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Sega channel is roms before there were roms. God tier addon

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It was garbage.

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>ROMs before they were ROMs

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Cartridges were ROMS before there was Sega Channel!

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Intellivision PlayCable was better.

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were any of the sega channel games good? I only remember the Sonic puzzle game with the horrible music

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You make it sound like they only put up indie games. 90% of, if not the entire Genesis library, was on Sega Channel at one point or another. So yeah, there were good games on there. Some of which we wouldn't see for a while yet(until ROMs and emulators became more widespread).

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>You make it sound like they only put up indie games
I don't see how you got that impression.
I guess I was a little unclear though, I was speaking more about Sega Channel exclusives. But that's cool if you got to just play whatever. Did you have the service? Did it let you play extra-regional games?

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>Sega channel is roms before there were roms.
This might blow your mind even more, but before there was sega channel, people actually distributed roms individually, housed inside plastic carts that you could simply plug into your console and play.

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Why is the sega channel logo screeching autisticly at me?

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why not zoidberg

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It was great. Sega was truly ahead of it's time. The Sega Channel was basically the 16 bit version of Xbox Live Arcade in the early 90's.

You obviously never had the Sega Channel.

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Alien Soldier and Mega Man: The Wily Wars would only see release in North America via the Sega Channel just as a couple of examples, but the vast majority of the library was available.

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bbses on home computers were real roms before... well actually they were actual programs. and you could download anything it had.

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Pulseman is wicked good.

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Mega Man: The Wily Wars and Chrono Trigger were on it.

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>You obviously never had the Sega Channel.
Ya man. Having an extremely limited selection, load times, and being force to look at shitty graphics wile it download was fucking great. I used it once.

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>you will never play Garfield The Lost Levels

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>Chrono Trigger
Explain further.

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>load times
Only once, and connection speed depended on your location.

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It had a ton of Genesis classics to play, so yeah.

The only exclusive I know of was Garfield Lost Levels, which is more of a curiosity, it was an average platform game even though I really liked it.

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I don't know what I'm talking about dude I'm too fucked up right now to process shit.

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>load times
It was fast for me. LOL Didn't even wait long for the game to download.


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>Works on my machine!
That's cool kiddos.

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it's true though, connection speed highly depends on how far you are from the broadcaster

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The service was still garbage.

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Sega channel was amazing, it gave you like 50 games each month. Choose your game, wait like one minute and then you were playing it. no load times past that initial load. When most kids were getting like one game on their birthday and one or two for christmas it was pretty great getting 50 a month.

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Thank you

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Every game that came out on Sega Channel had been sold retail(though not necessarily in the US, such as Mega Man Wily Wars and Alien Soldier). So 'exclusives' is equally incorrect.
At the same time, that answers your second question, that it let you play Japan or Euro exclusives, if you had a good month of picks.

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I actually forgot completely about GLL, so that WOULD count as an exclusive. Apologies.

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He probably confused it with Radical Dreamers.

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Haha that is exactly it.

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>roms before there were roms

>be me
>know guy in class who knows pirate supplier
>end up buying a 24M Super Magic Drive
>renting games and copying the ROMS to 3,5 disks
>using ROMS a full year before Sega Channel did roms before roms were roms.

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That Sonic puzzle game you're talking about, Sonic Eraser, wasn't on Sega Channel. It was available on the Sega Mega Modem, a Japan exclusive dial-up service.

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I would happily use one of those today instead of a flashcart if it's cheaper. I've looked into the old UFO floppy copiers for SNES but they are not any cheaper than the SD card version (about $50).

Do you still have yours? Does it still work?

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well I guess I'm just full of shit then

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>if it's cheaper.

As a copier collector I can tell you.. they are not cheaper.

>Do you still have yours? Does it still work?

I actually traded my 24M model in for a 32M SmartBros copier about two years later and always kinda regretted it.
it was a very nicely designed copier (except for the bare bones GUI)
so.. I eventually ended up buying another one from ebay, and.. then another.

So now I have two, a 24M model and a 32M model, and yes they both work.
I made sure to remove all the batteries from my copiers though, if those leak you've got a lot of repair work on your hands.

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Do they need batteries to operate?

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At least you admitted it.

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Just to save the sram and sometimes to keep the last loaded rom into memory.

Without it you can still load games and save, but you should save your sram to disk if you plan to quit because it will be gone once you turn off the power.

Not that I actually use them, its all about nostalgia for me.
if I want to load a rom I'll use a flashcard.