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I'm always seeing people trash the Gameboy Color because it was only out for a couple of years, but when you look at it's library it reaches greater heights than that of the original Gameboy.

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>The Gameboy Color is Underrated.
Who the fuck says this?

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I says this.

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It does get picked on a lot for it’s small library.
Like, if you exclude the black carts, it has a super tiny library.

The GBC was pretty much the equivalent of what the DSi was to the DS.

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i love gameboy color. fuck all the h8ers.

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>but when you look at it's library
you realize that GBC has possibly the most concentrated library of licensed shit and shovelware in the history of /vr/ gaming

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There were a lot of oddballs on this system. Metal Gear Solid, Perfect Dark, Daikatana...

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its shit

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I always have and always will treat the Game Boy and GBC libraries as one. From a technical standpoint they're almost exactly the same console. The only things the GBC has that are different from the original are the obvious color palettes, more RAM, and a processor that can be set to run at double the speed of the original. Then there's the obvious dual-mode black carts, which will play in color on a GBC but can also be played in grayscale on an original GB. If we're treating the GB and GBC libraries as separate entities, how do we account for these carts? We can't. They're the same library.

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I've never seen anyone trashing it but it's pretty trash when you look at it. 9 years and nintendo releases essentially the same non-backlit system with a smaller screen than the pocket and 8 mhz instead of 4. That kind of shit would be laughed at today.

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Because the GBC has exclusive games to the platform that can only be played on the GBC.

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It's the same situation with DS and DSi games.

Also 3DS and N3DS games.

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But it can also play the original games, better than the original can. so they are part of the library too

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Tom and Jerry games on it were great.

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Nobody gives a fuck about the GBC. Most people aren't really interested in the DMG as a whole either, but nobody gives the GBC credit for the neat stuff like Konami's Mummy, Aliens: Thanatos Encounter and Tower: Lord Baniffs Deceit. Even the weebs don't care about its Japan exclusives and the few translations it actually got.

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By the time it came out, it was kinda the last bastion for pixel art, so you got some real quality shit. Also last place for chiptune too.

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That chiptune sounds really nice but what about the gameplay? Is it like one of those licensed games with good or even great music but less than idea gameplay like that Obelix game for the Gameboy/Gameboy Color?

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First, Obelix is great, apart from the terrible mini-games.
Second, it's kinda supbar. A basic platformer with an annoying mechanic that really ruins it. Ottifanten is much better. A nice looking auto-scrolling platformer with similar music.

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the was a gbc Perfect Dark?

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Yeah, it's kinda rubbish though.

It looks amazing, and even has voice acting for the cut scenes, but the gameplay isn't very fun, and has it's fair share of glitches.

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You could unlock cheats on the N64 with that cartrige.

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gbc was all i could afford.

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I love the GBC, specially the pixel art with a limited palette. Yes the achile's heel in the small library but there are really interesting things there.
Wish I could do something to make people apreciate it more.

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>no capitalization

Do you literally have autism?

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>limited palette
It's got a 15 bit palette. The same amount as the snes. That ain't limited for an 8 bit system.

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That's still a definite limit graphically speaking. Hell, even the New 3DS and 2DS models are still incredibly limited technologically if you don't account the 3D effect and even that's debatable.
You could just as much say that the NES wasn't that limited because it was able to do scrolling unlike many other computers from the 80s.

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Screen is alot nicer than the original gba

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GBC is only worth for Pokemon and Zelda

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Well not the palette but how the machine uses it, tiles can only use 3-4 colors at once out of like 8 palettes. Its all very baroque but is one of those arbitrary limits that breeds creativity.

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Color in games is a a shitty pointless gimmick. We'll be back to grey scale in no time.

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There's just something about the blue they chose for Quagsire though.

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