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20 years and the industry has yet to create a worthy competitor to this classic. The way they basically took a shmup and converted it into 3D is incredible. Such a simple concept, but with masterful execution. SF64 really is the epitome of the rail shooter genre and it confuses me as to why more people don't talk about it. A few things I really love about this game:

>15 levels, and 15 possible unique routes that you can take in every playthrough. Each playthrough is different and keeps the game feeling fresh despite only being an hour or so long from start to finish.
>In a similar vein, every level has "forks in the road" where you can choose a different path that will change where you go in the level. Also, there are various arches, loops and other obstacles you can go through to trigger the appearance of different enemies, items, events etc. Again, every playthrough yields a different experience.
>Medals/expert mode. Medals provide an incentive to replay levels, and then expert mode changes the game up and makes it fresh all over again.
>Perfect balance between fun and challenge. If you just want to relax and blast space ships, you can do that. But acquiring all the expert medals is no easy task.
>Perfect controls. The sense of weight and maneuverability your ship has is ideal for this kind of game, and the way you can combine all the various moves to pull off some crazy tricks is awesome.
>Totally retarded story with cringey characters, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Some of the things the enemies in particular say are fucking hilarious.

If you've never played SF64, you owe it to yourself to do it. At first you might be put off by the simplicity of the game, but put in a little more time and you'll quickly see just how much depth there is to this game. Truly one of the best games on the N64, and for me, one of the best game period.

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Fuck yeah I love Star Fox

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What game?

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Game was so good Nintendo kept remaking it 20 years later.

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The sad thing is, if they had actually just remade it, it would have been a lot better than the shit they gave us instead.

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That's every Nintendo game; doesn't mean it's good just means they don't have any new ideas; actually they do have new ideas and they all suck. Still I liked the first 3 Star Fox games, but I always liked Panzer Dragoon better

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Panzer Dragoon is trash compared to SF64.

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This baby can take temperatures up to 9,000 degrees!

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What is it with people that love Nintendo? Everything that is not their beloved game is shit, trash, garbage or worse. Have you played the 3 major Panzer Dragoon games?
They are pretty much the same game when you get down to basic gameplay mechanics, it's just which little features and aesthetic do you prefer, dinosaurs and lasers or the muppets in space.

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>What is it with people that love Nintendo?
I don't "love Nintendo", in fact the N64 is the only Nintendo console I own and everything they made afterwards is total shit, with a few exceptions. It sounds like you're projecting your own bias onto anyone disagrees with you. Sorry, but Panzer Dragoon is not a great game. Especially not compared to SF64. And no, in terms of basic gameplay they are not the same. SF64's all-range mode, branching paths, replayability, multiplayer, graphics, music and controls blow PD out of the fucking water. If you like the game, cool, but don't pretend that the only reason anyone could dislike it is because they're on Nintendo's dick.

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Panza Dragoon is way harder than Starfox 64 though, I'll give you that. Even in Hard campaign mode.

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Zero is better. So is Kid Icarus Uprising. So are both Sin & Punishment games.

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Not at all, It has a better multiplayer that's for sure.
I'll give you that one, still haven't played 2

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it's shit

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Jesus Christ Kid Icarus Uprising isn't better than anything. otoh SPACE HARRIER is the best game ever unless you simply love to suck dicks.

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Nah, your tastes are.

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Woah watch it there, don't attack Nintendo games now.

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>SF64 really is the epitome of the rail shooter genre

I love SF64, but it was really the first popular console Rail Shooter that threw out all the key things like not being hella easy, not having a slow drag and drop lockon mechanism shooting slow as shit orbs, and definitely not changing the level pacing so each enemy cluster can conveniently by taken by one charged orb.

It sucked out all the action and intensity.

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>My emperor! I've FAILED YOU!

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>The way they basically took a shmup and converted it into 3D is incredible.

Mechanically this has about as much in common with a shmup is doom.

I also beleive if you look at the history of games you will see that flight simulators are a very genre and were not invented by Star Fox 64. Afterburner and Wing Commander are some of the more famous names but there are things much older.

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>The way they basically took a shmup and converted it into a 3D rail shooter is incredible.
It is amirite. Starwars was fucking awesome.

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Falsion is still my rail shooter of choice.

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It's another "a normal game for N64 is a MASTERPIECE" thread

So fucking sad

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I played the first one when I was younger.
It reminded me of one of those games where you put in a VHS tape and shoot a light gun at the screen to video footage of space ships flying.

Was part 2 better? Like can you actually control the dragon and fly around or is it still just on rails?

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Was that your first rail shooter or something?

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He's right you know.

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I never played Panzer Dragoon, is it like Rez where you can't control your guy at all? Also which one to play and how, I don't have a Saturn :(

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>Mechanically this has about as much in common with a shmup is doom.
You fly through space on a pre-determined path, acquire laser upgrades and extra lives, shoot enemies and then fight a boss at the end. Sounds pretty similar. Are you retarded?
>I also beleive if you look at the history of games you will see that flight simulators are a very genre and were not invented by Star Fox 64
Autistic rambling, as expected. Who said anything about flight simulators? SF64 sure as shit ain't one.

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Oh boy here we go again.

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Yep, "here we go again", another faggot who would rather complain than just hide the fucking thread if he doesn't like the discussion.

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You're on fire today.

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I've played Star Fox 64 quite a bit but it's not perfect.

Aquas sucks
The homing shot I'm just not a fan of, I'd rather have a system similar to Panzer Dragoon
Team-mates' help work against your score

... but the biggest complaint is the homing shot for sure. everything else is fine, just that homing shot does not feel good.

the best rail shooter by far is Space Harrier.

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>The homing shot I'm just not a fan of, I'd rather have a system similar to Panzer Dragoon
There's nothing wrong with the homing shot at all. It works exactly like it should.
>Team-mates' help work against your score
They help you in the beginning when you're a noob, and they provide some useful features (like Slippy's shield analysis or Falco's items). The only time the AI are genuinely shit are when you're trying to get the Sector Z medal and they take your missile kills. They are a complete non-issue in every other level. Also they're extremely useful during the final Wolf fight.
>the best rail shooter by far is Space Harrier.
You're entitled to your opinion but that game is a steaming pile of shit compared to SF64.

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fuck yeah, startfox 64 is still the best starfox game, it's really the kind of n64 game that just doesn't feel quite right without a real first party controller

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I've played PD1, PD2, and Starfox 64, and I didn't really like any of them.

I don't even like PDS.

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Galaxy Force II

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>There's nothing wrong with the homing shot at all. It works exactly like it should.

If you mean making it casual garbage, then yes, it works exactly as it should.

>You're entitled to your opinion but that game is a steaming pile of shit compared to SF64.

Haha how does it feel being bad at games?

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Yeah, I think it was. Back in the day I liked it, the one level where you fly through the narrow tunnels almost felt like you had control over which tunnel you could go down.
I feel like there might have been a few branching paths, could have been my imagination as a kid though.

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A pretty much perfect game still waiting of a sequel

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my deal with it isn't that it's "casual" or anything, just annoying... I much prefer something like Panzer dragoon's homing shots where I can lock onto a bunch of targets rather than star fox's that just gives you the one big shot and I don't really enjoy that.

The important thing about lock-on shots is that you still have a reason to use your normal shots too. I like space harrier because it's fast-paced and doesn't deal with homing shots at all.

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>it confuses me as to why more people don't talk about SF64

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starfox isnot shmup

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>SF64 music
>better than PD

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SF64's music isn't even as good as the SNES game's

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>This CAN'T be HAPPENING! Ah ha ha hoo!

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See this is my point you can't even like a different game anymore, especially here. Come to a Nintendo thread to say hey I didn't like this game/I liked this game but I liked X better and some faggot is bound to jump on top of you and call it shit. Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga are both amazing games and to say they are trash or shit is fucking retarded of course someone would assume that you're a fucking nintendofag

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Personally, I preferred Assault to 64. 64 was a great game, don't get me wrong, but I really enjoyed fighting the Aparoids as opposed to the generic Andross forces. Something about the mechanical yet organic design of the Aparoids resonated with me. I also loved the on-foot levels where Fox could pull out his blaster and kick ass on foot. I enjoyed the music more as well.

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, saying that 64 is a bad game, far from it, I'm just saying I preferred Assault more.

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>After Burner
>Star Fox 64
>flight simulator

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The arwing is a sexy ship.
I do like individualized ones from Command but there's nothing like the original.

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Good game.

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10 years since I last played this game and I still hear it

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>Also they're extremely useful during the final Wolf fight.
They will rob you of the Venom medal two thirds of the time and force you to restart the level with the single green laser

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>The way they basically took a shmup and converted it into 3D is incredible

Is he pretending to be stupid or is this genuine?

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Hot opinion: I liked Zero. It was a good expansion pack to 64 and nothing more in my mind which was all I ever wanted since 64 came out.

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you "only own" the wrong nintendo system (get an snes). n64 was shit. so your post shouldve read "everything after the snes was shit. what are you, in your teens or 20s?

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i agree. also, cotton boomerang and sokyugourentai on saturn are fun shmups, lets not forget.

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Oh I love Cotton, I have both Saturn ones and the Super Famicom one as well. I haven't played 蒼穹紅連隊 but it looks pretty cool I'll have to check it out. They have so many great ones on this system, it blows my mind. Too bad anything that isn't a N64 is complete shit.

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>I haven't played 蒼穹紅連隊
I like your style.

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I would have done コットン but it's actually romanized on most of the game covers and in the game itself so I didn't see a point, even though I had to look up 蒼穹紅連隊 because I never heard of it. Pretty cool title actually since it uses older Chinese characters that aren't commonly used today.

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