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What's the "I'm just getting into retro video games but my tastes are superior" starter pack?

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You hit the only one relevant to the statement. CT borders on it sometimes.

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your favourite games

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Pic related has to be in the top 3

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I dunno Super Metroid?

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>CT borders on it sometimes

Pretty sure Chrono Trigger is well regarded as hipster trash these days, unless you happened to grow up with the game and feel genuinely nostalgic for it. In the vast sea of role-playing games released since CT's time, CT really doesn't hold up anymore.

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Essentially any game that was critically and financially successful in its time
Alternatively, any game that some popular eceleb said was a "hidden gem"

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Punch-Out, Contra

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could said hidden gem be a cult or ironic following?

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It does, stop whining.

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1. Caring at all about having "superior tastes"
2. Anything Nintendo

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Castlevania sotn

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You know it to be true

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Can anyone tell me if anyone has ever actually seen "hipsters" into retro games? I went to an old liberal arts school and now I guess would be considered a "yuppie" but liking retro games was never seen as a signifier for being hip.

Plenty of people I know like games in general, and I know plenty who like retro games too, but I've never seen the kind of fawning over Earthbound or desire to buy physical media that some anons here claim is a big issue. If anything, most devs and managers I know just emulate stuff.

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the entire library? really?

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Once the 90s ended, normies started to realize that nerd shit was in vogue, so they started claiming to be nerds without actually knowing anything. I remember in particular when Brittany Spears tried to claim she was a nerd and the internet exploded in disgust.

Anyway, this isn't threatening in and of itself, but then you start seeing children who don't know the difference between nerd stuff and normies. Children are, by default, idiots, so they just accept some fake adult claiming they like dungeons and dragons (because they played it once and have a rulebook) as the genuine article.

Now fast forward to those kids being about 20. These people literally do not understand that "nerd hobbies" were hobbies that faced a ton of ridicule and were only fostered in esoteric groups of eclectic people that cared more about their hobby than the hate spewed about it.

I don't really care either way, but I can understand why someone who doesn't understand how culture works because they were born after it changed would sound really fucking stupid concerning simple facts. I guess hipsters are these people if you define a hipster as someone like this.

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I go to a gaming convention every year that focuses on retro and indieshit. Hipsters, tumblerites and the like all there.

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>Can anyone tell me if anyone has ever actually seen "hipsters" into retro games?
Yes. Friends of friends are smelly long haired hipsters and they fucking love Mario Kart. IMO hipsters aren't the main issue outside of buying popular Nintendo games, it's young nerds who watch ecelebs who are the problem.

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Little Samson
Famicom Tantei Club II
Seiken Densetsu 3
Brave Fencer Musashi
Breath of Fire IV
Final Fantasy VIII (and being contrarian about it)
Gunstar Heroes
Metal Slug 3

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How do you know that those that are tumblrites are in that great a number in said convention?

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That's a very solid point. When I go to anime cons they are quite popular there as well.
I think the population at most cons are
>the basement dwelling otaku NEETs
>casual anime fans
>more furries
>autists who are too socially inept to belong to a social group

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did the big bad men come and take your hobby away, snowflake?

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Imagine being so insecure that you need to make threads like this

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a link to this subreddit is all you need

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any and all popular retro games

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Playing Earthbound for the first time at the moment. Not getting the hype. Honestly enjoyed eathbound zero more so far. Also fucking monkey caves is the worst shit dungeon I have ever experienced in any game.

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Call me newb but Mother was full of puzzles one I don't think would be able to figure out on their own.

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I didn't particularly enjoy earthbound zero either. Defiantly remember having to use a walkthrough for some parts, plus it being super grindy.

I guess i am proabably only about half way through Earthbound so it might get better.

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Anything made by these hacks.

I swear, treasureshitters are some of the most obnoxious losers in retro gaming, constantly pretending that their over hyped "hidden gems" are anything more than derivative style over substance shock.

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I specifically remember having to grind up near fifteen to twenty levels to get through Mount Itoi.

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I guess I'm just not a big enough RPG fan. I too have been playing Earthbound for the first time, and while it is somewhat entertaining, I don't like "enter new area, enemy beats the shit out of me in just a couple of attacks, oops guess I'm underleveled time to go back and kill easy enemies for 30 minutes" type of gameplay.

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Treasure fans in general are okay

It's Ikarugafags that are the worst. What makes your puzzle shooter so special?

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it had some decent games but overall it was a really shitty console. Every time I go back and play it it feels like a chore compared to other consoles at the time. I can't express how much I wish I had a playstation/playstation 2 as a child instead of a n64/gamecube. SNES was nintendo's last great console.

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GameCube is nice af tho. i love it

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this is also my answer to OP question

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mario bros rom hacks

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>Gunstar Heroes
Listen here you little shit. Go back home

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CT is still okay-ish but not the God tier game it once was. The dialogue in the game is terrible. Still worth a play through once every 5-10 years.

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The most accurate answer so far.

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>implying you need to like a specific game or console to be a "noob" to be laughed at by anonymous arrogant autists on a japanese retro gaming imageboard
>even caring about such things when you could just as much discuss games instead of fluff that's irrelevant to the topic of this board

Please tell us how "real gamers" are supposed to enjoy their hobby to be respected by the likes of you. I'm sure it's gonna matter whether they emulate or not, whether they use a Trinitron or not, what kind of video cable they should use and what brand or platform or genre is "objectively" or "how the developers intended" way to go on about it.

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pretty much

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The fact that you care enough to even ask for the opinion of some insignificant hipster faggot who wasn't even alive when most of this shit was still relevant is baffling to me.

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>this entire thread

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I honestly feel the opposite. Mario 64, Banjo, Chameleon Twist, Bomberman Heroes, Mischief are all good fallback titles.

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>this post
Neogaf is really dead, huh

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>Sega Saturn
>Romancing SaGa
>Dragon Quest
>Final Fantasy V
>Metal Slug
>hating Chrono Trigger

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Im not critisizing the people playing games. But have you wver met someone who says they only play retro games, and yet the only games that they talk about are Ocarina, EB, and Mario World. No Neverhood, no Rollerderby, nothing remotely obscure. Every time you try to talk to them about a game they say "Oh, never heard of it. Is it as good as SF2?"
Yet you ask them to play Wii or XBOne and they say "Sorry, I only play the classics."

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You can thank 'Big Bang Theory' and the rise of "nerd culture" for that.

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When exactly does anyone act "superior" about liking Earthbound?
This word gets thrown around a lot but this is a perfect example of projection.

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MOTHER / EB: Beginnings/Zero is the superior game. Best part of M2 is the soundtrack.

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Panzer Dragoon. It's superior because of the price.

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This hitscan garbage

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>What's the "I'm just getting into retro video games but my tastes are superior" starter pack?
Being contrarian about popular games.

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Love the inclusion of DOOM at the bottom.

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Gamecube and GBA were great. But yeah, N64 was ass, everything after the GBA handheld is ass, everything after gamecube is ass.

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You really like talking out of your ass. It holds up, and anyone who are into RPGs can easily get into this.

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Is it bad if I don't see anything wrong with liking any (or all) of these games? I mean you have the neet on the right, yes, but all of those are considered pretty damn good games.

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Chrono Trigger is a good game, you contrarian. It's not the best game but still solid.

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All I see is some butthurt fag who doesn't like arcade games.

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this is where its at

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You're really stupid, aren't you.Never heard of sarcasm?

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So the average cookie cutter who "gets" into old school video games buys a Twin Famicom,Ntsc-J Saturn and a Turbo Duo.
What fucking alternate universe do you live in?

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I've met people like that often and I don't really see a problem. There's nothing wrong with different grades of being into retro games. Sure, it would be great if I had more friends who knew about lesser known console and computer games and could even do multiplayer of them every once in a month but I simply acknowledge it. On the other hand, I know that there are tons of games or even platforms out there that I barely know, let alone play games on them more than once and I don't feel like playing them for now or never. It's not even because I don't like trying out other games or because I'm not interested in getting other consoles or computers. I simply don't care about them and don't try to fit in with others or try to impress others with my collections or "gaming knowledge" and I'm sure people like you would think the same.

Let's be honest, how many people on this board even KNOW every computer, console, handheld or arcade platform or the kind of games for them, let alone own(ed) them or played them? Does it matter that they haven't or not?

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sega megadrive + any games

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Sad that you don't realize how entry level you really are

>> No.4344354

I don't own any of those systems I just emulate. Truth be told the average cookie cutter is some fat bloke with Nintendo posters on his walls.

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Those are non-autistics who actually enjoy games. The average cookie cutter /vr/ elitist likes everything in the pic and thinks they're really hardcore and subversive.

>> No.4344364

>The average cookie cutter /vr/ elitist likes everything in the pic and thinks they're really hardcore and subversive.
Well it beats talking about Super Mario 64 for the 999999999th time.

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Treasure fans are the /vr/ equivalent of Platinum fans.

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Get your head out of your ass.

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Only correct answers.

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Both studios are creating hyper-actiony games, why not love them?

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This is just silly, none of this is remotely "hipster". Of course your friends like Mario Kart, its a fun series and they probably grew up on it just like you and me. The Big Bang Theory is a show super popular with middle aged people, its the opposite of "hip".

Cool story, although I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean.

I'm just looking for some evidence that any of this shit is actually considered hip.

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Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
Sonic CD
Lunar: The Silver Star
Battle Garegga
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

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same here, but the robot was a huge help.

>> No.4344979

everyone in the world between 10 and 40 likes Mario kart dude

>> No.4344984

>Battle Garegga
Yeah I mean Dimahoo and Batrider make so much more sense

>> No.4344993

I really liked the first game more too, even though it's objectively worse. it's unbalanced, tedious and cryptic to the point of requiring a walkthrough thru like half of it, but the relatively open world, all the secrets and the wonderful art style and music just makes it so much more memorable than earthbound imho.

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Imagine being this delusional

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Not in Russia.

>> No.4345610

I never understood the cult status of the 3DO in Russia, I guess Russians really like Technics equipment?

>> No.4345624

unironically Rondo of Blood

majority of the people who've played it haven't played a single other PC Engine game

>> No.4345764

Did someone say Mario 64? Dude that game's the true GOAT.

>> No.4345769

Hip doesn't necessarily mean hipster.
I lost Eve so early on. I remember getting so pissed thinking it wasn't scripted and I fucked up bad until the melody started playing. Still, I could have grinned with it...

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man I played earthbound before the internet fucked society in 1996 man and I gotta tell you it was something else, we can never ever go back, no one can relive those times man

things will never be the same, it's $400 for fuck all and nothing

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We couldn't get the SNES and N64 in Russia because they were hard to clone, being based on completely proprietary chipsets. And Nintendo wasn't interested in selling anything officially in the post Soviet countries back then, the people were just too poor for them to make a profit.

We've got a myriad of NES clones, very good Megadrive clones which were pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing and later on real Playstations and 3DO. And then the globalization finally dawned upon Russia and we've got everything else.

Russians still have no nostalgia for SNES and N64. Most people played those games only in the early 2000's using an emulator.

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This thread is really making me wanna play Earthbound again, but I know I'd just have to shelve it again in 5 days because Mario Odyssey is coming out.

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Wii is great. DS is great. Everything after those though and I'd agree

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I didn't like Light Crusader because isometric platforming does not work but what's wrong with Treasure?

>> No.4346906

You can beat earthbound in a couple of hours. Just fire up an emulator and grind with speedtoggle.

Yeah. Back when we had less choice. Those times were better! Admit it, you'd be bored to tears if all you had were mainstream retro games at 60 a pop.

>> No.4346910

Should put FF7, FF6 and or Chrono Trigger in the top 10

>> No.4347632

>played Earthbound after Smash Bros Brawl came out
>actually started it simply because I wanted to play the game Ness came from
Im really no better than the bandwagoners

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When the fuck is Alien Soldier ever discuss on here or most places you cuck?

>> No.4347701

Why do you care about the games you like being put into a stupid category? Just enjoy playing whatever

>> No.4347713

It's funny though
Several of those are part of that retro game starter kit, but many people I know who started them never finished them lmao

>> No.4347739

Aww, come on. Gunstar Heroes is high-tier
This is a bit better than some of the other lists I've seen. I hear people talk about FFVI like they've played it, but never seem to beat it.
I would probably leave it off the list

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You know, the phrase "'I'm just getting into retro video games but my tastes are superior' starter pack" seems a little long, and plus to "getting into" and "starter pack" together seem redundant to me.

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>Thinking we never have pro-Treasure vs anti-Treasure factions yelling at each other all the time

>> No.4347890

Is that the icecream sandwhich monster from Chameleon Twist?

>> No.4348008

this, any board you go on people are going to sneer their nose up at something that is legitimately good and say you are some casual faggot. /mu/ and /v/ being the big ones. Sometimes /a/ but not as much.

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I think part of the joke is that all of those titles are available on the Classic. The only thing missing is LttP.

>> No.4348065

why do you care

it's not like you socialize

>> No.4348340


i mean i had an SNES and lots of games and still don't have earthbound. part of the reason it's so expensive is because they didn't make a lot of copies. it wasn't getting bought at the time.

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I used to think it was a meme but I recently got a job at a big e-commerce startup company and they have giant tetris and Mario murals in the stairwells, retrons in the breakrooms and the lunch cardswipe kiosk makes the Mario 1-UP noise. There's a duck hunt meeting room with matching wallpaper too. Lots of hipsters but I haven't met a single one who has actually played a video game in the last decade. It's all image.

>> No.4348425

to be fair, 60 dollar gaming is a relatively new (and cancerous) thing.
also i think he meant before the internet memed and spoiled games for people

>> No.4348427

so whats the general consensus of this game? is it good but has bad people surrounding it or what?

>> No.4348436

p much

>> No.4348481

Close, they've only played two games for PC-E, and the other one is Magical Chase

>> No.4348509

You should play it and find out yourself!

>> No.4348618

>60 dollar gaming is a relatively new (and cancerous) thing.
Huh? Old games were that price. Video games have only gotten cheaper and that's not even taking into account inflation. Nothing cancerous about paying a price once then getting all the content. Cancerous shit is lootboxes and amiibo.

>> No.4348629

What are you talking about? It was common for NES and even SNES games to cost 70, 80, even up to 100 dollars sometimes.

>> No.4348648

It's okay. A somewhat grindy JRPG in a quirky modern day setting with kids fighting against an alien invasion. Its Japanese name is Mother 2 and its sequel Mother 3 is a masterpiece and must play.

Nowadays a lot of people go to Earthbound after playing Mother 3 and they understandably get disappointed.

>> No.4348649

>relatively new
>12 years ago

Also, anon, a $50 PSX game in 1995 equates to $82.11 today.

>> No.4348658

>not buying all your games during a Steam sale for $5-10 tops, then selling the trading cards and getting even more games
>not having hundreds of games on Steam at no noticeable hit to your monthly paycheck

>> No.4348659

Tech companies always have shit like that because they think its what the employees like. Its usually socially awkward devs and QA people wearing mario and zelda shit, not the hip people.

>> No.4348672


Man those cards are worth about $.50 per game, even a $5 game takes forever to sell cards for.

>> No.4348680

>not using Steam idle master
>not using Steam inventory helper

>> No.4348737

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

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>> No.4349806

You can play M1 at any point, but I think you need to play EB before 3, it just makes sense. I did 2>3>1, and it only made the impact of the villain in 2 more meaningful to me, but doing in chrono order should be just as fine too.

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Why this?

If anything wouldn't this be "I just got into fighting games and my taste is superior" instead?

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