cheat in games, like you do.

>> No.4378164

So you're saying you don't even understand what playing a game is. Sounds about right for you.

>> No.4378167
File: 162 KB, 292x316, 1242765316185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

waste time and stay mad nerd

>> No.4378185

If my goal is to test my skills at a video game and overcome the challenges, how am I wasting time? I'd say a bigger waste of time is coasting through games on the easiest difficulty, never really being challenged, just mindlessly drifting through title after title without ever stopping to ask "Why am I bothering if I'm not really playing these games and just cheating my way through them?"

Again, it's not like you really value your time; you're here posting just like I am, so your rationalization holds no grounds in reality.

>> No.4378213
File: 2.64 MB, 320x240, 1338225344367.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>feels that posting on 4chan is wasting time
>so thats what im doing
Using save states saves time aswell as the game. Youre literally wasting time. for no reason other than the one the devs intended.
To make the game feel longer.

>> No.4378221

>feels that playing a game is wasting time
>so you """""""play"""""" them anyways

See what I did there?

>> No.4378225

Yes I knew you would jump on that.
>False equivalence.

>> No.4378228

You knew I would jump on it because any reasonable person would. You feel entitled to an easier experience because if you have to replay parts you get frustrated and quit like a little baby that doesn't get his way.

That's fine. I'm not telling you not to. You just can't seem to accept what you are.

>> No.4378230


You do have a point. It's only wasting your time if you're not having fun. Whatever you do to have fun with a game is what's important.

Same for 4chan.

>> No.4378246
File: 38 KB, 210x251, 1488145169715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasting time like a mong because of some false sense of reward for running around doesnt entitle you to tell other people what they do and how they do it.
>you have to replay parts you get frustrated and quit like a little baby that doesn't get his way.
Sounds like youre projecting. I think you have a complex, I know you arent telling me not to but you are trying to tell me how I play and react to games all because I use save states.
>You just can't seem to accept what you are.
It doesnt matter if you have the patience to repeat tedious crap such as running like the good little drone you are. It doesnt make you any better at the game, and it drives you mad.

>> No.4378252


It's not "all because I use save states", the fact that you do means you are playing that way. It's a simple fact. You aren't using save states to practice an area for your speed running attempts. You're just cheating because you can't handle the difficulty.

It's sad that you still can't accept that not everyone gets frustrated like a toddler. Tell me, how many controllers have you broken because the mean mean, single, lone deranged developer put a bad meanie that you couldn't beat and made you redo ALL that RUNNING? You don't deserve that! You already did that running once!

What a big dumb stupid poopie head lone deranged developer butthead!

>> No.4378259
File: 274 KB, 640x448, puyp1_drac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is at least one case where save states both help you learn and save time.

When I was trying to get good at Puyo Puyo I fought through the lower levels normally, but then made a save state at Zoh Daimaoh and the Prince and would fight them over and over until I was good enough that I beat them regularly.

That was because they were so much more exciting than the lower levels, but now when I play I just start from the beginning and use the early stages for more practice on chains and stuff.

But I have no doubt that playing just the hardest enemies for extended periods sped up my learning and made me better at the game faster.

>> No.4378262

I bet you love long unskippable cutscenes, I bet you love sitting there thinking about all the skill youre about to unleash on the poor game. Also ive never broken a controller

>> No.4378274

>You aren't using save states to practice an area for your speed running attempts.

That is a valid use of save states though.

>> No.4378306

You realize you sound like a complete loser, right?

>> No.4378307

Of course it is. I never said that wasn't. I was saying just the opposite. Reading comprehension.

>> No.4378328

That's cool then, some disagree for some reason. They can be useful when used right. But brute forcing a game with save states will totally make you a shitter at it.

>> No.4378343

Pot, Kettle, Black.

>> No.4378351

You did say it was playing the game for you which isn't true at all though.

>> No.4378353

>Die, Game Over, game restarts
>restore save state
>back to where I was as if the game had been replayed again up until that point

How is this not playing it for you?

>> No.4378359

>die game over
>game restarts
>game screen
>scroll down
>load game
>back to where I was as if the game had been replayed again up until that point

How is this not playing it for you?

>> No.4378361

What are you saying, that using in-game rules and saves is the same thing as cheating with save-states that restore the systems RAM to a previous point?

>> No.4378365

No thats what youre saying. I just pointed out to you that saving and loading the game although it takes longer is the exact same thing youre whining about save states for.

>> No.4378369

but it isn't and I just explained how it isn't. Your mental gymnastics to legitimize your cheating isn't necessary. It's okay for you to cheat, it's only singleplayer.

>> No.4378373
File: 155 KB, 512x512, 1488144684761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls

>> No.4378382

Because the time in between save states is you playing the game... No part of that is the game playing itself in any way.

It's save scumming, sure. But it isn't not playing the game.

>> No.4378386
File: 57 KB, 500x667, ObiWanHS-SWE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who's more the troll? The troll or the troll who trolls him?

>> No.4378389

Save scumming is through systems built into the game, abuse of legit rules that damper the experience.

Save states are external and never intended cheats.

>> No.4378404
File: 12 KB, 320x224, Ecco_the_Dolphin_US_debug_menu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Save scumming as I know it is usually used in roguelikes and it's often not intended to be part of the game. I don't see much of a distinction between using save states to cheat and using cheat menus to cheat, but if you do that's cool.

Using save states is most definitely not something that "plays the game for you" though, that's nuts.

>> No.4378410

Without a save state it would be fully possible to get to the exact same situation that you had "save stated" in, if you played the game in the exact same way. The same can't be said for a roguelike but that is besides the point. This is what the guy is using to defend save states. "I beat it once, I can beat it again. Doing so is pointless, because I've already proven myself. It's just a waste of time." mentality. In this sense, a save state is just playing the game again for him. He's not actually playing.

>> No.4378436

Ooohh I see where you're going with that now. So equivalently when I reloaded a save state in Puyo to skip straight to the end boss, you see it as if the game just played up to that point for me? I wouldn't have phrased it that way, but I would agree with the overall idea if it.

>> No.4378809

>"I got lucky once, it ain't gonna happen again. Trying is pointless, because I've already proven I can't do it without sheer dumb luck. It's just a waste of time to try" mentality

>> No.4378814

That's only one mentality though. Most don't play like that at all.

>> No.4378816

when I was younger that was absolutely how I used save states. I even used the rewind button briefly when I saw it was an option on a PSP emulator. It's a cancer that grows.

>> No.4378828

Well that was you and you while you were younger. I'd hardly call it a cancer even for someone who does like to play that way. So long as they're having fun as dar ad I'm concerned.

>> No.4378873

This thread is still up? How has nobody wised up and left?

>> No.4378927

Because fun :)

Why are you here?

>> No.4378969

To laugh at you.

>> No.4378997

Wow, the thread was so bad the mods actually had to put it on auto-save. If this keeps up people might get banned if they talk about save states and lives.

>> No.4379000

At least this cheater gave up and left when he saw he couldn't possibly win. If only he could savestate his way through an argument.

>> No.4379190
File: 80 KB, 300x300, Lum_and_Family.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the spirit!

>> No.4379348

Most do

>> No.4379863
File: 32 KB, 240x210, 1485470604819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know it might seem like a good idea to base your idea of gamers off of some shared incorporeal thought that "everyone on /v/ except me is a lonely angry virgin" but thats a meme.

>> No.4379870
File: 127 KB, 293x293, 1494513383012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


trolls think they are trolling each other and wasting each others time when all they are doing is wasting their own

>> No.4379876

Nothing is a waste if you're having fun. I don't think you get it at all.

You only think that because it's what you did. Most really don't.

>> No.4379887

Welp, /vr/ is finished, the /v/irgins have arrived.

>> No.4379892

Welcome to 4chan. :)

I've been here all along though.

>> No.4379895

I for one welcome the age of unlimited bait works and ironic shitposting. It makes me feel better knowing that every board is equally shitty, especially a board I don't even visit that much.

>> No.4379901

Glad to know you're having fun on our little forum. Fun is the name if the game.

>> No.4379902

You are the worst piece of trash ever.

>> No.4379905

Yup, nothing like watching pseudo intelectuals shit themselves when they realize how stupid they actually were.

The way I see it, it's better to be an idiot who knows their limitations than a "genius" who thinks he's the smartest person in the room.

>> No.4379906

You should lighten up friendo. Have a little fun with life!

>> No.4379907

Exactly what kinds of thoughts are corporeal?

>projecting this hard

>> No.4379910

I just enjoy a good laugh and watching conversations unfold.

>> No.4379916

You know if your heart most people don't just brute force and never learn anything. You're likely even the guy who admitted it's what he used to do. You're the one projecting lol

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