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I honestly want one just for novelty's sake and knowing that once Nintendo discontinues it the price will skyrocket among the scalpers.

I feel like such a god damn faggot.

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>I feel like such a god damn faggot.

Well, I defiantly don't disagree with you about that

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I remember when this board wanted the NES mini. They are releasing that one by the way. Next summer.

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And it'll happen all over again. I think if Nintendo were to flood every retail store in the country with a thousand units, scalpers would still buy up every single one of them.

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Would this change once Nintendo re-releases the NES Classic Edition console in Summer 2018?

Why buy form scaplers if your product is on the market for a way cheaper price?

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There's no reason to believe Ninty is gonna put these out in reasonable numbers. They didn't with the Switch, Amiibos, or any of the other classic consoles so there's no sign they'll start upping the production anytime soon. Prepare to scalp.

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Will there be pre-orders or lines?

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It's just a locked down emulator on an ARM machine. It makes me fucking sick. It should be an actual SNES in there, with a real Super FX chip on the motherboard, etc.. All legit. They're selling you rip offs inferior versions of their own stuff. It's not gonna run with 100% fidelity. It is SHIT.

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Werd, fucking thing sucks, plus they dont make enough to easily get one fuck buying from a scumbag scalper.

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>with a real Super FX chip on the motherboard
Super FX chip was never on the SNES motherboard, it was part of the cart of games that used it

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The processes used to make the SuperFX aren't even used anymore.

Making a new one would require firing up ancient chip fabrication techniques or spending a significant amount in R&D to move fabrication to a more modern process.

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Thanks for reminding how how their absurd "hot selling, low supply" marketing retardation was a thing way before the Mini NES and Switch.

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So start making those fuckers. You have money. Your a corporation.

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i bought one last week. i all ready emulate, but its fun to have and way more accessible for my girlfriend to play snes titles. no regrets.

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they did it with the regular sized new 3ds in the us too
after amiibo they became retarded

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I can't fathom why anyone would've paid attention to a single thing Nintendo's done after WiiU and N3DS. The SNESMini had only a single draw, to my line of thinking, and that was completed Star Fox 2.

Why give a fuck about anything else?

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Corporations are all about wealth as a means of class warfare now. None think like that anymore.

Hell, sometimes you don't even need to actually have a product to sell.

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>with a real Super FX chip on the motherboard

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yes we all know the chip was included on carts

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From a console collector's point-of-view, these two mini consoles could still be seen as Nintendo consoles and for someone who wishes to catch them all from the original NES to the mini SNES it might just be seen as something worth having just so you could say you own a piece of Nintendo history and say that you didn't pay the full scalper's price. I know it could also be seen as a plug-n-play console since that is basically what these are, but they are "high level" plug-n-play consoles because it's from an active video game console company. Unlike the Atari Flashback or the Sega Megadrive Classic which are always available via your local Wal-Mart or Target.

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Stores are getting roughly 100 in a shipment as opposed to nesc where it was like 5.

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If it has different games on it they'll actually make the original even more scalpable.

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I also forgot to mention that another reason why some people might buy this is because of FOMO. There are some who might have felt as if they missed out on getting a NES mini and so don't want to miss out on the SNES mini. I know this is how I felt about not getting the NES mini due to my logic at the time of, "I already have an emulator machine (raspberry pi 3) with a NES case." Now I kind of regret not getting the NES mini especially when I saw it on the self of GameStop a little after Nintendo discontinued it.

Honestly, from what I've seen, these plug-n-play consoles are worth their retail value since I get the sense there was a great deal of care put into the devices. So even if one came down with a case of buyer's remorse it was still worth it just for a well polished machine.

The website that says it is returning is the same one from when it was launched. So I think Nintendo is just putting the original back on the market.

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It's like the developers knew people wanted to add more games to the console and turn it into an emulator machine so they tried to give them an easy path.


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How many sales are they going to lose because the emulation is sub-par? So far the answer is zero, since it's completely sold out. No one is buying this thing for its accuracy, so they have no reason to make it an accurate experience.

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This is why you sell them online. One per household, sign up on a reserve list.

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>never had an snes
>figured the snes classic would be fun
>got up early one morning
>went to local target 10 minutes before open
>strolled in, got one in 15 minutes
>set it up in less than 5 minutes
>playing it ever since, having a blast

I have zero regrets. everyone here is buttblasted about the emulators they spent hours upon hours setting up and getting just right to play on their $1000+ computer rigs, meanwhile I have almost every snes game still worth playing on a cute little box with two wired controllers and none of the hassle.

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Official hakchi2 release for SNES mini came out. Most games work great.

Sadly Terranigma doesn't play sound. Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension also fails to boot.

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Wii w/ SNES emu over component is cheaper than your setup and superior in quality. Just saying.

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I doubt that very much. The Wii emulation is a buggy piece of shit.

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Why not just use gzip? The SNES recognizes this file by default.

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>and superior in quality.
Except it's not

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I bought one day 1 and i'm to scared to open it encase it sky rockets in value

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It's not plastic wrapped and there's already a crease in the flap. It's like Nintendo's experiment in making the perfect scalpable item.

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>being this retard

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I want sony to put on sale a playstation classic edition

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They could just stick all those unsold PSTVs into tiny psone cases and call it a day.

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I would love a PSone mini

it would also be good, that microsoft will put on sale an Original Xbox Classic Edition

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setting up for hours?

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This anon gets it. Except
>an snes
you mean a snes, right?

Wii? You mean that console that outputs at lower resolution, darkens all of the colours on snes, while not being able to officially emulate SFX games or plug in SNES controllers without an adapter, not to mention having no retro appeal on the console itself?

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Why get a SNES mini when you can buy a 2nd hand Intel PC stick and run CS Go on a silky smooth 20 fps?

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Just get a New 2DS XL and get SNES VC if you care so much about emulation. It's a decently sized screen and you can play the games on the go.

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let's all admit we waste far too much time calibrating crt shader filters on retroarch

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That's 90% of the fun.

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They did with the amiibos though. All the Zelda figures just got a restock. Even the OoT and Wind Waker Links.

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i just slap one the defaults on takes like 3 seconds

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a thread died for this

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>The SNES recognizes this file by default.

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Maybe I'm a fag or something, but I like the option of using the Wii on a CRT TV better than this. Also more games.

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What country do you live in? I'm from Poland (50k town by the way) and I've seen like 30+ of NES classic in every store in my town until someone realized that you can sell them for more than you paid. Literally noone was buying this shit, probably every single piece (well, not literally as I've bought one) ended up in some scalpers hands.

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I just posted one on eBay for $90.00. It was my backup from target in case my gamestop preorder fell through.

Am I still a rotten scalper?

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