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Anything like this for other consoles?

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Nice, thanks.
Anything for the Genesis?

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I found this archived thread with at least one Genesis image.

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Crappy list is missing the finest games for the Genesis: Adventures of Batman & Robin, Mega Turrican, Rolling Thunder 3, Castlevania Bloodlines, Contra Hard Corps, Gaiares, Alien Soldier, Landstalker, Shining Force 2...

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Post a PC Engine one.

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That's the worst list I've ever seen. Whoever made it is a fucking retard who never touched an actual Genesis controller in his life.

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It's got a few of the basics: Altered Beast, Golden Axe I and II, Phantasy Star and of course the Sonic games, but where is Contra and Bloodlines? (the two most glaring omissions), and is Sonic I on there twice? Some really odd choices on there, so I guess its whoever made this's personal collection.
I'd recommend Alisia Dragoon, OP.

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missing ape escape

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It's got Sonic 1 in there three times if you count the Sonic Classics one. If we're including compilations, the image is stupid for not including the 6-pak.

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Game Boy what? Never heard of it.

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Go to http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/
Find the console.
Scroll down.
you'll find the images for that console.

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Why is Croc 1 there, but not Croc 2? I always thought 2 was an improvement, but that might be just me.
No, it's in Action/Adventure.

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how come there isn't a proper tetris release on snes?

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It's a troll list and there's an argument every time it gets posted

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> No Alien Soldier
> No Castlevania Bloodlines
> No Contra Hard Corps
> No Twinkle Tale

This list is beyond garbage. Twinkle Tale is somewhat forgivable since it was JP only, but there's no excuse for the others.

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This. There's not one for every console though, but there'll still be a list of games on the page itself.

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those games are all shit

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Lol. is this pic 10 years old?

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Begone, redditor.

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You know a console is bad when its best game is about a Dolphin

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where is shenmue

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Under Action/Adventure.

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epsxe is still the best PSX emulator

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Clearly you never played Ecco or know anything about it
Read this, it might change your mind

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Not even close.

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>no alisia dragoon
>fucking terrible

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