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The system had lots of great racing games, but which one was your favorite?

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wipeout 64 and ridge racer.

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These are on Steam now, it's insane, it came out silently. I saw a dude playing them on Twitch and was like WHAT.

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If we're talking N64 exclusives then definitely this, otherwise maybe Hydro Thunder.

Aero Gauge is underrated as fuck and had some amazing music


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personal favorite

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you know extreme g 2 had a pc port since years ago right?

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>wipeout 64 and ridge racer.
This. Seriously. WThese franchises are often only talked in context of the Playstation (for a reason), but the 64 installations are neat as fuck.

This is shit. The only blemish on the N64's otherwise spotless scifi-racer list.

Never tried that one for a reason, how does it hold up?

Wave Race 64
F-Zero X
Episode I Racer
Standart fare, but for a reason on every list.

World Driver Championship
Gets overlooked quite often because it released around the same time as Gran Tourismo (2?) on the PS, so it is understandable, but this game is seriuosly great and looks pretty neat.

I'll leave out the kart racers here.

Honorable mentions if you are into that:
F1 World Grand prix
Excitebike 64
Monster Truck Madness 64

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*for no real reason

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Star Wars Pod Racer, and Lego Racers.

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It depends on what you like, it's a mix between sim and arcade racing but with more arcade, I like it.
The physics are kinda wonky (you can pretty much get a massive speed boost by railing on fences/walls and the cars can fly like crazy sometimes) and there's only 5 tracks (one of them being a secret course and season mode gets repetitive after a while) but imo it pays off by how good and long they are, the different weathers also give them a different way of playing the tracks, there's mirror mode but i dislike playing mirrored tracks, driving also feels smooth, specially with Handling 3.
What I like the most is that the overall presentation gives me a feel of relaxation, the mellow main menu theme (or the more upbeat pal/jp song), the track's ambients and the overall soundtrack gives me this feel of loneliness and adventuring throught the tracks makes the game extremely cozy for me, more if you're playing it on rainy nights.
Later games like TGR2 or WDC improved a lot on it, and that kinda makes it difficult to come back (specially if you're more into sim racing) but IMO later never gave me the same feel of playing as TGR1 did. Check it out if you want to play a simple, but fun racing game with a really comfy atmosphere.

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>No mention of HSV Adventure Racing

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bettle adventure racing
star wars racing
f-zero x
road rash 64

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forgot to mention california speed, a trully underrated gen

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So, of the Sci-Fi racers, Which one was the best?
F-Zero, Pod Racer, Wipeout, or Extreme-G(2)?

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I love F-Zero X and it's stylish presentation, but I'm gonna give the upperhand to Star Wars Racer, mostly because I love the environments of the game (you race throught lots of different locations of a planet in comparison to X's "empty" raceways) and boosting is just too much fun for me (even if X is much faster, Racer still has a damn fast gameplay).
I never played WipeOut 64 and Extreme-G gave me motion sickness as a kid so I never replayed it.

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WDC was the absolute shit.

Can any emulators even run it? That's the one reason I regret selling my n64.

F-Zero, but honestly just play them all. I remember Extreme G being the worst but it's mostly because of the garbage framerate.

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its actually pretty crazy how many racing games n64 got
i spent a lot of time in dkr and beetle adventure racing.
never got good at excitebike 64 but the secrets were great. im not even sure how they pulled off the infinite desert level.

also its worth mentioning you can play f-zero expansion kit now. same game with 2 new cups, new music and you can build custom vehicles and race tracks.

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Rush 2.

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Cruis'n trilogy, followed by basically anything Midway did and Mario Kart.

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>looks pretty neat

understatement of the fucking millennium

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i wasn't even aware n64 had this many racers

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Mini Racers because I really am into this kind of racers.

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Play them all.
The N64 is pretty much the pinnacle of scifi racing.

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I meant pretty neat from a 2017 point of view.
For its time though it looked spectacular.

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there's an absolute metric fucking shitload and at least 20-something of them are still worth playing

awesome system for racing games

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How does this compare to the SNES games?

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You might not like it.
SNES Top Gear are full arcade experience, Rally tries to be more of a sim game.

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I really need to pick up more racing games for my N64. Definitely going to give Ridge Racer a look.

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Lego Racers is >$10 and serves as a good kart racer, the brick-stacking powerups were a neat variation.
>tfw green brick + three white bricks

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MRC and Rally Challenge 2000 are really fun, specially Rally 2000.

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This one was fun

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Eh... Maybe I'll try it anyway.

Thanks for the info.

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rr64 is impossible at the end.

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Bloody hell ya fuckin drongo

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the retarded physics in the first 2 Rush games provided me with hours of entertainment

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most ridge racers are, rage was fairly hard, 4 was easy, the first 2 were really hard and Vs extreme gp is a shit to.

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wipeout 64 is my fav, it worked really well with the pad somehow and i grinded that fucker for decent times for ages, i'm biased as a wipeout fan in general though.

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>still no mention of Penny Racers
Anyone? So comfy

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Actually in hindsight it's pretty mediocre but I have fond memories of it

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Try Choro Q 2, also on n64 but jp only

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Wasn't there supposed to control the engines with seperate controllers? Never could make it work.

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It's a cheat code iirc

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If you enter RRDUAL on the character creation screen while holding down Z then that enables the dual controller cheat.
It uses controllers 1 and 3.

It's lots of fun.

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My dad and I spent hours customizing our cars and racing each other. Great game.

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Did anyone else spend countless hours in the stunt arena playing split screen like I did? Never owned the game but rented it all the time from a video store nearby.

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Star Wars Racer is IMO the best racer on the system. Unique environments indeed. The racing is faster than anything else and even gives F-Zero a run for its money.

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Ridge Racer is okay for a play at the arcade but I always found it hard to get into as a series. The grip cars drive retarded and the drift cars (the handling of which is clearly different between games) are even more fucked. Reiko is the ONLY good thing about it. I'll take any other racing game thanks

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World Driver Championship is a fantastic game. It's only real weakness is a mediocre soundtrack like most BOSS games. Also, due to some performance tricks, the audio is a little bit crackly on a real N64.

The big problem with N64 racing games was that getting stable performance from the N64 was very difficult. The PS1 had a lot of basically rock solid 30fps racing games. N64 ones suffered from unstable framerates, even if they generally had much better visuals.

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That's unfortunatly the fault of the RAM Nintendo used.
RDRAM has very high bandwidth, but had higher latencies compared to EDORAM (which the Playstation used).
This meant the N64's CPU spent a lot of time just waiting for data to be sent back from the RAM (although once the RAM started returning data it was very fast).
This could have been solved by running the RAM at a higher clock rate, but it was already the hottest part of the system.
If they clocked it any faster they would have needed active cooling.

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Aero Gauge is cool

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In retrospect, there were actually a fair few N64 games that ran at decent framerates. Stuff like Cruis'n Exotica was a locked 30fps. I think we've ended up with selective memory where the awesome looking 20fps games displaced the less great looking 30fps ones. The first Turok game was a solid 30fps, IIRC. As was Rage Wars.

Vigilante 8 has very stable performance, but people only remember how it ran with the expansion pack.

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Extreme G and F-Zero X were just awesomest single player fun.

Podracer was a movie license game that was awesome, what is it with this console and awesome linecnsed games, I'm looking at you Goldeneye and Rogue Squadron.

Micro Machines 64 and Mariokart 64 were just awesomest multiplayer fun.

Waverace and 1080° delivered the feeling of riding on an underground different than road like no other game before, and sadly since.

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wave race is still the best water racing game, aside from blue storm. That's pretty sad.

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Wave Race 64 is just a happy game

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MRC was great no?

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I enjoyed it but it needs more maps

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Which one was the game where you could race as the N64 logo and as a hot dog

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Diddy Kong Racing

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that sounds hilarious

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Top Gear Overdrive

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What's wrong with Cruis'n Exotica

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It's just a reskinned Cruis'n World. If you've played World you've played Exotica.

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Nothing. It's an awesome game.

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I still play the stunt arena with friends to this day. I pretty much never touched the racing mode in this game.

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>What's wrong with Cruis'n Exotica
Not much. Audiences were just sick of the formula at that point. It's a neat game in some ways.

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Any games in the system similar to sega rally or daytona usa?