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ITT: high tech low life cyberpunk games. Quarantine is a fun game, it's set in a robocop like future where you run a taxi service. Not as easy as it sounds because literally everyone is trying to kill you and you're going to end up running over more than you're trying to help.

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Quarantine is a beautiful, but ultimately broken game. The broken collision detection, along with the way that you bounce when hit by other cars, make the game frustrating as fuck. In the last district, I remember that there were trucks that could send you bouncing over a kilometer when they rammed into you. Furthermore, the poor collision detection could really make your life miserable when you entered bays or crossed bridges.

Still, I did love the atmosphere. The graphics were superb: the colour palette and the great texture pixelart did a lot to make Kemo feel like a bustling cyberpunk city. The changing sky textures did a lot to make the different districts feel more unique, and having the last district be set during daytime gave the whole a game a nice feeling of progression, as if the entire game until that had been one long night, and now it had finally dawned.

Funny fact: most of the graphics and designs from Quarantine were made by Ray Larabie, who would later make the car designs for GTA2 (incidentally also a cyberpunk game) and GTA London.

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There's three Shadowrun games. Two set in Seattle and one in Tokyo.
The first one is a kind of film noir point and click about an amnesiac trying to survive.
Second one is an open world game about doing missions for mega corps.
Third is about a group of hirelings that gets involved in various cases.

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Are there any mods to make quarantine more balanced?

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as far as I know: no.

the issues also persist over all different ports, including the japanese psx port.

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Which port is the best compared to the PC version?

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the second one is about finding out who killed your brother and you only end up doing runs because you need to make money to do that

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god damn it never knew quarantine was on Saturn now Im going to have to get it and Im fucking poor right now :(

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the only ports I know of are the psx port and the 3do port. I have only seen footage from them, but they both seem to have horrible performance issues.
just look at these gameplay videos:


as you can see, both of them run at snail's pace. furthermore, the 3do version removes the ground textures for increased performance, while the psx version censors the blood by making it green. I'd stick to the dos version.

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It's also for the sega saturn, but wikipedia says it's only for japan.

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yeah, I looked it up. it actually looks pretty decent compared to the other console ports:


the fps is good, but not perfect. it also looks like they removed the fog effect.

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most good Saturn games are only for japan anyway.

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How good is Omikron? I keep hearing about it. I hear there's a lot of empathis on exploration?

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Don't fall for the meme. It's bang average. Made worse by the fact that every so often you have to sit through an unskippable segment of a virtual David Bowie crooning.

The game is a very interesting concept, but pulled off pretty roughly. I believe contemporary reviews said the same.

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yeah, bowie bothered me the most about it. I'm playing a game, not some interactive advertisement for a musician. if they want his voice and music: fine, but putting his actual face in the game is going too far.

still, I think I'm gonna play it. the world seems really cool.

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great cyberpunk game

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A fun slash-em-up.

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what game?

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Quarantine was the GTA III before GTA 2. It is such a cool world to explore, but I agree, the driving is pretty miserable. Makes you wonder how much they play tested it. Is the sequel any better?

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I've wondered if Hotline Miami was influenced by DreamWeb. Honestly, DreamWeb is kind of more hardcore.

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Techno Cop (on computers and Genesis) was KIND OF cyberpunk.

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Then there's whatever the fuck game this is.

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This can't be what it looks like...a driving game built on a Doomlike engine? Now I've seen it all.

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...TekWar? Is that you?

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>Quarantine was the GTA III before GTA 2
It would be if you didn't take damage from running pedestrians over. Seriously, they often just jump right in front of the car and it costs you damage

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>Funny fact: most of the graphics and designs from Quarantine were made by Ray Larabie, who would later make the car designs for GTA2 (incidentally also a cyberpunk game) and GTA London.
I knew the designs in the two looked similar for some reason!

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Those lil' guys look like the troops from Gone with the Blastwave.

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Good god...I need to watch a playthrough of this sometimes. I've played it before for like 5 minutes and just put it down and asked myself "What the fuck"

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Shin Megami Tensei II is pretty cool if anyone wants a cyberpunk dungeon crawler.

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My kind of thread! I've been replaying the Genesis Shadowrun lately. Once you actually get to the fun shadowruns, the game is a great time.

There is a very satisfying feeling from gathering money to get better gear so that you can finally take on Renraku for an extraction run. It's like you have to do all the legwork to prepare for a heist.

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>Ray Larabie
He also created the iconic "Pricedown" font (based on the Price is Right logo) that GTA uses to this very day.

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>no implant with miniguns
Is the tree thing an AR "improvement"?

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There have been a few of those, several on the GBA alone (that strange Driver game and others from the same developers). All are pretty hard to control. Maybe there is a inherent problem with physics when you make a vehicle game in a raycasting engine.

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Which one do you choose?

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I was looking for BloodNET on here but I guess I'm the first. There is something amazing about this game, actually as equally frustrating it can be at time. Definitely not a game for those without patience. I remember getting to the end when I first played it, but now I can't even get half way without a guide. The problem is this game is so damn massive if you don't just follow a guide to the end that the amount of hours you'd sink into and replayability are ridiculous; and that's just in the meat world. Definitely recommended if you have the time and patience.

I always loved this game and go back to play it frequently. It's probably the closest that you can get to the source material without actually playing the table top version. What class do you prefer to play as? I usually play the decker and focus on building the best deck that I can while having a mage or samurai back me up, usually Freya and Stark.

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>It's probably the closest that you can get to the source material without actually playing the table top version.
That's the Mega Cd game which is an adaption of a Shadowrun campaign.

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>I remember getting to the end when I first played it, but now I can't even get half way without a guide.
I started having a similar problem with long and complex games and it seems this happens due to not having enough time to play for several hours several days in a row anymore. Taking notes makes remembering everything with perfect clarity if I had to stop playing for some time.

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>Taking notes makes remembering everything with perfect clarity if I had to stop playing for some time

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I never heard of this until now. Looks pretty cool and I can read Japanese so I'm gonna check this out soon.

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The most Hotline Miami retro game is Psychon. Gameplay, music and indie.
Can I call this cyberpunk?

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i totally forget the name but it is definintly retro
but the game was a first person shooter about going into your computer to defeat some virus or hacker or something, the levels and the enemies were constructed based off of the files you have on your computer.

sorta like this but it was a much earlier version, and more futuristic based. I've tried searching aorund for it but I can't pull up anything.

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Beware that the game is based on 2nd edition rules so it's often unbalanced. Combat is also buggy.
A nice thing is that your decisions can make a difference. Especially during the midpoint of the game you get different approaches and solutions.

It's based on Group SNE's Shadowrun who made significant changes to FASA's version of Japan in order to make playing in Japan more interesting and incorporate the Japanese view of their own country.
The characters come from one of the replays but I haven't seen scans for it.

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and people make fun of nomura

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Gauntlet begot Alien Breed. Alien Breed begot Psychon.

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Shaman. You normally get plenty of fighters to choose from and getting decking covered isn't hard either but magic isn't something you can't learn at a later point.

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I usually play as decker because you can make bank while not even being on a shadowrun. This time I'm playing as a Samurai and am letting Rianna do the decking.

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It played the hell out of this game on my trusty old Amiga 1200 and loved every dark second of it.

I wondered the same since the similarities are really striking, beside the much, much slower pace of DreamWeb compared to Hotline Miami. Beside the obvious top-down perspective, even in terms of (gritty) atmosphere and it's fatalistic story both games are very similar.

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Does /vr/ like snatcher? I've played a bit of it on the sega CD and it's pretty good. I like it better on sega CD because it has a great english localization and the censorship is minimal compared to the sega saturn and sony playstation versions. I have heard the MSX2 has an english fan translation, but I've never tried it. Are the MSX2 and PC-8801 versions any good? What about the playstation and saturn versions?

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I know that Psychon is an Alien Breed clone and that wasn't even the first top-down shooter. Hotline Miami could've just been inspired by Contra.

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Dreamweb has great music and atmosphere, even the voice acting is dramatic and entertaining, but the game itself is pretty much shit, even by 90s adventure game standards

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MSX translations are always complete crap made by Europeans in the late 90s.
The PC-88 is missing the last act of the later versions. PCE-CD is what you normally want.

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Jesus christ you sound like an asshole

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What about the sega CD? I like the english and the animation looks very lovely

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Why? That was literally one of the only good posts in this thread that gave examples and reasons for opinions

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Adding info to this ... and "Dandy" begot "Gauntlet" in the first place.

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Oh you mean this book? This is what I grew up playing so it shouldn't be that unfamiliar or strange. The stuff you just told me about I've already read in the meantime and it doesn't bother me much if anything it makes me more excited to try it out. Thanks for the info though.

Yeah I agree. It's fun to play through the different play styles and experience the multitude of ways that you can approach the game and how you progress through it.
Unless you like visual novels with some short light gun levels it's going to be really boring. Personally I don't mind those types of games, actually I love visual novels, but for a lot of people even if the setting and story is cool and interesting, it's often tedious to click the same 4 options until a new one comes up. I actually think that the light gun events are kind of shoe horned into the game and disrupt the pacing - it would have been better to put a choice system in when battling a Snatcher like give you 3-4 options to defend yourself and do this 3 times and you have to pick the right one each time otherwise you die. I don't know that sounds more difficult and punishing especially for having to go from sitting down and reading a bunch of text for 2 hours straight to rapidly moving, reacting and shooting shit in the blink of an eye.

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Yes. The game actually shows the dice being rolled like a slot machine so you can see how difficult some shots are.
One of the biggest problems is melee since you are likely to get counterattacked from capable foes. It makes the fight against the slasher very frustrating.
Remember you can adjust your combat/hacking/magic pools in the statistics screen but you can only access it during combat.
You also can't trade items between characters so be careful who buys what.
I found magic fairly pointless.

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I like the Sega CD version the best of those I tried because it has neon colors that reality help build the atmosphere (unlike the muted colors of the PlayStation port) and the no additional censorship. Is the MSX2 version more primitive than the Sega CD one?

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Just watch the Best Friends Play playthru. Their slow descent into madness caused by the game is the best part.

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Quarantine is fun if you're willing to overlook flaws, but it's definitely flawed, there is no denying it

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You fuckers are making me wanna mod it. It seems like VTMB, a game modders can make what it should be.

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You're more than likely thinking of Virus.

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I'm not sure if there are any modding tools for quarantine, but don't quote me on that.

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It's certainly aged. But it was a great little game and the world is pretty decent still.

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Still pretty good

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Quarantine's /trivia page on mobygames has some alleged quotes from email conversations with Ray Larabie. I can't speak for their authenticity, but I think they're legit.

>Some of the names of the characters come from Toronto clubs that hosted "Elvis Mondays". Drake, Edgewater, Beverly etc... All Toronto club names.

>Kemo was named after a Toronto drug legend. Sometime in the 80's the government developed a super powerful strain of medical marijuana for use in chemotherapy. The seeds were allegedly stolen and for a while there were reports of "superpot" called Kemo going around. Probably just a tale.

>During the course of the game you were supposed to be collecting parts of a modified hovercoil that could lift the cab to airplane height for an aerial blimp/hovercop battle. Since we were using a raycasting engine we couldn't tilt the cab which would had made for some shitty flying so it was scrapped.

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It's arguable whether the source material is cyberpunk, but I am surprised the fifth gen didn't give us a Blame! ripoff game.

>> No.4300779

Well, late fifth-early sixth gen.

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I'm sure the devs of Hotline Miami have played Tapan Kaikki at some point of their lives


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Allegedly there used to be a fanmade map editor back in the 90's. No idea where to find it, though.

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There's HacX. It's a Doom clone with a cyberpunk setting.

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Guys is there a game like Deus Ex?
I need something like it so bad

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What do you mean like deus ex?

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EYE: Divine Cybermancy is a weird game in the style of Deus Ex, with a bad English translation and somewhat unbalanced gameplay.

>> No.4302734

FPS game with RPG elements
HUBs, talking to NPCs to advance in quests
I cant describe the whole feeling, but I'd like a game like the Hong Kong level, that shit was amazing.

>> No.4302747

Only game I can think of at the top of my right right now is strife, go check it out.

>> No.4302753

Already played Strife, thank you for the recommendation tho.
Im just desperate to find something similar to those.

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Its theme isn't cyberpunk, but VTMB is the a better sequel to Deus Ex than any of the official sequels.

>> No.4302827

Ultima Underworld is the spiritual predecessors.

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>with a bad English translation
Not the case for some years now.

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Is I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream considered cyberpunk?

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Gunnm Martian Memory is good if you've read the manga and have an idea of what should be happening to progress...also, hardware fags need not apply unless you want to pay $300...I was lucky enough to get a copy a decade ago for $30.

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I've seen people call it cyberpunk, so maybe. I don't think it's officially considered to be cyberpunk, but it has cyberpunk elements to it for sure.

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It's fucking garbage. Gameplay is some of the worst I've ever seen and the story is worse. Only redeeming qualities are that it has a decent art direction and some good music. Some other tracks are just awful though.

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looks like tekwar, but grittier

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people make fun of his designs because they look like something made to appeal to teenagers. SMT2 MC has the same design purpose, but beyond the right-hand gauntlet, there isn't really any unnecessary belts. The black material isn't belts, more like some kind of bodysuit from the looks of things.

To be fair to Nomura, he has gotten better from the horrors he made in the mid-2000s.

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One game that I completely forgot about (and when /vr/ had those identify-this-game threads i had to ask to find out the title) is The Synergist.

It's a really generic looking dystopian adventure, but it has some weird shit going on if you stick at it.

Everyone shitted on Fade to Black, but for the generation it came out in, I thought it fucking rocked.

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He has two belts on his torso which do not hold any pants up. Also two smaller belts above his biceps AND two belts per boot. I didn't give a shit for belts when i was a teenager, nor did anyone else.
Furthermore he has what looks like high waist women's undies. I like this artist, but it's hard to do worse than that design.

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This. One of the best games I've fucking played, ever.

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No, it's new wave science fiction. It's from an era when SF authors were discovering that their work could be edgy, sexy and artsy. It influenced cyberpunk.

>> No.4305171

It's actually a tossup between street sammy and the gator shaman.

Samurai is definitely easier to understand and use overall, and their upgrades happen pretty fluidly throughout the course of the game so outside of the beginning it never feels like I'm grinding to get a bunch of nuyen for one certain high priced item like I am for decker or shaman. That, and the fact that there aren't as many good street sams available early is rough for non samurai players. The ones that you can recruit (Winston, then Ilene and Start both later on) are extremely good though, they're likely more powerful than you by a fair amount unless you've been doing an obscene amount of karma grinding.

With that being said, shamans are highly unutilized by players even this day. Just a simple invisibility spell can make even the Renraku runs cake, as well as eliminate all the potentially harmful random events that happen while milling about.

While decking is the easiest way to make money and karma, decking itself is a rather expensive ordeal that requires hundreds of thousands of nuyen, high computer skills (need a minimum of 5 in computers with a decent deck to even stand a chance in a simple matrix run), and a bottle of aspirin around in case you frag up and get caught by a tar pit.

Personally I like gator shaman a little more because it gives me a little extra backstory that Joshua was from Florida, since we know so little of him. I'm using stories of him as kind of a legendary runner that others may talk about in a 5e campaign I'm running. I'm making it purposefully vague and giving different accounts on who my PCs talk to, but ultimately I would like for my players to maybe do a run of sorts to help out our old boy Josh at the end of it all.

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Not that guy but I do agree, I love Kenako but Aleph's design isn't good.

The SMTI hero looks good though other then that dorky haircut.

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Try not to feel too bad, Anon.

>> No.4305334

that soundtrack!

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Now that's good, holy shit.

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I have heard that apprently Gideon is a chaosfag and that his translations make lawfags sound more dickish and chaosfags sound more respectful. Not fully sure on it though.
Kenako's humans can range in quality but when he does good it is damn good.

>> No.4305809

Didn't William Shatner have something to do with this game?

Or some other sort of Doom clone.. Dunno what makes me think this.

>> No.4306154

Shatner wrote the book it's based on (or rather, had it ghostwritten for him).

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What does /vr/ think of Manhunter New York? Personally while I find it flawed; it's still a very fun game.

>> No.4306169

Are Powergloves cyberpunk?

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Hardwar is pretty fucking cyberpunk and also one of the best games of the 90s, but barely gets mentioned. I still want to start up a multiplayer thing if anyone else is interested.

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System shock 1 is cyberpunk for sure, just look at this intro
But what about system shock 2? Is that too cyberpunk? It features rogue AI that wants to enslave and rule humanity.

>> No.4306585

Both are deffinetly cyber punk. Beat the second one, started playing the first recently. Seems good, what little I've played

>> No.4306589

Who did the artwork? i'm getting strong designers republic vibes.

>> No.4306635

ding ding

>> No.4306663

What do you guys think of the super Mario Bros movie? It's surprisingly pretty /cyber/

>> No.4306668

I thought it was pretty good. It doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.

>> No.4306676

Most of the criticism was over live action and how little it had to do with the games because it deviated from the games too much.

>> No.4306689

I know, and that makes it even dumber. When people shit on it, they never have any substantial arguments. Instead, you'll get eceleb tier "arguments" like
>just look at it xDD
>it's bad because it's different

it's a fucking meme, and it feels like people just echo some eceleb who shat on it once. it certainly wouldn't be the first time ecelebs ruins a work's reputation among the younger generation.

>> No.4306703

I think the hate comes from before ecelebs, but i never really understood why. It's possible it's due to it being its own thing rather than a literal adaptation of the games, but even so I liked all the little references to the games like toad being a street musician who plays anti-koopa songs or big bertha "eating" Mario with a kiss. But most of all I liked how it's super Mario reimagined in a cyberpunk setting, and it does a good job at being atmospheric and not taking itself too seriously. I know about all the script changes and how It was a production hell due many director changes, but I watched it again recently and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, it's not bad. At the end of the day even without the Mario elements, it's a fun adventure cyberpunk comedy starring Hoskins, Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper

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SS1 is definitely more cyberpunk than 2. Just listen to the banging soundtrack. So much better than SS2's boring "spooky" music.




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Is the BladeRunner game any good?

>> No.4306807

I disagree.
It's a game made when Quantic Dreams were still trying to find their niche, I guess. They played around with a LOT of different genres, a lot of which weren't pulled off responsively. It had elements from fighting games, TPS', open world mechanics, etc. It IS worth checking out, if you're pirating or if you can get it cheap during a GOG sale. It's not a meme, it's just a flawed game that owes its flaws not necessarily to its design, but in the implementation of its design.

>> No.4306812

William Shatner wrote the book/books it was based on, yes.

>> No.4306815

When I play system shock 2 I turn the soundtrack off. Makes the environment on the ship(s) seem more desolate.

>> No.4306817

Don't leave Cyberdogs out of that equation either.

>> No.4306820


Second link was meant for you, sorry.

>> No.4306823

Absolutely. It was probably one of the best games Westwood put out, arguably. The main issue with it is running in modern windows systems, and bugs.

>> No.4307028

Hot damn, someone on /vr/ remembered this game. The soundtrack for it is really good too.

>> No.4307627

I thought I was the only one. I hate it when games that are supposed to have suspension, tension, or whatever have music. It ruins the mood so I just turn that off.

>> No.4308841

I need to check this game out because the cover looks impressive

>> No.4308909

The game is brilliant on its own merits. I still have the isos, I might put them up on a fileshare if you want. It's basically a reimagined Elite, but set on Titan's moon. It has a pretty unique atmosphere and presentation. I wish someone would do a good update to it, supposedly the original developer (Ian Martin, google his name with Hardwar) recently posted that he would do an update for next year, but he's been quiet.

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How come no one has mentioned Night Striker yet?


>> No.4310784

Good game

>> No.4311359

It's a total conversion, I don't know if you actually require the doom 2 wad or not

>> No.4312842

The music in Quarantine 2 was pretty good.

>> No.4313764


>> No.4314245

drive better and repair your cab.

>> No.4314269

Operation Innerspace?

great game regardless,

>> No.4314278
File: 89 KB, 800x600, scd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What about the game UBIK? And the 3rd Millennium?

>> No.4314285
File: 23 KB, 320x224, Shadowrun (1996)(Compile)(NTSC)(JP)[!]_hawked.2017-03-06 14.03.09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you tried it?

>> No.4315908

Did Compile seriously make that?

>> No.4316374

The game is decent enough but they tried to make a lot of things at once and ended up with them being below average in functionality. If the game just stuck into storytelling and exploration it would have done even better.

You got FPS sections, fighting sections, I think some driving ones too? The only attractive and kinda fleshed mechanic was going into other peoples bodies and see them have different characteristics, features and lives. Some places are only accesible with certain characters but IIRC the game doesn't lock itself if you choose one over the other. For instace, there is this fighting pit where I think you can get clues to something or money and if you take a fragile character over a bulky dude then you get your ass handed because the dude fights better even if the woman is faster. FPS sections are wonky as hell. I think atmosphere is really good and nails some sense of mystery because you are technically thrown in into some body and get told you got to figure out things, soundtrack too after all it has Bowie in it.

Had to cheese that final boss because they fucking decided to not only place a boss but also make it a FPS fight... I would recommend it only because its a good kind of atmospheric game.

>> No.4316597
File: 7 KB, 320x224, Shadowrun (1996)(Compile)(NTSC)(JP)[!].2017-03-05 18.27.16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why shouldn't they?
It even has their AIDS thing.

>> No.4316748

Snatcher is an obvious choice, but hasn't been mentioned yet.

>> No.4316895

It has >>4296943

>> No.4318347


>> No.4318385
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This is a pretty interesting thing, though I could never get into it myself. What did you guys think of it?

>> No.4318398

Oh, and I guess it isn't /vr/, but then it just barely misses the mark (originally planned for 1998, but released mid-2001).

>> No.4318452
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>Tar Pit

There goes 480,000 nuyen. Fuck!

>> No.4319874


>> No.4320310

Get the GoG version. Steer clear of the Steam version as it's slow/glitchy on modern systems. dgVoodoo2 wrapper can help rendering on modern systems.

>> No.4320402

>/aco/ faps to that

>> No.4320613

Wasn't /aco/ a /d/ spinoff if I remember correctly

>> No.4322589

I did pick it up recently, but I've only played a small part of it. it crashes a lot on newer computers. really nice atmosphere, though.

>> No.4323848

It's good. The story feels like a b-movie 90s FMV remake of Blade Runner, but it's really quite good

>> No.4324293

>The story feels like a b-movie 90s FMV remake of Blade Runner,
but the story was actually closer to the book than the movie.

>> No.4324365

It was a spin-off of /co/ so they'd all have their cartoon porn there, but then all the western stuff from /d/ was forced there as well so there was a war over futa and other fetish stuff because the normies didn't like it.

>> No.4324901

>Try to play
>Finish intro
>Immediately fall through the world and go tumbling down.

But still, nothing can beat having a party member that's actually a small planet who acts in combat by the senate making decisions on what to do.

>> No.4324908

To be honest, futa took up like 95% of /d/ from about 2010-2012. I mean, I get people have fetishes, which is why you go to /d/ in the first place, but it was pretty much dominating the board to the exclusion of everything else.

Not that I'd know anything about that or anything...

>> No.4326401

Is... is this Obama?

>> No.4327754
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>> No.4327793

jesus christ that makes me want to watch hackers again.
seriously tho, why didnt the brits do more cyberpunk like wipeout? this shit was so cool looking

>> No.4328025
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Hardwar were a good time. I was actually briefly involved in an attempt to put together a fanmade sequel set on Mars back around 2002-ish. It fell apart for the usual reason; 2 art guys, about 8 idea guys, zero code guys. Nothing left of it now but some renders of bad spaceship models.