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Question, fourchumps.

Howcome the PS1 port of Doom is so crappy and cut down, when they managed to port Quake fucking 2 to the system near flawlessly? How the hell did they even do that? They neglected Quake 1 entirely because they thought it couldn't be done, then went and ported it's sequel, perfectly?

Doom General I guess. It boggles my mind that new content is still coming out to this day.

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already got a doom thread over here m8

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Later on down the road, devs figured out ways to use the hardware better. Not too much of a mystery here.

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>ps1 Quake 2
>near flawlessly
I must've got a bad copy

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Wasn't Doom ported really early in the PS1 lifespan? P

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Does he know that there's a flying skull behind him?

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Why is he wearing what looks like biker or generic tough guy clothing instead of actual armor? Also shooting a shotgun with one hand is kinda dangerous and could fuck up your aim.

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But the PS1 port was good.

Rather than be a boring, already-overdone straight port that would get horribly butchered to the limitations of development during the PS1's early days, it did it's own thing with reworked maps and a bunch of new maps thrown in to make up for what was taken out. It made the effort to have a modestly cool lighting system for sectors and even had the same sound design that would later be used for Doom 64, which made everything a lot cooler.

The only things you'd really miss are the replaced levels and the Icon of Sin, SS Soldiers and Archvile enemies. But nobody really cared, because it was a better 1995 PS1 shooter than fucking PO'ed.

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>Also shooting a shotgun with one hand is kinda dangerous and could fuck up your aim

He's like three feet away from the imp, though.

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This guy gets it.
>dat club doom

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There's already a Doom thread, newfriend

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What if they don't want to post in it?

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There's no reason not to
There's been an ongoing Doom thread since /vr/ was created

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>tfw doomfags can't take their shit to /vg/ despite constantly remaking their threads

not a good feel

and don't bother replying, I'm hiding this shit like I do every fucking time

all the fucking time

fuck you doomfags

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Ha ha fuck off. PS1 version ruled.


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Retro games belong on the retro game board

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/vg/ is poison, it's the purgatory of subjects people don't care about, yet can't stop posting about.

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Glad there's some people in this thread with some good taste. I loved the PSX doom as a kid, and I still do. I cherish my doom 64 copy (and still play it) because it's got that nice atmospheric/creepy music and sounds that the psx doom did.

I still love my pc doom, and I will always play it a lot more than the psx one, but I still respect it for what it is. It's not perfect but it is unique and still a good experience. Also the lighting is a big darker and it was modified for many levels, which is cool.

Lastly it had one unique enemy, the nightmare spectre which again made it unique. It wasn't a bad game at all.

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It was a pretty bad port. Then again, every doom console port sucked.

>snes one sucked hard, except the red cartridge was awesome
>im sure there was a 32x one that was shit
>jaguar one was OK, but i don't remember it having any music at all
>probably half a dozen other ones that also sucked

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It had more than one unique enemy you puffed up little cunt. Motherdemon...hello?

Plus, pre existing enemies were reworked, like the arachnotron shooting two bolts at once

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32x Doom actually ran pretty well, given how Doom ran on most PCs of the time.


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