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Retro horror games thread. Gimme the pixelated goosebumps.

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Fuck that shit right there. I hate being hunted. Having to keep an eye on the radar gave it an Alien feel though. I also played it alone at night in my truck with a patch cable to the head unit. Ambient.

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How does the PS1 version compare to the SNES anyway?

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it's a sequel

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Nah I am talking about the original PS1 snes re-release it was translated quite recently

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The original is better honestly. Well, the Saturn version of the original is "the best".

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>Clock Tower
I uhh huh?

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Im about to play Resident evil 2 (my first horror game ever played) and I was wondering if it's ok to play 2 first since I don't own 1

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The stories are separate, 1 takes place just a few days before 2 and a few miles away.

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Is there a worth a shit English translation for Divi-Dead on PC?
The one I have is fucking horrible, and it's killing the experience.

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yeah actually because the events and characters of the first one are just backstory explained in the game, you dont actually play them in #2

> a few things you should know though...
* As soon as you find the inventory box, dump the knife in it and leave it there until you've got a good need for it (I can think of only one point that it comes in handy).
* Zombies usually kill you in 3 bites so avoid being bit.
* If you shoot zombies too close with the shotgun it blows them in half, but doesnt kill them and they'll bite your feet. Instead if you give the vertical aim a little bump you can blow their head off if they're close (and maybe kill others too).
* The magnum is for bosses, you'll get it at some point. You could use it on common or tough monsters but I don't quite recommend that.
* Acid rounds are for bosses, likewise. Feel free to dump standard grenade rounds on zombies.
* Most monsters can only actually hit you once even if there are multiple ones around. Some of the bosses can hit you multiple times though if you were too close or got staggered back into their next strike.

> a few weeks later
> and quite a few miles away outside of town and up in the mountains

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It doesn't have any of the first game's plot twists spoiled aside from the outbreak spreading. You'll be fine. Just know that Claire Redfield is looking for the main character of the first game, Chris.

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Goddamn Japan can throw out some backhanded insults.

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> mfw in jap survival horror games the Knife is the weakest damn thing ever, not only in RE but in silent hill also
> except in resident evil 4 when its being wielded by a boss, at which point any hit at all can kill you instantly

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>in jap survival horror games the Knife is the weakest damn thing ever
In RE Code Veronica is pretty strong but people used to ignore the knife after 3 shitty ones.

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In RE4 I wish the knife was an inventory item (or slot item) rather than an offhand weapon. That way I could dump it in exchange for a cultist weapon like a sword or mace.
> but that would make the game too easy now wouldn't it?

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The knife is just useless enough that you might as well have it for free. Though I agree more melee options would've been nice.

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Well, that's horrifying.

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>Implying Resident Evil 4 wasn't already too easy

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yeah thats true, its kinda like a story mode game, the hardest parts ironically are the fast combos you've got to do - which has nothing to do with the usual aspects of the game (these could all be cinematic and it would do no damage to the game)

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This one fucked me up as a kid and didn't stop for many years


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I just died before the bus in the beginning and now I gotta re do all that
Game is great so far though

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The secret trick of RE2 is you can run past like 99% of enemies

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deep fear for the sega saturn. released in japan and was the last game released in europe. no NA version. because RE2 was scrapped for the saturn sega said fuck it im going to make a better resident evil and basically took the movie the abyss and leviathan and made it resident evil.

xplay ripped on it years ago since one of the characters has some of the worst voice acting in video game history

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it was made before 'the room', and is on at least the same level as 'the room' in cut scene animations and voiceacting.

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I disagree

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You shitting me?!


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D2 has fantastic atmosphere and nasty horror. It's like silent hill 2 except fights are in first person and a bit like panzer dragoon or virtua cop, but more dynamic than virtua cop (360 degree and shooting feels more 3d than in virtua cop)

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That's so cute!

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it's not only depressing snow scapes

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does it emulate flawlessly?

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Havn't tried it yet, played original gd on my dreamcast

I made some animated gifs from d2 and posted them here:

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For some reason my copy won't activate that boss fight

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So the game crashes at the first boss? That would suck.

Redream in in retroarch is the only one of the two in retroarch that works for me. The other one always gives me a crash error because of some microsoft net framework bullshit (I got like 15 of those installed). While redream does emu a bunch of games very well aside from minor problems: white light and not rendering far lod models, it does crash a bunch of games at certain points that I had running well with non retroarch emulator in the past. So, redream is the only thing that I got working now. I may check if it runs on that when I get home if I dont forget.

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How do you play your survival horror games?
I'm a hoarder, whenever I play shit like SH or RE I hoard every bit of ammo and health I can find and barely spend it at all, always have 200 bullets for pistol in SH.

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No, normally the boss fight would start when you are inside the plane, but for some reason I can explore that part without any fight happening.

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D2 is so great but I usually play it in the dead of winter rather than Halloween. Such a good blend of survival horror with action rpg and such a bleak setting. Aconcagua is another sweet snow-survival game just without any supernatural horror. I just wish they'd used tank controls for it.

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>Get to the Moth boss with no ammo
>Didn't save far enough back to find any more
>Decided killing it with the axe was impossible after hours of trying
>never played it again
Sucks, especially because I want to play 2 and 3 so badly.

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Run past the bitch ass enemies, kill the damaging enemies, only heal at low HP. Basically every "survival" game gives you tons of resources if you're not healing every time you get touched or trying to clear every single enemy. Then throw in a bullet sponge boss.

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You could just restart. It's possible.

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I go for convenience and typically use shotguns when it gets dicey, even on zombies.

SH1 - I use the Emergency Hammer on almost everything, nuff said. Dogs and Flyers get the shotgun treatment. Sometimes when I don't g.a.f I will certainly use the rifle - the end boss does not require all of the rifle ammo that I managed to find.

RE1 - Its a clusterfuck and you pretty much got to skimp on item usage. I try to use the pistol whenever I can and I try to dodge zombies whenever I can. The hallway right before you get the magnum however is unavoidable since there's like 4 of them and one of them is offscreen. There's a couple places where you can cap Hunters with the pistol instead of using the mag/shotgun, it takes about 15 rounds to do it.

RE2 - I use pistol or smg on dogs (dogs take awhile because you gotta wait for them to get back up). I use the upgraded shotgun on at least one boss and I try to use up shotgun ammo. Then I just start using the magnum on everything.

In RE1/2 I frequently will use Doors in some places to get around enemies. I might rush past a licker and get in the door, when I open the door again their position may reset or if I stand still they may crawl far enough away that I can just run the rest of the hallway length.
> whoever thought of using doors like they do to separate areas was fucked in the head, especially without saving monster locations and ai states.

Though in RE1 at first, when I encountered the hunters, I ran away from the first one and about shit myself thinking that it had circled around and intercepted me in another hallway. Then I found out the unfortunate truth that there were just a whole bunch of them all over.

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The handaxe is one of the worst weapons despite it being an axe, I dont even pick it up, and you should not use it (its basically a Knife that does more damage). If there were such a thing as weapon proficiencies, Harry Mason certainly does not have Axe Proficiency.

The Emergency Hammer is the best melee in the game unless you're counting the special ones (chainsaw and rock drill require gas though). The hammer also has I think the best reach, but its too slow to use against the moth. While it is slow to ready and use, if you use the right timing most monsters can be hit by and they will reel from the blow and you can just kill them. As it usually is in the game though, confronting multiple enemies is where you'll get screwed.

You need to restart, I think the Moth battle in this case is a wakeup call. Also not sure but I believe you get the rifle before that... and if you were out of rifle bullets then you're really fucked vs. the end boss.

You need to be thinking about boss battles when it comes to ammunition. Because Melee is not going to work on them (to my knowledge) usually because they move too fast in some way.

You cant kill the Lizard without ammo. I dont think you can kill the Sand Slug without ammo (specifically the shotgun). Cant kill the Moth without ammo. And I dont think you can even touch the end boss with a melee weapon (whether its the Holy Mother, or the Demon).

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How did that happen? Did you kill every monster there was on your way?

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> he missed a bunch of times and he doesnt want to say that
> either that or he went shit shooting and just wasted ammo

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It's never ideal, but every boss battle in Silent Hill can be won without expending ammo.

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SH2 is not that connected 1. SH3 is a direct sequel though.

>Implying that roundhouse kicking and suplexing zombies aren't enough.

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I never got much mileage out of the kicking and suplexing though.

I wonder if there was possibly an explanation why the villagers and cultists were carrying around ammunition if none of them ever pulled a gun on the player?
> my thought is the arms dealer himself was working for sadler as a non-infected, and had a giant stockpile of guns for them to use when they decided to reach beyond the village.
> but he was double dealing under the table and secretly rooting for Leon so he had no problem selling him just what he needed.
> this idea comes about because of the various weapons tents the arms dealer maintains, most notably the first one you reach when you get to the island, and the one just before the first El Gigante... he's got bunches of weapons he's not sellin ya, some of which might be full autos.

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Are there any other ps1 era horror games that play like silent hill? I like resident evil as much as the next guy, but the camera following you around made for a much more... comfy experience. As weird as it sounds, sh1 specifically is kind of a fun comfy game to play.

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Doesn't RE4 have a dynamic difficulty thing where the more you suck, the easier the game gets?

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Started this kino sequel. Only played the original (which was great) and I'm enjoying this one so far. Feels like the previous PE except the battles are more RE-style.

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Started this kino sequel. Only played the original (which was great) and I'm enjoying this one so far. Feels like the previous PE except the battles are more RE-style.

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Maybe it's a Soviet Red Army policy? "We don't have enough guns to go around, so we will give you ammo and once someone nearby with a gun dies, you're supposed to pick it up and fight with it"

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I just ordered a copy of this. In fact, your post reminded me that I've been eying the game for a while now. Judging from some footage I've seen, it looks a lot more interesting than the first game. Although I did enjoy PE1, it was way too short, and the content you can find in the EX-game and Chrysler Building are largely useless since the game is already piss easy.

I'm hoping the fact that PE2 spans two discs means the game has much more length to it.

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I save rarely and kill everything i geymt by on the skin of my teeth

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>more length
Probably not. Multiple discs usually means there's a lot of FMVs taking up space. For example D is three discs long but the game barely clocks at two hours.

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Use ammo when necessary, if I can pass an enemy then I do it. I never feel like I'm running low on ammo playing this way.

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Yeah kinda. It's not as bad as it sounds though.
You kinda have to die alot of times before it kicks in.

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here some clip from D2

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pls respon

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Nowadays I just go on steam and look at remakes of old games. The horror

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Enjoy the game, I'll be seeing you real soon...

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lol, I've already started sending a picture of that thing to my friends as a meme

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>Are there any other ps1 era horror games that play like silent hill?
Not really, not until the PS2 era.

It goes both ways, the better you are the harder it gets.

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Did someone play this game? I hated the knife mini-game, so I played it for the classic mode nostalgia.

Now, did they change the engine or something? I've noticed zombies spend a lot of time just walking randomly in circles and it's way too easy to dodge them. Don't remember if it's like this in the original.

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>Don't remember if it's like this in the original.
I've only played the original one and sounds about right.

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The knife thing is alright but the pain in the ass part is when you have to go back to the dormitory and fight the snake with the knife. You have to time it perfectly to hit it in the mouth while it's in the middle of the bite animation. I will say though it was cool to play and the fact that you skip the door opening scenes I used to play the shit out this on business trips back and forth from Japan and I was able to beat the game in about 40 minutes without the rocket launcher and an hour and 10 without. Still it's a pretty good port and kinda of reminds me of the GbA game that never was

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Ah shit sorry 40 min with te rocket launcher