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What's the common consensus of goat scrolling shmups ?

Super aleste has to be it right?

The power ups. 8 weapons. Big bosses. Very fast play.

The likes of r type iii and super r type don't cut it in terms of pace...

Then you un squadron. That game is hard.

Not forgetting to mention gradius and Darius. Imperium to? SNES has a lot of big hitters in this department. Not to clued up on sega. I know PS2 had a few heavyweights but can't remember them

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The goat tier are on arcades, console exclusives are alright with a few gems in between

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Darius has always been an incredibly 3/5 series that you play to see what kind of insane seafood mech is at the end of a stage but I'd play the hell out of that jp only one with the insane 16:3 aspect ratio or whatever.

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Gradius I-IV (I haven't played Gaiden or V), the Salamander games, R-Types. Entry-level stuff, I know.
Battle Garegga is the only vertical shmup I really fell in love with, but I also like some of the earlier Cave ones.

The one on PS4/Steam is really good and has literally thousands of stages.

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>The likes of r type iii and super r type don't cut it in terms of pace...
well yes, but that's because both of those games have absurdly inferior pacing to the original R-Type, which is truly the GOAT
>methodical pacing, without being boring -- it's a slow moving game, but it still keeps the action up, R-Type 3 fucks up this kind of really badly in the opening stage
>generally good checkpoint placement (emphasis on generally, there's still some "lol you died here, better restart")
>not easy, but the challenge is satisfying, most of the game gives the player a sense that "damn, I'll be able to pass this next time," even if they keep fucking up
>cool weapons, cool graphics

also, as much as I like them, Compile shooters aren't GOAT anything

it took until Gaiden for Darius to be good, Darius 1 and 2 are entirely just "lots of levels, also multiple screens lol" (and the home conversions are lame because they're not multi-screen anymore)
Gaiden drops the multi-screen gimmick and is a drastic improvement in general.
G-Darius is actually amazing in all aspects, but I've still got issues with it (probably just because I'm bad at it, but each boss can take anywhere from absolutely no time to beat to fucking ages, and that's retarded).

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>I haven't played Gaiden
You really should play it, it's the symphony of the night for the Gradius series. Freaking amazing.

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The crazy ass difficulty modes. I love how there's a dozen difficulties and they're all INSANE

Also the endings are different in the Japanese version and you get an bonus illustration for beating each difficulty, you might want to give that a try.

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Even the fans agree the series was only meh until Gaiden and Gigantic Darius. Also doesn't help most people got introduced to the series through Darius Twin on SNES which is pretty fucking dull.

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Darius Extra and the MD port of 2 are good

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>SNES has a lot of big hitters in this department
It really doesn't. It's the weakest of the fifth gen consoles in this genre.

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>Super Aleste
Don't you mean Space Megaforce?

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RType 2
Blazing star
And pretty much every one on the dreamcast

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>SNES has a lot of big hitters in this department.

WTF The snes had the smallest shmup lineup of the generation. Both the Megadrive & PC Engine had much stronger & larger shmup libraries.

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That's the American version no?

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I know I can just Google. But Google doesn't have the powers /vr/ has. So I will ask here.

Using the MD and SNES platforms. What are the must play space shmups I should definitely play. So like I'm on "super aleste" as we speak been my favourite for a while. What else are there? In squadron I have in my sights due to its difficulty. Insane I think.

I have not ventured to me for shmups so I'm hoping there could be some gems there.

Google won't give me an in depth answer like you guys. So hit me up

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Edit.* Doesn't have to be space i.e in squadron. But I think vertical is better than scrolling. Prove me wrong?

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play axelay and have both

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MUSHA and Thunder Force 4 (Lightening Force in the US) are good Sega shmups to start with

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Aleste is certainly goat everywhere, even the Game Gear.

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Can't find musha at the moment. Will look later.

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>it's the symphony of the night for the Gradius series

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Just played musha . Fuck that is a good game

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Yes, and U.N. Squadron is the American version of Area 88. I'm just looking for consistency in naming from the OP.

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Tyrian 2000 is objectively the best.

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so, the game that you go back and play because you remember how awesome the music and artwork is and how fun it was to explore the casle the first time you played it
then you load it up and the music is cool but out of place the game has basically no level design and is just kind of boring
and you just go back to super castlevania iv

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why do SOTN haters get so triggered at the mere mention of the game that they have to try to derail unrelated threads

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You have to admit that calling it the SotN for Gradius is a pretty vague comparison. What does that even mean?

We all know it's actually the Dark Souls of Gradius anyway.

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he probably meant it in terms of general production quality, since the spritework and animations are really nice and the music is incredible

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Soldier Blade
Thunderforce IV
Lords of Thunder
Parodius Da
R-Type 1
Air Zonk
Fantasy Zone

to name a few...

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It's the Nemesis II of Gradius

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I started playing Zero Wing and Gaiares because of this image. I can't believe how solid they are

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I loved this.
Big bosses.
Different SHIPS.
Varied combat.

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you play axelay?

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