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Can you get to that floating island without using the cannon?

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>playing n64 games unfiltered

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>playing any game with a filter
Absolute plebbitry. Commit sudoku, faggot.

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They really should make a N64 plug-in that upscales the textures to be the same consistent size, it's the only way unfiltered N64 would stand a chance of looking any good.

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>not going with the original look, as the devs intended
What's even the point?

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Hipsters are going to play fucking everything pre-2000 unfiltered, so at least give them the consistent texture size so that they don't look like complete retards trying too hard to appear old school.

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>he forgot that people who played the original games as kids are now emulating those same games unfiltered
Wanna know how I know you're a newfag?

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>playing on anything but a real N64

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>playing N64 games at all

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yes, but not from there

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There are multiple ways you can do it.

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You can just jump to it from the side of the mountain. It's just off camera.

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not that easy. try it.

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Hey guys, can you get up there?

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>devsintended meme
Devs probably INTENDED game to be mindblowing piece of full HD 3D-art with millions of polygons, but they couldn't realize that vision because of fucking hardware limitations, you fucking idiot.

People on this stupid-ass board think that game devs are some fucking wizards with infinite money, time and no technical limitations.
End product is not necessarily what developers INTENDED, it's what came out after rush to meet deadlines (many games are rushed for a Christmas release), budget cuts, content cut because they couldn't find a way to make it fun or within technical boundaries, and nothing has to be reworked from scratch to appease marketing, licencees, publishers or any other suits.

If final product is always how the "developers intended" then how come Superman 64 exists?
How come one of former Traveller's Tales devs is making videos as Gamehut about how he is reworking Genesis version of Sonic 3D Blast to be more in line with what they originally wanted game to be?

Suck a fuck, jesus christ. I hate this stupid bullshit by these idiots who don't understand that nothing is perfect, nothing is sacred and everything is flawed, and trying to fix these flaws is NOT a bad intent.

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lmao at your life! Stay assmad!

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Dayum, I agree with you but you need to chill a lil' bit.

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I mean, I'm just tired of this stuff I see being repeated CONSTANTLY by morons who have no idea what game development is like.
It's used to justify ANYTHING. Disdain for modding, for using saves, for using emulators, for people who like crisp pixel art... I guess sheer negativity of these morons just accumulated and now just giving it back.

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Texture resolutions are designed with resolution, lighting, and other technical limitations in mind. You can only design the textures for hardware that exists, otherwise you can't preview it.

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just ignore them, these plebs are equivalent to audiophiles, their shit opinions are the product of a feedback loop caused by a deadly combination of marketing and nostalgia

have a (you)

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Is this a screen of some emulated bullshit? What the fuck this sickens me.

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I didn't know Donald Trump browsed 4chan

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Why the fuck would you ever do this.

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I kind of like the way n64 games look without the filter

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I mean shit motherfucker dat nigga be cray, dat nigga writin' dat fuckin science class essay bout nuclear physics, dat nigga be tripping harder than white people dancin' (cool it, Becky, I only be playin'), dat nigga finna shoot up a school, dat nigga mad as hell, dat nigga be throwin' dat motherfuckin' shade on dat ass, dat nigga be beatin dat space bar up harder than white boy and his cousin.

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kek good post

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Somebody's been watching The Wire too much.

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Thanks, I thought I had to triple jump or long jump from the top of the mountain.

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Ugly graphics don't ruin gaming playability. If any of you care about the graphics quality enough to complain about not using filter. Why don't you go play on PS4, Xbone, Geforce GTX. This is not the forum for graphic fan kids. Instead focus on trying to answer the question. There's people who likes to play the game who is trying to finish it and others who just likes to look at and complain . YT is great for those.

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do you have more mario 64 webms?

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The game looks shit unfiltered due to how small the textures are.

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And also it's a launch title.

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lmao, my sides!

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I haven't seen so much retarded shit since a long time.

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Hey guys, can you get up there?

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Gonna need sauce on that image

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sure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54iInYhelg4

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I really like that there's different ways to get stars.

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i'm pretty sure i'm playing the worst version of super mario 64
Japanese version 1 (not shindou)
i wanna get shindou so bad tho but i already have the game so its like damn

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What's the difference? The only thing they added was Peach's voice clips

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Shindou has all of Mario's voice clips (with some pitch differences) and the obvious rumble pak support.
Oh, and a easter egg on the intro.

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Unless you're a collector there's hardly any reason to switch, the only serious bug in version 1.0 is the sound glitch that might soft lock the game when collecting the 100 coin star inside the pyramid in Shifting Sand Land.
>easter egg in the intro
Never heard of it. What is that?

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You press Z or R (can't remember) and the SM64 tiles become Mario's face.

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Very cool, I didn't know that!

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I agree with you 100% and appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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>artists are too stupid to make designs with technical limitations in mind

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You forgot the frog pic my angsty youngling

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>implying artists always want technical limitations

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Shindou edition has the smoothest framerate of all versions
japan 1.0 has the worst

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geez, i saw this thread yesterday and thought it'd be dead after a hand full of posts. it was a simple question, people,

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>Suck a fuck


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Is the rumble any good?

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Did you make this?

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no, it's a repost

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Is Mario 64 the ultimate game of hidden shit that probably all of it still hasn't been discovered to this day?

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Thank you angry anon.
>Devs probably INTENDED game to be mindblowing piece of full HD 3D-art with millions of polygons
Just look at all of the renders for Mario 64. This is what it was intended to look like.

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these renders where technically limited too

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I don't see what you mean.
Like, the lighting?

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look at marios mouth when hes being burned

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It only takes half an A-press.

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I'm sure japanese kids found out about it, you just press Z at the title screen.

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half a-press of what?

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Howd they fit so much GAME on an 8mb rom?

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you will google commentated watch for rolling rock in half an a press

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I'm willing to bet Link to the Past still might have something undiscovered

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Theres no way
Not with all the autism surrounding it