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Fuck you, I liked it.

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Worst bait on 4chan

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Well, it's got this one track.

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I 100% the thing as a kid but it was unbarable and no extras at the end of it all was the worst feeling I had as a kid.

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My grandma had a GBC at her house when I was a kid that had three games: this, M&M's Party blast and the grinch stole Christmas. I played all three a ton when I would visit on weekends and what not even though they're all probably considered terrible games, but I loved them. she really wanted to try to show she could be hip with the vidya scene for me by having one, I guess. It was a very sweet gesture.

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Holy fuck me too OP. I can admit it was a bad game, but I still like it anyway.

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man 2D psx games look so pretty

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It's one of those bad gameplay but captures the atmosphere type of games

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visual cohesion=zero

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That's bone.

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Man, I still have this game, the soundtrack is pretty good and the composer put HQ versions of the songs on his sound cloud.

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not retro

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It has music I keep coming back to listen to.

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what is perspective

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I had this one, it was some kind of side-scrolling adventure game right?

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The damage cry was pretty annoying

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It was just a simple little adventure-platformer.

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You make no sense.

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It's bad.

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Good troll

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I preferred the GBA version.

Pic related for me though since I know this board hates it with a passion.


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Woo ah mercy, mercy me
Ah, things ain't what they used to be.
radiation underground and in the sky

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>I know this board hates it with a passion.

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Dunno, I made a thread about it once and almost everyone was shitting on it.

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>almost everyone was shitting on it.

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Janky controls. It's bad and you should feel bad.

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For you.

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Holy shit anon, you reminded me of this game after hell knows how many years, thank you

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And have fun.

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If you really don't care about what people think then why make this thread?

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>I know this board hates it with a passion.
I don't hate it I'm just sick of people claiming it's an underrated masterpiece when fucking everyone who had a Playstation and liked jrgps played it when it came out.

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Hey, if we're underwater, how could there be a-

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Enough of the screenshots.

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No, and just for that you get an ugly filter.

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op i have that! i used to love it as a kid, havent played it in a good 10 years tho...maybe one day ill make that climb up sandy's tree again

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Ain't that some shit

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Because that would make sense.

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And it will fall into the purview of your conundrum.

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I played the shit out of this game in my teens. It's not a great game or anything, but it was at least worth trying.

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it's only good for the music

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It's, SpongeKino.

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"From the Clifftops I Watch the Polluted World: Part 1", when he dryly uttered, "Burn in hell, Krabs. Burn in hell."

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Mr. Krabs utter indifference towards it, has now surpassed.

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More like From the sewers spongebob watches the world scream.

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I actually really liked this game, especially the soundtrack.

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Get up off of that funk.

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>It's not a great game or anything
How so?

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not even trolling

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>Shrek is a retro character because of /vr/'s shitty rule loophole
really activated the almonds

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For you

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I knew I couldn't be the only one

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>Legend of Dragoon

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Yeah my man.

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You can make a brand new PS1 game today and you'll be able to discuss it on /vr/ because the console itself is retro.

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The soundtrack was 10/10

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Interesting. Their rules are augmented.

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Take your meme back to /tv/ and stop self bumping your thread, take a look at the amount of other anon's replies, it's obvious no one wants to post because you're spamming spongebob to an uninterested audience.

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>puts sage in the name field

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For you.

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Don't get mad.

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No one dislikes EVO.

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I don't know what that is.

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people don't like this game? its fantastic.

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It's an anime with giant robots and two cute waifus.

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102 Dalmations Puppies to the Rescue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF-HpJXtocs

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is it fun

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never knew it existed.

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How is it great

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I liked it.

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Hating SpongeKino?

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How is it not

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So wait, can I discuss some modern indie/homebrew games here just because I can play them on retro hardware?

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For you.

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yep technically you can discuss volgarr the barabarian because it came out on dreamcast

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Thats the game you posted dumbass

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I didn't.

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Yes you did

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What the fuck that meab

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It's within the rules, but it's going to get shitposted to hell.

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no one hates this game, dummy

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you sure

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What was up with these Jellyfish and emulators? I played the GBA version and they only were visible when I paused the game

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what are you talking about

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Never talk again.

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Crash Bandicoot 2.

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But everyone likes that game. It's also the best crash game

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Jesus, at least try to keep it board specific.

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Drop one on, it's time to jam!

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The best Crashlevania ever.

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is it good?

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When I was a small ass kid my moms best friend got me this for my birthday. She like most moms of the late 80's had no fucking clue about vidya. So I played it for about a week. There's 3 fucking doors and not much else. Never played again. 25 years later watch AVGN. You just have to shoot randomly like an asshole. Still never played it again. Convince me Milonfag.

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I'm sorry the game was too hard for you, anon, maybe you're some suited for some modern shit that holds your hand all the way through like you're some kind of a RETARD.

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not convincing me furfag

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Grinch on GBC is actually pretty fun.

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Got to give it.

>> No.4338769

Deja vu

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It isn't.

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Same here

>> No.4341390

Thats really awesome! I have similar memories. Its just a little thing but you know it hit me in the feels.

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I don't think anyone here hates this game, they just acknowledge that other than the good music and graphics, it's not as groundbreaking and remarkable as its made out to be

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Apocalypse Now.

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Never saw anyone referring this game. Loved it and spent too much time completing it.

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Man, this song is so good. This soundtrack was so dope.

>> No.4344668

Also loved this game, though I sucked at the puzzle stages hard when I was a kid.

>> No.4345395

it fits well like the show too

>> No.4345427

I thought it was interesting because it either felt like either extremely poor control or good reward of skilful skating, the only realy skating competitor, because the hoffman BMX games were what you would instead of Tony Hawks.

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I felt the same way about this game. It felt so rewarding to do a kickflip like it was almost realistic. I was a huge fan of the Tony Hawk games and was so used to their controls and how easy it was to do tricks. I've contemplated buying a copy of Thrasher because I have a PS1 demo disc with that game on it and it is really fun.

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Nice blog faggot

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whats the best spongebob game?

>> No.4353934

It's dirt cheap, I pick up a copy for about £3 and it was definitely worth it

>> No.4354234

had the demo as a kid, the 2 songs that were on that will forever be burned in my mind
>jazz, well you can call it that
>but this jazz contains a new format
> and....
>swordfish theme song intensifies

>> No.4354238

actually i'm retarded. Im thinking of Thrasher Skate & Destroy

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Fuck all of you.

>> No.4354428

This is underrated due to it being a licenced title, so that most people would have just looked at it and assumed it was crap. But anyone who's actually played it knows it's a good game. I don't think anyone hates this.

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you're worse than people who like EWJ2

>> No.4359619

it can't be that bad

>> No.4360492

good taste anon

>> No.4360496

t. tranny

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It's not a loophole if the mods intended it dumbass. Do you really expect someone to check the release date of whatever fifth gen game they wanna discuss before making a thread about it?

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There are people who will autistically do that and shitpost when a PSX game came out in 2000 like FF9.

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File: 191 KB, 723x1193, 15278-sonic-r-sega-saturn-front-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 311 KB, 640x576, Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (U)-170707-000616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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everybody everybody, EVERYBODY, EVERYBODY.

>> No.4362864

>everybody shits on this game because of some fatso e-celeb
>decide to try it because i like kusoge
>it's decent and music is great
>controls are not as broken as people say

Traveler's Tales pulled some magic by making this game happen in just seven months. I've played a lot of shittier games on PSX or 64.

>> No.4362874

Really the only problem with R is that there are only four tracks.

>> No.4362892

I had this. It was terrible but I'm glad you liked it.

>> No.4362950

it wasn't terrible

>> No.4363025

yeah, and also some characters need a buff. Jon Burton (traveler's tales founder) is working on a fix for Sonic 3D Blast so maybe, maybe he's planning to work on Sonic R next. He still has the early prototypes.


>> No.4363067

Even the early Crash Bandicoots?

>> No.4363808

I got this when I was 11. I chose it because I use to like SBSP. Took me a week to beat because I lost the paper I wrote the passwords down. I only played once. It's still in my closet with all the retro games in a suit case.

>> No.4363818

I remember my cousin had the ps1 and we use to play this on one of those playstation underground demo discs. Fun as fuck. It made me want a ps1.

>> No.4364950

Fuck yoy I liked it

>> No.4365361

I love LoD so much I fuck it.

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im not sorry

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