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Pic related for me.

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B-but I played B-Wings quite a lot on this pirate cart I had along with Goonies, Sky Destroyer and Pooyan?

I guess I could also mention Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for the NES.

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Super Mario Bros 2 US version

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Turok 2
Chrono Cross

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Tales of Phantasia.

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Bahamut Lagoon

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Seeing that old school multicart select screen brings tears of joys to my eyes.
Speaking of which, Circus Charlie was always a favorite of mine. Great arcade platformer.

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Don't get me wrong, B-Wings is one of my favorites shmup, it's just that it doesn't get enough love from people

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Easily my favourite game in the series.

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Spider-Man Sinister Six
The Thing

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I love B-Wings.
It's the only Famicom cart I own. The ending is great.

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I love it too, and many other scroll shooter games.

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The master is actually really versatile and fun to control.

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Ya i wasnt a fan..

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I like this one, I have it on my chinese famicom multicart
I am glad my dad got it for me, has many nice jap only games
Circus Charlie is another favorite of mine

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Specifically this version. Everybody else may be right to rip on the gimped SNES version but I played the shit out Shaq Fu on Genesis. Great Graphics, Great Music, Deliberate Gameplay setting it apart as not just another Street Fighter Clone and Cool Characters - even Shaq, because is a kung fu fighting basketball player really any stupider than characters in lots of other fighting games?


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Super Bonk 2
Zenki Battle Raiden
Mr Heli
Mortal Kombat 4 (fun and fast as fuck)
Chiki Chiki Boys
Tenchi Wo Kurau (the first one)

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Another one world be DK 64

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I've never even seen someone else around here who's played it.

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I really enjoyed Tales of Phantasia.
Too many random encounters, but overall good fun.

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I'll one up you, I like the GBA version.

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I enjoyed it a great deal also, even the fishing levels. Second one was stupid as fuck though.

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Donky Kong Country 3. Pls no bully.

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DK3 is my favorite of the trilogy.

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I actually enjoy this game.

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WOW, can you elaborate on why? What exactly is it you like about this game?

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I dont know, but i like the apple version better than the genesis version. Even though i play the gen version more often. I also like street fighter 2010 and sonic spinball, so it could be a difficulty level thing?

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Sonic Spinball I've never understood the dislike. Then again, I love every single video pinball game I've ever played.

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agreed, sonic adventure (1) is my fav too

And for some odd reason nobody seems to have played D2, which I think is awesome, even if the ending is bad, the way to there is extremly well made and the way the game goes there can only be a bad ending.

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Its a rather difficult game even for a pinball game.

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I dont like pinball games but I love sonic spinball. Mixing pinball and jump n run was really clever. But the dark brutal vibe and the sounds and music make it just the best sonic game for me

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Wouldn't say love, but I really like Prince of Persia 3D, it's just a shame that they didn't do good bugtesting

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I know it's not exactly your responsibility, but can you try to sell me on Sonic Spinball? I tried it very quickly once and it just seemed slow and awkward to control. I wanna like it and I don't get what people who do see in it.

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Nowadays it's hard to sell it I guess. But lets try: You can always control the direction of the ball/sonic like in any jump n run. The levels are actual worlds, not just a flipper table. So there are real switches, sewer pipes and gates hindering your progress. And each of the 3 gems can be hidden like a riddle in the world, where you have to think how to reach it. Each level has a unique, weird and fitting boss. And after each level except the last there is a unique bonus game. And there are alot of unique gameplay elements combining jump n run and pinball. I never finished it and stage 3 is a bit boring due to the level sprites (purple computer machine...). And finally the sounds and music are pretty good.

If you are more into pinball than jump n run, I recommend devils crush.

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And i enjoyed your mom pussy

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Starfighter Sanvein
Devil Dice
Monster Party
The Guardian Legend

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Prince of what?

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I thought Sonic Spinball was awesome, and I'm surprised to see so many people saying they didn't like it.

I also like Gauntlet 4 on Genesis. It's the best Gauntlet game I've played.

Monster Party is pretty decent. Faxanadu has its glaring flaws, but it's not terrible and certainly has a unique feel, for NES at least. My favorite NES game that is often overlooked is Legacy of the Wizard.