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Sucks to suck.

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You are not missing anything

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You are missing the most mediocre Final Fantasy game.

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i felt the same way at first.
i actually dropped it for years, then came back and was able to enjoy it.

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Then it's not for you. I was hooked just from running around collecting cards with Vivi in the first city.

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The beginning is so slow, you have to stick with it until you get some variety of equipment to have fun with the skill system.

Best FF btw

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this, I was into it from the start even though I didn't care for how zidane looked

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its got a real pre-teen aesthetic to the characters, which i was not down with.

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It's my favorite game, and as much as I'd like for everyone to enjoy it, it's probably just not for you. I was sold on it pretty much as soon as I got to Evil Forest. I can't point to a time when it "gets good".

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It has a better, more believable romance subplot than FF8, a game which was advertised on its romance story.

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How far are you into the game?

It can't be that long since your attention span is so nonexistent that you refuse to do the natural thing -play longer and see if it gets better- and instead come onto an imageboard to declare that you just """can't get into this game""" without so much as an ounce of reasoning or detail. Seriously, what the FUCK do you want people to tell you? It's not as if you're going to be met with an unbiased opinion other than WHY DON'T YOU TRY PLAYING IT A LITTLE LONGER, ANON? Holy fucking shit.

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It's pretty political man.

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Honestly the gameplay is mediocre, but fuck, the charming characters, great locations, brilliant score, addictive and rewarding chocobo minigames, tism-scratching ability learning system that will have you buying/stealing/synthing all the equipment, are all so wonderful, that it's worth the slog.

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I feel the same way about FF8

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Then you don't enjoy RPGs. Its okay, anon.

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>hair has 50 polygons
>face has 2
What did square mean by this vr

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>It has a better, more believable romance subplot than FF8,

I have long farts that have more believable romance subplots than ff8

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The final boss is a fucking space flea out of nowhere that makes your whole journey irrelevant

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>walks 3 steps
>3 sec swirl to battle
>black screen, music sounds
>8 secs later, game finally shows graphical content
>10 seconds of camera panning even for the most unspectacular enemy
>waiting for that ATB bar to fill, set in highest speed but still slow as shit
>have to do that for FOUR (4) characters
>shit, vivi sucks with physical attacks, better cast some firaga
>10 seconds animation
>I don't need to cure so I opt for a summon with my healer
>2 whole minutes pass
>oh shit zidane is now on trance
>10 sec forced animation
>enemy dies anyway because he was poisoned so I wasted my trance
>on the field again
>walks 3 steps

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The final boss is death. The party is killed by Kuja and then they meet death. Death is fueled by Kuja's actions to end all life in order to end all suffering. I don't know why he's supposedly strong enough to do that now but they fight him off and live, but he reminds them that he's not gone because as long as there is life, there is death. Which ties into the game's theme of life.

It's a little strange, but it's not totally out of left field like people like to meme.

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I'm down with the preteen aspect.

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>That fleshtone undergarment
Always makes me think she's naked at first glance.

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>Everybody I knew thought Eiko was naked at first glance
Maybe they shouldn't had made that part so close to skin color?

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The final battle is a symbolic one, the specific details aren't that important. Quit repeating this dumb meme.

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Steiner is not pre-teen. He is a glorious monument to manly virtue.

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Yeah this kills the game for too many people (the ones whose time is valuable). I can only take it as a Let's Play with most of the battles helpfully edited out by the video creator. It's a shame because in other regards it's a cool game, albeit overly easy of course.

Game developers were really stuck on that idiotic idea that 3D graphics meant people didn't value interactivity as much anymore. And Square in particular, of course, is permanently stuck on its insane quest to make games that are actually movies.

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I am trying to get into this game but shit like this keeps making it hard.

Any idea how I can fix this?

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use mednafen its easier to setup you just download a psx bios.

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thats where i am at in the game. combat is boring but it probably gets better i suppose.

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every game maker including SE has been trying to go the action rpg route and it's fucking terrible because most of them don't know how to make it engaging.
they should just stick with their guns.

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I wish the game had any semblance of difficulty

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you can say that about any FF that came after V

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I might try a no equipment run and see if its any fun

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Wait people didn't like the intro? Narratively it was a hell of a juggling act between so many characters. It impressed me the first time and still impresses me to this day.

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Reminds me of Nauiscaa. Except without the god-tier ass

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I actually felt the same way when I played it way back then. It's kind of a shock when you come from FF7/8.
I gave it a try recently and now it's one of my favorite games from the PS era.

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It's good, just too bad it's too long and unskippable and throws you into a tutorial fight you're supposed to lose.

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it's long and drawn out, and the climax isn't even that good.

aside from Blank dying in the forest, it's a drag, and then after that it doesn't even pick up until you're in Lindblum.

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>wahhh random battles
>wahhh i have to wait for my turn
>wahhh too many cutscenes
>wahhh too confusing
Why do people who don't like JRPGs force themselves to play them?

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I'd argue that JRPGs, especially around that time, were going for narrative and scale over gameplay. It's what I and a ton of people were buying.

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I got to disk 3 and didn't like it.
IMO the art design is extremely weird and off-putting.

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>long and drawn out
The random encounter intros were long and drawn out. The intro to the game had a lot of shit going down practically at once. It's probably one of the reasons why it's Sakaguchi's favorite FF.

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>treasure hunt
>jump rope mini-game
>card game tutorial
>QTE play event
>run laps around the town 5x over
>battle tutorials

And at least 4-8 hours later, you're in a shit forest.

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FF was all about cutscenes and minigames from 4 to 13, especially 7-10. You'd have to be legitimately retarded to play that era of Final Fantasy with an "I hate cutscenes and minigames" mentality. That's like bashing Tetris because it doesn't have enough plot.

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it's not that we don't like them, it's just that they should streamline the introduction a little bit more.

It's all good and exciting and fun the first time, but when you're starting a new game, and remember you need to pick up all the extra loot, get all the cards early, get the jump rope record early, and all of that shit, it's just tedious and adds up to a lot of wasted time at the start, doing basically fucking nothing.

Where as in a godsend title like FF8, you get your starter deck, you win your god cards out of Balamb, and you're on your way to be a SeeD just like that, and all their side stuff is balanced throughout the gameplay, instead of a rush all at the start, and then another rush all at the end.

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I mean sure, the replayability of IX is daunting compared to some other FF's, but that can be circumvented by keeping a save file handy once you get to the forest or the world map.
If the lengthy intro wasn't so pretty and legitimately entertaining (that part being subjective, but not an uncommon opinion) it wouldn't have worked. I think it did work, and it's made a shitload of top lists, with some (like Sakaguchi) putting it at the top of the FF echelon.

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for all the love it gets today I remember a bunch of negative feedback on it when it first came out.

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That's just the classic Final Fantasy hate train. The fanbase had to wait till X released before admitting to liking it.

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That's weird, because it got almost universal praise from critics, and if you check out user review-based websites you'll see that there are way more positive takes than negative. I see it getting way more hate nowadays and have to wonder where it comes from.

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It's my favorite, for the most part. I loved it from the beginning. Combat is slow and *kinda* boring, less so when you're 12. I think it has the best USE of story and characters in any game I've played.

12 was more fun, and tactics is just so damn good, but it's not really an ff.

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Back then I limited internet access so I used to draw FF lewd take them to the bathroom and beat it like no tomorrow and discard the drawings. Eiko included

Tifa, Rydia and Eiko were my favorite to draw.

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I dunno, maybe we all just read different forums. My recollection of like 2008 or so is that it was pretty heavily shat on, and many people used the art style as an excuse to not even give it a chance. Of course it had its fans, but 7 was still the undisputed fan favorite, and fans of 9 were a minority.

In the last year or so I've noticed a lot more people appreciating the game, even going so far as to say it's their favorite FF or RPG, or just flat out favorite game. There was a thread on /v/ about FF9 the other day and most people were talking about what a masterpiece it was. I feel like that never would have happened 5 or 10 years ago.

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>the best USE of story and characters
Is the different from simply having the best story and characters?

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You mean before the fanbase got flooded by pubescent girls who finally bought a second game after singstar for their PS2 (which was their first and only console).

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Hated it. It was like participating in a fanfic with incredibly slow battle sequences and characters that can't be customized.

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I prefer unique characters that learn their own skills over the other games' style of "hurr every character can do everything, the only difference between them is their limit breaks." Makes it more replayable too, since you can choose different parties.

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>hurr every character can do everything

You say that like it's a bad thing.

I don't need the game to hold my hand. I'm perfectly capable of creating competent character builds on my own. And that's frankly half the fun of playing an RPG. If you want everything to be pre-scripted, then your game may as well be a visual novel.

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What do you think Final Fantasy even is besides a third person visual novel? The first mainline FF with any actual gameplay was 15.

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It's funny, because 15 objectively has the worst gameplay of any FF title, and may genuinely be the worst game SE has ever shat out.

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And it still is the only mainline title (online shit excluded, because that shit should never have been given a hard number) with gameplay at all.

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>exploration is not gameplay
>side quests are not gameplay
>managing items and equipment is not gameplay
>minmaxing stats and abilities is not gameplay
Not even worth the (you)

>> No.4275550

Present in xv, and not gameplay. Otherwise shit like Space Engine would qualify as a game.
>side quests
That falls under story, not gameplay.
>managing items and equipment
That's not even play, much less gameplay.
>minmaxing stats and abilities
I have Wall Street Kid for that, and all of that shit is also in 15.
Yes, this is barebones gameplay, and still better than the battle systems of the other mainline FF's, menu navigation. Which also happens to be a VN mainstay. Take the turn based fights from Monster Girl Quest. Same shit, only more honest.

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Pretty much the exact retarded responses I was expecting. Keep trying really hard to fit in, dude, maybe some day the 4chan anons will eventually think you're cool.

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Keep trying if you want; you're mad enough. We both know that FF's been a collection of VNs since 2. If it were a long running anime series there wouldn't be much difference at all.

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Do you consider series like Wizardry or Might & Magic games, or visual novels?

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If you can't into FF9, you will never into most modern day JRPGs.

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>I see it getting way more hate nowadays and have to wonder where it comes from.
I like FFIX, but I really don't like how compartmentalized the cast feels. It's like there's the "real cast" and then there's just some stragglers who you may like on their own, but they just always seem to be on the outer rim of things.

It just never had a defining moment that hits you with "this is the cast of Final Fantasy IX"

It's kind of hard for me to explain, but FFX does it the best.

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Can you honestly say that quina was a good character? How about how well they used her in spite of that? Same with some of the story; it wasn't great, but they made some damn fine lemonade.

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>with gameplay at all.
if by that you mean like active action kind of stuff, then sure, but that's for normie dummies

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>Couldn't steal anything

This being said fuck this flute. It's the hardest item to steal in the entire game and yet you can buy it the town after IIRC, or at least quite soon after

Quina is a great character but it takes more time to build it up, thus it's under-used.

After a few playthroughs I knew what and when to teach her all her moves, and if you get it magics as soon as possible, it's very strong.

I qualify Quina as "it" because in the French translation they literaly qualify her as "s/he"

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Doesn't pretty much every FF have this problem though? 6 has a mountain of irrelevant characters. 7 has Cloud and Tifa and sort of Barrett, with others like Cait Sith and Red XIII often feeling like filler. 8 has one of the most paper-thin casts of all time outside of Squall and Rinoa. I think 9 is actually one of the better ones here; Zidane, Garnet, Steiner, and Vivi feel like a cohesive unit, although the other party members do have that "outer ring" feeling. 10 might equal 9 or surpass it in this regard, although don't forget that 10 has Kimhari too.

Overall I'd say it's just not one of the strengths of the series, having that really tight group dynamic that you'd find in something like Persona.

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It does hit on just about every single high note you could ever want from a Final Fantasy.

Aside from X actually being a GREAT Final Fantasy game, IX is a cherry on top fucking compilation of the works of the entire series, and would be a great finale, if X wasn't so damn good on it's own.

If they had made IX after X, I think IX would be the ultimate cherry on top, but at the very least, it's the strongest ode to the PS1 era of Final Fantasy we'll ever see.

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I love IX, but I don't get this recent hate for X
even though I found the lack of overworld and controllable airship disappointing, I still thought it was great
last mainline FF I liked tbqh

>> No.4276687

That's the general consensus, everyone who liked Final Fantasy, includes X as the last good one.

Some people are even die hard enough to include XII somehow, but that I'll never understand until they re-make it with standard FF style combat.

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>8 has one of the most paper-thin casts of all time outside of Squall and Rinoa
While I don't like VIII, I felt like the cast actually played off of each other pretty well. FFV's does as well.

>having that really tight group dynamic that you'd find in something like Persona
Yeah, I know. It just felt way more obvious in IX that they just kind of wrote the story and then added filler characters to fit the dragoon/thief/blue mage jobs.

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pick your 5-man team


Paladin Cecil

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Who is the strongest Final Fantasy character?
And why is it Terra Branford?

>> No.4276769

because you're excluding Xenosaga
ID FEI would kill Terra

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what game is that? can't find anything on google

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OP, I agree. I could never get into it either. There's a reason for that: deep down, you are one of the elder gods. Embrace your fate. Don't fight it.

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it was a mini-game in a Final Fantasy 8 themed server on ThePalace32.

It was called The Colosseum, hosted by Balamb Garden, made by Psycrow.

I lost a lot of time playing it back in the day, then they started doing custom characters for donators, and it went to shit shortly after that.

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They also had Triple Triad against other players, Tetra Master, chocobo racing, a slot/gambling area, a crystal quest which included a 5 player finale (back in the Dial Up days, and if you got a DC during it, it was pretty much a game over)

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Look, the N64 is my favorite console, but FF9 is my favorite game. Can't we all just enjoy good games without shitposting in every thread?

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just report and ignore, he'll be banned soon enough

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Whoever typed all that bullshit up seriously needs some help.

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Blank was my favorite character. When they healed him I was so happy. Too bad I couldn't finish the game; I learnt the bad way to not have only one save file.

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>buy it the town after IIRC, or at least quite soon after
you cant buy it until disc 3.

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>You are missing the most mediocre Final Fantasy game.
We aren't talking about FF4 though

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Fuck this boss.

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This game is proof if you destroy your monarchies you will be flooded by immigrants from another world that are hell-bent on destroying you. Just like real life.

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Is that the only fairy flute in the game or something? Just skip it

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legitimately did nothing wrong

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More like
>legitimately did nothing