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Was the dreamcast actually as good as people say or is it just love for a past console manufacturer?

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A bit of both. Most of its good games were arcade ports or were later ported to other systems.

There are lots of reasons the system failed and it is honestly shocking it sold 11 million in a little over a year given the state Sega was in. It was less a case of the Dreamcast failing and more a case of Sega finally succumbing after investing so much in a system that would have had to have PS2 levels of success to save Sega as a console manufacturer.

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Arcade perfect ports and a large handful of original classics. The controller isn't the greatest, but it still has a large collection of games that still hold up today.

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I like it a lot because of it supports VGA and it's easy to burn games for. I wish the PS2 library could have been traded places and been in 480p with easy to burn discs

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I prefer my setup with my PS2 where I just put the games on the drive in the PS2. DC piracy is easy, tho.

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Great console. Great games.
Shit controller.

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I use open loader too. I just wish the ps2 library had more 480p support

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Dreamcast was awesome for its time but nothing special now.

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It was a cool console that stood as a 6th gen device, had a shitload of great games, and it had the comfiest startup menu ever to grace a console.

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It's an awesome console. I've been collecting a lot of games for it. The controller looks & feels great. The VMU and Jump Pack are amazing to have. Playing House Of The Dead 2 on my CRT TV is amazing.

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kind of both

it amassed a pretty impressive library in just two years though

it was a transition console like the Turbografx, though, so it had the weakest graphics of its gen

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>it amassed a pretty impressive library in just two years though
And it kept building up until 2007.

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The Dreamcast had (probably) the best launch in the history of consoles, but died anyway because of extraneous factors. The library is less developed than most other "successful" platforms, but just like the GBA, it did a lot with its short time.

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>The Dreamcast had (probably) the best launch in the history of consoles


is probably true.

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I just got one recently.
It's got awesome games. Skies of Arcadia, Sakura Wars, Seamen, Shenmu, etc. I have the Jap Ver.
Controller is awful, though. And the console is loud as fuck. You simply can't play it if someone in the room is trying to sleep. The disc reader screeches at you every 10 seconds.

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For me it hit all the right notes. Its glaring weakness was the lack of RPGs, but fuck it, that's what the PS2 is for.

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I do like the controller, but it had some serious issues. I had to sand the hell out of the thumb stick and D pad after getting blisters.

also, I broke one of the triggers playing Jet Set Radio. the only time I have EVER had a first party controller break on me

feels very nice to hold, though

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>controller is awful
If you have small hands.

>the console is loud as fuck
Loud? LOL Maybe if you had super hearing. Us normal people don't consider the Dreamcast being "loud".

>You simply can't play it if someone in the room is trying to sleep.
That's what living rooms are for, dumbass. Consoles aren't meant to be in bedrooms if you have a girlfriend or wife living with you. But my guess is, you live with your brother & share a room with him, having your consoles in that room because your mom & dad don't want you playing that in the living room. You may as well play in the basement or attic unless you're scared.

>The disc reader screeches
You may as well be playing on an emulator. It's obvious that your ears are too sensitive to hearing.

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Deep breaths, anon. In, out, in, and out...

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>Loud? LOL Maybe if you had super hearing. Us normal people don't consider the Dreamcast being "loud".
Now you know that's a load of horseshit. The dreamcast is loud. Period.

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Blisters eh? Broken trigger? You probably were playing too long & too hard. I only spend 1 or 2 hours on Dreamcast daily, at least when I was younger anyways. I tend to do other things during the day back then, besides going to work, I would usually spend my time going downtown, meet women, go on dates, hang out with friends. Never had a blister nor broke anything on that controller during that entire time. I still play my Dreamcast, but I don't spend too many hours playing.

Of all those games, I own...
>Jet Grind Radio
>Tony Hawk Pro Skater
>Chu Chu Rocket
>House Of The Dead 2
>Crazy Taxi
>Power Stone
>Power Stone 2
>Soul Calibur
>Virtua Fighter 3
>Marvel Vs Capcom 2

I'm still working on getting those other games.

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Yes probably. It probably wasn't as popular as it could have been, because of poorly made games?


Nintendo 64

Hitachi SH-4 32-bit RISC @ 200 MHz
R3000 @ 33.8688 MHz
64-bit NEC VR4300 @ 93.75 MHz

16 MB RAM, 8 MB video RAM, 2 MB audio RAM
4 MB Rambus RDRAM (8 MB with Expansion Pak)

100 MHz PowerVR2, integrated with the system's ASIC
Integrated video card?
SGI RCP @ 62.5 MHz

Nintendo 64 Game Pak, Magnetic disc

Units sold
9.13 million
102.49 million
Nintendo 64
Worldwide: 32.93 million[4]
Japan: 5.54 million
Americas: 20.63 million
Europe & Australia: 6.75 million

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>Deep breaths,
Maybe you need deep breaths if the Dreamcast bothers you that much.

>Now you know that's a load of horseshit. The dreamcast is loud. Period.
You have it backwards, you're full of horseshit & it shows. Dreamcast isn't that loud. Unless you're living out in the boonies in a quiet house, the Dreamcast isn't that loud.

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Is the Dreamcast the loudest console?

It's certainly the loudest console that sold over a million.

I'm not talking about some weird setup where you take a console and plug in every conceivable peripheral, I just mean you open the box, take a common game that everybody identifies with the system, combine the game with the out-of-box setup, and start playing.

Cause the Dreamcast is louder than even the original PS3.

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You obviously don't own an original PS3. The Dreamcast isn't loud at all. So unless you have your TV set to mute, living in a very quiet neighborhood, or have super hearing, it's not that loud.

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2 of my 3 Dreamcasts had their controller ports fried. I had to replace the resistors on each one. 4 controllers with 4 rumble packs (some 3rd party) isn't a good idea.

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Yes I do, it sounds like a turbojet when it starts cooling itself. It's much louder than my computer despite the fact that my computer produces more heat.

The Dreamcast is loud as all fuck. It's much louder than any normal TV volume and neighborhood combined and anybody with impaired hearing can notice cause they're trying to listen to the game.

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PS3 fan is loud but it's still white noise. Dreamcast sounds like a loud printer.

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>Unless you're living out in the boonies in a quiet house, the Dreamcast isn't that loud.
>anon lives next to a major freeway
Might wanna check with a doctor anon, you might have some hearing damage.

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it has a VERY impressive library given the fact that it lasted less than two years. these days, it takes a console 2-3 years until they get a decent library going

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3rd party accessories are terrible. Always buy a 1st party brand accessory.

>loud printer
Now you're just exaggerating. LOL My advice is that you should get your hearing check. It's not normal to hear things that are supposedly louder than the volume of a surround sound stereo.

>Hearing damage
My hearing is just fine. I'm not the one claiming that the Dreamcast sounds like a turbojet.

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I didn't say the Dreamcast sounds like a turbojet. I said the PS3 sounds like a turbojet.

The Dreamcast is LOUDER.

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I literally just turned on my DC because of this thread. The disc drive is loud as fuck (both spinning and seeking), but the fan is basically inaudible.

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I don't have any love for sega as a company, never owned any of their other consoles, nor did I care for their consoles growing up, but I still think the dreamcast is amazing. The controller is great too, I'm convinced all the people who hate it are just bad trolls.

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disc drive is loud as fuck, reminds me of those old floppy drives from the 80s.

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So.... Fighting games and boring arcade games.... So the dreamcast was just another boring neo geo?

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>I tend to do other things during the day back then, besides going to work, I would usually spend my time going downtown, meet women, go on dates, hang out with friends.

Found the boring cookie cutter normie fuck. Get some real hobbies loser.

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>and boring arcade games....
AWWW plebian baby only play easy RPG and platformer? sad!

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Great console, great games (lots of fan service games only on dreamcast or arcade), great controller, VMU was the best invention to progress game pads. It'S the last console I didn't regret buying

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>VMU was the best invention to progress game pads
Literally how? It had zero impact on the industry and was largely a useless battery eater.

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Yes, its not a joke, its a great console, only for Shenmue its recommended but also got RPGs, Survival horror, platform, arcade ports, ECW game, Jet set radio.... etc

The control is also good, actually I play it in a emulator cause a pass by paying that retard speculators tons of money for old games but with a ps controller you can play perfectly. also only japan games like Segagaga are awesome, but you need you understand the language. Great system that only failed by appears to the same moment that PSnormie2 that eat the fuckin market and delete a weak company that lost much money in stupid addons for megadrive

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It came out too early (as in, the hardware should've been better) and without any kind of copy protection. The trinity of PS2, GC and Xbox just destroyed it.

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It IS loud. Uzume was constantly screaming on top of already using megaphone for this very reason.

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Sorry I couldn't hear you over the deafening sound of the dreamcast

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listen here:
1!) the only reason you need batteries is if you want to play on the go. And if you want to play on the go and progress your save/unlock special stuff in nice minigames, it is totally NORMAL that it requires BATTERIES!!!!!!! How do you fucking think electronics work???? THe fuck is wrong with you?

2!) a simple display (powered by the gamepad NOT BATTERIES!!!) that shows extra info for the game is pretty nice and optional too! Why complain?! The thing I love about the display is that is uses really cheap basic technology. So you don'T have to worry when you smash your pad too hard which happens often. I would be worried smashing a 3ds. Shmashing a gamepad with a vmu, no because its awesome technology that is as good as required.

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>The trinity of PS2, PS2, and PS2
Fixed. It was already on the way out by the time the other two consoles got released.

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>Was it good
yes, library is awesome when you take into account the ridiculously short lifespam of the system and it was the last truly arcade oriented home machine
>Was it the best thing ever
no, not even the second best sega console

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Not him, but the only sounds I've ever had out my Dreamcast were the searching sounds when you had a disc in it. Never heard the fans.

>> No.4356361

Is it really so hard to admit the Dreamcast is loud as fuck?
It's no dealbreaker because headphones exist but it's still rather annoying.

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ELEMENTAL GIMMICK GEAR is console exclusive and nobody on /vr/ ever talks about it because their plebs.

>inb4 no its because its SHIT, fuck you its a masterpiece

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>it is honestly shocking it sold 11 million in a little over a year

It was on the market for almost 3 years.

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Dreamcast screeching irks me.

>> No.4356484

It is loud, but it's not loud because of the fan like some people try to say it is. It's loud because of the disc drive.

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>spend hours beating that kid 100 times to get the no-energy-loss-when-you-spin addon
>that fast-text memorization mini-game
>spells that use all your mana in a single use and aren't worth using anyway
>missing a few random upgrade pieces throughout the game and getting wrecked by the final boss as a result

E.G.G. has a lot of unique elements but it has a lot of flaws to go with it. By the time I beat it I was feeling pretty underwhelmed. The brief "you saved the world, thanks lol" ending doesn't help.

>> No.4356508

My favorite part of EGG is the Egg-racing mini games. I spent hours on that shit perfecting my skill and getting very low times.

At first it seems too hard and clunky, but then you really start liking it at some point

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Has anyone here ever lubricated their Dreamcast disc drive?

For me the drive is actually louder than the fans which is the opposite situation of all other consoles with fans.

What is the best material to lubricate disc drives with?

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I like collecting dreamcast consoles. I don't know why, but I just like having multiple of this system.

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I swear most of you are lying with these exaggerations about the Dreamcast being "loud". You wanna know what's loud? Faggots who ride their motorcycles, being obnoxiously loud every time they ride threw town. What's loud is my stereo system that gives me that perfect sweet surround sound. What isn't loud? My Dreamcast. I barely ever notice the disc drive or fan. If it bothers you guys that much, either...

>1) Emulate on the PC.
>2) Remove the fan and disc drive, replace the disc drive with one of those microSD readers.
>3) Sell your Dreamcast.

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Calm down pal, nobody is going to hurt you dreamcast tonight for being a loud little brat

>> No.4356818

You're obviously butt-hurt by my comment. You need to go see a doctor about your hearing problems.

>> No.4356837

>im butt blasted
>writes a big ass post about how people should just suck it up that thew dreamcast is a big loud piece of garbage or sell it

kekking at your irl senpai

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It doesn't hold for some, since some games were ported to other consoles, as in digital format. But the console still holds, have exclusives(like Toy Commander) and good arcade gaming.

>JSR and triggers
I know what you mean. I never broke one, but playing that game made one of the triggers worn out and sometimes getting stucked.

>get back from school, play for 5 or more hours
>weekends nothing to do, played all day

PSO, Shenmue 1 & 2, Power Stone 2, MvsC2, Soul Calibur and SA2 when released, it is your fault.

PS3 Slim isn't that much, unless is up for hours and the weather is warm as hell. But that makes me wonder, how noisy is the PS4 Pro? I don't own any PS4 yet, but some say it is damn loud

Dreamcast could be noisy after a while, like something was whistling plus the scratching(damn you Shenmue loading times)
Xbox was also loud.

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Dreamcast was my first experience with internet.
I remember trying to put my home phone number in the settings and wondering why it wouldn't work.
Think I actually called Sega support and they said I would need an ISP number to dial up to, not my house line.

Ended up getting AOL and browsing the net for like a 10c a minute I think.

>> No.4356848

>10c a minute
>in 1998/1999

the fuck is wrong with you son

>> No.4356849

Does anyone enjoy the sound of disc drives? I like hearing when my Sega CD laser moves around, lets me know it still works.

>> No.4356856

I had no previous experience computers. We didn't even have cable TV until I was around 11, and we lived in an area that got no basic channels.

>> No.4356857

>We didn't even have cable TV until I was around 11, and we lived in an area that got no basic channels.

Just in time to start whacking off

>> No.4356887

Phantasy Star Online is one of the greatest games ever made.

>> No.4356896

Louder than a PS3 or PS4?

LOL no.

Fatty PS3 is much louder, and PS4, dont even get me started on PS4. Ever play MGSV or DaS3 or Rocket Leauge or FF15? The PS4 sounds like a Go-Kart engine at full throttle. And the PS4 Pro is even louder yet!

>> No.4357053

>butt blasted
What are you? 12? Go back to school kid. Grown ups are talking.

PS4's aren't loud. I own a PS4 and I hear nothing from the console, I only hear the sound of my TV. The only thing loud about the PS3 is the fan, but my TV easily drowns it out when I'm playing video games or watching movies on it.

Which version of the Sega CD do you own?

>> No.4357090

>Grown ups are talking
wew lad

>> No.4357103

Considering the fact that retro consoles are all over 18 on /vr/, I'd say yes grown ups are talking.

>> No.4357117


Look up noctua fan replacement. It makes a hell of a difference. Some dude on ebay sells 3d printed fan housings for them. He actually gives away the 3d printer files on thingiverse if you have access to 3d printers.

>> No.4357124

Fuck Microsoft and Sony!

It's a conspiracy!

>> No.4357134

The fan won't make the disc drive quiet. I honestly can't hear the fan over the sound of the drive. Even when it's not screeching at you, just the disc spinning is louder than the fan.

>> No.4357142


I love my dc, but the controller just doesn't fit for me. It's probably great for some people but for me it's just not comfortable. I actually started buying a few different 3rd party ones and found one that feels nice in my hands.

Also, the triggers are sharp, I took one in bad cosmetic condition and used fine grit sandpaper, then smoothed it with acetone to round the triggers a bit. Tony Hawk gave me bad blisters. Gotta hit triggers to spin to rack up points. I am an assembler for a living so my hands have callouses and not pussified, but it still gave me blisters.

>> No.4357147

Had some of the best copy protection, but was "hacked" due to mil spec karaoke cds. If it weren't for those it would have been damn hard to use burned games.

>> No.4357194

I have the model 2. When I first got it the drive would just click so I had to take it apart and push the ribbon cables in and now it works great.

>> No.4357204

Ah. The model 2 is always more reliable than the model 1.

>> No.4357302

>>butt blasted
>What are you? 12? Go back to school kid. Grown ups are talking.

Its like you didnt even read what the comment was responding too, or you're the guy he responded too samefas\gging and you're even more retarded then you seemed before

>> No.4357340

>the consoles are the ones doing the talking
>i'm totally 18+
>i'm totally fooling anyone

>> No.4357694

Tee off golf and the superior rayman 2 made it perfect

Idk why the fuck rayman 2 had 4 fucking intros tho

>> No.4357806

I really like the idea of the VMU. I guess smartphones have ruined any chance of another console manufacturer taking a shot at the idea but imagine what a modern VMU could be like.

>> No.4357820

All the complaints about the GD-ROMs shitting out and overall being loud are true. But the Dreamcast is one of the best consoles I ever had, with a good library and comfy TV emulation before RPis/modded Xbox/Wiis were a thing.

>> No.4357825

>imagine what a modern VMU could be like
Like the Wii U controller?

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Had that Cardcaptor Sakura game that was like Pokemon Snap except you're Tomoyo taking upskirts of Sakura while she does stuff so it gets some good points for that alone.

>> No.4357834

Yeah, but, you know - pocket size. For those days where you have a long boring train journey or something similar.

>> No.4357841

That would also be another drawback of the Dreamcast. The VMU was a cool idea, but the games were basic and the battery life is awful.

>> No.4357939

More like cloud saving and portable consoles. What console does anything with smart phones? If they could think of anything to do with it they'd ignore smart phones and make a VMU like device just so they could own it all.

>> No.4357972

>nobody on /vr/ ever talks about it
Try search function on warosu.org/vr/.

>> No.4358421

>dates women
Pick one, faggot.

>> No.4358450

>Dreamcasts aren't loud
How did you all fall for this bait

>> No.4358468

The only people who thinks the Dreamcast is loud, are the people who don't have very good speakers on their TV or they lack surround sound. They're also the same type of people who thinks a fan is too loud when watching a movie on TV. Even though people are trying to cool off, there's that one person who doesn't want to hear the fan when they're watching TV.

>> No.4358502

I sort of love it, especially with the dreamcast actually, it just sounds cool to me. I like the sound of machines in general though

I actually think people's fondness for the dreamcast is amplified by little weird things like the noisy disc drive, the VMU, even the strange controller, which is something I replaced with a third-party one in-era but now I'm more interested in playing with the original one. It was kind of the last system with character, or maybe just the only system with this much character.

Of course it's mostly about the games but there too there's an element of fun weirdness, with stuff like Jet Grind Radio and weird rhythm games, up to total left field shit like Seaman. As always with these things it's totally hit or miss, like this one guy who has problems with the loud disc reading and I'm not really a fan of rhythm games, but there's a lot of different stuff that's unique about the dreamcast that you can have fun with.

>> No.4358620

I can guarantee every single mention on the archive is from me over the years

>> No.4359491

>got a full Dreamcast set and Shenmue for relatively cheap
>only ever played a small portion of Shenmue 1 when I was a kid thanks to my only time with the console being a weeklong rental
>have a nice-ass Sanyo CRT from my NES collecting phase

I'm a few days away from being on your boat, anon. Been thinking of getting Seaman, too, considering there's no other animal-raising sim quite like it and it was something I'd always wanted to play.

>> No.4359594

You''ll definitely love Seaman. Just remember to get a rechargeable internal battery soldered onto the Dreamcast because by now the original internal batteries don't work.

>> No.4359626

DC was decent, but it's run ended far too soon for it to have become great. It had potential and some great games though.

>> No.4359649

Why do retards like you even make these posts? The DC is loud and everyone knows it, you're just an obnoxious fag.

>> No.4359681

It's not loud. Your ears must be pretty frickin sensitive.

>obnoxious fag
That would be you guys complaining about how "loud" the Dreamcast is.

>> No.4359691

The disc drive is incredibly loud.

>> No.4360091

Try that post again in English.

>> No.4360116

Let me begin by saying that if you want to talk about a niche console that is actually as good as it sounds but not actually as popular as people make it out to be, then that would be the Dreamcast. Some people praise it for that "geek cred" but how many of those people actually enjoy a console of this caliber? It's the console that 6th gen modeled itself after in fact. These days, the only reason someone will ever play a Dreamcast game is because they read or heard it being praised and they want to delve into that curiosity but that's where it ends for them. On the other hand, people who still play it's games regularly regardless of a "superior" port or version being available somewhere else are the people who can appreciate every bit of the console and is willing to squeeze every minute they can out of it to the point that they are willing to check out homebrew, indie games and other shit avaialble for it.

>> No.4360121

Been meaning to break into hardware tinkering in general. Sounds like a good time to start.

>> No.4360498

Yeah. I remember seeing tutorials on how to solder. I got quite good at it.

>> No.4362341

I remember learning in science lab when I was a kid. I didn't see the appeal then, but now that I'm older I've been wanting to work with a soldering iron again. Tinkering's a huge part of hardware collecting for me.

>> No.4362393

It was the best console when it came out but was then overshadowed by the PS2 and Xbox.

If anything, I think the Sega name hurt it's sales more than it helped as most people gravitated towards the more familiar names Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Isn't the Turbografx just the american version of PCEngine?

>> No.4362483


>> No.4362661

My 360 is unbearable, it's loud enough and in a frequency that really makes me have a bit of a headache after playing for a few hours. My dreamcast is noticeable but maybe the frequency it's also nicer on the ears. Disk access is loud but that's not constant. Maybe they were many batches of dreamcasts and some of them were better than others. Anon was complaining years ago about it getting really warm and I never noticed that in mine either.

>> No.4362663

Microsoft played its part too. The last years could have had more games if ms didn't pay devs to move games in development to xbox and cancel the dc version (even Sega did that anyway)

>> No.4363835

If Sega expected such a central partnership with MS to be anything but one-sided and cannibalistic, they deserve the death they died.

Stupid fucking Sega.

>> No.4364080

get the fuck outta here

>> No.4364116

Never had the desire to own one. Saturn has so many more Sega hits.

>> No.4364178

Now that I have it, I'm amazed that the battery is still alive.

>> No.4364862

That's good that it still works for you.

Only filthy casuals don't have a desire to own one. There's a strong cult following for the Dreamcast, so much so that there's still indie titles released for it.

>> No.4364869

Yeah, there's a lot of amazing things you can do with soldering.

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File: 63 KB, 750x1000, __tennouboshi_uzume_neptune_series_and_shin_jigen_game_neptune_vii_drawn_by_himajin_starmine__632e1c7f084ca3e84edd32d16a594520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Poor Uzume... For a cool girl she was forgotten so much.

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File: 339 KB, 930x816, missing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's good that it still works for you.
Lucky, and I'm sure it won't last. Lack of use might have helped, but there can't be much juice left.

I've still got plenty of time to fix it considering I have Shenmue to finally play.
On that note what the fuck is with Ebay posts only selling discs 2 and 3? I managed to find the full set for a good price, but goddamn I don't understand a lot of the posts I've seen with missing discs.

Also >passport disc only

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>for one fucking Shenmue disc

>> No.4367552

What are the Saturn equivalents of
Sonic Adventure
Ecco: Defender of the Future
Jet Set Radio
Skies of Arcadia
F355 Challenge
Crazy Taxi
Chu Chu Rocket
Space Channel 5
Zombie Revenge

>> No.4367562

Speaking of the passport disc, does anybody know where I can find a dump of the Shenmue World site or something like it? I heard it was more than just leaderboards, and that among other things it listed fun facts about all 300+ NPCs.

>> No.4367605
File: 22 KB, 350x271, 02sat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are the Saturn equivalents of Shenmue
Believe it or not that equivalent was almost Shenmue.

>> No.4367620

Thanks for this new and exciting information.

>> No.4367623

You seemed fairly new. Glad you enjoyed!

>> No.4367632

Just got one last weekend. any good guides on burning games? Which pc program is good? And what settings? I do hear that the taiyo yuden cdr are recommended but i have some memorex cdr laying around, will those still work, just mainly to see if it all works

>> No.4367647

our dreamcast got stolen by a fucking nigger my older invited to our house when we were kids

>> No.4367656
File: 76 KB, 900x600, 1357012720309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what was it that really killed the Dreamcast? What did Sony and Microsoft do that it could not? The Wii has less power than the PS3 and 360, but still killed the competition in sales. Also while I have you here, while I might have owned a PS1 back in the day, the Saturn had some very interesting looking and fun games, so how did it fall behind to the PS1 and N64?

>> No.4367664

anon, you have hearing issues.

>> No.4367681
File: 324 KB, 1024x762, 51344757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isao Okawa. The Dreamcast discontinued when he became president and he wanted Sega to abandon consoles for years. And that was only part of a huge internal struggle between execs who wanted to continue creating consoles and execs who did not. Okawa's succession to presidency effectively won that little war, and his death about a year later probably didn't help.
Combine that with PS2 hype and Squaresoft and EA refusing to support the console, and you have a dead system, despite pretty good sales and a strong library.

>> No.4367686

>how did it fall behind to the PS1 and N64?

>> No.4367701

>controller is awful
>If you have small hands.
Big hands can confirm. Mine feels great, especially the shoulder triggers.

>> No.4367756

Indeed. It's a very comfy controller.

>> No.4367826

Sega had the Genesis/Mega Drive in 1989 which actually did really well. Then there was the Sega CD which was good but only 2 years later they released the 32X which was marketed as another new console worth investing in. The 32X flopped hard and only got a handful of games made for it. 7 months later the Saturn was released and the 32X was dropped. There was also infighting between Sega JP and Sega NA, and the consumers no long trusted Sega to support the consoles which were not cheap to buy new and didn't have games to justify buying then. The Saturn in the end had a good run lasting 4 years but game marketing did not have the crazy reach it does now despite still being a hype machine. When the Dreamcast launched the damage was done and even though it was a good console the world mostly belonged to Nintendo and Sony.

TL;DR: Sega killed itself during the course of the 90's with a bunch of different mistakes.

>> No.4367893

The infighting was a huge part of that, too. Okawa legitimately wanted out of the console wars altogether and he was instrumental in getting it done. I'm not even sure if the Dreamcast was hitting them as hard as 32X did, though the fact that the Dreamcast didn't pander to casuals likely didn't help things.

It outsold the Wii U during their respective first 3 years, and if the Dreamcast were alive longer, its strong positive reception would've caused it to outsell the Wii U altogether, and by pretty fucking far.

>> No.4367945

Any reason to get Power Stone 1 if I have 2?

>> No.4367957

1's pretty cheap so you might as well.
Everybody says Power Stone 2 is the better game, and I doubt it's heavy on its lore.
Is Power Stone 2 THAT much better than 1?

>> No.4368068

PS1 is better for 1v1 since it was designed around that. But if you're playing with multiple people then PS2 is a terrific party game.

>> No.4368073

That does sound like a blast.
I take it 2 player co-op took a hit for PS2 as a consequence?

>> No.4368074

Dammit I posted that purely out of habit.

>> No.4368147

The Dreamcast is shit.
The only reason these fuckers like it is because it's their wet dream.
>VGA out with out moddification
>library filled with "cult classics" which basically can be summed up to Capcom & Sega doing what they normally do just on a console that couldn't compete at the time.
>Built in Tomagotchi
>Japanese; basically a reason in itself for these fucks to love it
>Has Sonic

>> No.4368221

>Capcom & Sega doing what they normally do
>somehow this is billed as a bad thing

>> No.4368227

>shamelessly bumping a thread with obvious bait
Well you got two (You)s, so something's working.

>> No.4368261
File: 199 KB, 1061x792, cool cool toon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I play JP games on a US Dreamcast? I was thinking of getting some that weren't dialogue/text heavy.


>> No.4368275

That is one thick frankenstein

>> No.4368285
File: 550 KB, 1000x1000, hqkJEgq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no Dreamcast exclusive Outrun game
I guess the world just wasn't ready for that level of aesthetic.

>> No.4368297

>Dreamcast is shit
Only filthy casuals who never owned one or played one says that.

>> No.4368307

>part of the Dreamcast's failure was Sega's staunch stance against casual gaming
It really was too good for this shitty world.

>> No.4368312


>> No.4368314

Jesus that game is late 90s the game.

>> No.4368319

Grapevine says it's one difficult motherfucker, too.

>> No.4368325

I like to see Jap games I never heard of like that. Doubt I'll ever play it but listing to the ost anyway.

>> No.4368338

>My hearing is just fine.
>I'm not the one claiming that the Dreamcast sounds like a turbojet.
I think you're confused about how hearing loss works.

>> No.4368340

You can play any region on a US Dreamcast, but you have to pull some strings in order to get past its region lock. NTSC-J, while normally perfectly fine on an NTSC system, will still trigger the lock.
This might help you out:

>> No.4368354

>Dreamcast sounds like a turbojet
>Hearing loss
Anyone claiming the Dreamcast sounding like a Turbojet is exaggerating.

>> No.4368358

He's probably someone that bought the DC years later and wants everything to be silent. So anything that makes a little bit of noise = "Turbo jet". Modern gamer cancer you know.

>> No.4368363

Oh I get it now, you're the type of autist who gets disoriented when people use hyperbole.

>> No.4368372

Exactly!!! LOL

>autism ≠ mental retardation
I see you're the type of uneducated Trumpcuck who uses "autist" as an insult, not knowing what it truly is.

>> No.4368373

Keep screeching.

>> No.4368375

Not Retro. Please leave.

>> No.4368381

>autism ≠ mental retardation
no shit sherlock. he's making fun of you for not being able to infer meaning from context, which is a classic symptom of autism.

nobody thinks that dreamcast literally sounds like a turbo jet. it's hyperbole.

>> No.4368382

V is that way ---->
Modern gaymers don't belong here.

>> No.4368414

Shitty console that started DLC
I am glad Sega died

>> No.4368421

What the fuck is /v/ doing leaking here?
Neat, thank you.
So even 2nd revisions can play burned discs?

>> No.4368432

Just the new wave of /vpol/roaches pouring to all other boards

>> No.4368501

>So even 2nd revisions can play burned discs?
Looking that up and it's kind of shaky. Apparently if your Dreamcast was made in China (not Japan), then it should still be able to read CD-Rs even if it's a December 2000 release, but I'm getting this from a forum, so it's still a gamble. If you're planning on collecting foreign region discs, burning that Code Breaker disc is definitely worth a shot.
If that does fail and you have the anti-piracy fix, then Cheats 'n Codes isn't nearly as expensive as Code Breaker and you can find it pretty easily.

>> No.4368518
File: 693 KB, 339x279, oh-boy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>November, 2000
>made in China
I'll let you know

>> No.4368524 [DELETED] 
File: 21 KB, 500x500, gba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Dreamcast is retro

Yet this fucking isn't?

Can we fucking please?

>> No.4368531 [DELETED] 
File: 524 KB, 860x418, retro not retro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here anon. I've given up the effort, but I'll pass this onto you.

>> No.4368547 [DELETED] 

what an autistic argument

fucking hugboxer

>> No.4368561

Break the rules? No. Fuck off to /v/. Axiom Verge isn't retro either.

>> No.4369626

This is actually surprising. You'd think Japan would've released something even after the DC died here in the US.

>> No.4369634


Here's a list of good Japan only games (though Ikaruga's in the list for some reason).

>> No.4369638

Oh, shit, I forgot Ikaruga was only here on Gamecube.

>> No.4369669

Back. Tested it with a small game to see if burned discs would work, and sure enough it did. I'd just play burned games, but I like collecting and I've heard some people say it fries the laser, but then I also hear that's bullshit.
Thank you! Will do the boot disc thing for JP games for sure.

>> No.4369849

the VMU was a mistake

Nice idea but not effective in the longrun.

>> No.4370140

Speak for yourself. I like having a mini HUD on my controller.

>> No.4370145

I bought an rf cable for my dreamcast and the right audio doesn't work.
How the hell do I fix this myself cause I don't want to go outside again.

>> No.4370149

It was cool. Basicly psx with smoother graphics. Piracy and the boot disks destroyed th DC

>> No.4370172

Nothing destroyed the Dreamcast. Sega became wise and left the console market, something most of the idiots left now should do

>> No.4370251

I mean if grew up without one, or any other sega system. And you get one of morbid curiosity it's really cool, you play semi modern games with a library and console that has it's own unique flavor that is really distinct and different from playstation/xbox/nintendo. It lets you see what sega was like and really just makes you wonder what could have been.

>> No.4370334

DC was actually pretty healthy when Sega pulled the plug on its international releases. The Dreamcast died on Sega's terms.

>> No.4370341

Because they foresaw failure.

>> No.4370350

Of the entire console industry. Considering it's still chugging along it wasn't the best call, but Okawa was president and wanted it done, so there it is.

>> No.4370381

That's not true at all, the software for DC wasn't selling in the numbers they thought it would and Sega pretty much went dark on their marketing whereas Sony was just hitting it out the park every day. In the leadup to the announcement by Peter Moore of discontinuing retailers were running from it

>> No.4370598
File: 7 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ps2 was doing some unprecedented shit.
"Knocking it out of the park" isn't the word. Its like a new boxer showing up, then finding out that boxer is literally Superman.

>> No.4370610

>that image


>> No.4370615

Can confirm you are correct and that other guy is full of shit. In fact the death knell for the dreamcast was arguably even before the PS2 was released. They started getting desperate releasing things like the pack-in with the dvd player.

>> No.4370629

Okawa's stance on Sega's console division is far from bullshit, and he wanted out of the console race for years, well before the Dreamcast. You're fooling yourself if you think his presidency didn't help seal the console's fate.

>> No.4370702

As he said, the numbers just weren't there. It was very sad because Sega was going all in for this console and it was the end of a huge legacy. They poured big budgets into great first and third party game, they even had online. While they might have continued it as a failing console for much longer, it was a complete disaster and there wouldn't be budgets for many new good games... first party or third party.

And they did produce great games and it all worked... they got both first party and third party. It's a mystery why they didn't get the response from customers, probably their earlier failed projects like 32X had something to do with it. I think that is a big reason why the rose-tinted spectacles today - because it shouldn't have failed like it did so early, it had so much left to give. It's almost like killing a sweet young girl or something lol. But is it actually as good as the other fifth generation consoles? No way, but how could it when it was out for literally two years.

>> No.4370705


>> No.4370710

>le cheapest dvd player in 2000-2004
Ps2 games are nearly all shovelware and have aged worse than atari

>> No.4370746

No, I agree. Its no secret that the PS2 was far from the strongest 6th gen consoles, and you bet your ass it had a lot to do with it being a DVD player on top of being a console. That same embracing of the casual masses that Dreamcast refused to do.

The 199 launch pricetag was a terrible decision and I just saw this. Even upselling by 100 or even 50 would've helped its lasting power immensely. The infighting, especially the console/no console debate, coming to a decisive stop much earlier would've given the company more focus on important shit. It's no secret that a large number of Sega execs hoped Dreamcast would fail and end their consoles once and for all.

>> No.4371387

I agree. Piracy affected the Dreamcast's sales. The PS2 overshadowed it completely. Hence why the Dreamcast had a very short life span.

>> No.4371393


Nah, they were going to jump ship no matter how many they sold. Try actually reading up on shit for a change, Anon.

>> No.4371394

>PS2 overshadowed it completely
It overshadowed every other console completely.

>> No.4371397

Kill yourself fag

>> No.4372418


>> No.4372448

He's right though.

>> No.4372505

rom shepard

>> No.4372648

I'm not asking for an ISO of the passport disc. I'm asking for the content the disc used to access via the now dead sega.net.

>> No.4372706

Did you try the wayback machine?

>> No.4372751

I was hoping for an easily downloadable image dump or something. Wayback's unreliable and tends to miss shit.

>> No.4372792
File: 5 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw running Shenmue as a CD for shits and giggles

>> No.4372827

To be fair, cumulative PS2 sales were just catching up to DC by the time DC was officially discontinued. It wasn't BAM150MILLION c.January 2001, but of course it was outpacing DC at higher cost and the writing was on the wall.

>> No.4372852

>at higher cost
Exactly what conclusion I came to.
With the pricetag Sega had they had to sell 3 Dreamcasts for every 2 PS2s sold. People also tend to go for slightly more expensive products, assuming that the price speaks for the product. If DC slapped on a 299 pricetag right off the bat instead of 199, I doubt it would've hurt their sales in any way.

>> No.4374630

I think all December Dreamcasts and only the Jap made Novembers have the antipiracy.

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