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Which Bomberman game is the best?

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Bomberman '94 on PC Engine/TG 16, or Saturn Bomberman

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they're all the same shit

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basically this but fuck the kangaroos they make shit too casual

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bomberman 5 for snes by a long shot

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either saturn or super 5

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Bomberman 64

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The 2D ones. Personally, I don't like the polygon rendered ones even in the orthographic view. I think with certain parts visually "larger" (appearing somewhat closer) like the bottom of the playfield just encourages players to flow in that direction instead of leaving the whole field relatively equal visually, giving the impression that all spaces has no greater or not much more weight/value than other spots.

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Can someone please post the picture of White trapped by his own bomb? One of my favourites

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Bomberman '94, Super Bomberman 5, and Saturn Bomberman are probably the best 3.

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If you invite me over to try it I will pay 4 the pizaa

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The best bomberman unironically is wario vs bomberman for the gameboy

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Power Bomberman

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The first on SNES.

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the best one was in kebab shop in tallyho finchley circur 1984-5ish. it was coinup right next to kebab grill so you got toasted when the elephants leg was spinning. combined with greasy buttons it was a fucker of a game.

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Saturn Bomberman
Bomberman Hero

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Hero was shit, replace it with 64 or even 2nd Attack.

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Hero was a great game, just different from regular Bomberman titles. But as a 3D platformer it's fine.

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I guess if you include Robowarrior then they aren't.

But that game isn't very good.

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I play that one Bomberman gameboy RPG and I liked it.

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Dyna Blaster for DOS / Amiga is surprisingly decent.

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bonus kaiji

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Thank you.

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93 or 94 on the PC Engine

the snes games are all a mixed bag. Some people really like 5 though

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This game was so hard as a kid and I have no idea why. I was never able to beat it.

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I'm playing it right now actually, and the difficulty is just right. Way harder than I expected, but in a puzzle-y way. Once you figure it out, everything is no problem at all.

But some of these gold cards, holy fuck. I still can't figure out bomb stairs.

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In snes 1>3>5>4>2

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This mode ACTUALLY looks better on an lcd screen than crt.

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>fangame trash
Fuck off and die. NOT RETRO

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Bomberman world , irem

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you're welcome

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It's like you just shuffled the games into random tiers. And some are missing, particularly GB titles. Where's Bomberman GB3?

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What's a Bomber MAN to a Bomber KING?

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Fuck you, I updated this like months ago.
I've excluded less noteworthy games like the other GB titles or 64 (2001) because this series has a lot of games and I didn't want the image to be too hueg.

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>I've excluded less noteworthy games like the other GB titles

Uh, what? Those are literally some of the best games in the series.

This chart blows.

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it's the best, my dear friend.

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>No Indiana Jones Bomberman
Fuck off.

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Never thought people would actually care or get mad as the Japanese only titles don't seem to get discussed that much. I guess excluding them for that reason is pretty stupid, since it should be included no matter how popular it is. Sorry about that.

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why is 93 so low?

Also Super 2 has a fuckload of slowdown

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Never underestimate the hipster autists of /vr/.

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>Japanese only titles

There weren't that many, but you also left out some of the English titles. Not that it matters since this list is objectively terrible anyway.

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Make a better one then.

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The 8 player DS one we can't discuss at length here.

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Where's fantasy world dizzy?

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Why did konami kill the official android bomberman?

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>Japanese only titles

Indy Bomberman was in English.

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My favourite multiplayer Bomberman is Party Edition and my favourite single player Bomberman is Tournament.

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The first-person one that was on Dos

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I've only ever played the first Super Bomberman. Really liked it. Ended up trading it for Mega Man X with my oldest sisters bf at the time. Looking back that was a really good fucking trade.

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