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What some some of /vr/'s favorite single-screen games? e.g. Centipede / Millipede, Galaga, Mario Bros. arcade

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Bomberman obviously.
Joust is also up there I guess.
Scorched Earth/tanks/worms style games too, if that counts.

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Does Kung Fu Heroes have an ending?

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2600 Centipede is one of my absolute favorites.

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First machine I ever rolled over.

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If it does, I never saw it. My cousin and I played it for hours once and it never fucking ended. And we finished Rampage too.

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I can never resist popping a few quarters into a Galaga machine if I see one in the wild.

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Got Solomon's key of the wii store a couple months ago. Not bad. Barely remember it from back when cause it looked too confusing for 4 yr old me.

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I can vouch that the NES version does at least. You clear 8-4 and get treated to a short ending cutscene, then the game starts up a more difficult second loop.

Ninja Boy for GB is generally the same game, just with remixed levels. It also has an ending.

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Bubble Bobble has hundreds of screens, though.

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I love single screen racers like Super Off Road.

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I wish the later SFC would get translated.

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every arkanoid although 97 is my least favorite

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Pig Out is legit one of the best games ever made, and probably THE most underrated arcade game ever.

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I'm a sucker for the NES port of Mario Bros.

I'm too casual for the Arcade version. Seems to get way more hectic way more quickly than the NES.

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Zoo Keeper though that's technically two screens since there is a bonus stage and if you really wanna stretch it the colors of the bricks change once in awhile.

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Wasn't there a GB sequel RPG?

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Snow Brothers is a personal favorite.

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How about battle mode on all stars

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There were multiple RPGs in that series.

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Pecker is the fucking coolest game ever and I want more people to know about it.

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Here is another webm.

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Is that you, Peckeranon who requested art of her a while ago in >>>/i/?

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Parasol Stars
Galaga 88 (except the scrolling asteroid areas)

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I've never been on /i/, but I did request art of her on a drawthread on /vr/ ages ago. I got one of the coolest drawings ever in return. Did the person on /i/ get anything?

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This is the awesome art that someone drew for me, btw.

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This game looks pretty nifty. Reminds me of the Crossroads games on Commodore 64.

C64 had a lot of my fave single screen games.

Pancho. Q*Bert on speed.
Rug Rider. Flying carpet collect em up.
Dr. Destructo. Airplane shoot em down.
And the aforementioned Crossroads games. Maze shooters, like Wizard of Wor but faster and more strategic.

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These look cool.

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What system is this on?

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Pc98 and windows. Pc98 version is way harder and more insane, but is unfinished and crashes on level 5 or 6. Windows version is more finished, but has compatibility issues.

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Do puzzle games like Puyo Puyo and Tetris Attack count?

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Okay, but what is going on?

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Love me some Donkey Kong.

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You control a dancing girl with a gun

You shoot these infinitely multiplying monsters, but your attacks also create chain reactions.

It's the most simple and brilliant risk vs reward system ever.

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It's been a long time since I've played so I don't recall how different it is.

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Maybe I'll check that out.

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Single-screen platformers need to make a comeback.

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Pushover anyone?


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What are the best bomberman games?

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I really like Saturn Bomberman, which is often considered the best bomberman game but just as often considered overrated. It plays very well in emulators since it's a graphically simple 2D game, even on the computers of years ago, so I used to play it all the time with classmates when I was in school.
Bomberman '94 is the other one that is frequently called the best of the series. It's actually very similar to Saturn Bomberman, without the ten player support of course. As far as I can tell Mega Bomberman is basically the same game as well. Super Bomberman 5 gets talked up around here but I've never tried it.

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I like the music (wait for it).

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My favourite was Super Bomberman 2, it had a good amount of depth with the items and stages, but was before they introduced the awkward animals.

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>Island of Dr. Destructo
>Crossroads/Crossroads II

I have gazed into your heart and I now know that you ARE my nigga.

I wanna tack on Ultimate Wizard to the list. His weird cousins, Jumpman and Jumpman Junior can come too.

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hey what's wrong with bomberman 2 on the new?

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What game is that? Is that on C64?

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>Is that on the C64?

Yep, Ultimate Wizard, or just Wizard, if you get the earlier release. It's sort of similar to Jumpman, though you can defend yourself with spells. The Ultimate version contains a level editor.

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No idea what you're talking about

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