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>the one time nintendo was on the cutting edge of cutting edge shit
>hated by softcunts

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I still like goldeneye.

It is very fun but the graphics sucks.

Perfect Dark is hardly playable on the machine so you might as well play the xbox 360 ver/emulate.

Any rare game is still enjoyable, same wiht nintendo dev games.

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this is a joke right? There was no cd drive, Nintendo was abandoned by 3rd parties on masse because of their expensive cartridges

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Cutting edge? The N64 had many flaws. In fact the Sega Saturn felt more premium than the other consoles. Sadly it didn't do well in the states, but I got to at least enjoy classics such as Virtual On, House Of The Dead, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Cop, Nights, Daytona USA and so many other titles.

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>Cutting edge? The N64 had many flaws.
What, small cartridges? Everything else was cutting edge. It had anti aliasing, bilinear filtering, proper floating points, and a lot of other effects, not to mention the rewritable microcode which Factor 5 and Rare really took advantage of.

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nigga, even PCs couldn't output full 3D when N64 came out

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yea, whatever this shit means. Probably fake. N64 looked like muddy shit. Had it's gems for sure. But gfx were not why. Multiplayer is where it shined. But that's not cutting edge.

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>I'm an idiot therefore all numbers must be fake!
God damn it must be hard being you.

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Quake II on average gaming PC in 1997 looked like shit too. Early 3D, what were you expecting?

N64 graphics in 1997 were something most people had never seen before outside of arcades.

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That screen shot look x10 better than anything n64

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>There was no cd drive
Which was incredibly ahead of the curve. CD drives were slow and shit and hobbled console games for years until the Xbox came along and started caching stuff on the hard drive.
>Nintendo was abandoned by 3rd parties on masse
This never happened. Name a single major western SNES developer that "abandoned" the N64.

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The N64 RCP's functionality is much closer to the Nvidia Riva TNT, released in 1998.

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That is because it is a screenshot from a newer PC playing at much higher resolution than most people could handle in 1997.

Even toms hardware was only benchmarking quake II at 640x480 with the higher end cards, and the lower end cards (under $200) would drop under 24fps even at that resolution. Most people turned off lighting features, shadows, anti-aliasing and all otehr non-essential shit to get games like Q2 to run on normal PCs.

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>perfect dark
>hardly playable
seems to work fine on my machine

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People shitting on the N64 is a pretty recent meme perpetuated by gen Z spermlings and old Sega/Sony dick-riders. People will tell you about how the N64 was "bottlenecked" by the cartridge format, but you wouldn't know it if you actually played the games. Nothing on competing consoles matches the visual fidelity of titles like Banjo-Kazooie, Majora's Mask or Perfect Dark which were literal leagues ahead of what you'd find on PS1 and Saturn. I've also never understood why anyone attacks the system's use of anti-aliasing as it has helped the games age much better than many others. Most 3D PS1 and Saturn (particularly Saturn) games are straight up fugly and look like a painful mess of jagged pixels, warping polygons and ugly, blocky textures. The N64 was the only console of the 5th gen that was actually capable of rendering true 3D environments and models, and anyone who tells you that it didn't have the best graphics is either severely biased or has absolutely no fucking clue what they're talking about.

Seeing games like Super Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time for the first time was absolutely mind-blowing. I enjoyed playing stuff like Resident Evil 2 and FF7 on my PS1, but it never felt revolutionary in the same way that the N64 did. I also have no intention of ever revisiting 99% of the PS1's library because the games themselves simply weren't on the same level of quality that Nintendo literally demanded with the N64. Conversely, I still play my N64 on the regular.

Another thing I don't understand is how anyone could say it had bad games. I hear people say it has "nothing but Mario games" or "nothing but collectathons and shooters", and both statements couldn't be further from the truth. It has some of the very best puzzlers, adventure games, racing games, fighters, and more. If you're actually willing to dive into the library, you'll find a veritable goldmine of truly fantastic titles which really have no equal. Overall, it was a great console.

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oh man i love playing action games at 20FPS while all the textures look like they have vaseline smeared all over them

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Oh man I love playing autistic turn-based JRPGs at 20fps while all the textures look like diarrhea and the polygons have a seizure.

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People would strip down the game via console commands, replace skins with hi-vis ones, install pak9s with custom content (textures and even "nose paks" where the characters woukd get giant noses you could see miles away) and quad timers etc. The game was extremely moddable

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>oh man i love playing action games at 20FPS
I'll never understand how PS1 fans ate up games like Metal Gear Solid with its sometimes single digit framerates. Then there was MGS4 that often ran at 20fps. Then there was Peace Walker which was capped at 20fps.

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the one time nintendo was cutting edge was with the SNES


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There were literally no PS1/Saturn games that had graphics this sophisticated. The camspy, BTW, is a stupidly complicated combination of auxiliary framebuffers that emulators tend to trip up on.

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Agreed. PD was a technical fucking marvel, I have no idea how they pulled it off, especially since so much space must have been used for all the voice acting alone. Rare really was magic in those days. No other developer had that kind of talent, ever.

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>I have no idea how they pulled it off, especially since so much space must have been used for all the voice acting alone.
Using MP3 helped. The voice acting would have been better quality if they'd used a 40MB cartridge instead of a 32MB one. There's a romhack that takes the voice acting from the XBLA version and injects it into an expanded N64 rom, and it works on real hardware.

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I dont hate the n64. I hate its fanbase. Console is average. The circlejerking for it is legendary. Shut the fuck up about it already.

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>The circlejerking for it is legendary.
We literally wouldn't have any of Rockstar's games without it. It has a legendary circlejerk for a reason. It redefined what videogames could do in a way that still resonates today.

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That's pretty awesome. Another thing that's fucking incredible to me is how each character has a unique set of hands and each weapon has detailed animations, unlike Goldeneye and almost every other FPS on the console which lacked both. There are literally games made today which don't pay attention to small details like that. Man, PD is fucking legit.

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>People shitting on the N64 is a pretty recent meme perpetuated by gen Z

Theres like 10 n64 fanboy threads on /vr/ a week, and like 1 shitting on it which is probs cos you guys are an easy target, stop talking shit n64 is the most popular console on vr right now.

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>Theres like 10 n64 fanboy threads on /vr/ a week, and like 1 shitting on it which is probs cos you guys are an easy target, stop talking shit n64 is the most popular console on vr right now.
t. PS1 shit-rat

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>It has a legendary circlejerk for a reason

Or cause people who grew up on 5th gen are just starting to fall of the retro meme and now feeling nostalgic about it due to midlife crisis.

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There's been a circle jerk ever since Mario 64 was released and made every other 3D game at the time look like a joke.

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Pure insecurity. I didn't mention it once but you instantly assume I prefer to the ps1 to the n64? Why is that?

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>Pure insecurity. I didn't mention it once but you instantly assume I prefer to the ps1 to the n64? Why is that?
Lmao nah you're the insecure one, getting all assblasted about being called a shit-rat, which you are. Pretty sure if you actually liked the N64 you wouldn't be so retarded as to pretend people don't shit on it all the time on /vr/, or say that "you guys are an easy target".

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This thread proves you are wrong. the 4-5 other threads circle jerking the n64 prove you wrong. The 1-2 clearly bait threads trashing mario/goldeneye/zelda that get you virgins every time prove you wrong. Stop being autistic, N64 has been the biggest thing on /vr/ all summer.

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Who cares about Western? Square was enough to bury it.

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>the fact there are some topics about N64 games on /vr/ proves that nobody shits on the console
Hot damn, you are truly retarded.

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More than any other topic all summer. Nice comprehension

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>voices retarded opinion that is factually untrue
>"Nice comprehension"
Shit-rats never change.

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>literally 6 topics on n64 circle jerkin it right now
nothing else had that many
>shit rat
I still find it funny how your so insecure about the n64 you instantly think anyone who talking shit about it (im not, im shitting on you for being a fanboy) is an ps1 fan

Its funny, and it shows deep down you know which console is better, since you jump to that conclusion with absolutely no indication, and ignore facts that you can look at within seconds. Ignorance is bliss i guess.

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>replying to bait and underage
current state of neo reddit

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>it shows deep down you know which console is better
>b-but don't jump to conclusions and say I'm a shit-rat!
Fucking lmao. There's no way you aren't on the spectrum.

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Good job throwing insults instead of having an argument.

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>Square was enough to bury it.
Nobody cares about Square, though. Name a single Square game from the 90s that wasn't a turn-based JRPG.

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www.you tube.com/watch?v=1EPfLp40bic&t=0s

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Orale que chido que esta el mario bross fiesta

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>>the one time nintendo was on the cutting edge of cutting edge shit
Wrong picture bro?

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Sounds pretty easy actually.

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>Nobody cares about Square, though.

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You realize this site has YT embedding, right? You don't have to mess up the URL like you're posting cc#s or some shit.

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I'm the biggest Nintendo fanboy faggot, I've never owned a non Nintendo console besides an Xbox 360 that I trashed after the second time it red ringed ( I only bought it for Banjo anyway ) and a PS3 that spent more time being a netflix machine for my family than playing games.

But the N64 was a let down. It had like 10 good games, all 1st party and rareware.

N64 blows.

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Those 10 good games are still better than the 10 best games on any other system.

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There isn't a single 1st party N64 game that outshines their SNES predecessors except for maybe F-Zero and Star-Fox, but that's because that mode 7 shit was ass.

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It's an alright console, better with a HoriPad Mini
Problem is there's nothing on it. Once you've played the RareWare games and Mario games you've pretty much played everything outside a few hidden gems.

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>There isn't a single 1st party N64 game that outshines their SNES predecessors
lmao fucking hipsters.

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>even PCs couldn't output full 3D when N64 came out
Yes they could.

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>pc fags

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Care to start naming some examples?

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Goldeneye is such shit. It's literally a meme that got out of control. Nobody likes playing this game for the game.

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I don't know if I'm alone in the boat but I REALLY didn't like the controller design.

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If N64 is so good, then why did it sold only about 20 mil?

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They were a little big but I liked having a lot to hold on to. I really like the grindy feel of the stick, allowed for precision, but that ended up being the big problem.

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Poor people, PS1 was the Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot console plus with chip installed it plays pirated games.
N64 was the console your parents buy you when dad gets a better paying job.

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I have a Japanese N64 but I want to play games from other regions. What's the easiest way to do this?

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American games? Cut out the plastic tabs near the cartridge slot. European games? Get an adapter. Alternatively, get an Everdrive and use that.

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N64 is so underrated and overrated at the same time. A fucking enigma of gaming. Personally is my favourite console and some people can't see how fucking good it is and how extremely good it is with some friends around.
There's too many people in this board living in their comfy whining bubble to give a good chance to enjoy the n64. You have to get out a bit of your comfort zone to fully experience the console.

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The cartridge was a good idea in the long run, most n64 still work unlike most ps1
I had both and the ps1 went into the trash after changing the laser 2 times

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You can't have nice threads about n64 in this place. Every threads gets ruined by contrarians and assblasted sony and sega fanboys with some rpg/pixel art arguments.

It was expensive at the time bro and even more if you were latin-american.
I've got my 64 in used condition years later and found out how brilliant it actually was. After seeing all those commercials on tv it was still mindblowing for me. How nice mario moved around and how visually impressive was banjo kazooie.

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Chocobo Racing

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>Poor people
False. PS1 had a better game library than N64. Even their ports were more superior than the N64 counterparts(Resident Evil 2 for example). If anything, poor people couldn't afford a Sega Saturn & that's because it cost $399, unlike the PS1 & N64 which were way cheaper at the time.

Luckily for me, I had all 3 game systems, plus a Sega Genesis, SNES & Dreamcast all before I graduated high school(in 2000).

Because PS1 had a better library of games. N64 didn't have Metal Gear Solid, RE1, Silent Hill and so many other great PS1 classics.

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>10 good games

wow, you must be very picky. How many good games did you find in other systems? 2? 5? I bet the snes had like... 12

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To be fair, most of the good SNES games weren't localized.

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Me and my friends did.

>> No.4289825

Einhaender, the greatest 2.5D shmup of all time.

>> No.4289836

Oh look, it's exactly double the N64's resolution
>would drop under 24fps even at that resolution
And somehow N64 games at 8fps is perfectly fine

>> No.4289838

Bushido Blade

Get lost Nintentoddler

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The edge was too blurred so it became foggy and blunt.

NGC was more cutting edge than that fucking trainwreck of a console.

N64 was a mistake.

>> No.4290231

>this is what nintoddlers actually believe

sad and pathetic

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No, just no. It's americucks fawning over that shitty console for some odd reason. It was never that popular outside of the USA. It's a shitty console with terrible graphics. Americans just couldn't tell because their shitty RF connectors had them all used to blurry graphics, so they couldn't see how blurry it was because to them, everything was that blurry.

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>console wars /vr/ edition

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>I also have no intention of ever revisiting 99% of the PS1's library because the games themselves simply weren't on the same level of quality that Nintendo literally demanded with the N64. Conversely, I still play my N64 on the regular.

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I wonder if this kid creates these topics

>> No.4290321

> It has some of the very best puzzlers, adventure games, racing games, fighters, and more.

Oh look, it's that Perfect dark, doom 64 and tetris retard at it again. Crusader of autism.

>> No.4290429

So paying more for less is good?

>> No.4290430

The N64 has a stupid number of tetris and matching games.

>> No.4290446

>But the N64 was a let down. It had like 10 good games, all 1st party and rareware.

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List your choice cuts.

>> No.4291072

Is there anything weird or wonky with the adapters? Does it change gameplay in any way?

>> No.4291101

Ergeiz (sp? The fighting game)

>> No.4291104

Zelda, objectively. And a ton of people think Mario 64 is the best Mario game ever, I don't, but that's not a fringe opinion by any means.

>> No.4291439

Well if every buisness guy on the block didn't pimp their shit early cd graphics onto lil bastards with too much money, Nintendo, and everyone else who cared about making games, wouldn't have had to rush anything. We would've waited a year, 2 tops, for all the new graphics to be perfected for launch. The consoles may have been easier to develop for too. Not sure on the buisness or tech aspects of the whole thing and why things turned out the way they did, but things rushed are often shit. And now everyone who wasn't there, or didn't care, thinks they can say shit about shit and can convince hoards of people to parrot their words. Can the console wars stop now. It's old vs. new now and I say they're both good and shitty. But they COULD'VE been phenomenal if they weren't always rushed.

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Not that anon but there are way more than 10 good games for the N64. Here's a list of my personal favorites:

>Ocarina of Time
>Majora's Mask
>Perfect Dark
>DOOM 64
>Blast Corps
>Diddy Kong Racing
>Mario Kart 64
>F-Zero X
>Super Smash Bros.
>Ogre Battle 64
>Paper Mario
>Mario Party 3
>Conker's Bad Fur Day
>Yoshi's Story
>Killer instinct Gold
>Star Fox 64
>Super Mario 64

Prolly a few I'm forgetting but just off the top of my head. And mind you, almost all of those games were very well received critically and otherwise.

>> No.4291706

Doom 64.
Rayman 2.
The World is Not Enough
Turok 1-3.
Vigilante 8/Vigilante 8 Second Offense.
Wonder Project J2.
Sin & Punishment.
Duke Nukem Zero Hour.
Rogue Squadron/Battle For Naboo/Indiana Jones.
Rocket: Robot on Wheels.
Space Station Silicon Valley.
Ogre Battle 64.
Mischief Makers.
Harvest Moon 64.

Plus quite a few others, including some recently fan-translated Japanes titles such as Custom Robo and Last Legion UX. There are a fair number of Japan-only titles that were very well regarded in Japan but completely unknown outside of it because the N64 import scene was effectively nonexistent.

>> No.4291779

Hmm, yes, a very Reddit list if I do say so myself.

>> No.4291781

>Hmm, yes, a very Reddit list if I do say so myself.
I guess autism really does speak, then.

>> No.4292909

Hey man, just because he loves to eat shit doesn't mean you have to continually point it out, let him wallow in it in peace.

>> No.4292916

> Stretching 4kb textures across entire landscapes.

Cutting the edge of something alright.

>> No.4292925

Is there this problem? I got a PS1 from a friend when he moved in 2005 and I still don't have a problem with it 12 years later, not even counting how the PS1 was used before me.

>> No.4292942

Other than that, the RCP runs cirlces around the Emotion Engine.

SGI used the RCP as a testbed for the Voodoo 1.

>> No.4292943

>b-b-b-but Memeal Memetasy
Uh... Ok?

>> No.4293015

The Mana series.

>> No.4293315

>>Stretching 4kb textures across entire landscapes.
What is tiling?

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PS1 had the good RPGs, but N64 had gems like this that I played forever.

>> No.4293534

>PS1 had the good RPGs, but N64...
had a bunch of RPGs nobody knows about because they were Japanese and nobody outside Japan was interested in buying them so they were never bought over.

>> No.4293542

Probably because they never brought the disk drive over.

>> No.4293553

>ignores other responses with examples
>mememememememememe uuuuh ok???
What the fuck is up with /vr/ today?

>> No.4293563

>a bunch
custom robo, river king, shiren, that piece of shit pokemon zool thing

>> No.4293570

Calm down.

>> No.4293576

Funny I was playing fully 3D games on PC a decade before the N64 came out.

>> No.4293607

Umm sure buddy, but none were as good as

>> No.4293651


custom robo
custom robo v2
shiren 2
robopon 64
animal forest
super robot wars
wonder project j2
onegai monsters
river king
Ganbare Goemon: Mononoke Sugoroku

>> No.4293652


show me the 3d graphics from 1986 then

>> No.4293656

Also Robot Ponkottsu 64.


>> No.4293657

>PS1 fan
>not a shit eater
Logical fallacy.