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which one do you prefer and why?

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quake's faster

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Those grenade lobbing ogres are ass though

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sometimes it's better to just go sanic speed and get to the exit, letting them eat rockets in the process

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>When you fire your shotgun at a demon in Doom, the gun goes "BOOM" and the monster goes "AAARGH!"
>When you fire the gun at a guy in Quake, the weapon goes "Poff" and the zombie "Splorch"

I rest my case.

>> No.4296759

that's true, albeit Quake was only half finished according to Romero.

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Colors > brownscale.

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Quake for aesthetic, Doom for gameplay

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>There's people in this board that play nothing but Doom and Quake over and over.

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Tribes because it makes both those games feel like you're stuck playing in a shoebox. Also disk launcher jousting.

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There's also people on this board who play nothing but rpgs or platformers.

>> No.4297121

Quake because Doom's duel format is boring as shit.

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I just download new wads and .paks and keep playing. Never ending fountain of content

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You can't compare them.

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