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I just bought a Dreamcast, recommend me some games, what are your favorites?
I only have Sonic Adventure, a friend is giving me Shenmue.

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Sega rally, chu chu rocket, gigawing

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Or just torrent a fullset, the DC is like the PSP where piracy is extremely easy

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You'll want to give Dynamite Cop a try, it's ridiculously fun brawling action, think Streets of Rage but 3D and special moves include breaking and twisting a guy's leg around 17 times and weapons range from thrown fruit to nuclear missile launchers. Also try Skies of Arcadia if you can survive the encounter-rate. House of the Dead and the other shooters are worth getting if you get a lightgun.

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Any Capcom game, especially Project Justice.

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Bangai-O (shoot-'em-up)
Capcom vs SNK PRO (fighting)
D2 (survival horror)
Dynamite Cop (beat-'em-up)
Evolution (dungeon crawler)
Grandia II (JRPG)
Jet Grind Radio (skating)
Napple Tale (platformer)
Power Stone 2 (arena brawler)
Puyo Puyo~n (matching puzzle)
Rainbow Cotton (rail shooter)
Re-Volt (racing)
Shenmue (action-adventure)
Tech Romancer (mecha combat)
Treasure Strike (co-op action-RPG)
Twinkle Star Sprites (puzzle-shooter)

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>Treasure Strike (co-op action-RPG)
wow that game looks amazing, shame its j-only

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Be aware that most Dreamcasts can read burned discs with no modding whatsoever. Just look under your Dreamcast, on the bottom-right corner, and check for a number inside a circle. If the number is 0 or 1, you're good. If it's 2, you're out of luck.

The Dreamcast has a bunch of arcade-perfect ports of fighters and shooters. If you're serious about those consider investing in the Dreamcast Agetec arcade stick, which is pretty nice.

Other than that, the Dreamcast has a lot of fantastic SEGA games in various genres, and a handful of quirky titles. It's a very neat console.

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It's really easy to play without knowing Japanese

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Oh okay, ill have to check it out then thanks!

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I've had some fun with a couple friends playing Toy Commander, flying around shooting each other in a giant kitchen is pretty cool. Any good co-operative DC games though? I'd love to toss a controller at a friend or two and have us be working towards a goal together.
Inb4 Gauntlet Legends, it's a good one I know.

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Dynamite Cop and Treasure Strike

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The chart in the post you replied to has co-op and 4 player games marked.
>Canon Spike
>Chu Chu Rocket
Dynamite Cop
>Power Stone
>Samba de Amigo
>Space Channel 5
>Toy Commander
>Virtua Tennis

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Can't fuckin' believe no one has said PSO yet.

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Playing PSO on the Dreamcast is kinda pointless now that there's no online. Might as well play the Gamecube port (which has local co-op) or a third-party sever on PC.

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I'm playing on private servers right now.

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PSO can be played online on Dreamcast to this day. Look up Dreamcast Talk forums.

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I agree. I've never been a fan of online multiplayer games(or whatever they're called). I play more traditional games that have 1 player story mode or 2 to 4 player games(such as fighting games, wrestling games, racing games).

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It's ok to be tasteless. /vr/ isn't for everyone.

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Nah. Tasteless would be to enjoy games like Call Of Duty, the newer Resident Evil games(4 and beyond) or Final Fantasy.

I'm more into story driven games like Shenmue, or a horror game like Splatterhouse, or a movie licensed game like Batman Returns(on the SNES), or a stealth action game like Metal Gear Solid. Doing these mass multiplayer online RPG's are a chore & time consuming. Time which I don't have time for when I got work and a life.

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>Resident Evil 4
Lmao typical pseudo intellectual faggot with inflated sense of self worth who thinks he has "taste" because he enjoys boring muh zombies "survival" with shit tank controls and fixed isometric view. RE4 absolutely shits on everything that came before and remains the only truly good game in the series. Deal with it.

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>>>/v/ is that way fag

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So what?
>>>/lgbt/ is over there, and you're still here too.

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>Being this butt-hurt over me calling RE4 tasteless.
You got it backwards cuck. RE4 is completely crappy. Zombies aren't suppose to talk or attack you with weapons. Also REmake is a way better Resident Evil game than RE4 ever wishes to be. Even RE2 blows RE4 out of the water. Why else would fans go through the trouble of remaking RE2 and then Capcom takes notice & hires these guys to do a RE2 remake? It's because there's cash to be made with the older RE games. RE4 was the beginning of how shitty the RE franchise was going to be, just look at how RE5 turned out. RE4 is the blame for how shit the RE games have been.

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I really hope you guys don't fall for this guys bait...

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I haven't.

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>Cannon Spike
>Marine Fishan
>Blue Stinger

Muh nigguh

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>Also try Skies of Arcadia if you can survive the encounter-rate
The encounter rate for skies of arcadia is a bit of an exaggeration.

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You really should've gotten your backlog sorted before buying the console, anon.

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EGG. It's a zelda-like with mechs. Pretty good game, great graphics.

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Cannon Spike (best game)
Zero Gunner 2
Under Defeat
Border Down
Triggerheart Exelica
Gunbird 2
Mr Driller

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The gem in the crown

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For years I avoided playing this game cause of the gay ass case cover... I regret judging a book by it's cover...

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My personal favorites:
Shenmue I/II
Sonic Adventure 1/2
Jet Grind Radio
Phantasy Star Online
Power Stone 1/2
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Crazy Taxi
Rival Schools: Project Justice
Chu Chu Rocket

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I believe that you can burn games from your PC for the DC. Have fun!

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What if you like physically owning some games though? More resale value.

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My recommondations:
>Hydro Thunder
>JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
>Powerstone 1 + 2
>Chu Chu Rocket
>Soul Calibur

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There's no point in burning games when all you have to do is emulate.

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