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why, fell me in

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That she wouldn't fuck you, or that she became the NCR's first president?

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the second one. ncr sucks

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Enclave > Shi > Vault City > NCR > the rest > shit > BoS > New Reno

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you overrate the shi. they're a pretty lame faction. It's no wonder they weren't mentioned after 2

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They have the best culture: a technocratic, homogeneous society ruled by a benevolent, all-knowing AI. If I were a gook in the Falloutverse, I would go join the Shi over all.

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Jesus Christ look at the edgelord here. Sure you don't want to put the Legion in first place?

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The Emperor wasn't a true AI. It was an advanced calculation device that was able to accurately predict future events.

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but yes they are the best faction in NV

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I'm amazed they managed to make such a qt with early prerendered potato CG.

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i know. Frank Horrigan is beautiful

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Enclave > Everyone else

T̶a̶n̶d̶i̶'̶s̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶h̶o̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶

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>T̶a̶n̶d̶i̶'̶s̶ ̶p̶r̶e̶t̶t̶y̶ ̶h̶o̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶u̶g̶h̶

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>guy with 10 CHA saves your village
>saves your life
>the most amazing person you've ever seen
>won't even consider fucking him
What was she thinking?

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okay, okay, pre F2 tandi. ._.
I̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶k̶ ̶I̶'̶l̶l̶ ̶g̶o̶ ̶b̶u̶y̶ ̶F̶1̶ ̶n̶o̶w̶

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The real question is which son of a bitch wastelander did she end up fucking? She had a son, after all.

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>not waiting until she gets kidnapped and then going to the raider prison and blowing her in half with a shotgun

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Now why would you go an do that?

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Weren't they just clay models made into sprites?

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>always playing as a goody two shoes hero
It's called role-playing you can be evil if you want.

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Actually, they were. Fallout 4 made a mention of them when you're going through Kellogg's memories. He worked for them at one point.

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>girl turns you down so you blast her apart with a shotgun

hello r9k

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It has nothing to do with wether she turns me down or not I don't even bother I just pick the asshole with everyone.

>upset that a video game character doesn't want to have sex with your character

Now that is the problem

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He clearly blasted her apart before she even had the chance.

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Because Aradesh will flip the fuck out if you save her and try to kill you.

Yeah I know they fixed that but still

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Yes retro as per Van Buren

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Only decent part

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>Bethesda playing with the events and factions of the actual good games in the series
>good part

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This retard forgot about the slags.

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Aso not retro, wut about those cray cray guys Graham ends up leading.

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the tribals in zion?

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Brain's cult >Enclave > Shi > Vault City > NCR > the rest > shit > BoS > New Reno

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i wish someone would make a Van Buren game using all those released infos

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I wish somebody turned Fallout 2 into an eroge.

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Dead Horses i think

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That ball gag is way too heavy to be made of anything but solid metal

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Lmao. this can't be real. Where do you go for fallout 1 mods anyway?

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Why wasn't there Iguana on a stick addiction?

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Is there anyone in the Fallout games more bro-tier than Marcus?

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Yeah, them. I enjoy them. Graham is the kind of madman that make sense in the retro fallout settin, too. He's stil lsomehwat cracked.

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it was a while ago I last played the Van Buren demo, but IIRC, it was basically just Fallout Tactics with 3d graphics. nothing to write home about.

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i'm more interested about the writing

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>that pleb who didn't use throwing

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Followers of the Apocalypse > everyone else

You know the rest are fucking around when anarchists are the only ones actually contributing to the society in the wasteland by spreading knowledge and medicine.

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Lenny and Raul are equally good

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First time playing retro fallout, rate my f1 character


Big guns

Chem reliant
Bloody mess

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It's gonna be a while before you get big guns,remember that.

And perception is kind of important for ranged combat. Generally you'll want 6.

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>randomly murdering people is the 'asshole' thing to do
just try acting like yourself

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>2 end
You're gonna die in two hits
>2 perception
You'll miss every shot
>tagging big guns when they're only found mid-late game

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not him, but what would be the optimal stats for someone playing fallout 1 for their first time?

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thanks, i'm going with this instead

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EN at 2 is a perfectly alright way of beating the game casually because HP is never your primary way of defense, it's not getting hit at all by using smart terrain. HP is really not much of a buffer in a game where a burst or a lucky shot can instantly snuff you out no matter what. If you really need HP, take a Buffout at level 12 and get Life Giver, it alone gives more HP per level than EN10.

Though yeah, OP's new stat spread's much better. Could get away with lowering ST (ST never has any business of being above 5, and most gunmen can do with like 2-3) and EN some more to pump into PE or IN, but it's a solid build nonetheless.

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High ranks in small guns and agility. Agility is the god stat in 1 and 2.

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Intelligence is.

That's because skill points can buy you anything and substitute any stat, and Agility can be easily enhanced by two different drugs.

Granted, having high AG is a nice perk from the start, and definitely a good stat to prioritize for beginners, but for uber optimization, you don't want it too high because both Buffout and Psycho are fairly ubiquitous. And you only really need high AG to deal with dangerous enemies. Scorpions and rats and random mooks can be dispatched with just a single attack per round.

Drug withdrawal isn't a big deal, either.

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I'm planning to start F2 again with an unarmed character because those are a lot of fun. And I'm going to cheese it a bit: I'm putting no skill points in unarmed no tagging unarmed, just running right away to San Fran to be trained by Dragon for the delicious free points.

Problem is, I'm going to need at least 250 karma to be trained by him.

What're some good ways to get my karma high enough in Arroyo, Klamath, San Fran, and maybe Den?

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They did, it's called Fallout: New Vegas.

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kill the slavers.
Honestly, I think the real karma points will probably come from Modoc and Gecko's quests.

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I think you meant Grampy Bone.

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except for the NCR/Legion clash and Hoover Dam (that is nothing like the HD in the notes) they have barely something in common

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>Joshua Graham is a retool of a VB companion
>New Vegas has mentions of various VB factions/towns. The Blackfoots. Ulysses's mentions the twin mothers. Elijah mentions the Ciphers
>The Van Graffs, Arcade Gannon and Alice Mclafferty are all originally VB characters
>The Big Empty prison became Big Mt. in NV (which borrowed heavily from Fallout 2's cut EPA location)
>Presper more or less became Elijah and House (genocidal scientist and wild card character)

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You lose Karma and reputation for completing the watch quest in Modoc. It's not worth it to blow up that shitter

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Can someone explain me the Brain's cult? I never got what you're supposed to do, or CAN do, with it. The ghouls would get angry no matter what, to the point I'd rather not even meet the it.

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You're supposed to give the watch to Ferrel so he can make amends.

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>mfw I used jet on cassidy

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>Faction whose redeeming lore and motivations are only told by a single person who is liable to manipulate you, every single other interaction with them is generic "evil dude" stuff, and even accounting for these "good motivations"nothing they do makes sense

I don't think so, Jim.

They did a good job portraying the NCR how they needed to be, but it's obvious as hell they couldn't give the Legion any depth whatsoever outside of Caesar.

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>mfw I used mutagenic syrum on Marcus

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For sure, he's kind of adapted his madness for "good" by his own estimation.

Like he is all "be nice to my family, or I'll do to the legion what I did with the legion."

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Just did the same thing today. Caught me off guard but I was so amused I just rolled with it and picked up a robodog in his stead.

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>Arrive to new town
>Immediately fuck the mob boss's wife
>Get caught on the way out
>Beat the cuck and his bodyguards to death with my bare hands
>Go downstairs, rejoin companions, dispense more knuckle sandwiches to all
>Emerge in the lobby
>Vic keeps dying from fucking bullshit burst crits
>Need to heal him and also punch things to death
>Savescum, loading the game each time I don't crit or Vic dies

Game ain't gonna get any better than this.

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Fallout 1 is free on Steam until tomorrow

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Never understood why people kept Vic around when he was by far one of most squishy companions

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Because he's the best repair man man man man man!

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Anyone else here insists on wearing the bridgekeeper's robes when playing as an unarmed character, purely because the image of a robed kung fu guy is so much better than a power armored one?

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First time playing, going for a melee dude.
Are there some sort of shields to defend with? I'm using a raider's spear and I always end up with 3 ap and nothing to do with it other than switch over to a knife to finish some guys off.

I kind of feel that I'm playing wrong as well. There's 2 ap constantly greyed out whenever a turn starts. Halp

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Two so is greyed out because you don't have 10 ap. You can get it through 10 agi or perks

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>First time playing, going for a melee dude.
Not the best idea. Melee is a lot of fun in this game, but it's also pretty tricky for a first-timer: it's real easy to build your character wrong and make the game way harder for you than it could be.

>Are there some sort of shields to defend with?
Nope. You'll just need to find better armor.

>I'm using a raider's spear and I always end up with 3 ap and nothing to do with it other than switch over to a knife to finish some guys off.
Well, those 3 ap will bump up your armor class a little if you don't spend them to anything, so it's not a complete waste.

>There's 2 ap constantly greyed out whenever a turn starts.
The number of action points you have depends on your agility, and later on a few other factors (some perks and drugs). You only actually have 8 action points: those last two don't even exist. It's a bit like looking at a half-full glass and wondering about why some of it is empty.

My first time playing the game was a bit rough as well, but you'll get the hang of the system. Maybe keep playing as far away as you can manage, then once the game gets too tough, start over and apply what you've learned so far - maybe read a few guides.

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I think I only started out with 5 agi, is there a way to add up to that or am I fucked? I hasn't been impossible to outrun most threats though.
So if I don't spend those ap and end the turn it helps avoid damage? That's an interesting mechanic, I always tried to use them up whenever possible.

This game is weirdly fun, takes so many steps to do anything but I like it. Just finished the first quest and it's a relief how other skills do help in quest progression such as lockpicking. Didn't expect to actually be able to release the ghoul dude.

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The game wants Vic to die, just let it happen. Like Dogmeat at the military base.

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Honestly I sometimes wonder how all our New Reno shenanigans would look like to some random bystander.
>Stranger comes to town
>Five minutes later, one of the mob bosses gets a heart attack - a weird coincidence
>Couple hours pass, then a huge brawl in the biggest casino in town: another mob boss, all his thugs, beaten to death with bare hands
>Soon after that word on the street is that a third mob boss has a new enforcer... whoops, nope, nevermind, now he choked to death and everyone's got their faces punched into their brains: the only thing the killer took was the second-in-command's sweet sunglasses
>Now those inbred hickies are in charge, except they don't sell alcohol anymore for some reason
>Also there's a new boxing champion who accidentally killed everyone put against him
>Aaaaand now this asshole's doing porn
>The next day he takes off in a car and never returns
>That was a weird weekend

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Do unofficial patches do anything about companions blocking you in tight spaces (like Vault 15) until you kill them? Like backporting the "push" command from 2?

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She probably fucked Ed

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i'm pretty sure installing Fallout FixIt lets you flirt with Tandi

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On the way to Navarro, met these guys. Beat them to death with my bare hands. Feels good.

I just wish the fucker at the gas station was easier to deal with. 100+ speech and he still randomly sounds an alarm.

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Got this during free weekend, never played it before. Any beginner tips? Should I create a character with a specific build to make him more powerful my first playthru, or can I do alright with my own build and some common sense?

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The first time I saw him I blew his head off before he could talk to me. Ain't taking any chances at a military base.

>> No.4297532

>can I do alright with my own build and some common sense?
Pretty much, the FPS games are extremely forgiving when it comes to stats. Whereas in the earlier games a low INT fucked you out of most NPC interactions and meant you got jack shit when you levelled up, in NV it just gives you a couple of funny dialogue options and makes it take slightly longer before you become a god. I always go high PER so that the bullets I fire usually go vaguely in the same direction as the crosshair.

>> No.4297543

So shooting the eyes/head is like -15/10 to hit, and plus that much critical chance, and eyes remove armor bonuses. That's probably the most important non obvious hint. Aimed eye shots are vital to most play throughs. If you get fast shot and go for big guns and burst guns you can do alright.

Avoid skill bonus perks, xp perks, and instant level up perks, and google for perks to see if they are bugged, several literally do nothing. Perks are cool things that add effects to your character you can't get any other waym. Drugs and skill books can get you everything you need to beat the game.

If you tag gambling or barter, it makes the early game easier because you are less stressed for cash. Don't take both, and either way by the middle of the game you have enough gear to wipeout people and make a ton of money.

>> No.4297852

How the hell does sequence even work? In larger fights, the entire rest of the combatants tend to get two rounds off to each of my one.

>> No.4297913

I think it's funny that the Followers of the Apocalypse is always doomed to die because the quest cannot be triggered due to a scripting error. And then NV the quest canon.

>> No.4297940

If you push a to start combat or otherwise shoot first, they get to go after you.

Then sequence comes into play for the next full round. If their sequence is high, then they will seem to go twice in a row because they went after you, then went first in the next round.

Sequence will never give you extra turns, it's just the position in the fight.

It's pretty worthless though. Getting the surprise round is super important because you are usually one shotting guys and theres usually not more than a few people in a fight.

>> No.4297948

If you go to San Fran first and tell him you're reporting for duty you don't need to bluff him with a speech check.

>> No.4298726

what made tandi such a good leader?
It's actually comical how competent she was in comparison to literally every other faction leader in the franchise.

>> No.4298787

She had advisors. Some of them working against her even.

All the other factions were dictatorships.

>> No.4298831

in FO2, try to go for a Energy weapons build, trust me.

Get up to 2k in cash and head straight to Gecko for a car part then return to the Den for the car. Then drive all the way to San Fran or at least around the area around it. There you can encounter Bandits trying to put up a fight with Hubologists so you can wait them out for the ALL the bandits and some of the cultists to die and grab their weapons to sell them all out (or grab some of them yourself) for fast cash. You also have some MFC to spare to charge your car up as well.

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so should i get some mod or patch to make the game a bit better for my first playthrough? any other tips?

>> No.4298846


No way bud. Tag Outdoorsman, and Energy Weapons, so you have the ability to run down to New Reno. Hit up those Laser Weapon Casino bitches, do their tasks to obtain (or just steal) a Laser Pistol and ammo. After that I worked on getting Marcus, and then you can just backtrack to Vault City or whatever and grab that EZ exp.

By the time you start running low on ammo, you'll find better weapons and more options. I fucking tagged Energy/Gamble/Outdoorsman on my first successful run and eventually won by throwing % into speech. And I still raised Gamble over 100%

>> No.4298853


But go ahead with path 1.02.

>> No.4298857


>> No.4298859

yeah outdoorsman is something of a necessity if you plan to go without a car although those steps could be prior to farming better E weapons down south or gunning for Navarro for thay sweet free APA goes to show there's more than one way to go about it then.

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Unarmed > Big Guns > Small Guns > Melee Weapons > Energy Weapons >>>>>>> Throwing

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Stat me /vg/
does bloody mess only work with guns or does unarmed proc it too?

>> No.4300284

I was surprised at how good unarmed gets in this game
this. Though it's not as useful as I thought going in blind

>> No.4300329

It does, though there's really only one way it can end. You're better off playing with guns.

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I've accepted my fate
Also Unarmed is actually pretty damn good in Fallout 2. Not Small Guns good but still

>> No.4300357

Yeah it's my favorite way of playing. I'm just saying that there's not much point picking bloody mess with it too, since there's no variety in how things die.

>> No.4300396

>It's pretty worthless though
The guy who completed and documented an Ironman (single life, no reloads) playthrough swears by Sequence. His reasoning is that Fallout doesn't kill you by consistently dishing out HP damage, it kills you by having that one guy get a lucky crit or burst and kill you instantly or knock you down so that everyone else can rip you apart.

Sequence + high Sneak means you're much, much safer whenever you encounter an Enclave patrol or something equally dangerous.

And high PE is always nice to have.

>can I do alright with my own build and some common sense?
Yes, although be wary that if you want to go with a melee, then Strength actually barely helps you deal more damage, so don't overemphasize it.

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File: 825 KB, 1360x768, davin the cuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is both real and not a mod.

>> No.4300425

I'd be tempted to go for an Unarmed Fast Shot build that Fallout 1 lets you have (where Fast Shot also lowers the AP of your punches and kicks, letting you attack for 1 AP), but then again Kenshiro is also famous for his precision attacks and "You're already dead" instakills.

Frankly Kenshiro breaks the rules because he's superheroic but to preseve the feeling of being him I'd go for really high EN (guy is built like a tank), AG (ATATATATA) and LK (LK 10 + Slayer means every single melee hit is a guaranteed crit, and Kenshiro is known for one-hit kills as well).

Traits would be Jinxed (the idea is that you'd have so much Unarmed you would hardly ever miss anyway, and Jinxed makes enemy misses really painful for them, something akin to the silly stuff that sometimes happens in FotNS) and Gifted (because where else to get all-natural superheroic stats?).

Get Bonus HtH Attacks, 2x Action Boy, and heavy on the defense otherwise (Toughness, HtH Evade, maybe even experiment with Dodger), finish off with Slayer.

>> No.4300527

>it kills you by having that one guy get a lucky crit or burst and kill you instantly or knock you down so that everyone else can rip you apart.
I find this to be the case for myself as well
Especially once I get metal armor

>> No.4300578

I tried doing exactly this and was ubderwhelmed andhas a bad time . You can't raise hth damage since bonus hth damage only adds to your max range of damage. you can't punch people in the eye because you got fast shot.

>> No.4300659

Yep. You'll go rounds of
>player was hit for 0 damage
and then suddenly
>player was critically hit in the eyes blowing past armor for 128 damage

>> No.4300665

It seems good
But then you can't disable legs, disarm people, or rip and tear their eyes for gore explosions.
So past some point, your combat options is crippled, and your combat skills stop scaling at like 60-70%, instead of 90-100.

>> No.4300667

Both, but mind that, depending on your character, you may regret it in the end.

>> No.4300673

But when you combine Fast Shot with Bonus HtH Attacks, you can hit about nine times per round. When each of those nine punches crits - thanks to Slayer - does it matter you can't go for the eye?

>> No.4300810

Yeah this sounds great I'd add living anatomy for 2 since it really ties in the bullshit medicine applications of it, the pressure points, and the bonus damage

>> No.4300949

How does sneak actually even work in the 2d fallouts?

>> No.4301286

The way it works in later ones - you crouch and go all sneaky-like, and the enemy might not notice you unless you go real close.

>> No.4301967

Is unarmed better than small guns for a beginer? My build is speech, small guns, and lockpicking. Was that the best way to do it?

>> No.4301985

Small guns is the best weapon skill but it can take a minute before you get a decent one but after that they rain from the mother fucking sky
unarmed is probably the next best weapon skill however but it's not as good

>> No.4302007

Ignore this. Play with Killap's restoration patch.

>> No.4302068

Lobbying by the Iguana on a stick industry

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>get lucky and find raider with m60 early
>7.62 is non-existent in the game though

>> No.4302291

Sell it and buy another gun and ammo.

>> No.4302298

What's so bad about big guns anyway? Bonus Ranged Damage twice, Living Anatomy, and Bozar, and everything comes apart easily and hilariously.

>> No.4302315

because the early game is boring
I just mow everything down with fast shot and the 10mm smg, even with the difficulty maxed everything is a joke. Fallout 2 is really lacking in the challenge department, except for those bullshit Kaga encounters in the Rest Project.

>> No.4302356

That guy's as pushover as everything else in the game.

>> No.4302495

>Not killing that fucking midget asshole in the NCR everytime

>> No.4302980

>can finally equip Ian, Tycho and Katja with decent armor

time to fight Marcus and The Master instead of blowing everything up

>> No.4303130


Despite the name, quite a lot of guns fall under the Small Guns heading. Any gun that isn't energy-based, or a minigun/launcher is a Small Gun.

Small Guns have the most variety, and the most available/cheap ammo. For a lot of the game, they're going to be your go-to weapons. Late-game, it can be fun to rock a laser minigun, but they're just not worth a tag until you're comfortable with the game.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is armor-piercing ammo; it's not as good as it sounds. I forget if/how the unofficial patches/Restoration Project treats AP ammo.

>> No.4303265

You mean Lou Tennant?

>> No.4303317

Lou was Marcus all along. He faked his death with a ridiculously overblown dying animation that left virtually nothing to chance, then slipped away and buggered off.

You heard it here first.

>> No.4303332

When they said small guns what they should have said was small arms.

>> No.4303347

It doesn't give you an obvious indicator that you're sneaking and your only indication of failure is that you're suddenly in combat mode and being attacked. You just have to set yourself to walking mode (hold SHIFT) unless you got the Silent Running perk, and press Sneak.

Sneak is generally really underrated because of how difficult it is for players to figure out whether their sneaking is actually doing anything. However, Sneak is pretty godlike for survival. You can use it during random encounters and it will help you avoid gunfire. You can use Sneak to clear out a whole room with no one calling any backup if you kill them fast enough while sneaking.

Tactics adds a "shadowy" indicator. Tactics also has a riveting squad vs squad Multiplayer mode which generally is all about 6 guys on each side meticulously sneaking around until they find one another and then wipe one another out with 80% crit chance from the hilariously broken luck + crit boosting drugs.

>> No.4303353

Takes a while to get going (Big Guns generally show up late) and lugging around heavy ammo can be a bitch. Flamer and Rocket Launcher are great weapons and severely underrated, but they have particularly heavy and rare ammo.

>> No.4303367

When you consider what you have to sacrifice in order to make it badass, and how late the average player is going to get the guns, the ammo, the skills and the perks to make maining them viable, well...

>> No.4304305

>completely forgot about Strength requirements for some weapons
>Strength is 3 and i cant even use a Desert Eagle


>> No.4304815

You could always tickle your enemies to death.

>> No.4305220

IIRC the way strength works is that for every missing point of strength towards a weapon's requirement, you lose 20% proficiency in the skill related to it.

So say you had 140% Big Guns skill, but only 6 strength. The Minigun needs 7 strength. So you would be using a Minigun with only 120% Big Guns Skill.

You can always just pump more and more points into your combat skill of choice to beat out the skill deduction from not having enough strength. Or use Buffout.

>> No.4306412

>Or use Buffout.
Or grab a power armor.

>> No.4307442 [DELETED] 
File: 235 KB, 380x380, 1493727314999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>inventory full of Laser Rifle from SM looting but no merchants with a decent amount of bottlecaps

i hate how autistic i get with money and how i can leave loot behind

>> No.4308109
File: 137 KB, 1440x1080, vault 13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does everyone seem to have problems with the starting section of this game? All my friends say that as soon as they start playing they always die to the rats in the cave or the scorpions in the temple of trials. How the fuck do you not just... run away.... or use the gun/weapons you're given? I honestly don't understand why the tutorial to this game bewilders so many people

>> No.4308438

they're not used to RNGsus giving them shit rolls because of the terrible early game skill stats in combat fighting rats or scorpions. Also, tell them the disengage button is the CMBT after they got far away enough

>> No.4309715

>What was she thinking?
She would probably never fuck a dude who put 10 points in CHA, who knows what other stupid shit such a guy would do?

>> No.4309772

Anyone tried one of the fallout's online servers? If so are they any good?



>> No.4309786

I usually play with both unarmed and small guns tagged. Small guns are plentiful and useful all the way until late game thanks to the gauss rifle. Unarmed for becoming boxing champ and whooping some lo pan ass in San Fran. Fucker, pull a gun on me? I'll haymaker you in the balls 3 times and kick you in the head until you die.

>> No.4309790

You don't even need to tag unarmed for that: just be trained by Dragon, then go punch some sand bags and talk to that one guy in Klamath. You can get unarmed well above 100 without putting a single point to it.

>> No.4309968

MIB88 megamod

Read everything about it though.

>> No.4309986

to be honest I always found the female PC's bobcut kind of cute.

>> No.4310094

It doesn't seem compatible with Restoration Project, which I've got.

What're the differences between the two?

>> No.4310167

I hear they're full of griefing Russians.

>> No.4310203
File: 462 KB, 824x900, 0de2996b37079462b484f9bc9642aec3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bob cut IS cute.

>> No.4310251

Nothing beats a woman in a black dress and a bobcut.

It has the restoration patch in it. readme?

>> No.4310909

marry tandi

>> No.4311182

Is there a pacifist build for Fallout 1 or 2? Not fighting anybody (Except for the map to map movement aggro)

>> No.4311189

Goddammit I already jerked off today

>> No.4311191

It's possible but you will miss out on quests. If you dump speech enough and know what you're doing you can go get the Master to kill himself pretty early on.

>> No.4311195

Seems comfy. I'll dump a lot of points into speech then.

>> No.4311206

Luck is pretty much worthless to you btw
S - 3
P - 8
E - 2
C - 9
I - 9
A - 8
L - 1

Take Good Natured and Skilled, and tag sneak, lockpick and speech

>> No.4311207

you could also just tag steal instead of speech, your speech will be decent with that build from the start anyway

>> No.4311220

Thanks, lad.

Yeah but steal might get me in trouble.

>> No.4311225
File: 190 KB, 480x360, animated-laughing-image-0074.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at that flimsy arms.

>> No.4311278

In Fallout 1, is there any chance I don't have to fight the raiders? (Without simply ignoring the quest?)

>> No.4311279

You can barter with the boss for Tandi.

>> No.4311387

Is she worth it?

>> No.4311412

She's one of the most important characters in the series if that's what you mean.

>> No.4311414

That's what I meant, yes. Okay then, I have to suck some lads cock to give me Tandi.

>> No.4311692

Got Tandi now, I'm in Junktown, where do I have to place the bug and the tape-recorder? With 9 Charisma, I'm sure I can make the fat ass confess to me.

>> No.4311706

You don't need to place them anywhere. Just have him confess to you with your tape recorder in the inventory.

>> No.4311716

Tape recorder in inventory and bug equipped or it doesn't matter?

>> No.4311720

Doesn't matter.

I always ran straight to the guy after getting the quest, and it worked great.

>> No.4311741 [DELETED] 

This is not /vr/. Mods.

>> No.4311819

How come it isn't /vr/ you fucking spic?

>> No.4311821

Thanks for the tip, lad.

>> No.4312028

I got to the Hub right now. Solved everything in Junktown. Any tips for this shit? Also, I couldn't get Tandi to accompany me although I have Ian that deals some damage. Does Tandi deal decent damage?

>> No.4312074

no you're supposed to bring her back to Aradesh
also there's a companion in Junktown

>> No.4312082

Can I have more than 1 lad following me? COOL!

>> No.4312329

Jesus christ. /v/ is a fucking cesspool right now because of the Fallout 1 for free on steam cause of 20th anniversary thing that happened recently. So many Fallout threads pop up with people that die in the rat cave and want to be able to have 200% in each skill and 10 in each stat and they just endlessly shit on the game while hailing Fallout 3 as the greatest in the series or some cancer.

>> No.4312362

this shit happens every time the first two fallouts become free on gog or steam. Just a flood of idiots only familiar with the 3d games

>> No.4313173

See I genuinely don't understand this. I'm abysmal at most CRPGs (I still haven't beaten the final boss in BG1) but I never once died in the rat cave, and only died once in the temple of trials on my first playthrough (did FO2 before 1 and it was my first CRPG). I think you really have to be some special kind of retard to find it hard, like a combination of fetal alcohol syndrome dropped-repeatedly-on-your-head-as-a-child kind of retarded.

>> No.4313195

Holy shit, I am doing the pacifist character and I swear to god, I can't kill the merchant and his wife in the Hub without getting noticed ( I'm doing it at night, using a knife). Should I leave my companion and try to kill them alone or any better ideas?

>> No.4313279

Her boyfriend, who both she and her father mention numerous times?

>> No.4313287

How did you die in the temple? Cameron is a tough nut if you aren't specialized in unarmed and maybe you can get fucked up by radscorpion poison. Plastic explosives are also obviously a source of harm.
The rat cave seems way too simple to die. You'd have to build a character to completely suck and then fight like a complete idiot, running around activating more rats instead of actually attacking.

>> No.4313372

>How did you die in the temple?
Second radscorp fight iirc

>Cameron is a tough nut
Funnily enough the first two times I played the game I specialised in speech so didn't have to fight him.

>murdering merchant and wife
Is this some hot new pasta?

>> No.4313397

Well, as pacifist as possible then. The reward is nice and I could use the caps later.

>> No.4313412

In necropolis now, I'm lost in those fucking sewers. I need to find some junk pieces for the water pump. Do I need a good repair skill to make it work or will it work with the parts only?

>> No.4313414

Take the junk back to the guy in the sewer and he gives you a bunch of books that increase your repair, if it is still under 60 i think than you need to buy a "Tool" from the store in the hub.

I only just started playing for the first time, i felt too guilty to try and kill the super mutants in necropolis but ended up getting captured and escaping the military base at level 2, I guess i gotta get strong so i can go back and kill Lou Tennent to get my items back

>> No.4313415

You can always steal the key from him.
The question is if a newcomer understands it and doesn't just blindly rush to his demise when confronted with the challenge.

>> No.4313427

The thing is, I can barely find junk in the sewers. Do I have to search somewhere specific?

>> No.4313435

You only need the one junk piece, its on the floor in the sewers under watershed in one of the sections filled with the giant brown mole rats

>> No.4313462

>Ian, Katja and Tycho helping Vault Dweller in combat.png

>> No.4313474

Well, that's a pretty big plot twist m9. The motherfucker said I have to gather some pieces, not one.

>> No.4313612

Tandi was 16 in Fallout 1

>> No.4313630

The Glow sucks. Thank god for Pulse grenades otherwise the bots would've killed me. They destroyed Ian and the other companion from Junktown.

>> No.4313718

You beat up as many as you could before powering up the place, right?

>> No.4313908



Doesn't matter now, finished everything in the Boneyard. How do I get to the military base? Should I speak with one of the mutants in Necropolis and take me to their leader?

>> No.4313912

Talk with the Brotherhood of Steel about it. Some leader guy in the bottom floor will tell you to scout in the north.

>> No.4314061

>BoS send you off to get assfucked in the glow
>when you make it back they give you a bunch of other shit to do
>then tell you to scout out incredibly dangerous military base 'somewhere north idk lol'
>you've literally done more for them than any single one of their own guys
>they don't even give you power armour, you have to make that shit yourself
>if you're lucky you can convince them to send a couple of guys with you for the infiltration of the base they will no doubt take credit for later
>they see you as far as the front door then refuse to go any further
The Brotherhood are the fucking worst.

>> No.4314071

You could get the power armor as a reward if you went all the way to the depths of the Glow.

>> No.4314120

Wtf is this shit? I went there, did the Glow which was the worst and then they told me the base is north. No coordinates, nothing. Fuck these lads.

>> No.4314125

I think I should let the mutant from Necropolis take me to their base, get the key and activate the self-destruction mechanism. What's the correct self-destruct code? (I can't leave the base in 60 seconds)

>> No.4314148

If you truly believe in RPing you'll guess the code and if you get it wrong delete your save
I guessed right first time

>> No.4314213

Why would I delete the save instead of trying again, lol.

>> No.4314258

Because you can't try again in real life.

>> No.4314275

You can't turn a chameleon into a dinosaur in real life either.

>> No.4314276
File: 22 KB, 299x288, 13 - Srpwz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4315663

turbo plasma rifle

>> No.4315689


>accidentally enter PIN incorrectly
>have to close bank account, throw all the money away and start again

>> No.4315925

I can relate, my grandpa died that way.

>> No.4315937

>missing the point

>> No.4316035

Nope, clay models scanned into 3d models, textured, animated and rendered.

>> No.4316552

So...what's the point?

>> No.4316590

If you get the wrong code the base blows up and game over. Reloading and trying again until you get it right is savescumming.

>> No.4316613
File: 257 KB, 1280x717, dkzkyho1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4316629


I don't really mind that, sincerely. It's better than starting over, lol.

>> No.4316665

How difficult are fallout and fallout 2 to someone who's never played them? What learning curve am in for?

>> No.4316687

Not that hard just follow a good build and you'll be fine. There's difficulty options at any rate.

>> No.4316705

It's easy if you're open minded towards the game. I really enjoy FO1.

>> No.4316713

Legion is responsible for the most secure and livable land in the wasteland. You may not like their methods, their land is really the only place you can trade without fear of bandits. Quality of life is probably pretty good.

>> No.4316727

>Quality of life is probably pretty good.
If you're part of the 10% of the population who aren't slaves.

>> No.4317015

>game keeps crashing after i kill the Lieutenant

fuck me

>> No.4317797
File: 293 KB, 600x900, xg2o1_r1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4318459

What does this reference?

>> No.4318605
File: 38 KB, 500x281, 17 - BIoBVzr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FO1. When you rescue Tandi and speak to her and you talk about THAT specific subject..

>> No.4318682

Tandi gets pissed should you dare say that Shady Sands isn't miserable to live in

>> No.4318857

>BoS is pissed because i killed a trigger-happy Crack Assault Paladin equipped with a gatlin at the bottom of Mariposa

maaaaan fuck you

>> No.4319139

So...I'm playing FO1 and I'm in the military base. How the fuck am I supposed to deactivate the yellow laser doors?

>> No.4319145

Repair them.

>> No.4319151

I died so many times because I couldn't get past the yellow doors and got rekt to bits by a rocket launcher. Thanks, man.

>> No.4320162

blow them up

>> No.4320651

>tfw literally no rule 34 of her

>> No.4320772

I'm gonna replay Fallout 1 and 2.
Is there any mod/improvement/etc that I should use? Fan patches, widescreen patch, engine remake or something?

>> No.4320776

Killap's Restoration Project. It's the definitive way to play Fallout.

>> No.4320790

Thanks. That's for fallout 2, right?
What about fallout 1?
After a bit of googling I found fallout fixt.

Are the optional additions worth installing, are they lore friendly and not autistic?

>> No.4320858

go ask a drawthread

>> No.4322359

Is there much point in replaying fallout 1?

>> No.4322374

You can play as a fighter, thief and cyber wizard.

>> No.4322379

they're all the same thing though

>> No.4322386

Holy fuck, no it isn't. He made drastically unnecessary changes to everything from combat to skill checks to xp awards to travelling speed. And most of the "restored" content was barely even started let alone in any state to be "restored." His script changes read like fanfiction and don't match the rest of the game.

Do NOT use that patch without playing it vanilla and even then it's still highly unnecessary.

>> No.4322595

>cyber wizard

What's that?

>> No.4322635

Class that focuses on magic spells. Begin is a bit tough since you can only train magic in Boneyard but it's worth it.

>> No.4322691

Meh, just finished FO1. It was very good, I actually enjoyed it.

The cathedral gave me headaches because I was really thinking how the hell can I beat the mutant leader. In the end, I destroyed the cathedral via self-destruction command.

>> No.4322985

>I have combat armor, enemy has metal armor
>hit enemy in the eye point blank with combat shotgun
>9 damage
>hits me in the chest with pistol
>9 damage

>> No.4323125

Well you obviously hit his hard eye

>> No.4323131
File: 21 KB, 400x225, 400px-NCISLAS4E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i really hated those dogshit fmv's
>mfw you couldn't skip them

>> No.4323261

Isn't that even better?

>> No.4323439

Yeah basically.
Especially when Fallout 2 implied/confirmed most true AIs were either crazy or suicidal

>I am ACE, an Artificial Conscious Entity. I am more than machine but not as highly developed as a true artificial intelligence.
Uh... What artificial intelligence?
>It is a machine with the same free will and sense of 'I am' that a human has.
Is a true AI possible or are you the state of the art at this time?
>A true artificial intelligence is possible. A few such systems were completed for military purposes. The project was discontinued.
>The suicide rate among true artificial intelligence machines was extremely high. When given full sensory capability the machines became depressed over their inability to go out into the world and experience it. When deprived of full sensory input the machines began to develop severe mental disorders similar to those among humans who are forced to endure sensory deprivation. The few machines that survived these difficulties became incredibly bored and began to create situations in the outside world for their amusement. It is theorized by some that this was the cause of the war that nearly destroyed mankind.
Hmmm. So tell me, Ace. How do you feel?
>I... I sometimes think that I understand the feeling you call loneliness. I find it very... disconcerting. I...

>> No.4324353

>Fallout will never get short films of
>The Great War as it happens and the military deserters that went on to form the Brotherhood of Steel.
>Richard Grey happening upon the Los Angeles Vault on the West Coast and the rise of the Super Mutants
>The foundation and life of Shady Sands and being built into the NCR
>The Enclave's first contacts with the mainland and their activities before the Oil Rig was destroyed
>The expedition of Edward Sallow, Joshua Graham and Bill Calhoun into the untamed lands east of the NCR and the formation of the Legion
>Mr. House's scientific and business endeavors pre-war to his reawakening and building New Vegas with his Securitron Army and reformed Tribals
>The journey of Ulysses as he becomes a legionary, his razing of New Canaan, his eventual leave of the Legion and travels Nevada. Interacting with the people of the Divide. Father Elijah, Christine Royce the Big MT. Think Tank.

>> No.4324680

I started FO2. What the fuck is this shit? Where the fuck can I find pistol ammo in the 1st city? I found only 48 bullets that I needed to get to my pistol first and then almost all of them to clear the place of rats. FO1 seemed better.

>> No.4324694

FO2 is a slower burn: you'll be stuck with your melee weapons for a while. It gets better later, though.

>> No.4324698

>Tactics adds a "shadowy" indicator. Tactics also has a riveting squad vs squad Multiplayer mode which generally is all about 6 guys on each side meticulously sneaking around until they find one another and then wipe one another out with 80% crit chance from the hilariously broken luck + crit boosting drugs.
No, it's about 5 mules equipping 1 soldier with the best armor, pancor jackhammer and a tom of combat drugs.

>> No.4324714

Well, I picked small guns, lockpick and speech. Should I start over and get SG, Lockpick and Unarmed/Melee?

>> No.4324717

There are a couple guys in Arroyo that can teach you unarmed and melee, and a guy in Golden Gecko in Klamath that can teach you some more unarmed. Talk to them and you should be fine until you get some guns.

>> No.4324728

You're already past the hard part (that first dungeon), don't restart now.

>> No.4324904

pipe rifle in vic's house
the guy at the tavern in klamath sells guns

>> No.4325191

But I have to save that fucking lad in the toxic waste dungeon. I have 0 ammo and my skill with a knife/spear/unarmed is 10%-30% (Chance of hit)

>> No.4325206

Bring Sulik.

>> No.4325302

Shiet. I should've looked for companions, true.

>> No.4325673

>AIs get bored or suicide because they can't go out and see the world
>make NEET hikikomori AI instead of normalfag AI
>problem solved
Once again the master race proves superior.

>> No.4327213

there's no difficulty whatsoever, you just look up a good build and press mouse 1 until you finish the game.

>> No.4327550

Making an AI like a human is generally a really bad idea. It's like that joke about programming a robot to feel pain.

>> No.4327778

I figured out how to use SFall - now which game would you like to see romances more for?

>> No.4327784
File: 189 KB, 570x855, Enclave 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4327869

>skill checks
I know that there's some ammo mods that make ammo different, but I wasn't aware Killap screwed up anything in that department, other than the annoying Kaga encounters and probably some fixes to those badly implemented skill checks where you have to fail a check to pass (because of wrong values input into the code).

Care to elaborate? I'm not a fan of most of the changes in the RP, and I will definitely not replay the new locations it brings, but I'm curious now.

>> No.4327872

I started replaying fallout a while ago with these stats

It's ridiculously op, especially after leveling up a few times
Try it!

>> No.4327885

no chance of getting Better Criticals means this build will fall off soon.

>> No.4327926

I beat the game at level 11

>> No.4327950

You can tell he fucked with them just by trying to talk Morliss into giving you her flint.

In vanilla you can save, attempt check and it's possible to fail with high speech skill (and vice versa) and reload if you fail and try again.

In RP you always succeed at a certain level of skill and you always fail when you're below that threshold. Checks aren't checks anymore, they're just gates.

>> No.4328314
File: 148 KB, 640x480, fo1 katja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4328329

>tfw you'll never be this chad

>> No.4328331
File: 12 KB, 258x245, 354deaa3770912621bb816da070346ab--the-frog-united-states.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people who have never played the earlier fallouts take jet without knowing it's really just shit fumes.

Gives me a good chuckle.

>> No.4328421
File: 8 KB, 251x201, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw i only use stimpaks

>> No.4328959

>ywn have filthy wasteland sex with a punk scavenger in a broken-down library
>ywn force your hand on her mouth to stop her from moaning too loud and alert the Followers on the other side of the bookshelf

>> No.4330423

>implying you don't want others to hear so you start fucking her harder

>> No.4331787
File: 87 KB, 300x300, UNF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bethesda babies

>> No.4332441
File: 27 KB, 504x415, Vulpes finds the internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even then all the work they put into Caesar was destroyed.
>Anon, I wish to bring the glory of the Legion to these pitiful wastes.
>Aide me in bringing civility to these degenerates.
>Kill every fucker in the Mojave for me, but negotiate a deal with the cannibals, they seem nice.

>> No.4332481

I lol'd

>> No.4332614

I'm gonna steal these ideas for Nicole - thanks

>> No.4333375

terrible taste

>> No.4335494


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