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This game is kind of spooky.

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I totally agree with you.
This was my first N64 game and it was based af but there were corners of certain levels that just felt off. Also there's no hiding from the bosses.

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this game, the dark forces series, and the tie fighter/x-wing games are the holy trinity of classic pre-prequel star wars games. they are pure star wars kino

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I agree, that shitty graphic really gave me nightmares

Gosh why the N64 suck so much?

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unintentional lonely games are often spookier than intentionally lonely ones

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its ftom an era that wasnt obsessed with jedi and lightsabers . an era when those things were only part of the flavor of the universe. a better era

fuck (((jew jew abraham))) and (((lucas)))

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Shadows of the Empire doesn't have sequenced music. It has low sample rate audio slowed down and pitch corrected. The technological jump between SotE and Rogue Squadron was incredible. Factor 5 were gods.

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The villain dude in the box art never shows up in-game.

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how he even hold dat gun

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xizor? thats because of the book events id have to say
basically this is just "and this is what Dash was up to when Leah and Luke and Vader were up to their bullshit"

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Factor 5 went on to do some incredible shit with the N64 before making the stinker known as Lair/Rogue Squadron with dragons.

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man, if we went back, erased Lair, or their deal with PS3 at all, especially when it was so early when the system was doing poorest, we might still have amazing Factor 5 wizardry

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The sewer level, mainly those things in the water, scared me as a kid.

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Doubt it. Factor 5 went to shit around the time a shift in the people in charge happened. They were too eager to cram motion controls in the mix and if they didn't get on the Sixaxis train then they would have ended up on the Wii which would have been even worse.

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This. N64 wad a creepy console. No draw distance and low quality audio, every game had fog too. Silent hill would have been perfect on n64

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>This game is kind of spooky.
This is kinda common thing amongst big chunk of n64 games. Like some kind of eerie late 80/early 90s music clip with early 3d graphics.

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A failure on the Wii would have been much less costly than their failure on the PS3, and I doubt it would've been worse since the Six-Axis was all-around shittier than the Wii's motion controls + the Wii's architecture was similar enough to the Gamecube's which they had plenty of experience working well with.

I'm not saying a motion controlled Factor 5 game would have been great, but them making something on the Wii would've still been interesting, more likely better, and definitely much safer than what they did with Lair.

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I would say ask the toy companies, but in reality he has it in every fucking shot in every FUCKING image ever.

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One of the worst idea ever, only Folklore was good using this controller.

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It was pretty much just there so they could have an excuse for lacking rumble which they had to leave out thanks to a lawsuit, funny shit.

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>every game had fog too
That's not really true. The PS1's draw distance and fog problems were way worse than the N64. It's just that ambitious games with a draw distance longer than a few meters were kinda rare on the PS1.

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Now that i think about, it kinda is. And as other anons have remarked itt, this seems like a generic n64 thing. It is probably not a coincidence that the 2 n64 zeldas are the darkest and most atmospheric in the entire series

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There's an unpublished but basically finished wii rogue squadron anthology with polished up parts that sucked (on foot missions for example). Housing market crash in the US basically killed the studio though. They couldn't get a publisher to get it shipped then. Factor 5 did some crazy-ass stuff that nobody thought was possible like a Netflix client for the PS2 and a bunch of middleware that showed up all over the place. Last I heard the core team were making phone games under a different name.

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How does he even pull the trigger with his claw-hands?

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>They couldn't get a publisher to get it shipped then.
Rumour has it Lucasarts chose that moment to be spiteful. They had a slight history of this. They also canned Battlefront III and while Free Radical deserve some blame, Lucasarts were basically dicks. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine was a pet project for Factor 5, but Lucasarts demanded resources be reallocated to Battle for Naboo, leaving one developer to finish the N64 port. Basically one person doing coding, animation, debugging, etc. The end result is remarkable, but riddled with glitches.

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Wampa Stompa

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This game is kind of shitty, actually.

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Loved it on my N64, I got the steam version a long while ago for dirt cheap, is the PC version any good?

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The game looked awesome at the time and it was the first time most of us got to experience Star Wars in 3D, it was also an early N64 title;

Sure Rogue Squadron did space battles better but it came much later, there were no better third person platform/shooters out at the time, and this one combined all of that with stuff like speeder bikes in one package, other games have done it better but much later

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here we go

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Well you could have just said "the force" as it's the general plot device in the SW universe whenever shit don't add up, but I bet some shitty (now) non-canon expanded universe novel explains how robots are not eligible.

But yeah, sure, Bluetooth. I bet somebody already built something like this down here on earth, so why not.

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robots can't have midichlorians

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You obviously have never heard of Skippy, the jedi droid.

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I'd throw rogue squadron on that list

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>Those bloodcurdling dianoga sounds

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He IS the gun.

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In the scheme of things Xizor is a tremendous faggot who thought he was hard until he pissed off Vader; Xizor was only really a target of Luke and company because he was holding Leia captive. Rendar never really faced Xizor directly because he was too busy trying to put his lizard dick in Leia to do anything else.

SotE is best when it's about Darth Vader's Worst Performance Review Ever and the then-official origin of Luke's green lightsaber, and some fairly rad descriptions of Force power use. The game's version of Rendar's story (and Rendar himself) is much better than he was in the books. His ship was also described as something much closer to Amidala's yacht; mad sleek and with a mirror finish, to the point where the damn thing would nearly cloak when out in deep space.

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The battle with IG-88 spooked me when I was younger. I finally got past the train part after 2 hours and when I got to him, scared the piss out of me and immediately shut the game off.

This is so true.

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I bought most of the collection on gog during the star wars 40th anniversary sale. Should have bought the whole collection, but some of the games i wasn't sure i would ever play.. now that episode 8 is coming out, my star wars itch is returning and im kicking my self.. their will probably be another big SW sale for the movie though, and with the holidays coming.

so to my question, how do these games play on the pc compared to the n64?

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