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Ur mom a mediocre

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No, it's an amazing game and series.

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No, it's a great game, but has a few rough corners, but not mediocre by any means. The sequel is amazing, it's more polished and all around better.

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It's pretty great.

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The first one was great, everything since it has been uninspired shit with the same characters and enemies and tired plots. It's gotten almost as stale as Resident Evil with the Chris/Wesker, Leon/Ada subplots.

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The only thing that's aged poorly is the control scheme.

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Ninja Gaiden is the best ninja classic. Too bad they never continued after NES, till PlayStation3.

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2 is the superior game. If you think 2 is mediocre as well, then the series is not for you.

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every time

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you mean Xbox

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a re-release of the xbox original with added content

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its pretty good,tho a bit rough around the edges

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven tho
now that is the GOAT

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Halloween TENCHU thread???

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American ninja looks better, eyes of determination, cool little blurb about honor.

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>there isn't anime in the boxart to appease my weaboo tastes so it's bad

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The original art is awful but the american cover is just ugly as fuck.

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It's not that. It's just the U.S. box art being unadulterated shit in comparison.

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you know nothing of ugly box art if you think tenchu is terrible

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Nope, the game is still fantastic with the only caveat being the archaic, digital control scheme. The snow area, Manji temple, border crossing and seaport stage has some of the best atmosphere and music in any game to date.

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At least you can tell the Suikoden 1 US cover was illustrated by someone accustomed to doing Western fantasy art. Those character designs aren't ugly, just completely unsuited for a JRPG.

Tenchu US does look terrible, both design-wise and in technical execution.

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I was pretty disappointed with Tenchu2 when it came out. No music. Weird daylight levels. A lot of linear levels. It was certainly more polished than the first Tenchu, but it missed almost everything that made the first one good.

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>me on the top left

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That suikoden cover always made me think of Dune

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me too, mostly because of the guy on the right

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I'd call it underrated/forgotten gem but it's more like the sequels took a shit on its good name and people stopped giving a fuck

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The sequels, at least the Ps2 ones, are also great.

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Tenchu 1 and 2 are absolutely awesome. I remember a friend of mine borrowing me his copies and I sucked ass at these games. Then that friend came over and for the first time I was baffled from watching someone play a game with skill.

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I've clocked many enjoyable hours playing tenchu 1 and 2. And even 3 I think. I've found it more enjoyable with friends. I'd love to see some more tenchu things but I hope they'd keep to the simplicity of the originals.

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I used to have the debug code memorised. As a result I don't think I ever played it properly, I just fucked about.

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the map maker in one of the games was tonnes of fun too

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No, both the PS1 games are reeeally good. If you're patient with getting used to the tank controls, you're gonna have a good time.

Tenchu 2 is a great example of what a quality sequel is supposed to be. It adds to what the first game was without fucking with the original formula. Great games.

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tenchu 3 was my favorite game as a kid, i later played 1 and 2 and both were great, i love how dark the atmosphere is in these games. occasionally they even delve into horror territory like the manji cult mission, or the graveyard stage in tenchu 3 where you have to use the sword that drains your health.

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it makes me think of old school dungeons and dragons books, manuals, and dungeon guides

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Is debug mode the best cheat code ever?


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tenchu is trash I honestly don't understand how people like it. The controls are so bad.

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The best thing about this game were the cheats you can get 99 of any item, play any sound or music track from the game, teleport, place enemies anywhere in the map and even controller them with another controller which lead to a kind of pseudo two player. It was a lot of fun I remember to mess around and see what you can do with the game b

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I played through Tenchu 1 recently, having never played it before and was surprised by how good it was. I think it does stealth better than a lot of modern games like Dishonored etc.

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Loved that stage so much.

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thats cool. I wish I had a copy of it still. I had acquired a copy of the first game in a wholesale lot and then quickly sold it for some reason... this was back in 2012 when I first started collecting PS1 games as a hobby

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It isn't retro but Tenchu 3 was the best. I played 1-3 and also a demo of Z.
I actually liked the no music. Especially after they lose sight of you and that little bit of music plays. It made things more intense.

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Most important, which one?
She's 14 in that game.

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>love first person stealth games
>never played a third person stealth game
>still too scared to try

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yes it is, but i still like it.

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Surely the thigh highs are lewder.

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Maybe this helps.

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>red thong in lieu of white panties
Did the localizers misinterpret the memo?

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my first weeb game along with Final Fantasy 7.

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dat ass!

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Tenchu is an experience, not just a really fun game. The music is to die for!

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was this an unlockable costume for Ayame in the first game?

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Yes, but it needs to be either the US version or the second JP release of the game.
You need to have the armor item, then at the item screen then enter left, left, down, down, square, square, triangle, circle.

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The gameplay and level design is really good.
The mandatory fighting game boss fights in a game that rewards the player for never using and learning the combat system and which force the player to take an inventory full of grenades instead of cool gadgets is really bad. It averages out to mediocre.

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