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>20% of the game is pushing forward on the control stick running across a field
i still love it but damn i wish you could get the horse sooner

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>he doesn't side hop/backwards walk

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>Listening to HEEYH AHHH HYEHACK HNAHHHHH for 5 minutes as you go from the castle to hyrule lake

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3d games are not retro

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music to my ears

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Hyrule field was supposed to be a lot more but development never reached it. It was supposed to be crawling with monsters and have a lot more mini-zones to interact with.

What we got is an unfinished fields.

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Name 1 open world game in existence that doesn't involve running across a field.

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You know what would be better than getting the horse earlier? Fast travel.

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What a novel concept. If only the ocarina had songs that transported you to different areas...

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big, if true

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As a kid I didn't care, the open field made the game feel epic as everything was far away and it felt more of a "world" even in a realistic sense. Hell also as a kid I used to get scared when it was dark and monsters started appearing.

Now as a jaded adult I just want to get to the next route as fast as possible to finish the game.

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This was not a problem in the 90s, when we actually had attention spans and took the time to get immersed. However, it is unfortunate that Ocarina is so slow in terms of movement. The bunny hood was a great inclusion in Majora, but the game was already so compact compared to Ocarina that it was almost redundant. Ocarina could sorely use a functional bunny hood.

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>attention spans and took the time to get immersed
I dont think its that though. I just think it can get pretty boring running from castle to lake to kakariko village for 5 minutes with nothing inbetween

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>5 minutes
It takes roughly 30-50 seconds to do that run.

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But that's when you're supposed to soak up the atmosphere, man. I get what you're saying though. I'm also a jaded adult, with too many distractions. However, when I was a kid, I never got impatient with Ocarina, not even with the iron boots. I was so amazed by it that I loved running over the Polygon Field every time I had to visit a new location.

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Can you stop?

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Can you imagine if she had pulled that shit on /ourguy/, Caveman?

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>hyrule field with its ambient sounds, peaceful music, and nice visuals

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Exactly. I purposefully limit my fast-travel with Ocarina songs so I have an excuse to hop on Epona and ride through the green fields. Natural warps fill in the gaps quite nicely.

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>He doesn't HESS across the whole game.

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How can anyone act like hyrule field is a long trek in oot? It takes like under three minutes to run the furthest two points apart. Most of the time youre on the field for less than a minute.

It honestly makes me wonder how many people misremember it and how many are just repeating what they've heard about the game.

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>tfw Hyrule will never look so pretty again

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That would have just engendered a different complaint. Point A to B would take exponentially longer.

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dude, shit is not that far away or apart.
you got the warp songs to play as well.

like, the game is designed to be pretty interconnected in terms of locations.


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>tattooed eyes


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Ultimately, this game was designed to hook you and get you to complete it. It's designed around a first experience. No game developer goes "now, how can I make sure the player is still having fun going through Hyrule Field 20 years later when they still haven't moved on to another game? How can I make sure this hypothetical person 20 years from now, who has beaten the game more than 10 times between now and then, still finds the journey from one end of Hyrule Field to the other exciting and atmospheric." Because I assure you, the first time anyone plays Ocarina, and they just kinda jackass their way across the field, only for night to fall, the gate to go up, and the stalfos to come out and fight them until the sun comes back up, that first experience is memorable and hooks you.

hyrule field rules, the first time you play through the game, and by the time you're sick of it, you have plenty of tools to mostly bypass it (epona, ocarina warps).

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The good Zelda games have warp features (LttP, LA, WW). This lacks in Oot.

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I always just rolled across Hyrule field. And because of OoT, I still roll all around in games today. I've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn lately and I still roll every where instead of using the run button.

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That is why you HESS you fucking scrub. Still casually playing this game in 2017 are you? Even without ocarina teleports you can still use lost woods fast travel points to skip everything except town, gerudo, & lon lon ranch.

>pushing forward on the control stick running across a field
not even attempting to backwalk

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>warp features
>what is ocarina songs

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>20% of the game is pushing forward on the control stick running across a field
If you spent 20% of this game running across Hyrule Field, you are literally retarded. The only significant amount of time you should spend in this area is when you are initially exploring it, and when you're hunting the poes. Otherwise, there's no reason you should spend more than 1 minute in it. You cross through it a few times a kid and then you can get the horse as soon as you become an adult, and warp songs let you bypass it entirely. Shit, I've probably spent most of my time in Hyrule Field just running up to that one patch of grass directly in front of the castle to replenish items. Otherwise, I'm never there unless I purposely just want to ride around and soak in the scenery. It's a beautiful area and has one of the best atmospheres of any game in the series. I grant you, it could have had more in it, and some actual enemies to kill would have been nice, but it accomplishes the job it was created to do, which is that it serves as a hub by which to access critical areas of the game. I repeat, if you spent 20% of the game here, you're a fucking retard.

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It might be retarded, but it is certainly retro.

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Ones released before 2000 are

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>Running to the castle in Hyrule field
>About 500 ft
>Enough time for the sun to fucking go down

Why is Link so slow?

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>he cant superslide

what's it like being bad?

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You speak the truth.

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Well, maybe you are right that no game can survive that long, but i don't think replayability is not in the mind of the developer.

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>Any /vr/ polygon based visuals
>Nice visuals

Good one

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using speedstrats =/= speedrunning, faggot

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He has none and is just making shit up. Otherwise this would have shown up in interviews by now.

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back to >>>/v/ faggot

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are you a little grumpy because 13 year old can play the games you played your entire life better than you, grandpa?

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I would have preferred they just put monsters in the field besides those faggot peahats.

Where were all the moblins and evil soldiers like A Link to the Past?

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Wind Waker?

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this. the fact that hyrule field was actually emptier as adult link when the world is supposed to be more dangerous was always weird to me

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Who knows, but they sort of made up for it with Majora's overworld enemies

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The world is just compensating for the fact that at other times it completely revolves around Link- or more precisely it does exactly not

>Whole planet like "Shit, he's in a town, better stop moving now"

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Seen this a few times by now but never noticed the mildly qt girl to the left of the controller until just now. Everything else is garbage but the girl is kind of adorable.

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>I never got impatient with Ocarina, not even with the iron boots. I was so amazed by it that I loved running over the Polygon Field every time I had to visit a new location

you newfags had to be there when it was new

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>gets close to castle
>wolf howl
>drawbridge closes

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