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Retro game bottom of the barrel.

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I think I managed to play that game for maybe a minute.

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Did they ever fix that mall?

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I remember wanting to play this game a lot as a kid for some reason.
I played it now and is ok.

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SMW2: YI comes to mind.

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This came out two years after the shit film that made no money it's based on, how stuff like this even got to completion baffles me. With the cost of producing N64 cartridges why wouldn't you just make a cheap Playstation game?

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99% of sports games ever.

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this game is actually good. I'm serious. Too short though.

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fun fact: it's impossible to beat this game without a gameshark. There is one boss in the game that is absolutely broken that is impossible to defeat.

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Boy, Titus just knocked em out of the park, didn't they?

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Those games were pretty fun
People need to stop pretending that sports games arent

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When you see hundreds of them stacked together in a video game store for 10 cents each, or on eBay where an entire box is nothing but sports games being sold for 5 bucks, that to me is a sign of bottom of the barrel.

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Their racing games (automobile lamborghini and roadsters) and Virtual Chess 64 are fun atleast.

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Its a sign that u niggas have bad taste

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They're only good for idiots bypassing the SNES's lockout chip so they can play Super Noah's Ark 3D

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I saw it in Nintendo Power, it got a full multi-page guide.

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I actually enjoyed both of these.

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What does resale value have to do with how good a game is?

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me either.

most people talking shit about games like these have never actually played them (or cared to play more than a few minutes) and just one to meme.

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Eat shit. I played Hercules up to the beach town and it was fucking miserable.

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b-but n64 has no shovelware only good games

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What >>4330410 said. I'm not even much of a sports fan, let alone of Madden, but just because its resale value is low doesn't mean it's definitely not worth playing. Just like some incredibly expensive games aren't necessarily god tier gameplay wise.

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I'm not defending hercules. Blues brothers on the other hand is good. Same with quest 64 and other games people like to meme on.

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This piece of shit was ported to every system back then.

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Watched some gameplay footage. This game doesn't look too terrible. In fact I'd say it's just one eceleb endorsement away from becoming le hidden gem.

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How about you try playing it.

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I liked this game.

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That EGM's article an interesting read, bizarre how a number of people in this thread are defending BB2000 when one of the actual developers threw it under the bus there.

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I'm playing BB2000 and i don't know if it's the emulator or what, but the game crashes a lot, and it's not the emulator giving me errors, the actual game gives me messages on screen like OUT OF MEMORY or TOO MANY OBJECTS=400.

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never had any problem playing it on actual hardware. N64 emulation sucks.

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Aha, I played that GB game tons.

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Or potentially the fact that with every single year comes a new game that renders the previous year's, and thus every other previous one's, game irrelevant and out of date. Most plebs play them for the online/ultimate team type games that have the servers taken down every year.

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I love that it says 'official licensed product' as if fucking *M&MS* is that big license people would line up to bootleg to get a bite of that M&Ms license money pile.

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Anon-kun are you fucking retarded? M&M's is a multi-billion dollar property. 400 million M&M's are produced each day and they have massive marketing campaigns.

This is what staying inside 24/7 and watching more porn than TV does to you.

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Planescape Borement is pretty bottom of the barrel.

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Did you use Project 64? If so then that's the problem you're facing. Any game that's not Zelda, Starfox, Smash Bros. or Mario 64 is basically unplayable because of those random errors. If you don't like messing around with plug-ins then I'd advise you to use an original console instead.

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this was pretty fun desu

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It was abandoned and demolished.

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I've played lots of games on PJ64 without issues, I just find weird that it gives me errors messages in-game.

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