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It seems like over the past couple of years, next to no one has talked that much about any console older than the NES. The Atari 2600, the Colecovision, Vectrex, Odyssey 2, etc., it seems as though any and all conversation about these has been thrown out the window. Why is this?

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because they suck.

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What are some recommended Odyssey 2 games? I tried it out a little while ago via emulation, but the library doesn't seem as interesting as 2600, Colecovision and Intellivision.

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There's a little bit of interest in "home computer" style consoles like C64, but in general that first and second generation of consoles was so rudimentary and experimental as to not have much worth discussing today. Pitfall, your image, is probably the most advanced widely distributed Atari 2600 game, and even it is extremely simplistic compared to NES games and beyond.
I think this era of gaming is relevant mostly as for historical context, but video games as a medium weren't developed enough to leave major lasting impressions until slightly later.
Something like Colecovision is right on the edge though--see my image. If you are interested in that stuff you will probably have the best luck drumming up conversation during European hours around here.

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desu they're garbage. None of them really stand the test of time. It's nothing new: any innovation/invention suffers the same thing.

Model T cars are absolutely garbage and one would drive them but people go crazy for 1940 cars and up.

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Ah, so things like the Commodore 64 (which you mentioned) and the ZX Spectrum?

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I'd rather be talking about arcade games. Now that's something that doesn't get the attention it deserves..

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too old. Generation that played those is too old for this place.

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We can talk about arcade games...

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how viable is it to emulate arcade games on my retropie?

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Yeah, speccy also gets some love around here. Even BBC micro when you have a quorum of brits. And naturally stuff like Amiga although that's not the time period in question here.

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I played the shit out of them.

I don't think they are talked about because they are really simplistic. They can be a lot of fun, but there's not much to discuss.

My favorite is Frostbite. Damn fun game, but again, what's to talk about?

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A car is a practical machine, and driving a significantly out-of-date car today involves numerous mechanical problems, as well as not being suited to modern highways. Video games have no such problems. 2600, Colecovision, Vectrex, Intellevision and SG1000 have tons of excellent scoring-focused pure action games that are still lots of fun. Why wave off a whole era of games, especially when it can be experienced now for free?

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There are several options when it comes to MAME, Final Burn Alpha, etc. on raspi. If you are talking about 70s arcade games any version of MAME available in the retropie config script should be just fine. It's only once more advanced hardware gets involved that you have to be really careful about which version you use to get compatibility.

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Is just because brand loyalty. You see, Nintendo has been milking on his older consoles for the last 30 years. The constantly remind every of their consumers how good they were with the NES, SNES, N64 and they re-release their games in every single of their consoles, so you should buy their games. Thats why 99% of this board always discusses only NES and foward games.

Atari has been dead like 25 years. Also their only good console is from 1979. On top of that -i never understood why- the amount of Atari collections in the market is VERY low. For example SNK has a Metal Slug collection in every single device that runs faster than 500Mhz of processor, even if it is a fucking blender. But Atari never did that. They even outsourced the flashback series which is stupid.

And finally -something that many people here wont admit- the graphics are very crude. I like them because i got an Atari in the early 90's and it was my first console, so i think they are ok, but many people here actually get pushed away because their characters look like dots or sticks.

Oh and the atari controller is not a good controller for today standars. Even back then i hated it because how fragile is, and considering how much skills and timing the games requires, the controller doesnt hold up to the challenges you have to confront.

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The came be said about vidya. The hardware is outdated and full of problems, even hooking them up is a hassle, and it's just not worth the investment.

NES and beyond however is relatively painless and it's library outshines anything before it by a long shot

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same can be said*

Sorry, dirty phone poster.

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I've seen some kids raised by parents who played that generation of consoles actually get nostalgic over things like Atari because their parents introduced them to those games.
It's like some sort of weird nostalgia loop-around.

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>The hardware is outdated and full of problems, even hooking them up is a hassle, and it's just not worth the investment.


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Tell me about Yar's revenge. How did a game from the late 70s know that Tasha Yar would be killed off in the first season of TNG more than a decade later?

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That still doesn't eliminate the extremely limited hardware capability and awful library

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Is there a decent USB controller clone for it?

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The difference between the 2600 and the 5200 is less comparable to NES vs SNES, and more comparable to the Sega 32x and the Saturn.

Sure there was some technical progress, but the games sucked. And a wave of much better consoles and games were coming soon, anyway. It wasn't a gen to itself. It was an aborted attempt to make it to the next gen.

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Because this site is filled with plebs who grew up on Kingdom Hearts and Spongebob.

There are other forums where folks realize the NES killed gaming but these are invite-only to prevent contamination.

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>The difference between the 2600 and the 5200 is less comparable to NES vs SNES, and more comparable to the Sega 32x and the Saturn.
I would say 2600 vs 5200 is quite a bit closer to Genesis vs 32x than that. Basically a half-step of technological progress, but not enough to satisfy consumers. And much like the 32x, the 5200 was forgotten in favor of a new "true" successor to the successful previous console.

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no idea how is it, i just found it on ebay

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Who's the pleb? I only use mailing lists.

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There were way less consoles sold back then too so there are simply less fans to discuss the games.

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Star Raiders was a good game for the old Ataris; Miner 2049er, too.

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Because millenials are ruining gaming, there I said it. Us older folk are being thrown into wind like we're useless farts. You all want your mario and spyro the dragon, what about combat and pitfall? Those are awesome games that you all will never get to appreciate.

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Large pixels have sharp edges that irritate fragile young eyes
There is no deepest lore to out autists other autists by knowing
There are no waifus
The 5 people on /vr/ who aren't completely put off by those problems are too busy enjoying games to bother triggering shitpost rants by talking about them

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Because Generation X is the most worthless generation and can't accomplish anything. They're too cynical to even like the same games as each other without going full hipster at the same time.

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Atari games just lack those kinda mysteries, secrets.

Usually they're one screen and you're lucky you get more than that. I mean, H.E.R.O. by Activision, what am I supposed to discuss?

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You can discuss the symbolism and historical accuracy of Custer's Revenge.

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Atari porn games aren't even as interesting as NES porn games. They're way too crude and only serve to be laughed at, basically - whereas I could see somebody fapping at an NES titty or implied NES titties.

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If you fap to either, go outside with a rope, find a tree, and neck yourself

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I haven't picked them all up yet so I'm hesitant to hype them but Odyssey 2 has these three board game hybrids that use it as the computer brain. Board games with electronic assistants were very popular back then and and Odyssey is pretty weak as a video game system but extremely powerful as a board game.

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Gotta say that sounds ten times more fun than any interactive style of "video" game possible on that system.

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I'm a pretty big fan of these kind of early 80s electronic board games.

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What's there to talk about? Pre-NES era games (and to an extent, some NES games) don't have enough content to warrant an entire thread. /vr/ is slow enough already with posts, we don't need a ton of 1 reply threads about fucking Pong or whatever cluttering the catalog.

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Are you ga daisuke, niggertits, hoy da doy?

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Back when every game was multiplayer because you couldn't do ai with 4kb.

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Not a lot to talk about in terms of games. There's a shitload of historical value and it's really interesting to discuss the quirks and gimmicks but as far as games it's usually pretty uneventful. There are TI83 games that are more impressive than the entirety of the generation 1 and 2 systems and it doesn't even output sound or color.

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There's always a healthy amount of arcade discussion; far, far more than pre-NES.

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In addition to this list:

>Air Raiders
>Commando Raid
>Communist Mutants From Space
>Dark Cavern
>Dodge 'Em
>Laser Gates
>Midnight Magic
>Radar Lock
>Robot Tank
>Solar Storm
>Spider Fighter

Are all great games.

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Looks like one just accomplished trigger the underage

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Atari 2600, Golden Age arcade games, and early computer games all deserve more discussion on /vr/. Awesome, underrated time for video games.

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Was there even enough memory to program in cheat codes? I remember the NES era for its bullshit (and not so bullshit) cheat codes.


Just wouldn't work.

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Yes. You'd be amazed what someone can fit into a few kb when they're fluent is 6502 assembly as opposed to talking about thinking about learning CSS3.

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When I found out you could go backwords in Pitfall too, it was like having another game.

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There was sort of a Combat remake on Wii Play in 2007. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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2nd gen games are closer to Flash games or Windows' built in games than later console games. They're a lot more disposable, in other words. So what's there to talk about?

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their games are incredibly simplistic and boring.

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Actually, why don't we ever discuss flash games on here?

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I had this game but couldnt remember the name.

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You can't go backwards in Pitfall. If you input the opposite direction of the way your facing you turn around. If you input the same direction as the direction your facing you go forward in that direction. Anything else is all in your head.
What was it like when you found that out?

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Did they ever actually release the sequel for this? I saw it hyped for years on Newgrounds until I stopped caring about flash games.

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The games were bad. Usually bad arcade ports or cheap clones of other games.
That's why the whole market crashed.

On the other hand look at the NES. Some of these games are still fun and playable.

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K.C. Munchin, K.C.'s Crazy Chase and Pick Axe Pete. There's probably a couple more, but this is off the top of my head.

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My 2 cents:

1.) Home consoles were a niche phenomenon back then and had not yet arrived in the mainstream. Thus, less content, less interest.

2.) Arcade games were the genre-defining medium at the time, so are more often talked about. Games that were neither arcade ports nor knock-offs were a clear minority on early home consoles.


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No problem, Bro. I also have the unreleased Vectrex adaptation.

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I think they made a remake or something.

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Going left is the ideal route for Pitfall, and the rolling logs are much less of a hassle since they're going the same way you are.

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Because only Americans played those consoles. Talk about good computers instead, like the Vic-20.

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I'm 25 and I played the shit out of Pitfall. Was a hidden game on the SNES sequel.

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They were so shit they killed the entire market.

Old arcade games on the other hand were good, but not much talk of those, either.

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Most of us are eighties or nineties kids. As in born in those decades. Pre-NES is more of a seventies kid thing, and most people that age are not here. As for the rest of us, it was an interesting novelty, but I only got a 2600 in the mid-nineties and I much preferred playing my NES and SNES games than it.

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Home consoles in the 70s and early 80s were kind of shit before the Japanese took over the market.

The games were just repetitive high score competitions with chunky, low-color sprites primitive monophonic sound effects.

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Probably not a lot of 50 year-olds on 4chan.
Also, the games are basic. Like make a frog go across the street, repeat 400x.

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The same reason why most people here yell at anyone younger than 30. Because most people into retro games are actually just nostalgic for games of their childhood, that's why 90% of retro gaming is SNES, NES and Genesis.

Also it probably doesn't hurt that games with distinct stories, sidescrolling and a finite sets of levels that don't repeat started around the third gen (so NES etc) as opposed to more 'arcade' experience where you had like three levels that took one screen each and they looped forever.

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>What are some recommended Odyssey 2 games?

Attack of the Timelord is a nice Shooter. I also recomend Killer Bees where you take control of a bunch of bees who sting people around, lol. And there was another game called Super Bee where you eat fruits but they're replaced by obstacles turning the maze more difficult to navigate.

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lol forgot vectrex even existed

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