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Yo /vr/.
I just bought a modded PS1 and immediately burned Jumping Flash! to a regular CD-R at 10x speed.
It loads just fine in XEBRA, but on my actual console it tells me to "Insert A Playstation Disc".

It's a PAL machine, and the game is NTSC-U.
Did I botch burning the disc or does the modchip only enable backups from PAL region?

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What's the model number of your PS1

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Forgot to mention, the guy I bought it from included a test disc which had Tiger Woods '96 on it or something, which worked just fine.

I just tried burning One Piece Mansion [E] on it, and I got the same error.
I'm assuming this means the CDs I'm using aren't valid?
They're 56x Lumatron CD-Rs.

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The last time I saw someone play an NTSC game on a modded PAL PS1, the game worked, but the colours and resolution were obviously wrong.

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If the problem was the CD-R, or the burner for that matter, the disc would not even load.

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My TV supports both NTSC and PAL signals, so that shouldn't be a problem at all.
Running NTSC games off my PS2 is no trouble.

It doesn't either, at least not on the console itself.
From what I remember, PS1's are incredibly picky towards what CD-R's they will and won't accept.

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Perhaps as a test you could burn an audio CD and check if that works on the PS1. Also, make a data disc to test. Can't remember if the PS1 has any basic data support.

That should confirm or deny that problem.

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Where did you put a premodded console, OP? I am very interested.

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The file order of the ISO could be wrong, so the PS1 doesn't know where to look to start the read. Try a different game or download the ISO from a different website.

Earlier PAL PS1 models (SCPH-100x and SCPH-5xxx) lack the ability to output NTSC colours. If you have one of those consoles you'll need to use an RGB cable when playing NTSC games. Later models (SCPH-70xx) work fine over composite.

I personally don't like the later PS1 models too much since it is obvious that Sony reduced the build quality and made them more finicky when reading discs..

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>10x speed
try it again at 1x speed, that's what any english patch of a PS1 game recommends in my experience

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I already have a test disc, some shoddy Tiger Woods game that the seller sent with the console.
There's a couple audio CD's lying around burnt from the same discs though, so I'll try to pop them in.

Could you rephrase your question?
If you mean where I got it from, it's DBA. Danish auction site.

That might be it, the download of that didn't come with a .cue, just a .bin.
Still, it should be able to play games from outside my region.

My shitty laptop drive's lowest speed is x10.

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I suppose I should mention that the reason I'm asking to make test discs is the problem could either be "cheap" discs, or worst case, a "cheap" burner.

The other guy who said to burn at 1x speed is also on the same idea.

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It's probably the burner then, it's lowest speed is x10.
What really confuses me is that XEBRA reads off the disc just fine.

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well that's a problem, because I'm almost certain you need to burn at 1x. What software are you using? I use Imgburn and it lets me go down to 1x, but that might be my drive.

Can you link me to that auction site, please? Do they deliver internationnaly(within Europe) or will I need a proxy?

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XEBRA is using your computers disk drive, not a playstation's disk drive.

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Tried going x1, got an error saying "Write Speed Mismatch, wanted x1, got x10" or something to that extent., then a list of speeds my drive supports.
Using ImgBurn too.

Also, sure.
It depends from seller to seller, but I guess some dudes won't mind shipping internationally.

Makes sense.

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ah, well that sucks. I don't know if writng at 1x would help, I've never actually tried any of my burned disks in real hardware, but the feeling I got from reading patch notes is that you always want to write at the lowest speed you can.

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Burning Playstation games is a nightmare. I usually use the disc-swap method, but I think my suggestions will apply to burning for a modded PS1 as well:

1.) What file type is the image? Ideally, you want a BIN/CUE format.
2.) What software are you using to burn the disc? I use Alcohol 120% for all of my game-burning needs, whichever console it is. I've had good experiences with Nero as well.
3.) Is there subchannel data? For a BIN/CUE image, this is usually stored in a separate .sub file along with the .bin and .cue files. You will need to choose to rectify the subchannel data when burning (it's usually not selected by default, at least in A120%.
4.) As many others have said, burn at the lowest speed possible. Also, don't run any other programs during the burn process (seriously).
5.) Verify the written data. This is important to help rule out a faulty burn process if the game still won't work. It's a slow process, but it will save you time in the long run.
6.) Be prepared to try burning the game multiple times with the same settings. Sometimes I'll burn a game the exact same way 2 or 3 times, passing verification each time, and only 1 will work.
7.) Try changing the region of the image to PAL. There are utilities out there that will let you do this easily.


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Aren't Lumatron's carried by Aldi? Those things are at least 50% coasters, I only buy them because they are cheap and they just get put into a DVD player a couple of times and then forgotten.

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One was an .img, the other a lone bin.
I'll try a BIN/CUE combo, and the rest of your tips too.
Thanks a lot yo.

Probably. I have no idea, I just found them in the cupboard.

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cd/dvd players and consoles seem to be quite sensitive about the speed discs are burned.

used to burn a lot of backups for ps2, my drive lowest write speed was 4x and the discs worked fine, as I ramped up the speed the games started to show fmv/audio skips and some others wont even load.

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Yeah, my suspicions are confirmed.
I just tried burning a couple .wav and .mp3 files to a disc, couldn't read those either.
Gonna try one of the other PCs in the house.
Wish me luck, /vr/tualboys.

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You shouldn't buy fat PSXs anymore, the disc drive is dead in 90% of them.

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Uhh... PS1 won't read either wav or mp3 (that format didn't even exist when the console was designed). You will have to try with an actual audio cd.

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That's NOT what I meant by an "audio disc". An audio disc must be in audio disc format, designed to be played in a CD player, with support for tracks and tracking.

What you created there was a data disc, with some audio format data written onto it.

To make an audio CD, just rip some MP3s into an audio disc. Winamp can do it, and I'm pretty sure just about every burning application can also.

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This is only true for SCPH-100x consoles

I've had the same problem when trying to burn the Policenauts English patch, OP, and to echo what the other guys said, it was explained in the readme that any issues are most likely due to burning too fast. My drive only goes down to 10x too ;_;

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OP, that probably has to do with the software you're using to burn the disc.
Use Alcohol120% or cdrwin(the best for ps1 games)
That's what i used around 2003 to burn ps1 games

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Oh, fuck me.

I'll try.

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Also try an old version of CloneCD

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You know, I've just used Nero for years, and I never had a problem burning anything, from .ISO's to .Bin/.Cue's to the old PS1, and mine's an SCPH-9001 that I modded myself. Usually burned them at max speeds, which I think were 28x for my CD burner at the time. Worked fine.

So, advice from back when I used to burn PS1 titles:

-Media: The type of Media used is extremely important. Be it poor dyes, bad plastic, or cheap construction, there are several brands of CD-R's you should never buy for burning, for any system. Here's my list, from my own burning experience.

Avoid the following Brands:
Sony: 9/10 Failed.
Maxell: 6/10 Failed.
Ridata: 5/10 Failed.

Buy the following Brands, if you can find them:
Old TDK (non Ridata): 9/10 success.
New TDK (Ridata): 8/10 Success.
Memorex Black: 9/10 Success.
Maxell CR-RW: 8/10 Success, But limited to 650 MB. Good for game you only intend to play once, and you can reuse the disc.

-Software: Nero Burning ROM worked the best out of all the various CD Burning programs I used back then. ImgBurn should work, but I myself haven't used it for PS1 games, just the more recent consoles.

-Burning Speed: Frankly, using 1x on unproven media is a good idea. The sad fact is a lot of newer burners lack the ability to use 1x burning. If you get a 1x mismatch error, have switched media and tried burning at a manually set 10x and you're still burning coasters, you might want to consider a USB CD-R drive. They're usually at the $25~ mark.

For your current diagnostic test, here's instructions on how to force ImbBurn to burn a standard Audio CD.

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SCPH-100x are pretty great, but the poorly designed lens carriage is a real problem. You can tune the lens so it actually works properly, but it takes a flathead screwdriver, an electrometer and a lot of patience.

My favourite model of PS1 personally is the 5xxx series which combines build quality and improved design.

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Ah, thanks a lot for the tips!
I'll try out both Alcohol 120% and Nero.

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I haven't sused Nero since version 7, but here's how it used to work:

To use Nero to burn a CD from an image file(s), you'll need launch Nero Burning ROM, close the 'type of disc' dialog, and then click on the 'Recorder' menu and choose 'burn image'.

Nero's also a lot easier to burn an Audio CD in. Open Nero Burning ROM, Select 'CD Rom' and 'Music CD' from the 'Type of Disc' dialog, and it gives you a file explorer window you can drag and drop files into. Then hit 'Burn'.

Good luck, mate.

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That's lucky, since I downloaded Nero 7.
Thanks, hopefully this'll work.
If not, I'll try to hunt down the power cable for my desktop and burn from that.

Thanks to all of you crazy nigs who bothered to help. <3

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About 5 years ago, I spent an afternoon trying to repair the laser carriage on my SCPH-1001, but it didn't work out and I fucking chucked it in the bin. What do you guys think, was it a mistake?

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You can replace the laser with one from a PSOne if you trim the grey plastic a little so it will fit inside the case, so it could have been fixed quite cheaply if you picked up a loose console as a donor

Same here, my 5502 has served me well since childhood (besides one laser replacement in the late '90s because I smashed the spindle thing that holds the disc...)

I have an SCPH-1000 and a recently donated SCPH-1002 both with laser issues that I'm looking to fix whenever I remember to pick up the loose consoles

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OP here again.
Tried burning DoDonPachi using Nero.
Well... The PS1 reads it, but only as a music CD, for whatever reason.
What the shitting.

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Have you been able to get any backups booting at all? That's the kind of thing that happens when a modchip isn't installed correctly or not present at all

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Near the start of the thread I mentioned getting Tiger Woods '96 to work.
It was a disc that the seller sent me with the console.
I'm blaming all my problems on either shitty CDs or shitty CD writer.

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woah woah hold up, I just saw that you are using some shitty chinese CD-Rs. Go buy some verbatims or something asap, burn at the lowest speed your drive will allow using imgburn or whatever.

One other thing you can try is using one of these boot CDs in case you're running into anti-modchip stuff on the games you're trying to play, plus you can switch the video mode to PAL and switch the games' regions.


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I spoke to the guy who I bought this from, he said it's an MM3 modchip, which as far as I know is stealth and anti-antichip, so I should be safe there.
Thanks for the link though.

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>Tiger Woods '96
Is it a legit copy or a burned copy?

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This is all great advice, everyone should store this stuff in their memory banks. I cannot emphasize the following enough:
>don't run any other programs during the burn process (seriously)
Close everything else, start the burn, walk away from the computer and go do something else until it's done.

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Burned, obviously. Otherwise I wouldn't make note of it.

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Since there's already a thread semi-related to my question, I'll just ask here.

Does the swap trick work with PS1 games being played in a PS2? If not, is there a way to get them to work without soldering something on? Finally, can only specific models of PS2 be modded to do the above (if necessary).

I ask this because I was going to buy a PS1, but then a friend offered me a free PS2 slim (he has two of them). I dont know if I should drop the $20 on the PS1 and take the PS2, or if I should buy a Genesis/N64 instead.

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stop being a pussy and just mod the ps2

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Yes, but you need homebrew.
Look into Free McBoot and look around for how to play burned PS1 games for PS2 - it's actually pretty simple, but it requires a PS2 that's V7+

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Best shit ever. Not only did I gain access to 90% of the PS2 library, but I put a shitload of NES ROMs on a thumb drive and played NES on my TV for the first time since the late 90s.

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I have a fat ps2 (first revision) with free mcboot, any way to play backup PSX games on that?

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I'm using the Independency Exploit, and believe me, I've tried everything. I even tried out the very lackluster PSX emulator.
But yeah, for fat PS2s there's no way of playing burned PS1 discs, barring mod chip, which is why I got myself a PS1.

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Thank you anyway.

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Can you play isos from USB with a modded slim ps2?

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You're welcome and FUCK



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You can play PS2 games off a HD (I don't know how, I actually burn my discs) so I ASSUME the same goes for PSX games.

Anyone want to verify for me?

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Get Free McBoot on your machine, then get uLaunchElf and USBAdvance or OpenPS2Loader and go nuts.

Compatibility list for HDLoader here, no clue if it's the same with USBAdvance.

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It is possible to play burned PS1 games on a fat PS2 (not sure about slim). I've done it and it works much better than using the swap method with a regular PS1. It involves using a swap magic card (or a custom one made out of an old credit card) to forcibly eject the disc tray without the PS2 realizing it. I did it only one time, but I came too close to breaking the PS2 to try again.

In a perfect world, there would be a way to play PS1 games on a fat PS2 from a hard drive. I have a 250GB HDD in my PS2 with about 70 PS2 games. Think about all the PS1 games it could hold.

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Sorry, meant PS1 iso's.

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Actually, the slim PS2 is just emulating the PS1 games.

The fat PS2 literally had a PS1 on the motherboard, so it was completely the same as running it on the original hardware. This is also the reason you can't use a softmod to access the PS1 features.

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Oh I see.
Nah you're fucked.

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>Actually, the slim PS2 is just emulating the PS1 games.
So, if it lacks a R3000, how does the PS2 I/O system work then?

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Anyone who wants to play PS1 CD-Rs should just get a PS1 and either mod it or get good at disk swapping -- it's pretty easy.

If you have a PS2, get the HDD and install HDLoader. Best use of the console.

Damn, I am glad I have a chipped SCPH-1001 with a Gold Finger. The damn thing still keeps chugging along. It's weird unplugging the GF and hearing the first part of the Playstation boot sequence, because the GF skips it.

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What does a Goldfinger do?
Literally never heard of it before now.

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The slim PS2 doesn't have the exact same architecure, hell, even the Emotion Engine and whatever the fuck the other co-processor was called are unified on a single chip on the newer slims.

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Custom boot ROM. They typically stop the CD and prompt you to do the swap trick, making it a hell of a lot simpler.

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>Gold Finger
Holy fuck I still have mine. Had to install a spring to play burned games. Good times.

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It still natively executes PS1 code. There is no emulation happening.

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I was able to swap PS1 games on my slim PS2 (mine was the silver model, not sure if that is a different revision or not).

It didn't require any software or hardware other than holding down the door switch with something, I think I used a straw. I just swapped them out at the PS logo screen and it worked fine.

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Guess it's more akin to a virtual machine than an emulator, then.

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Yep. It's basically a nicer Action Replay/Gameshark. Thing is, it came preloaded with a shitload of codes for Japanese games -- that's the main reason I got it. My PS1 is modded already. But yeah, it came with the perfect size spring to put in there. Nice little gadget.

Is there a youtube vid that shows this process? I can't find one and I'm curious.

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>360 is rrod and bummed
>dreamcast is crying
>genesis controller is unsure about things
>everyone is chilling
Who's the guy falling off the right there? I'm guessing PC-FX controller?

Also, kinda sad here because I don't see a PC Engine/Turbografx-16 anywhere...

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I have a GAME HUNTER which does exactly the same thing. I had an Action Replay cart when I was younger which did the same thing, except I lost the spring so I carved a stick to be the right size to fit between the tab on the lid where the catch for the eject button is, and the lid closed button. I still have the stick too, haha. Good times. I stood on the AR though, hence the game hunter.

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>I lost the spring so I carved a stick
Game Hunter fag here. I too lost the spring and kept tearing pieces of cereal boxes and folding them into the right shape. Staying up all night with my friends, swapping discs, good times were had indeed.

Except you couldn't play Monster Rancher doing the swap trick. Well, you could, but you couldn't generate random monsters from different cds. Eventually I got a mod ship and was able to use my Dead or Alive masturbation material game to get that Kasumi pixie I wanted so badly.

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for you PS2 posters, Does the model/revision/whatever have to be a specific one?
I've got a 77001 and a 79001. which one is better for this, or are they the same?

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that's a saturn controller

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scroll down to consumer models.

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If you mean for using the disc swap trick, you need a slim model. If you're using it to play PS1 games, it's much easier to just use a PS1 with an Action Replay or similar cart, though. In which case you'll need a console with a parallel port (SCPH-750x or earlier)

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