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ITT most beautiful retro games of all time

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As beautiful as it is painful.

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Symphony of the Night. It was stunning then, competing with all the shitty 3D, and it's just as gorgeous today.

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And while the game is busy fucking your ass, the fantastic soundtrack just goes on doing its own thing pretending nothing's wrong.

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that aint legend of mana

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can't believe no one has posted this yet.

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I definitely prefer BOF3 but I'll be damned if this isn't the best blend of 2D and 3D on the PS1

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My nigga

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lol not even close

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Close to what?

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>pretending nothing's wrong
That's a good way to describe the Rayman world, however...

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Ristar is a masterpiece.

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I don't like Rayman's art style.

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the breasts on krang tho.

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Well, I don't like that guy's face.

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Is the gameplay any good though?

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It's perdy gud

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been playing this on my phone. managed to get shadow walk from the bats

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So clean for Playstation, not bad

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I can respect that.

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Whoa, what game is that?

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Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness

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That death animation got me to instantly quit the game and forever uninstall it as a kid.

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Shame its PGXP

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This game is such bullshit.

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It's full of great animations.

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Age of Empire 2

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The attention to detail in Breath of Fire IV is phenomenal. Everything from the animations to the world feels like it wis deeply thought about. It's a shame not many people look into the symbolism and such, it is pretty impressive learning about it.

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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

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Seeme like Breath of Fire 4 is the winner

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Rocket Knight Adventures

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No offense but that's hideous

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Elevator Action Returns

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Post the arcade at least which is 10x prettier

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The super zoomed out perspective really bothered me in Jazz 2.

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What is this

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wonder project j2

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So, how the graphics on this game work? People have been trying to understand it for years.

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We just don't know

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Flink, by the same guys who made Lionheart and Lomax.

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I doubt it's in realtime. As a game dev I gotta ask, did they load all the different tracks into memory to cut to the different locations so quick? I would assume that is a video. But I could be wrong, as they didn'T need to load the shitty ridge racer 'physics' and the no fun racing engine or cars. So they might only loaded the bare tracks for the intro animation for some fancy cuts.

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third strike has not only beautiful sprites, but it is also animated super smoooooooth

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that's not 3rd Strike

that's 2nd Impact

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how about this :o

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This, too bad the game got overshadowed by its soundtrack.

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Pretty sure it's the realtime flybys that play when you start a track, edited together into one webm

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Nights looks pretty rad and got alot of variation.

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how odd, I hated plok on its release and still hate it. Man was that game boring and no fun to me... everything in this game is designed to look ugly and boring... That color sheme, the enemy design, the player design, the world variation, the story, and the gaaameplaaaay, getting crippled is awful gameplay mechanic! EVERYTHING in that game is not good :S Getting crippled in mario world is annoying but still playable, but plok...

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That's from Second Impact too.

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Alpha 2 has the prettiest stages

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I really must pick this up. I've always loved BOF3 but never played 4

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What's so complicated about them?

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>ctrl F metal slug
what the fucc? these games had some of the best pixel art and sprite animation of all time

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Metal Slug is casual numale shit specially Metal Slug 3.

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>impossibly hard game is casual.


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>it's numale for unspecified reasons that follow no known line of logic
Spotted the projecting numale

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>impossibly hard
>20 minute game that gives you infinite continues
Git gud.

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I don't know why you thought that gif was a good example

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your right 4 was the best of the series


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frog on roof
where he go

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Feels like I'm look at a 1995 gif as well, nice aesthetic.

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Play the Xbox port. Every time you continue you start at the beginning of the level.

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Xbox port of 3 I meant to say.

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they look nearly identical

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For some reason my brain thought immediately of a Lemmings aesthetic and I didn't think the character's design was similar or anything.

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Not really what I would call a great game, but it is beautiful.

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What game is this?

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kof2000? I thought it was an abbreviation.

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Not the most beautiful game, but one of the comfiest

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Looks pretty enough anyway.

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Most comfy world and best game on this planet :3

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i was playing some super ghouls and ghost and it still looks really nice even if the slow down doesn't help

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wut gaem?

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King of Fighters 2000.

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>no curse of monkey island

You guys...

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Curse of Monkey Island isn't even the prettiest of LucasArts adventure games.

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Debatable. It's the comfiest for sure.

Which one if not it then?

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Played the shit out of Kiradia games, but couldn't beat any of 'em because was too young and dumb.

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Nice, but what game is that?

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>not recognizing Crash Bandicoot

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But it is a Lemmings spinoff.

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Fuck yeah.

OST was the shit too.


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Stating the obvious, but Shadow of The Beast. Terrible game though. You just run and die.

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This thread needs moar Amiga. Here's Agony.

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That's Bubsy 3D, ya doof.

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Spyro 2

That image is from winter tundra homeworld

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This game was comfy as fuck.

Also bumping for kino.

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What's up with European games? They are always very well made from a technical point of view, but the gameplay simply isn't there. They feel a bit... off, in lack of a better term

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He didn't play it in the arcade with only one quarter


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Darkseed. Artwork by HR Giger.

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Name of the game?

That's one amazing UI

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Sega Astal

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that would be one of them you morons

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