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Dynamis is weird. Also cute.

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I feel like almost any shmup that doesn't have just "larger ship" as a boss usually has at least one really weird boss

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I dunno maybe I'm a soft newfag baby but almost every boss in Gynoug weirds and creeps me out. I'll instinctively press the button harder to shoot the thing off the screen faster.

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I think this one is weird in a weird way

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what game is that please?

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thats a penis

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this is a boss too.

Its D2 for Dreamcast. Was released in two versions, a bright and a dark one. Not sure what the difference is. Pretty good horror game aside from the ending, which is depressing like silent hill2 but a bit different.

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oh boy, that double speed makes it look hilarious! THat's an accident caused by photoshit. Thanks for not adjusting the speed piece of crap

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Many bosses from Treasure. Melon Bread, Baby Face, and even after the retro days they made weird bosses like Brawl Doll.
If I had to choose a favorite though, Maruyama's fights were pretty fun, except the Stair Wars one, that one can eat a nail.

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Well almost anything from Parodius, really.

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what the fuck were they smoking?

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Guwange's bosses range from odd/weird, like pic-related, to nightmarish (DemonBaby, anyone?).

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More games should have music bands as boss fights.

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Kid Chameleon is a trip.

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The moai bosses are always goofballs, even in Gradius

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I wonder if whoever did those designs came to terms with their hangups (based on this, and the Cho Aniki series).

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I played that game solely because the guy that did the Langrisser soundtrack. The bosses were an unexpected surprise.

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Finished this game this week tho I had to use the secret warp on stage 2.
I lost all my continues on a level and I checked a faq just to see I was just halfway through the game. Wasn't feeling like replaying aaaaall the game again.

This game really suffers from not having passwords.

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Isn't that supposed to be the king of hell or whatever?

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This must be where steven universe ripped off that one episode from

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Every single boss from Monster Party for the NES qualifies as weird.

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>pop cown
Japan is moe!

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Today you learn the word "Yonic", it is the feminine version of "Phallic", this boss constitutes yonic imagery.

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this ones hard to explain. You actually kill a worker to "kill" the boss in the background.

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I used to rent this one when I was a kid, really nice game
I need to buy it

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Did a double take